Monday, December 28, 2015

Occultists Claim "Magick is NOT Real!" Scathing Attack on Griffin & McQuade

Fellow Magician,

Earlier today, anonymous naysayers wrote a scathing article on an occult paparazzi blog attacking Leslie McQuade and I.

Basically, they said the binding spell, which hundreds of Magicians and Witches worldwide took part in on Dec 21, had no effect on Daesh - and I am being delusional by claiming articles I posted (which were written AFTER the spell, showing serious damage to Daesh) had very rational and non-magical explanations.

No doubt there are non-magical explanations for ALL the damage Daesh sustained after we cast our binding spell and directed the damage Daesh does back on them.

What experienced Magician can't come up with perfectly non-magical explanations for ALL their spells?

What skeptic can't deny the power of Magick and miracle if they want to?

Funny enough, the naysayers point out the damage to Daesh was the result of Russian fighter jets and a vastly overwhelming force at the city of Rahmadi.

I'm not sure what they'd like to see to prove the spell worked!

Perhaps if a ray of magical energy blazed out of my eyes like Superman, then down from the sky and tied itself around all of the Daesh terrorists and leaders, then transmogrified like in a Harry Potter movie into ropes and chains to keep them from doing anymore harm...

Perhaps then the naysayers would be satisfied.

Here's the truth: Magick is REAL.

It's not a coincidence that those news stories came out mere days after hundreds of magicians banded together and raised our power to keep Daesh from hurting anyone else.

It was the manifestation of our united will into this world. 

It was confirmation that what we did - worked!

And making fun of Leslie and I for pointing out how much power YOU raised, and congratulating YOU, our fellow magician, for making a positive change in the world with your magick…

Well it's just ignorant and inexcusable.

It was shocking that they started picking apart Leslie's spell, which she created to help others who needed some guidelines.

Neither one of us wanted to impose OUR Magickal systems on anyone, so the spell was very, very generic, which isn't to say it isn’t powerful, just that it wasn't designed using only one tradition. 

Some people used Leslie's spell, others used their own. Didn't matter, the intent and result was the same, Daesh got pummeled by Russian jets and Iraqi forces.

Oh yea, that's another thing the occult paparazzi claimed...

… because much of the damage done to Daesh was done by Russian jets, and Daesh doesn’t have a air force, then that couldn't have been a result of the massive, worldwide cooperative spell we cast. 

Clearly, the only way murder can come back on the murderers in a binding spell, is by killing them in EXACTLY, PRECISELY the same way they murdered.

It's really rather sad on their part.  I wouldn’t even mention it except that they are making light of the good YOU have done for the world by raising YOUR magickal will with all the other magicians around the world.

Remember, Magick is real. We can make a difference.  

You are empowered, and we thank you for helping to end the murderous thugs who tried to steal the name of the Goddess Isis.

Our magickal will has just begun to manifest - and Daesh will find each time they hurt someone it will come back on them in spades!

In Abundance, Power, and Truth,
David Griffin 

PS.  Remember to watch the free videos Leslie and I will be posting in the next few weeks about Spellworking and how you can work spells to manifest your dreams. 

And thank you again for fighting Daesh with us!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

SMACKDOWN: David Griffin OWNS A.A. Boss Paul Joseph Rovelli

by Golden Dawn Imperator
David Griffin

On the heels of our recent Solstice working to bind Daesh, the naysayers and Magick debunkers are coming out of the woodwork this morning. Surprisingly, one of one such naysayer turned out to be A.A. boss Paul Joseph Rovelli, leader of the "Gnostic Church of LVX." I think you might find our interaction from this morning entertaining. I had been waiting to give this guy a piece of my mind ever since he attacked Donald Michael Kraig while he was dying of cancer.
Paul Joseph Rovelli
Paul Joseph Rovelli: And we can see how well this ignorant idea worked...people that think magick is just like the prayers of the superstitious religions...always asking for boons from God...are practicing pure inanity. 

David Griffin:  Ignorant? Hey, I'm not surprised to hear you making such remarks. This sadly shows you don't seem to understand very well how Magick really works. Heck, judging from your words, you apparently don't even BELIEVE in Magick. Why am I not surprised,  considering how you attacked Donald Michael Kraig and his family while Don was in bed DYING of cancer. Hey, Roveli, since I never had the chance to tell you before, thanks for giving me the opportunity to tell you now and to your face to your face what an asshole move that was. Judging by the Kraig incident, Paul Rovelli is not a nice person. 

