Wednesday, July 8, 2009

FAR+C Deception vs. True Alchemical Processing

From the outset of this blog, I would like to point out, yet again, that our order, the HOGD/AO, has never at any time claimed any lineage through the FAR+C  (Frere Ainees de la Rose Croix). This is a false rumor that has been repeatedly and deliberately spread by Mr. Ian Cowburn (who is a member of a competing Golden Dawn order). Since the Golden Dawn order Mr. Cowburn belongs to itself has no legitimate Golden Dawn lineage, Mr. Cowburn has systematically spread such false rumors in a in the vain hope of defaming our order and perhaps even of deceiving a few gullible individuals.
Notwithstanding, I have long been aware that the history of the FAR+C published in Roger Caro's "Legenda" reads much like a modern fairy tale. Nonetheless, I have always considered the FAR+C as authentic practitioners of the "wet way" in alchemy, although only at a very low level, since the FAR+C practice only analogical alchemy in an outer laboratory.
It turns out, however, that the truth is much stranger than this. It now appears that FAR+C alchemy is merely based on a misreading of a text describing a process of Hermetic Inner Alchemy that Roger Caro and his 32 associates could not fully understand since they were not alchemical initiates. This mistaken understanding of alchemy was immortalized by the appearance of a representative of Max Heindel's Rosicrucian Fellowship, who apparently duped Caro and his 32 associates into believing that they had discovered the "secret alchemy of the FAR+C" (this name was apparently being used by an inner group within the Rosicrucian Fellowship).
Roger Caro and his 32 associates then, with the authorization of this "FAR+C Prelat" began to call themselves the FAR+C, and appear to even have believed the fairy-tale-like history of the FAR+C that was published in Roger Caro's "Legenda." 
In reality, it now appears that the origin of the FAR+C is to be found not with the Knights Templar as claimed in Caro's "Legenda," but rather no further afield than a in deception perpetrated on Roger Caro and his 32 associates by a member of the inner circle of Max Heindel's Rosicrucian Fellowship - which itself has no legitimate Rosicrucian lineage to begin with either!
I have no doubt that Leonard Stevens, who has been claiming "FAR+C Lineage" since his recent trip to Belgium to meet with de Coster will be rather disappointed upon reading this blog. 
The greatest victims of this deception, however, have rather been the FAR+C brothers who poisoned themselves by consuming vulgar Mercury as a result of Roger Caro's uninitiated and false understanding of both the "wet way" of Hermetic alchemy as well as of the true nature of the Philosophers' Stone.
These unfortunate FAR+C brothers would have been well advised to have heeded the words of so many Hermetic Sages who have written time and again:
Our Mercury is not a vulgar one - but a philosophical one!
In conclusion, I would like to state clearly yet again that the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the outer order of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega is not an order in search of the Philosophers' Stone ...
... The HOGD/AO is rather an order in possession of the Stone.
In our Third Order, the HOGD/AO teaches not the false processing of the FAR+C, but the true and correct preparation of the Philosopher's Stone using the "wet way" of Hermetic Inner Alchemy, as well as the rectification and multiplication of the Stone.
The wet way of Hermetic Inner alchemy uses the Philosophers' Stone to transmute the physical body into a Solar Body of Light.
This - and no other - is the true meaning of the transmutation of Lead into Gold!
Hermetic Inner alchemy is a spiritual path of physical transmutation in order to attain conscious immortality inside of the universe of light.

Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, Yeheshua
David Griffin
G.H. Frater Lux Ex Septentrionis
Imperator Ordinis, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega
"Ex Deo Nascimur.
In Yeheshua Morimur.
Per Sanctum Spiritum Reviviscimus"

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