Saturday, January 31, 2015

Secret "TARGET LIST" of Spiritual Leaders EXPOSED!

by David Griffin
When my Son, Adam, tragically lost his life in a fatal car accident last July, I couldn't believe the sick rumors that my on-line attackers were secretly, perversely rejoicing and celebrating my Son's death.
Adam Kadmon Griffin (1992-2014
But when author David Mattichak recently passed away, these same covert defamation operatives openly gloated and mocked Mattichak's death on the secret Facebook group where they routinely gather and conspire. Sickeningly, the evidence above shows that even when challenged, the gloating continued!
R.I.P. David Mattachik
Services will be held Feb. 2, 2015
Noteworthy are names on their now published TARGET LIST:
  • Rowan Pendragon
  • David Mattichik
  • Frater ATLV
  • Starhawk
  • EA Koetting
  • Kevin Carlyon
  • Elish De Avalon
  • Lizzy Rose
  • She' D' Montford
  • Leslie Grififn
  • David Griffin
Other members of the secret Facebook group where the target list was clandestinely published, include Aaron Leitch, leaders of his order and even the Imperatrix of SRIA (America). Admin of the group? Peregrin Wildoak.

Are people who publish TARGET LISTS or who gloat over the death of others really the sort of people YOU should trust with YOUR spiritual development?

PREDICTION: The spin doctors will not come out and try to minimize what the above list really means. They will attack me for making this public, calling me paranoid, etc.

Even after my Son passed away, the defamation crew continued to attack me on-line. Instead of showing even a crumb of compassion, the attackers instead put up a website showing only one side ot the 20 year old flame war and deceitfully claiming: "There is no GD war. There is only one lunatic, David Griffin, attacking the entire Golden Dawn community."

My family's hearts are still striken with grief, yet Nick Farrell's entire Facebook entourage continues to flame and defame me and even try to blame it on me as if the were innocent babes.

Our hearts are STILL TODAY devastated with grief over our loss of Adam, yet these people publish my remaining family's names today on a secret TARGET LIST? 

Enough is enough. This is a new low, even for the ongoing defamation operation..

UPDATE: It was just confirmed that one of the people on the above target list, Lizzy Rose: "had her house shot at."

UPDATE 2: She d'Momford, also on the list, has referred the matter to the police in Australia.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Revelation: 666 and the Opening of the 7 Seals

by Golden Dawn Imperator
David Griffin
Jon Kato wrote today on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (AΩ) Facebook Group:
"Illustrious Brother David Griffin: Many years ago I had a copy of your famous book, the Ritual Magick Manual, and I noticed something curious about that book. The book was exactly "666" pages long! What magickal role does the number "666" play in the HOGD scheme of the Universe?"
Dear John,

There have been plenty of rumors have floated around about the 666 pages in my Ritual Magick Manual over the past 15 years since the Golden Dawn first published it. Believe it or not, you are the first person ever to ask me this question. I am glad to see that you are awake and paying attention.

I am a Magician first and a writer second and the Ritual Magic Manual is not just a book. It is also a consecrated astrological talisman, loaded with the energies of both the Sun and of Venus.


Magick Squares called Kameoth are central to Golden Dawn Planetary Magick. The Kamea of the Sun begins with the number 6.  On the tree of life, the sphere of Tiphareth (number 6) is associated with the Sun. The Magick Square of the Sun is a grid with 6 rows and six columns of squares = 36 cells.

The numbers arranged in the grid are the numbers from 1 to 36. The numbers of each row, column, and diagonal add up to 111 in any direction, The total value of the sum of all these numbers together equals 666, the number of the Planetary Seal of the Sun, which touches all 36 squares when overlayed on the Kamea. Thus we see that the number of pages in my Ritual Magick Manual, 666, corresponds directly to the Planetary Seal of the Sun, the first of the Seven Seals of Golden Dawn Planetary Magick.
Kamea and Planetary Seal of the Sun
The Opening of the 7 Seals

What I am about to say will come as revelation even to many seasoned Magicians. We have seen that in Golden Dawn Magick the number 666 is related to the first of 7 Seals of the Kameoth.  What most Magicians do not understand, however, is that The Magick Squares as published by Agrippa and Regardie are only of limited Magickal value. This is because the Magick Squares, in reality, are Sealed (encrypted) in their published form.

