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Questions About Initiatic and Hermetic Secrecy

Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Dawn,
Nick Farrell's recent, unauthorized publication of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega's hitherto unpublished "Book of the Tomb" has engendered an impassioned debate regarding the value and function of Hermetic Secrecy, and whether or not one ought to be able to "creatively" interpret traditional vows of initiatic secrecy merely to justify publishing still secret Golden Dawn material for the sake of notoriety, as did Aleister Crowley and Israel Regardie.
I am particularly passionate about these questions, as an initiate of not only the Alpha et Omega, but Hermetic and Rosicrucian Inner Orders whose teaching materials still remain protected by initiatic secrecy as originally did the Golden Dawn.
Due to my passion for this fundamental question, some of my comments have been turned into a red herring in an attempt to avoid the real discussion.
This discussion is too important to become a factional or political issue. I have therefore just deleted the entire discussion to date on the HOGD/AO blog and forum, apologize to those who had posted on this topic and just had your posts deleted together with mine, and encourage the debate to continue in a more dispassionate and philosophical manner.
I will shortly readdress this issue myself on a new blog with less emotional energy, so that people can think about the real issues for themselves instead of being misdirected by people who - instead of giving reasons for why Hermetic secrecy is null and void when faced with the Hierus of publishing - prefer to turn a spark into a bonfire to cloud peoples' eyes with smoke.
To keep the philosophical discussion on track, I initially pose the following initial questions:
Already in the very first Golden Dawn initiation, the Kerux admonishes the new Neophyte to remain silent and keep secrecy. The initiate is also given the password "Harparkrat," the Egyptian God who is giving the Sign of Silence. The candidate also receives this "Sign of Silence" as one of the primary signs of this grade.
Why is this? What is really the function of the principle of Hermetic initiatic secrecy, and why is it given such importance in the classical Golden Dawn that it is taught tin three different ways to the new initiate already in the first Golden Dawn initiation?
I have also posed these questions on the HOGD/AO forum. You are invited to follow the discussion there as well. I will, however, cross-post salient aspects of the discussion here.
Several months ago, there was a previous discussion on the HOGD/AO forum about the role of secrecy in the Golden Dawn and the Hermetic Tradition. Someone then argued that secrecy has no real value and is just a power game used by Chiefs and leaders to manipulate order members.
I asked one of the Secret Chiefs of the Alpha et Omega's Third Order, G.H.,Frater R.C., to comment on this important subject. As it is extremely relevant, I am republishing GH Frater RC's monograph in its entirety.

Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, Yeheshua
David Griffin
G.H. Frater Lux Ex Septentrionis
Imperator Ordinis, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega
"Ex Deo Nascimur.
In Yeheshua Morimur.
Per Sanctum Spiritum Reviviscimus"

[Translators Note: The following exposition is delivered to our readers from GH Frater RC, faithfully translated by your brother in the Great Work, Lux Ex Septentrionis (Light From the North)]