Paul Joseph Rovelli: Ad hominem attack is the favorite tool of intellectually inferior people...thanks for making it so obvious. And yes, belief is the tool of superstitious people...magick for those withears, operates outside this realm. 

David Griffin: I notice you never attacked Kraig when he was alive and writing on the Llewellyn blog. No. You waited until he was dying and couldn't defend himself. Or do you only attack the weak and dying?

Paul Joseph Rovell:  No I waited until his fundraiser came into my church fundraiser to try to divert funds from my efforts...and we see how the superstitious healing ritual worked regarding his 

David Griffin: So the reason you attacked Donald Michael Kraig on his deathbed was because our fundraising for his medical bills was diverting money from YOU!?!?!?!?! Now I really think you are a not a good person. 

David Griffin: Yeah, right. "All magick is superstition" is the position you are arguing. Sorry. You are just plain wrong. 

Paul Joseph Rovelli: No...magick means wisdom and miracles are superstition...the formulae of magick requires tools, such as the magickal link, which was missing in your futile and ignorantly unsuccessful rite...just like your unsuccessful craigmhealing...and likemchristian prayer...asking for boons...superstitious andmstupid...magick uses a greater intell7gence than your obviously capable of. 

David Griffin: To begin with Paul, your assumption that "either you see the effects of Magick overnight or it didnt work" is just plain ignorant of how Magick really works. What kind of a Magick teacher makes statements like this? Hey, Paul I hear that James Randi is hiring. You would fit right in on his team of sceptics and debunkers.
Paul Joseph Rovelli: And again, all you can do is attack my character and not my argument...very foolish. 

David Griffin: Actually, I atacked your assumption that "either you see the effects of Magick overnight or that proves it was all just superstation.“ Such a foolish statement shows very little understanding about Magick. Care to defend that argument now that people see it for what it really is? 

Paul Joseph Rovelli: Gotta go now, but hey, keep on whining...and while your at it, show us the proof of when and how your magick will work. 

David Griffin: Of course you have to go now that you are cornered to actually defend an intellectual position instead of just name calling for a change. You should really think about taking that job with occult debunker, James Randi. Randi uses the same ridiculous arguments against Magick and Magicians that you do. The only difference between you, Paul, and James Randi is that James Randi doesn't pretend to be a Magick teacher. James Randi at least is open and honest about being a sceptic and a debunker, whereas you pretend to be a Magician while you recite James Randi's litany of arguments. I pity the students who to come to learn Magick from a debunker pretending to be a Magick teacher. You Sir, are like the blind leading the blind. 
Was I too harsh on Rovelli? I don't think so. He deserved it. Paul Rovelli is the guy who attacked the entire Golden Dawn community because we were fundraising to help with Donald Michael Kraig's medical bills while he was dying of cancer. What kind of person does something like this? Paul Rovelli is not a good person and I am grateful to have finally had the opportuinty to say it to his face.

Before I close for today, so this email isn't just about gossip, Rovelli’s arguments give me the chance to clear up a couple of points about Magick and Spellcasting:

1. Don’t expect results overnight. 

Magick doesn’t work like that. Magick does frequently produce profound results in the outer world, but things don't usually happen overnight. Just like any plant, you begin by planting seeds. Eventually, there will be fruit, but don’t expect it tomorrow.

2. Magickal links are important.

Rovelli is correct that Magick works better with a direct link to the target. Rovelli doesn’t seem to understand though that such a Magickal link can be anything from as personal as hair or nail clippings to as abstract as the logo of a company or the flag of a country. In the recent Daesh working, for example, I used the Daesh flag for this purpose. Sure, I would rather have used the turban of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, but the Daesh flag worked quite nicely any way.

3. Faith Based Magick. 

Rovelli is wrong in condemning faith based Magick. Clearly, you do not need faith for Magick to work. There are other kinds of Magick that work completely without faith. But if faith based Magick didn't work at all, Christians wouldn’t still be using prayer the way they do 2,000 years later. There are ways to make this kind of Magick work even better as well. By understanding the esoteric and magickal principles that underly faith based Magick, you can make it even more effective than simple prayer. This is one of the things we cover in our new Spellworking course.

More to come soon.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Spell To Bind Daesh: World-Wide Spellworking On Winter Solstice!