The Seven Seals are decryption keys. In order for the Magick Squares of the Kameoth to manifest their true power, the 7 Seals must first be opened and the squares decrypted. The opening of the 7 Seals involves transposition of certain squares encoded in each Seal to open the 7 Magick Squares

Once the 7 Seals have been broken through decryption, the Magic Squares of the Kameoth reveal the names of the secret planetary angels that unleash their full power. The Opening of the Seven Seals of the Kameoth, and the invocation of their angels, remains oath bound and practised in our Second Order, the R.R. et A.C. until today.

Let us next consider that on the Kamea of Venus there are 49 squares.
The sum of the numbers in any row, column, or diagonal is 175. The sum of all numbers in all squares 1225. Thus the significant numbers of the Kamea of Venus are 49, 175, and 1225. The original price of the Ritual Magic Manual is equal to the number of squares on the Kamea of Venus = 49 

On the reverse of the Ritual Magick Manual you will find a complete Solar Talisman and a talisman of Venus on the front cover. In addition to the work I did consecrating these tallismans, the Ritual Magic manual itself is talismanic, with significant Kameothic numbers of both Venus and the Sun intrinsically woven into its fabric.

My magickal (Solar) intention in creating the Ritual Magic Manual was to provide a spiritual impulse for humanity's solar ascension through putting Magickal technology in the hands of our people in a format anyone can use.

This remains my mission and my life's passion until today. This is why, for you and others like you, I recently created Magick101.Com, where you will find training in an elcectic range of Magickal techniques.

Golden Dawn Imperator
David Griffin

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Is the Golden Dawn to Remain a Magickal Order?

by Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®
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Imperator David Griffin

Occult writer Aaron Leitch recently wrote on Facebook:

"Perhaps one could be a mystic without being a magician but I see no possible way for a real magician to not also be a mystic." -Aaron Leitch

Despite my having clarified the traditional Hermetic distinction between Magick and Mysticism in previous articles, there still remains tragic confusion among aspiring Magicians about differences between these  spiritual disciplines with distinct and diametrically opposed methods and goals.

All science grows in three main phases. These are (1) a common vocabulary, (2) correlation, and (3) effect-cause-effect. This means that every known science began by first establishing a common vocabulary that permitted its proponents to communicate. Without a clear definition of each term, conversations end up turning into arguments even when both sides are actually proclaiming the same truths.

Aristotle was quite adamant that we must always begin by clarifying our terms. Unfortunately, when important terms and concepts, such as “Magick” and “Mysticism” are used with imprecision, we end up fighting about something that isn’t really important.

Since Mr. Leitch does not define his terms, it is impossible to say what his statement actually means. It could mean anything. Mr. Leitch
 appears to take a position fundamentally different than my own.

Mysticism and Magick traditionally represent two distinct spiritual paths - diametrically opposed in both methods and goals - according to definitions used for Centuries by the Hermetic and Magical traditions, including by luminaries such as Giordano Bruno, Marcilio Ficino, Cornelius Agrippa, Gerolamo Cardano, Pietro D'Abano, Theophrastus Paracelsus, and Eliphas Levi (not to mention the entirety of Egyptian, Chaldeaen, and Sumerian Magick). 

Mr. Leitch's statement does make sense if Mysticism is redefined as but a synonym for "Gnosis" or "spiritual realisation," but the spiritual methodology used by traditional Mysticsm remains diametrically opposed to traditional methods of Golden Dawn Magick.

Is Mr. Leitch's apparent redefinition of Mysticism as merely Gnosis accidental or is it deliberate? There exist two well defined factions in today's Golden Dawn community. On the one hand, you have traditional Magickal orders. On the other hand, you have SRIA (Sociatas Rosicruciana) led Golden Dawn orders like Mr. Leitch's. SRIA in turn argues that the Rosicrucian tradition should be exclusively for Christians and has revived the schismatic G.D. order of A.E. Waite, who eliminated Golden Dawn Magick completely in favor of Christian Mysticism.