On Secrecy in the Hermetic Tradition
by GH Frater RC, Alpha et Omega
Thank you for inviting me to comment on the role of secrecy in the Hermetic tradition. The primary function of secrecy in esotericism is not to manipulate others, which has unfortunately been done and continues to be done in bad faith by persons who are not Hermetic Masters. A true Hermetic Master never causes his students to suffer, but maintains secrecy of the more advanced practices rather to protect the body, soul, and mind of the Apprenctice not yet prepared to assimilate these techniques, which when practiced by individuals not yet evolved enough would certainly destroy them.
Let us take a simple example. Let us say that one of my students tries to convince me to give him or her an advanced alchemical technique. I observe in the behavior of the student that they are not yet ready to have and practice this particular processing as they have not yet reached the necessary degree of spiritual maturity. Because the disciple is insistent, however, I allow myself to be convinced, give in, and give the technique to them anyway. The student diligently begins with the practice and as a consequence either goes mad or dies, which, by the way, are very real dangers with Hermetic alchemy.
Now why did this tragedy occur? It occurred for the simple reason that the Apprentice used an instrument much larger than themselves that requires a profound level of spiritual maturity for its use, for which the student was unprepared. No true Master Alchemist would, of course, ever give such a dangerous technique to an unprepared Disciple of the Art.
This same line of reasoning is followed today by more advanced nations in the sense of superior democracy in regard to, for example, smaller nations still ruled by dictators that, if were they to possess atomic weapons, would use them to destroy others and themselves. Can you imagine if Osama Bin Laden were in possession of the secrets of how to build atomic weapons? This is why nations like the USA protect the secret of the creation of atomic order to protect an infantile humanity from self-destruction.
No Hermetic Master who is a true Master would ever give everything all at once to an Apprentice. It is the proper development and spiritual maturation of the Disciple over time that determines their capacity to assimilate more advanced spiritual techniques with their attendant
higher states of awareness and realization.
If we plant an apple tree, we accept that five long years will pass before the tree will ever bear fruit. Why then should we expect it should be different with the Secret Hermetic Science?
Moreover, alchemical processes are not truly "secret." On the contrary, all of the secrets of true alchemical processing are described in alchemical works very clearly. It is the infantility of students or their laziness to study which prevents aspirants of alchemical wisdom from discovering for themselves the secrets of the Royal Art.
Aspirants today are unwilling to sweat on the books and in the laboratory as have done all true Children of Hermes and thus have discovered the true significance of every term and all of the sequences to put into operation the secrets of the Great Work.
But today, in the age of the Internet, aspirants want easy, immediate, and complete access to information. Above all, they do not want to sweat and work!
Of course not. They want to be able to go to a bookstore and buy a book like they do with Regardie's Golden Dawn, or even better yet,Google a website and voila ... to become a Hermetic Alchemist reading in clear text all of the secrets of the Royal Art!
Such is the mentality of the 21st Century.
But with Hermetic Alchemy, alas, this is not possible.
To explain why, let me give you an example from modern physics. There exist in libraries books with the knowledge to build nearly anything, either good or evil, explaining all of the accumulated science of man.
But how many people dedicate themselves to a profound study of the matter?
Likewise many aspire to the light but only the fewest obtain it because it is "difficult" to study and to practice.
No...aspirants of today want to have everything clearly written and readily understandable.