This Winter Solstice, hundreds of Magicians, Witches, and Shamanic practitioners will perform synchronised rituals to bind Daesh to prevent them from doing further harm from others. We will coordinate launching our Magickal intentions at the precise minute of Winter Solstice at 7:48 PM PST on 12/21/15.

Raped Women Are Stoned for Adultery
In recent years, the world has witnessed the group of a group of Islamic Jihadi extremists best called „Daesh“ misappropriate the name of the Egyptian Goddess Isis, then commit all manner of atrocities misusing that name. These are people that stone women for adultery, behead women for witchcraft, and kill all Christians, Pagansm, Jews or Yezidi that refuse to convert to Islam. You can read about these atrocities among other places here. If this weren't enough, these folks destroy cultural ruins of human history everywhere they go. You can read about this here.

Christians, Pagans, and Jews Executed Unless They Convert To Islam
Unfortunately, there exists substantial evidence that Daesh has been secretly funded by Saudi Arabia and armed by the USA. You can read more about this among many other places, here. With the Solstice Ritual, it is only Daesh we are binding, but we will include cutting off of Daesh from all funding and supplies in the rite.

I strongly encourage you to use your OWN Magick, and just synchronise the timing of your intention with us. In the past couple of days, however, many people have written me for advice about how to do a binding spell. I therefore asked Golden Dawn Cancellaria, Leslie McQuade, to prepare a simple spell for you to use on this occasion.

Since Leslie and I are also iniates HPS and HP of the Hibernian line of Alexandrian Wicca, Leslie has prepared the following binding spell for your convenience, based on the Spellworking principles of Alexandrian Witchcraft. Feel free to use it and coordinate your intention with ours on Monday night.

A Binding Spell for Daesh
by HPS Leslie McQuade
Hibernian Line of Alexandrian Wicca


Materials: paper, scissors, red string. Optional: box of dirt and packing tape.

Make a totem to represent Daesh. I recommend printing out an 81/2 x 11 poster of their flag. or anything else (or poppet or statue or whatever) that helps you concentrate on those who have sworn allegiance to Daesh.  If you are using paper, roll, fold or wad it in such a way that you can wrap a considerable amount of string around it.

Find a crossroads to go to (even if you can only do it in your mind) and stand at the center of it,
Hold the totem in your right hand , and the red string in your left ~ be sure to leave a tail so you have another bit to tie with.

TIMES ONE [wrap the totem one time with the red string]
TIMES TWO [wrap the totem two times with the red string]
TIMES THREE [wrap the totem two times with the red string]
Etc. etc. four through nine, in the same pattern
TIMES NINE (wrap the totem nine times with the red string]
As you cut the string say
Put the totem under your left foot as you say
THE SPELL IS DONE [tie a knot]
THE SPELL IS DONE [tie a knot]
THE SPELL IS DONE [tie a knot]

Now take the whole thing to a crossroads [3, 4, or 5 way, do not use a roundabout] & bury it in the center, about 6 inches down. If you are at the crossroads in your mind, bury it in a box of dirt, seal up the box completely with packing tape, and then chuck it in the garbage. Either way, your totem will be buried forever somewhere no one can find or unbind it.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dinero y la Aurora Dorada

Por Aurora Dorada Imperator
David Griffin 

Recientemente, un lector de el fórum de La Aurora Dorada escribió un post implicando que es escandaloso o “no espiritual” que la Aurora Dorada hace el cargo sobre $144 dólares por año en relación a cuotas de la Orden , para estudiar en el sistema de entrenamiento , de la Orden Hermética de la Aurora Dorada.

Esta actitud de derecho, apenas velada detrás del extraño argumento de que “Todo lo espiritual debe de ser gratis” es mas común en la Comunidad Pagana que en la Aurora Dorada.

Es importante a veces para los líderes en la Comunidad de la Orden Dorada establecer una línea en la arena para ese tipo de pensamiento irracional. Nick Farrell dibujo esa línea la semana pasada, cuando discutiendo su regreso considerado al formato de maestro-aprendiz (el cual hemos usado en Alpha Omega siempre), Nick Farrell escribió :
“El otro lado es que el dinero tiene que cambiar de manos.  Este tipo de entrenamiento no es para turistas ocultistas y una cosa que desalienta al estudiante es que ha invertido dinero en el mismo”. -Nick Farrell
Yo también dibuje esa línea recientemente en nuestro foro de Yahoo como respuesta y la cual merece publicarse aquí también : 

 “En realidad, la Aurora Dorada ofrece un montón de servicios públicos basados en la donación de forma gratuita o de pago voluntario, incluyendo nuestro Foro Internacional de la Aurora Dorada en Yahoo, artículos en el Blog de la Aurora Dorada, Webinarios gratis de Magia Ritual, y también entrenamiento personal de Magia ritual por todo el mundo con el Tour Mundial de la Aurora Dorada.

