Tuesday, July 9, 2019

MemeWars! (Meme of the Month Awards for July 2019)

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the second monthly Alpha Ωmega Meme of the Month Awards presentation, in which we shower our haters with oodles of love. 

Well, by "haters" I mean at least they hate both Leslie and me, it seems. But, never mind, because despite all of that...


At least we love them sometimes (the times when their memes are actually funny). This month, our paparazzi didn't disappoint, as you will see below.

And now, with out further ado, here are this month's Meme of the Month runners up and winner.

5th Runner Up

4th Runner-Up

3rd Runner Up

2d Runner-Up

1st Runner-Up

And now, this month's Meme of the Month Winner!

That's it for July. Our paparazzi are getting better. Some of their memes are actually funny! Be sure to come back next month. I am sure our paparazzi yet again will not disappoint!

In abundance, chivalry and truth,
David Griffin

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