And even the Hermetic Masters are accused today that "we keep secrets only to manipulate others," merely because, as we have done for countless Centuries, we speak, write, and discourse with you using the very symbols of the Sacred Science itself.
But were I to reveal to you the deepest and most profound secrets of alchemical processing, how many of you would understand?
How many of you would have eyes to see?
How many, ears to hear?
How many would succeed to perceive the naked truth in itself?
In fact, only the fewest of the few.
I repeat to you once again, as has been written and said over and over by the Hermetic sages of all ages, in words that are as true today as they were in ancient times:
"Everything is clearly revealed, but not perceived."
"Eyes behold but they do not see!"
"Ears listen but they do not hear!"
Therefore I repeat:
Just as there exist symbolical languages for physics, chemistry, and philosophy, without which you can not truly understand these sciences, so in alchemy there also exists a symbolical language that since millennia has been beneath the eyes of all in books, in cathedrals, and in every construction of the ancients. Even the fables of storybooks are full of these symbols!
Thus you can not accuse the Hermetic alchemists of hiding things from you or speaking in riddles. It is only that we are speak in a different language, known in alchemy as "The Language of the Birds."
How can you expect to understand this language any more than Sanskrit unless you likewise learn its rules and symbols with great effort, and to study, study, and study more?
Thus it is not we, the Sons of Hermes that you should accuse of speaking in riddles and of keeping secrets from you!
You should blame yourselves instead for not having studied enough and researched enough!
In fact, the alchemical maxim is quite clear and enough to come to an understanding of the entire Opus:
"Lege, lege, lege, et Inveniens."
For those of you who have not applied yourself to understand Latin, this means in terms that even limited understanding might yet grasp:
"Read, read, reread, and you will find."
Thus you may understand the truth that I speak to you as all of the Sons of Hermes who have come before me have also said, that everything is already written and it is only the ignorance and the intellectual laziness of those who approach the Sacred Sciences that serve as "natural selection" to screen out the undeserving by their own work from the truly deserving that are committed to and conquer the mysteries.
In the Sacred Science, not everything can be given to everyone even if it is revealed because:
... the Science can not be given, but rather... must be conquered.
It is not enough to have faith to become a true Initiate, but one must above all study, work, and engage oneself to the very depths.
How many are capable of this?
This is why true Initiates have "always" been few...
...and today are even fewer.
And everything not successfully conquered on one's own remains shrouded in mystery waiting to be discovered, and becomes "secret" only to the degree that it does not become conquered and discovered by hard work and research.
It is like as if I should enrolls to study Physics at the University. During my first year everything that the researchers of Theoretical Physics are doing will certainly remain "secret" to me. But if I apply myself I can unlock their secrets, as they are already revealed but in a language that I must first learn. Unless I learn this language, however, theoretical physics will always remain a mystery for me.
But to return once again to your original question:
You asked me:
"Why do you speak in a veiled manner, and why have the alchemists always spoken like this as well?"
I do not speak in a veiled manner. I have always spoken forthright and clearly with you.
The problem is rather with your understanding.
I speak with symbols that you do not understand only because you have not studied them.
Study the symbols of Hermetic Science and you will understand me completely.
Then you asked me: "Is this not only a manipulation?"
I have already explained to you that unfortunately there are others who do use this science to manipulate others.
I do not manipulate anyone, however. In fact, I am not even interested in having Disciples.
...and like me, there "are" others, even if we are few.