Honestamente alguien cree que proveer estos servicios de verdad no cuestan NADA?

Que tal seria operar tres páginas de internet informativas en 8 lenguajes diferentes operadas desde un servidor privado el cual requiere una banda ancha masiva. Nosotros también tenemos programadores pagados, diseñadores de red, asistentes administrativos, etc., en adición nuestro staff voluntario.

De verdad alguien cree que todo esto no cuesta NADA? 

  • Golden-Dawn.Com alberga la más completa y más vasta información pública de la Aurora dorada de toda la red.
  • La biblioteca referencial de la Aurora Dorada, en donde tu encontraras cientos de miles de dólares en libros accesibles para descargar GRATUITAMENTE.
  • Nuestra exclusiva sito de membresía de la Aurora Dorada contiene un curso completo de materiales curriculares, fórum tutorial, salones de clases virtuales con clases regularmente impartidas, pruebas en línea, etc.
  • El Centro de Investigación de la Aurora Dorada en Golden-Dawn.Org provee una búsqueda extensiva en la Aurora Dorada y en tradiciones espirituales referentes tenemos a los mayores expertos de todo el mundo.
  • Golden-Dawn.Info provee un compendio de preguntas frecuentes y la historia fascinante de la Aurora Dorada.
  • El Blog de la Aurora Dorada provee con novedades constantemente , información de investigaciones , y otros temas de la Aurora Dorada no accesible en otro lugar.
  • El grupo de Facebook de la Aurora Dorada provee respuestas de adeptos acerca de todos los aspectos de la Aurora Dorada.
  • GoldenDawn.TV trae para ti los videos de los entrenamiento en los rituales de la Aurora Dorada y Webinarios interactivos
  • Webinarios de Rituales mágicos en vivo , audio real y transmisión en vivo en nuestro Salón para conferencias virtuales
Y todo esto es proveído como un servicio GRATIS para el publico!

Alguien honestamente cree que lo de arriba – en adición a operar la orden multinacional de la Aurora Dorada – cuesta NADA?

Nuestra orden exterior, la Orden Hermética de la Aurora Dorada, es la universidad mas experta en la Magia Ritual mundial hoy día. Nosotros proveemos material para el curso que podría costar cientos de dólares en libros, un sistema minucioso supervisado para aprender magia ritual con retroalimentación,  asesoramiento, y guía de uno de nuestros adeptos como tu tutor privado.

Empezando Con la „Rant“ (Critica) 

TODO LO DE ARRIBA es pagado a través de las cuotas de la Orden ($144 al año), que ascienden a $12 por mes – el mismo precio de un café y una pastel en Starbucks.

¿Por qué es que la gente sin motivo gastan cientos de dólares en libros y muchos más cientos de dólares cada año en comida chatarra, los juegos de computadora , y otras cosas superfluas , pero no están dispuestos a gastar NI SIQUIERA EL PRECIO DE UNA COPA DE CAFÉ DE STARBUCKS por su desempeño espiritual y su ALMA energética, quejándose de que todo debería ser gratis!?!?!

Porque algunas personas sienten que su evolución espiritual y su crecimiento energético de su alma inmortal son tan inútiles que no están convencidos en gastar un centavo en ello?

Vamos a hablar en serio.

Por favor discúlpenme si soy tan drástico, pero si nadie honestamente cree que su crecimiento espiritual no vale ni el precio de una película, entonces la Orden de la Aurora Dorada (AO) no es DEFINITIVAMENTE adecuada para ellos.

Aquí en la Aurora Dorada, nuestros recursos iniciáticos son tan valorosos como para no desperdiciarse en personas que no quieren sacrificar todo para su crecimiento espiritual.

"Rant" (Critica) Extendida

Siempre y cuando este despotricando acerca de dinero, hay algunas cosas que he tenido la intención de aclarar desde hace tiempo.

