Saturday, July 7, 2018

HUMAN FREEDOM World-Wide Ritual 8/13/18

Dear Magician,

Each night while humanity sleeps, Magi Astral riders guard our the borders of our dimension from the Astral Plane.

Month after month, Magi riders have faced down Astral invasion from dark dimensions beneath our own.

On July 4 - Independence Day, we threw a huge party on the Astral Plane, beneath the shade of the Liberty Tree.

We have enjoyed nearly 2 months of Astral peace now, with the Angel Ark “Amitiel” (Merged Angel Consciousness Light Ship) guarding the Mojave Portal, the “Raziel" Angel Ark stationed guarding at the portal at Antarctica, and the arrival on our Astral of the Chasmalim battle group.

This month the peace has held until now.

No one knows how long this peace will hold, but we are enjoying it as long as we can!

On Aug 13 comes our next HUMAN FREEDOM ritual, when at 9 PM PDT, Magicians, Witches, Shamans, and Prayer Warriors from around the world will again launch our united intention to:


Everyone is invited. Use your own Magick or Prayer - whatever you are most at home with. We begin with our Rites an hour earlier at 8:00 PM PDT, then at 9:00 PM, we launch our united intentions!

This month we will do something new and unique. 

For all who wish to experience even more unity in this amazing grass roots magical effort to free humanity, we will light the fires of ColumnHenge at precisely 9:00 PM PDT, live on Periscope @LeslieMcQuade. 

If you don’t have a smartphone or a Periscope app, you can still join us live via the internet here:

By the power of our united Magick, we will tip the scales of destiny towards human freedom, and alter the course of history!!!

Now, what about these "Magi" we keep hearing about?

Well - Let me clue you in. 

You see, since months we are  fighting off an invasion from the Dark Realms, but not here in the physical realm, but rather on the Astral Plane where we all go in the world of dreams.

The only problem is - almost all of humanity is asleep in dreamworld (kind of like in the film, The Matrix, only in reverse).

Almost no one is energetically evolved enough to be fully self-aware and awake in their dreams yet.

It doesn’t matter how strong your are. It doesn’t matter how “spiritual”  you are. 

If you can wake up in your dreams and remain self-aware, our “Astral Magi” need YOU!

Tonight when you go to bed, as soon as you wake up in dream land, ask for directions to the LIBERTY TREE. Once at the tree, ask for Leslie McQuade. At the tree, you will find Leslie organizing our makeshift village and hospital.

Astral Magi ride every night at midnight from the Liberty Tree to patrol ourt dimensional borders from the Astral Plane, watching for opening portals or any other signs of renewed Creeper incursion.

Every day our numbers at the Liberty Tree grow and grow - and often from surprising sources. 

You would think high Adepts and Lamas would be the ones arriving, but no - that is not what is happening lately at all. Instead people are waking up for surprising reasons and from astonishing directions.

At last month’s Independence Day party at the Liberty Tree, we were joined unexpectedly by the arrival almost 2 dozen young Japanese Magi recruits. They showed up the Tree spoiling for a fight on the 4th of July spoiling for a fight, each wearing heroic anime God-Forms.

It turns out Japanese anime is having an unexpected effect, helping untold numbers of young Japanese to not only suddenly wake up on the Astral Plane in their dreams, but to discover their true magical powers on the Astral! 

Tonight–they new born Astral heroes ride with the Magi!

If YOU can wake up in your dreams on the Astral Plane, come ride with the Magi – tonight and every night at Midnight – from the Liberty Tree. 

The Astral Magi need YOU! 
Until then, may the God-Force be with us all!

David Griffin
LVX ex Septentrionis

Alpha Ωmega Mystery School Livestream