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Sexuality, the Golden Dawn and Robert Zink: Victorian Prudishness vs. Hermetic Alchemy

Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Dawn,

As many of you are aware, last Equinox the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the outer or der of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega launched an initiative to establish peace and harmony between the different orders of the GD. For months now I have not answered any of the flame attacks against myself or the HOGD/AO. However, a recent new blog on by G.H. Frater PDR (Robert Zink), Imperator General of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn (EOGD) has made it necessary for me to speak up.

This is not an attack against Frater Zink or his philosophical beliefs, but merely a rebuttal and a discourse, in the hope that after presentation from both sides of this debate, the reader can make more of an informed decision. For me to not offer a rebuttal on this subject and not to state clearly what my stance on this subject matter "actually" is, would be irresponsible in light of ongoing deliberate misrepresentation by Robert Zink about this.

Please keep this in mind as you read the following.

At, Robert Zink just wrote:
Beware: Sex Magic is NOT part of the Golden Dawn
There is one group which claims that the Golden Dawn teaches sex magic which they now offer… Since this article was written, This group still maintains a Sex Magic forum on Yahoo, however they have publicly backed off this wild eyed claim of Sex Magic in the Golden Dawn. None the less, if they are practicing sex magic, they are NOT Golden Dawn.
Absurd Claims of Golden Dawn Sex Magic:
Recently, one leader of a so-called Golden Dawn group formed a sexual alchemy group as kind of a parallel group. Originally, there were claims by this leader that sex magic was taught in the higher grades of the Golden Dawn. Later, he recanted and quietly formed a new order altogether based on sex magic. This may leave some people confused… Was there or was there not sex magic taught in the Golden Dawn? Golden Dawn scholars and historians are absolutely amazed that any so-called Golden Dawn group or leader would claim to provide sexual alchemy as part of their curriculum. The classical Golden Dawn 100 years ago did not teach sexual alchemy, but rather provided base teachings on spiritual alchemy, and later to follow, the magic of Light.
We ask the reader to think about this: 100 years ago, GH Frater SRMD was Chief of the Second Order which governs the Golden Dawn. His earthly name was SL MacGregor, and he was one of the original founders of the Golden Dawn system. SL MacGregor Mathers was married to Moina Bergson, also known as VH Soror Vestigia. The couple apparently had a very productive magical relationship, but they were not embarrassed about the nature of their relationship. In fact, they were very public about it. They had a celibate marriage; and while a celibate marriage is unusual and is not part of any official Golden Dawn teachings, it appears that the nature of their marriage was important to their magical mission and purpose.
SL MacGregor Mathers (GH Frater SRMD) was constant and vigilant in his teaching of tolerance to others’ personal beliefs, which included sexual orientations. He was adamant that what took place in a one’s personal life was not the concern of the Order. So here we have on one hand, this great tolerance taught by Mathers, which included an absence of judgment. On the other hand, we have no evidence to indicate that any sex magic was ever taught in the Golden Dawn. As a matter of fact, we challenge anyone making such a claim to provide legitimate documentation proving such.So the question is, how could someone derive the idea that the classical Golden Dawn, under the direction of SL MacGregor Mathers, developed some kind of sexual mysteries of the Third Order, or even a parallel Order?
Mathers, developed some kind of sexual mysteries of the Third Order, or even a parallel Order? The only thing that seems to slightly touch upon such a subject is the so-called “elemental theory” apparently involving marriages between humans and elementals. VH Soror Vestigia, discusses this theory
in a letter to Soror Fortier (Annie Horniman). VH Soror Vestigia had this to say: “To return to the elementals, the story of the Melusima, undines, and others, you refer to marriages between humans and elementals, and you think them very charming stories, because they have a halo of poetry around them.
As to exaggeration this is no more than a fad. As regards to sexual subjects, you know it is a dangerous one to have.” GH Frater SRMD followed this letter in a later correspondence to Soror Fortier, telling her that activities such as “sexual magic” could result in a “horrible influx of the exact opposite of the pure light into your sphere; disgusting and obscene thoughts.” This concept of disgusting and obscene thoughts when magnified to the lower forms of magic such as sexual magic, can lead to obsession. Obsession is a way of thinking that the adept of the magic of Light cannot afford to invoke in any form or shape.
In the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, one does not need to be single, married, celibate, sexually active or inactive, any other combination thereof. These are personal choices, and our Order historically sided on people making their own choices without judgment from the Order. “Condemn not another, for condemning another you condemn yourself.” (5=6 Initiation). It is clear that the historical Golden Dawn and any true Golden Dawn Order today does not teach sex magic or have it included in the curriculum. We believe that this whole concept of teaching sex magic either directly within the Golden
Dawn or as a side Order is a red herring designed to take advantage of lower desires. We would caution you to understand that sexual alchemy has nothing to do with the Golden Dawn curriculum or the magic of Light.
Robert Zink
G.H. Frater P.D.R.
Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn
These arguments have been previously presented by Frater Zink and refuted as well on several previous occasions - not only by me, but also by independent Golden Dawn scholars Anthony Fleming (Tony Fuller) and Sar Draconis (Robert Word).

Nonetheless, Frater Zink appears to completely ignore all refutation and reasoned scholarly debate and instead merely republishes verbatum the same "talking points" over and over in in as many venues as possible, propaganda style. In my opinion and from my perspective, it is obvious Robert Zink is not engaging in legitimate blogging on the new Wordpress blog. Instead, Robert Zink is attempting to frighten away prospective members from the HOGD/AO with fear-mongering tactics. In short, he is engaging in "Flame War."

I apologize in advance to EOGD members for the negative light in which your Imperator General appears below. However, as is pointed out beginning in the Golden Dawn's Neophyte ritual, "unbalanced mercy is but weakness and the fading out of will" and "allowing evil to go unchecked" can even make one "an accomplice of that evil."