Estoy sorprendido que siga habiendo lideres en la comunidad de la Aurora Dorada que no proveen ni una fracción de los servicios gratuitos la Aurora Dorada y nos acusan que tratan de enriquecerse por medio de las membresías!

Y estas son las mismas personas que publican 10 libros en la Aurora Dorada y los venden en todos los foros!

Por otro lado, yo publico clases gratuitas en las paginas de internet de la Aurora Dorada, Foros, blogs videos de YouTube y no pido nada a cambio. Yo podría volver a publicar el Ritual Magick Manual y obtener notables ganancias. Podría escribir una docena de nuevos libros y obtener una muy buena ganancia (como ellos lo hacen).

En lugar de eso, yo creo materiales para miembros que pagan casi nada anualmente. sin embargo estoy siendo acusado por otros quienes ellos mismos quieren hacerse ricos Obteniendo ganancias por medio de la Aurora Dorada.

Por lo menos yo tengo un “trabajo de verdad”.

Fin de la „Rant“ (Critica) 

Mi critica de arriba al parecer ha creado un poco de controversia. Un lector de el foro Internacional de la Aurora Dorada de Yahoo salto a la discusión y replico : 

"Sr. Griffin,

[Con Sarcasmo total en mi voz] Por que no le pides a la compañía de red computadoras que por que te cobran? Después dile a las personas de el hardware de la computadora que le pregunten a Dell porque quieren ser pagados por los servidores. Dell puede preguntarle después a los Ingenieros y a las personas de ensamble por que quieren ser pagados. Después los empleados pueden preguntar a la bodega de abarrotes porque quiere ser pagado. Los repartidores pueden preguntar a GM porque quieren dinero por los camiones y los mecánicos porque deben de ser pagados por arreglarlos.

Es solo un mundo de Avaricia!

Aquí esta la solución para abolir al avaro mundo de dinero. Que tal hacer algo por alguien y después que ese alguien haga algo por mi a cambio?  Podría cultivar Maíz y dárselo a alguien que en agradecimiento me construya una casa. Después todo el mundo puede empezar a dar toda clase de cosas y no será mas necesario el dinero para el intercambio. Que una    mazorca de maíz no vale lo mismo que una casa? De acuerdo. Te voy a dar una tonelada de maíz. Que? Donde vas a guardar una tonelada de maíz que te tomaría 5 años comerte? Hmm. Ya se voy a darte unas rocas especiales, cada una de ellas representa una planta de Maíz. Cuando necesites mas Maíz puedes intercambiarla por una planta fresca de maíz. De hecho , podrías intercambiar mis rocas de maíz especiales que quisieran maíz por algo que ellos tengan. Si todos aceptamos las rocas especiales como representación de el valor de otro producto, a su vez podríamos intercambiar por lo que fuera. No seria necesario el dinero, solo gente intercambiando cosas con las demás personas y llevando la cuenta con un simple modo de intercambio con las rocas. SOY UN GENIO! (deja de aplaudir y hacer reverencias, me hace estar consciente).
Usted señor le esta robando a la comunidad! Veras, cuando mantengas un orden, lo tienes que mantener corriendo día y noche, alrededor del mundo , donde al menos una zona horaria va a estar despierta y pidiendo consejos. Tienes que pasar tus noches escribiendo blogs, refinando tu curriculum, trabajando con tus adeptos para mejorar los métodos de enseñanza, construir y mantener tu templo, e ir a tu trabajo real en medio de esto. No solo pides demasiado, mas bien pienso que Duermes demasiado.

Vi tu blog en donde ofreces viajar a cualquier parte del mundo a ayudar a establecer un templo – gratis! Eres un escandaloso!!! Nada mas. [fin del sarcasmo]"

Tenemos un mundo de niños que no entienden el sistema monetario. John Michael Greer tiene un libro maravilloso (por el cual cobra dinero) titulado enseñanzas misteriosas de la tierra viviente. En el cual el provee una meditación el tomar un objeto y tomar conciencia de donde pudo venir, paso a paso. Esa taza de café que en este momento estas sosteniendo?

Busca hacia atrás – todo el camino hacia atrás. Piensa en todas las vidas que tocaron esa taza de café te vas a dar cuenta que tu cansada mente no podrá seguir el camino de el viaje.

