Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Golden Dawn Saga - Episode I: The Dark Secret

by David Griffin

Seldom has an esoteric order been so frequently, so publicly, and from so many sides maligned as the Golden Dawn's Alpha et Omega. Not since Aleister Crowley has any magician been so defamed and envied as in my 20 year tenure as Imperator of the Golden Dawn.

What you are about to hear may shock you ...

... In fact, the secret I am about to reveal may change everything you believe about the Golden Dawn!

From occult sanctuaries to open court, from flame-war history books to the wild west of the Internet, the saga of the modern Golden Dawn is as astonishing as it is disturbing.

The Golden Dawn Saga is a story of ecstacy and of spiritual

... but also of intrigue, infiltration, and organised espionage.

Over the past two decades, there have been many attempts to destroy the Alpha et Omega or to topple its leaders. Our rituals and our mysteries have been published and our history rewritten and twisted, schisms have been engineered from outside, while on the Internet our order has been constantly misrepresented, and our leaders systematically defamed. Our order was sued to try even to take away our right to call ourselves Golden Dawn.

For two decades now, I have fought relentlessly to protect the survival of the Alpha et Omega and the integrity of the Golden Dawn. In this struggle, I have tried everything to convince our attackers to live and let live, to respect the independence of the Alpha et Omega, and to once and for all let our order prosper in peace.

All of these efforts have fallen on deaf ears. This is why, to ensure the survival of the Alpha et Omega, I have taken a fateful decision ...

... to follow the example of Julian Assange and of Wikileaks, and to expose what our enemies most fear will come to the light of public scrutiny.

A Dark Secret has infiltrated the very heart of the Golden Dawn ...

And out there - somewhere in the shadows, an unseen hand stirs in the blackness ....

... and Golden Dawn puppets snap to life.

Don't miss Episode II of The Golden Dawn Saga here:

"The Pupeteer Unmasked."

PLEASE NOTE: Episode I of The Golden Dawn Saga was originally published here on The Golden Dawn blog 72 hours ago. Yesterday blogger account of The Golden Dawn Blog was hacked and Episode I of The Golden Dawn Saga was deleted here. Simultaneously, it was republished without permission on the blog of the leader of a New Age Golden Dawn order in a twisted manner. It appears foul play may be afoot to suppress coming revelations.

To be continued ...


  1. Well my interest is piqued. If its as important as you say, and as I think it will be, I may be jumping ship. Too much nonsense floating about where I am now.

  2. Only cowards attack other peoples' wives. Clearly Farrell does not have any honor, at least according to Italian standards

    Aren't some of those poeple whose pictures Farrell published from Italy? Doesn't Farrell live in Rome with his wife? What is that they say about people who live in glass houses?

  3. @ Anonymous

    That Farrell stole The Golden Dawn Saga and has published it as though it were his own does not surprise me much.

    I was quite surprised, however, to see that Farrell attack my wife in his pogram against the Alpha et Omega. Farrell is welcome to hate me all he likes and talk trash all day long.

    There is no need to drag our wives into this, however.

    There is no honor in that.

  4. To his credit, Nick Farrell just took down the photo of my wife and those of the Pagan elders from his attack. It is nice to see Nick do the right thing for a change. It would be nice to see even more of it.

  5. I was curious what happened. And thats crazy. Glad to hear he took down the photos. Attacking a man's family who are not part of the discourse, is uncalled for.

  6. So who's Don Corleone?

  7. Ave, I am sadned by this is: If the true order would untite in purpose it could easily styme this activity..I almost joined the chitowm EOGD but did not as it was not related to the original hermetic order is it? just didn't feel right..I'd love to join the order but the true core as i have much potentiality thanks frater Ggiffen