To begin with, we need to get clear on what is actually meant by 'sex magic'. Neither the Golden Dawn, nor the Stella Matutina, nor has our order, the Alpha et Omega ever employed nor do we today employ physical sexual activity in ritual, in the sense that is sometimes ascribed to certain rituals of the OTO, nor do we endorse the sort of ritualistic sexual experimentation carried out by Crowley. There are no orgies in the Alpha et Omega, nor are we an order of deviants. We are, however, true bearers of the torch of the classical, traditional Golden Dawn.

We are a Hermetic order, and thus our attitude toward the relationship between sexuality and spirituality is that of the Hermetic tradition which for 2,000 years has radically diverged from the sexually repressive attitudes of the Catholic Church. Robert Zink's misrepresenting such prudish, repressive attitudes towards sexuality as "classical" Golden Dawn demonstrates a profound ignorance of the central importance of both love and sexuality in the highest teachings of the Hermetic tradition. Moreover, Robert Zink seems stuck in Victorian ethics and the belief that sexuality is somehow sinful or evil.

By contrast, in the teachings regarding Hermetic Inner Alchemy, lthe highest of he Hermetic tradition, love and sexuality are understood precisely as they are in the highest teachings of the Taoist and Tantric alchemical traditions in the East. In all of the true alchemcal traditions around the world, love and sexuality are equally seen as two absolutely essential "Inner or 'Secret' Fires" with which to transmute the "Prima Materia" (the matter of the physical body) into pure solar energy, to cultivate the energetic nature of the Human being with its attendant higher consciousness, and to achieve not only radiant health and longevity, but even conscious immortality.

Robert Zink clearly knows nothing at all about these things or he would at least understand the difference between Hermetic Inner Alchemy and work with Elementals, Incubii, and Succubi, to which he mistakenly refers in his blog.

With these divergent attitudes towards sexuality, a fundamental philosophical distinction between what is taught in the HOGD/AO and by Robert Zink in the EOGD has come into sharp contrast. Robert Zink teaches his Esoteric Golden Dawn that spiritual sexuality in the Golden Dawn is "a red herring designed to take advantage of lower desires."

By contrast, the Alpha et Omega, as a Hermetic Golden Dawn order, teaches that love and sexuality are two fundamentally important forces in the human being for spiritual development. This the HOGD/AO shares in common but with the great alchemical traditions of the East as well, but with all other legitimate Hermetic orders as well.
With the new Wordpress blog, Robert Zink is again attempting to exploit the fact that no written Golden Dawn documents have surfaced that give explicit instruction or guidance on particular sexual practices. Actually, that no such documents have surfaced is not at all surprising considering the sexual values of Victoria England when the Golden Dawn was created.

Indeed, that the Golden Dawn even admitted both men and women on an equal basis into the order it was quite revolutionary at the time, which is why the sexual mysteries of the Higher Grades were kept so secret that they were communicated only orally.

Fundamentally, the error made by Robert Zink is to assume that Golden Dawn teaching on sexuality could only have existed in documents by the Order. Frater Zink completely ignores the role played by the Oral Tradition (i.e., human verbal explanation and teaching.). But it is well known that Esoteric and Arcane Traditions such as the Golden Dawn are transmitted as much through Oral Transmission as through written documents. Indeed, there exists a substantial oral tradition within both the Golden Dawn and the Alpha et Omega of which Robert Zink remains obviously ignorant, despite his unsubstantiated claims of AO lineage.

In fact, the concept of sexual polarity lies at the very heart of the GD system. It is not without reason that the Golden Dawn was revolutionary in admitting both men and women on an equal basis. In fact, the concept of sexual polarity permeates the entire symbolism of the Golden Dawn's rituals and teachings, beginning already with the very first grade of the outer order. It also dominates the entire analogies of the R.R. et A.C. magical system. How can Robert Zink possibly teach his students properly when he has failed to grasp such a fundamental principle as the central importance in the Golden Dawn of the concept of sexual polarity?