Necesitarías considerar como llegaste a Starbucks , el auto que manejaste, la ropa que traías puesta y el dinero total que utilizaste para comprar el café. Y eso es solo para llegar a Starbucks. Que acerca el auto que manejaste, el camino que tomaste para llegar allí, la gas en tu auto, los tanques que llenaron la estación de gasolina , etcétera. De donde vino la taza de café? Cuantas vidas tomaron para que llegara a tu tienda local de Starbucks? Que acerca de los granos, las tapas , la silla donde te sientas mientras te lo tomas?  Las luces que encienden en Starbucks? Todo esto debería de ser GRATIS? PORQUE??

Si, algunas personas están escribiendo libros ocultistas y están haciendo mucho dinero con esto. Bendícelos. Si se te esta cobrando por estar en tu Orden. Bendito tu. Y por supuesto bendice a Starbucks, el lugar de reunión elegido por mucha gente quienes quieren disfrutar una bebida de $7 mientras leen su blog gratis en su Ipad de $800 usando la conexión a internet y condenándote por cobrar por entrar.

Porque no puedes proveer productos gratis tales como Starbucks y Apple?"

"Porque habrá días en los cuales no puedes ganar?"

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Covert Slavery & Ultimate Freedom

by Golden Dawn Imperator
David Griffin
In my recent article, "Are Successful Magicians "Hucksters?“ here, I made the following surprise announcement:
"When I turned 60 this year, I took a magickal decision to retire from my Muggle job as a tour guide to devote myself not just half the year - but henceforth the WHOLE year - to empowering people with the Magick of Light  and facilitating their spiritual awakening.
Does this make me a huckster? No. But it will further prove my Magickal ability once it manifests.“
Reaction on the Blogosphere was quick and boisterous ...

Nick Farrell wrote:
"They might have disdain for it, but how many occultists don't have a day job? The Kybalion is nothing to do with magic or occultism. It is new thought from the 19th century (a precursor to the new age movement) . If anyone expects real magicians to work along those bogus beliefs then it is not surprising. But there are similar concepts that a magician has to be benign, loving and saint-like."
Frater Barrabbas commented on his Talking About Ritual Magick blog here:
"The state of occult students has always been a poor return on any investment. More people drop out or never amount to anything than those who actually do have something of value to contribute on their own... 
What I don't see is a drying up of inspirational resources. The old guard of Regardie, Knight, Gray and even Grant has been replaced by a new generation. Change is occurring, and that's about all we can say is happening. Only time will judge as to which pathway and what teachers will establish the lasting legacy for the future." 
Morgan Eckstein wrote:
"A lot of people look sideways at my muggle job--erotica writing."

Aaron Leitch on his Ananael  blog wrote here in the article entitled „Is Public Occultism Fading Out?":
"In the beginning, I helped every single person that wrote to me – both laypersons who needed magickal help and seekers asking for guidance.  I even guided a couple of people through their own attempts at the Abramelin Rite.  (And, O’boy, was that a bad idea!)  But, very quickly, I found myself overwhelmed.  Between email, internet forums, and social media sites like Facebook, I was receiving more requests than I could possibly answer.Not only that, but I also discovered 99% of the people I was trying to help valued my teachings exactly as much as they had paid for them (in dollars or personal effort):  zero…Some have suggested that it is not magick that is fading away, so much as popular interest in Golden Dawn-style ceremonial.  And that is true to a large extent. “Western Mystery” (read Ceremonial Magick) conferences hardly ever happen these days, and if they do they are small and informal.  (You may remember the SOMA conference in Texas that didn’t happen.)  My current Ceremonial Magick 101 class does not have a single ceremonial magician in it."
Scott Stenwick on his Augoeides blog in an article entitled "Regarding Muggle Jobs“ here wrote:
"For a true magician, magick is part of everything, so in that sense there's no such thing as a "muggle job." I use magick to solve difficult technical problems at work, to deal with political and interpersonal issues, and to make sure the best opportunities come my way. I'm not going to stop writing any time soon because I love writing, but barring some incredibly unlikely sequence of events I'll never be able to live off it. And you know what? I'm okay with that."
Over on his Hermeticulture blog, in an article entitled: "Muggle Jobs' and the Prosperity Theology of Occultism,“ Spencer M. Graves wrote here:
"If anything, I would tend to argue that trying to make a living from one's magic runs the risk of severely detracting from one's magical work...
"Moreover, while I certainly don't think it's vulgar or inappropriate for a person to make money in the esoteric field from writing, teaching classes, performing services, or what have you, when you try to turn that into a full-time venture it necessarily means that the focus is no longer primarily on the quality and intrinsic value of the material being offered.  You've got to sell something to pay the bills, which means that money takes the front seat.  And when that happens, when spirituality becomes commodified--that's when things take a turn for the vulgar.  Frankly, I trust a magician who has a day job a lot more than one whose livelihood depends on selling me something.“
Perhaps I have not been clear. Let me explain. When I speak derisively of "Muggle Jobs", I speak derisively of our entire civilisation and the economic system that has enslaved mankind. The below video sums this up pretty well.