Immediately following the 1903 schism, William Butler Yeats wrote an article entitled "Is the Golden Dawn to remain a Magical order?"  Ever since, a chasm has emerged between those in the Golden Dawn community who gravitate more towards the spiritual methods of Christian Mysticism and those who gravitate more towards traditional Hermetic Magick. This has created fundamental differences between one Golden Dawn order and the other, which endure in our community even until today.

The foremost exponent of the Magical path in the Golden Dawn was the great Mage, S.L. MacGregor Mathers, who correctly understood Golden Dawn Hermeticism as a Magical rather than Mystical tradition. Over time, the Magical spiritual path has become more and more pronounced in the Magickal faction of the Golden Dawn community like our order, the European headquartered, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®.

A.E. Waite
The foremost exponent of the Mystical Golden Dawn faction was Arthur Edward Waite, who rebelled against Mathers in the 1903 schism to create his Fellowship of the Rosy Cross. Waite completely replaced Golden Dawn Magick with Christian Mysticism. The polarity between Mystical Golden orders and traditional Magickal ones remains entrenched in our community even until today.

The primary difference between Magick and Mysticism lies codified in the actual methods of practice, together with the Mystical or Magical inclinations of the practitioner.

The Mystical path refers to the capacity and will of the practitioner to place oneself in a passive position in relationship to eternal Being and the forces of nature, which the Practitioner begins to invoke and pray to, so they may manifest and enlighten one, thus spiritually uplifting and exalting the practitioner. 

The Magical practitioner, on the other hand, does not place him or herself in a passive state towards natural and Divine forces, but rather in a positive state. Recognizing the Divine Spark inside oneself, the practitioner actively collaborates with Eternal Being rather than waiting for its manifestations.

In Mysticism, the practitioner expects Divinity to manifest itself, and to ascend the staircase that leads from below to on high aided by the Divine hand that takes us and leads us ever upwards.

Magic does not expect this, instead conquering the Inner Planes through one's own effort rather than through Divine aid. Thus, whereas the Mystical approach is one of submission, the Magician instead is a conqueror.

A perfect example of the Magical path may be found in the Mithraic Ritual deposited in Paris, which shows one such practice of divine Ascension of the Magical initiate. While rising towards Divinity to be received like a prodigal Son or Daughter, the practitioner greets the Gods as equals that gradually appear, not fearing them or subjugating oneself before them, but admonishing them and blandishing them with Magical words that open the gates of heaven.

Whereas Magick is based on knowledge, Mysticism is based on on ignorance in the literal sense of "ignoring" or "unknowing." In fact, one of the most important mystical texts in all of Christianity, The Cloud of Unknowing, speaks of making oneself obscure, humble and ignorant before the unmanifest - to remain there, in silence, gradually emptying oneself, while waiting for something or someone (God) to come and fill the void thus created.

Thus two completely different modalities become evident. Whereas the Mystic reflects the Divine light that is poured out upon him, the Magician generates this light, becoming an emitter himself.

I fully support diversity in our community. There is nothing wrong with Mystical Golden Dawn orders. There are many people, after all, who are more suited for the methods of traditional Mysticism than of Magick. For such aspirants, a Mystical Golden Dawn order could be a good choice.

Any misrepresentation of methods from traditional Mysticism as Magick is unethical. Golden Dawn Magick has its own, excellent spiritual methods. When it comes to something as important as people's spiritual development, they deserve informed choices based on reliable information. It is not fair to promise aspirants Magick, then deliver Mysticism instead.

Whereas Mystical Golden Dawn orders are a welcome addition to our community, they need to be honest and transparent about the spiritual methods they actually teach. Here at the European headquartered Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®, we will always remain a Magickal order. Our entire mission is to make Magicians.

I am not saying we are the "best" Golden Dawn order - only that there are important differences. 

Would you like to learn Golden Dawn Magick?  Why waste years learning nothing more than basic banishing and the Middle Pillar. That is all you get in other orders in their entire outer order! With us, will you empower your life - step by step - with your Magickal practice  from day one on.

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