The notion of sexual polarity also permeates the Qabalah, as any serious researcher will attest. How can Robert Zink truly teach something like Ruach healing, or even properly teach even basic Qabalah, when he apparently has not even understood the basics?

Robert Zink also purports to teach alchemy in his EOGD. The notion of sexual polarity is also an absolute cornerstone of Hermetic alchemy. How can Robert Zink possibly truly teach Hermetic alchemy when he apparently has not grasped even this?

In a similar vein one can see that the same concept of sexual polarity permeates much of the work of A.E. Waite and is particularly evident (making allowance for his rather veiled and ponderous prose) in his 'Holy Kabbalah' and especially in much of the imagery of his rituals for the higher grades of Waite’s, Fraternity of the Rosy Cross.

Even BOTA, which developed out of the Alpha et Omega, Paul Case's successor, Ann Davies, gave considerable prominence to the concept of sexual polarity, She also delivered a long and lengthy series of lectures on this very subject, some of which recommended the sexual practice of 'Karezza.' In short, the concept of sexuality is inextricably involved with the Mysteries, and particularly as found within the Golden Dawn, Alpha et Omega, and Stella Matutina systems.

In rebuttal to Robert Zink's astonishingly ignorant remarks about of the role of sexuality in the Golden Dawn, scholar Anthony Fleming (Tony Fuller) recently added:
These same matters are dealt with in quite a few of the Cromlech Temple papers which we now know Mathers and most senior members of the Alpha et Omega joined. Carnegie Dickson was a very keen member as indeed were most of the Golden Dawn and Stella Matutina members who had an Edinburgh connection; namely Dr Felkin and Mrs Felkin (for a period), Brodie Innes. Isabelle De Steiger etc. Mrs Tranchell Hayes (or Mrs Curtis Webb) was also deeply involved in Cromlech. I was through the latter channel, along with her continued membership of the Alpha et Omega that Dion Fortune developed her ideas on sexuality and the male-female relationship.

Although it is true that Ithell Colquhoun's important biography of S.L. MacGregor Mathers has errors and is flawed in a number of respects, she is quite right to give some prominence to the question of the importance of sexual energies within the Golden Dawn. In fact many of Colquhoun's speculations or intuitions, based on slender evidence, have been proven by subsequent research to be very accurate.

Particularly noteworthy is Colquhoun's mention of an oral tradition regarding sexuality within the original HOGD as well as in the Alpha et Omega. Colquhoun also mentions that, in her opinion, the sexual aspects should appear in the highest grades of any occult fraternity, including the projected Third Order of the original Golden Dawn, as is presently the case in the Third Order of Mathers’ Alpha et Omega.

Colquhoun further discusses actual rituals pertaining to sexual polarity performed by early members of the Golden Dawn. In particular, she discusses at length the unpublished "Lilith" ritual of A.E. Waite that she found at the Warburg Institute. Finally, Colquhoun also discusses issues pertaining to Golden Dawn ritual and tantra groups regarding sexual polarity and the role of women in both tantra groups as well as in the original Golden Dawn.
The fact that teachings regarding sexuality have always been primarily a transmitted in the Alpha et Omega via the Golden Dawn’s oral tradition does not mean that there are no teachings at all regarding sexuality in the Golden Dawn’s written tradition, however, as Robert Zink also erroneously claims.

Let us first examine Robert Zink’s other erroneous claims before examining the written evidence regarding sexualilty in the Golden Dawn that is indeed publicly documented. Robert Zink above repeats the popular myth that S.L. and Moina Mathers lived in a celibate marriage. In reality, neither Robert Zink nor anyone else has ever presented one single shred of evidence to support this ridiculous myth. As I have done on numerous occasions in the past, I challenge Robert Zink or anyone else making such an absurd claim to provide any solid evidence proving such.