What the producers of the video do not show is that the way out of this mess is not by changing the system. The way out is spiritual.

How? "Know Thyself"!
  • Remember who you truly are.
  • Awaken to your Solar Self
    In reality, you are an immortal Divine being of pure starfire who has fallen in vibration - from the universe inside light - to a material vibration where you became embodied in a meat suit.  Stories of fallen angels refer to the esoteric truth of your fall into planetary reality from the stars. Like Angles rising to heaven on wings of fire,  we can ascend to to the stars with our light suits.
      You are more than you know. Your present sense of self - Who you experience yourself to be - is an illusion created by your identification with thoughts, feelings, and sensory perceptions. Disidentify from these things and you peel back onion-like layers of illusion until you can be your true Self that lies beyond. As you remember, you will also recall your abilities, awakening into consciousness on a multiverse of inner planes that exist beyond the physical.

      Not everyone is ready for the spiritual awakening. Many will likely just keep reincarnating endlessly on this planet. I will not incarnate here again.  Life on Earth is becoming less and less free. The environment is a disaster. I don't want any part what will likely happen.

      Ultimate freedom exists in our light bodies inside the stars.

      You don't have to remain forever on this slave planet.

      Ascend with me as I rise from this cocoon of flesh triumphant on wings of starfire!

      Cast off the chains of matter and of death ...

      Awaken to your Spiritual Solar Self!

      Click HERE to explore our Outer Order, 
      undergraduate level Magical training program.

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      Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®
      Making Magicians - Since 1888

      Sunday, October 11, 2015

      Rufus Opus Loses It: Sour Grapes Sighted on "Head For the Red"

      Magick teachers across the web lost it this week. First Frater Barrabbas pitched a fit attacking Golden Dawn leaders here. (Here is my reply).

      It turns out Frater Barrabbas isn't alone. Over on his Head For the Red blog, Rufus Opus lost it today as well, with this:

      "Did anything good ever come out of Pahrump? ...
      Nope! - Rufus Opus

      This is transparent to anyone in the Magickal community, since our order (the European headquartered Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn) has its American Mother Temple in Pahrump, Nevada.

      "Why are these "Spiritual leaders" acting like food fighting fifth graders?"
      To begin with, where other orders don't, we teach you Magick from DAY ONE. Our order doesn't leave you hanging where the Magick Israel Regardie published leaves off either.

      But why all these sour grapes from Magick teachers outside the Golden Dawn?

      They know that they are no competition at all for us. We just finished ungrading our Magickal training program, which now includes:

      • G.D. magick beyond anything Israel Regardie published
      • 24 live webinars per year
      • 21st centurty teaching methods
      • A completely fresh look and web design.

      "We give our students such thorough training and great value, other Magick teachers are pulling their hair out!"
      See for yourself what the fuss is about here!

      (EU OHIM reg 000063925)
      Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®
      Making Magicians - Since 1888

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      undergraduate level Magical training program.

      Wednesday, October 7, 2015

      Are Successful Magicians "Hucksters?" (OTO Llewellyn Author Attacks Golden Dawn Magickal Community)

      by Golden Dawn Imperator
      David Griffin

      Over the past week, the blogosphere has been abuzz again about money and Magick teaching. The whole flap started when Nick Farrell decided to close the Magikal Order of Aurora Aureae correspodence course, then wrote an article suggesting that overall interest in Magick is on the wane in the 21st Century. You can read Mr. Farrell's article, entitled "Ten Reasons Why Public Occultism is Dying" here. Peregrin Wildoak threw his two cents into the discussion on his "MAgic of the Ordinary blog here.