Indeed, the letter from Moina Mathers to Annie Horniman usually quoted in this regard, does not actually even say the the Mathers were celebate at all! Rather Moina merely states that their relationship is “pure.” In fact, this is no evidence at all that the Mathers were "celibate," a preposterous notion based merely on Robert Zink’s personal, prudish and sexually repressive interpretation of marital “purity” as chastity. In reality, it could equally refer merely to marital fidelity.

Robert Zink then goes on to quote an alleged letter from Mathers to Soror Fortier. He quotes this letter completely out of context and without any reference to the actual letter so that it can be verified. He does this in order to mask how he is misleading the reader, by carefully disguising where the acrtual quotation ends and Zink continues with a diatribe expousing his own prudish, sexually repressive beliefs that resemble the views of the Catholic church rather than those of the Hermetic tradition.

Let us examine the written evidence of what S.L and Moina Mathers actually DO say about sexuality and the Golden Dawn in writing. To begin with, sexuality is treated somewhat more explicitly in certain original Theoricus Adeptus Minor documents written by Mathers, particularly in the paper known as 'The Opening of the Knowledge of the Masculine and Feminine Potencies necessary unto the the manifestation of all things, symbolized in the diagram of the Flaming Sword between MTTRVN and SNDLPVN'.

Next it should also be noted that the once Chief Adept in Anglia, Florence Farr, also alludes to a sexual doctrine in the Golden Dawn Flying Roll XIII, "Secrecy and Hermetic Love."

More importantly, however, in a letter to Annie Horniman dated 8 January 1896, from S.L. MacGregor Mathers himself writes:
I must ask you, whenever matters of sex arise in the Order, and you are asked for instruction thereon: to refer them to G.H. Frater N.O.M.
It should be noted that Mathers asks Horniman to obtain direct or oral teaching on the subject from Westcott, and he does not refer her to any documents issued by the Order.

Next, Moina Mathers, writing to the relatively prudish Annie Horniman, attributes teachings on the "Sex question" to a much "higher grade" than 5=6. In fact, the letter of 1895 states:
Knowing as yet only something of the composition of the human being as a Theoricus Adept, you are really not in a position to form an opinion on these subjects . . . discussed as . . . human sexual connection. . . . So if one of these . . .come up you would have to refer the question to a member of a much higher grade than Theoricus Adept.
In short, Horniman, upset about a sexual instruction, wrote to Mrs. Mathers, who clearly states that Horniman was unfit to judge matters of sex because she did not possess the complete instructions of a "much higher grade."

Then there is the letter that Moina Mathers to Paul Foster Case, explicitly alluding to teachings relation to sexual polarity in the Higher Grades, but which she remains concerned to present in fullness within the context of those Grades:
Care et V.H. Frater Perseverantia,
As I hear that the Sex Theory subject has been under discussion in Thoth Hermes Temple, I should like to say a few words to you on the subject. I regret that anything on the Sex question should have entered into the Temple at this stage for we only begin to touch on sex matters directly, in quite the higher Grades. In fact, we only give a rather complete explanation of this subject in that Grade where the Adept has proved to be so equilibrated and spiritualized that he is complete lord of his passional self. Believe me, this is not mere theory. I am not speaking to you from a merely theoretical point of view . . .
Finally, there is case of Dion Fortune. Having joined the Alpha et Omega in 1919 Dion Fortune, Soror Deo Non Fortuna quickly caught the eye of Moina Mathers as too independent for her grade level. The troubles began when Dion Fortune published a work entitled "The Philosophy of Love and Marriage" (published in 1925), over which Moina objected to Dion Fortune’s open disclosure of Alpha et Omega teachings on sexual polarity in the higher grades. There were several other atatements in publications that raised the ire of Moina Mathers, which ultimately led to Dion Fortune leaving the Alpha et Omega. These included a statements made by Fortune in series of articles by Fortune in The Occult Review:
The management of the sex forces is an exceedingly important thing in occultism, and the attitude towards sex in the east and in the west is poles asunder. -(What is Occultism? Weiser)
Those who have entered into the deeper aspects of occultism know that Kundalini, the Serpent Force which lies curled up at the base of the spine, is really the sex force which has its centre in the sacral plexus from which issue the nerves which govern the reproductive organs. In the normal way, this force is fully absorbed in its physiological functions, but there are two ways of rendering it available for other purposes, for its psychic aspect it is a very important potency on the Inner Planes; it can be sublimated above its natural plane of expression, as done by the ascetic; or it can be degraded. - (What is Ocultism? Weiser)
From the conflicts between Moina Mathers cand both Paul Foster Case and Dion Fortune, we see clear and compelling evidence of the sexual mysteries in MacGregor Mathers’ Alpha et Omega. These were and still remain the most previously guarded secrets of the order. The above clearly shows to what lengths Moina Mathers actually went to protect the sanctity of these mysteries.

This is vastly different from the monk-like fantasy of the Mathers Robert Zink uses to try to justify his Victorian prudishness and his sexually repressive attitudes - as well as to try to hide his abysmal ignorance of the true Golden Dawn, its higher mysteries, and its substantial oral tradition regarding sacred sexuality - that permeates the entire 2,000 year old Hermetic tradition as well!

Our order, Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega and our outer order, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, are inheritors of the highest wisdom of 2,000 Hermetic tradition. As such, we teach all three spiritual disciplines that have been the primary spiritual practices of the Hermetic tradition for over two millennia: Hermetic Magic, Alchemy, and Astrology.

Hermetic Science teaches that material life on planets is just a caterpillar stage to life as pure energy - inside the Sun and stars - at the fast end of the universe vibrating at the speed of light! In truth - the Royal Art of Alchemy is the Hermetic Science of energetic development - of evolution of Soul.

True alchemical transmutation - Lead into Gold - uses love and sexuality as subtle fires - to transmute your physical body (Lead or Prima Materia) - into pure Solar energy (Gold or Spirit) - to grow a Solar Body of Light - a Soul. The ultimate goal of the Great Work (Opus Magnum) of alchemical transmutation - is for you to ascend at death into the Solar Dimension - inside of starlight and the Sun - thus becoming consciously immortal.

You also find love and sexuality - these same transmutative fires of your body in the great spiritual traditions of the East - In Tantra as Kundalini - In Taoism, as Chi and Ching ... and as LVX (Lux) in the Hermetic tradition. Thus Robert Zink's claim that:
Sexuality in the Golden Dawn is a but red herring designed to take advantage of lower desires.
is a statement based on profound ignorance not only of the true nature of the Golden Dawn - but of the entire 2,000 year old Hermetic tradition as well. There is no doubt that Robert Zink would like to frighten you away from our order with the above fear-mongering proclamation. In rebuttal, let us, however, first consider the words of former Alpha et Omega initiate, Dion Fortune:
Anybody who regards sex as evil, or is in any way afraid of it or self-conscious about it, had better leave occultism alone; for it is only through a perfectly naturalistic attitude towards giving of life that life force can be handled. Let it never be forgotten that there is no such things as sex force per se, but that it is simply the life force on a particular level, and that through this level the force must pass every time it rises and descends on the planes. -(The Circuit of Force, Thoth Publishing)
Finally, there can no better rebuttal to Robert Zink's sexually repressive, fear-mongering marketing tactics than the words of Moina Mathers herself, quoted here from an interview circa 1900 in and interview about the Mathers “Rites of Isis:
How can we hope that the world will become purer and less material when one excludes from the Divine, which is the highest ideal, part of its nature which represents at one and the same time the faculty of receiving and giving - that is to say love itself and its highest form---love the symbol of universal sympathy? That is where the magical power of women is found. -(Lees, Frederick, Conversations With the Hierophant Rameses and the High Priestess Anari, from The Humanitarian: a monthly magazine. February 1900.Vol. XVI: No. 2, New York. Edited by Victoria Woodhull Martin and Zula Maud Woodhull.)
Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, Yeheshua
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