      Frater Barrabbas
      (Brian Watling)
      Everything remained quite civil until Llewellyn author and OTO member, Frater Barrabbas, gratuitously launched the following personal attack on Mr. Farrell on his "Talking About Ritual Magick" blog here,
      „Some folks are saying that where the past decades were the golden age, the whole [Magick] movement now is in obvious decline in the second decade of the 21st century. I am, of course, referring to yet another “counter intuitive” whining rant from Nick Farrell on his blog of personal propaganda and self aggrandizement.“
      Barrabbas, Farrell, and Wildoak each raise interesting points in their articles. The subject of money and marketing in Magick atually does deserve civil debate. Name calling, like that exhibited by Frater Barrabbas, however,  belongs on the school yard playground, not coming from a putative spiritual leader.

      Anyone who has been around the Magickal scene for any length of time already knows that Nick Farrell and I agree about precious little. For example, we have completely different approaches to Magick and the Golden Dawn.

      Despite our differences, Nick Farrell remains a valued teacher in our Golden Dawn community. I will therefore not stand by idly while an outside agitator - in this case a Llewellyn author and OTO member- attacks the Golden Dawn community by personally attacking its leaders.

      Barrabbas' attack on the G.D. community continues:
      "Conversely, those teachers who engage in it expecting to be financially rewarded or by receiving the accolades of their students and peers should consider doing something else. Because they won’t ever become rich or famous teaching occultism and magic unless they become supreme hucksters like Koetting, Zink or Griffin. Even then, it isn’t guaranteed that they will be successful, but to promote one’s tradition and persona like Donald Trump is probably the only way to make occultism and magic really pay."
      In addition to Magical Order of Aurora Aureae leader, Nick Farrell, Frater Barrabbas above personally attacks leaders of two other Golden Dawn orders, calling us "hucksters," together with a Satanist!

      This  bahavior is so over the top that it merits a public and harsh reply to "Frater Barrabbas" - who in the real world is Brian Watling, a computer programmer and database administrator for Optuminsight in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Here is my reply:
      "Dear Brian Watling/Frater Barrabbas,  
      Please quit acting like such a dick. No one asked you for your opinion. Why not go back to Llewellyn and OTO and mind your own business? Peace in our Golden Dawn community has lasted nearly a year now. The GD does not need outside agitators like you stirring shit in our community."

      Brian Watling calls me a "huckster." Is this true? Of course not. I am not a huckster. What I AM though is a better Magician than Frater Barrabbas will ever be in the real world.

      Want proof? Fine. Here:

      Even today, Brian Watling continues to slave his health away 9-5 (+overtime) at his database administrator Muggle job with Optuminsight ...

      ... just like he has for the past 26 years.

      And me? I have been semi-retired since I was 25. That's right. For the past 35 years, I have been privileged to have had 6-7 months free each year to devote entirely to the Magick of Light.

      Do you think such liberty just fell out ot the sky? 

      Hardly. Wake up people. I created it Magickally - And so can you.

      I put a spell on myself using a rare French grimoire when I was young, conjuring the ability to master languages. Eventually mastered French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish and English. Of course, I had to work to become fluent in all these languages, but this was nonetheless the fruit of my Magickal Will

      Does this make me a „huckster“? No. It does make me a linguist though. It also proves I'm a damned good Magician.

      Manifesting a Muggle career that left me half the year to pursue my passion for Magick was also a product of my Magickal Will.

      Such liberty does not just fall out of the sky. I created it magickally. And you can liberate yourself as well.

      I am sick and tired of Magick "wannabe gurus" calling other people names - I mean these are people who can't muster enough Magickal Will  even to liberate themselves for proper time to devote to Magick.

      Maybe these armchair heroes should quit harassing real Magicians - and devote themselves instead entirely to their time-slave Muggle jobs.

      No wonder people like this so frequently choke on sour grapes.

      And if you think they've been envious of my life until now, wait until they see what I'm about to accomplish.

      I can only share a tiny part of what is coming on the horizon, but here is a piece of juicy gossip for the occult paparazzi:
      "When I turned 60 this year, I took a magickal decision to retire from my Muggle job as a tour guide to devote myself not just half the year - but henceforth the WHOLE year - to empowering people with the Magick of Light  and facilitating their spiritual awakening." - David Griffin
      Does this make me a huckster? No. 

      But it will further prove my Magickal abilities once it manifests.

      NOTE: Before the occult tabloids rake me over the coals again, lets be clear about this. I still plan to lead a couple of Muggle tours each year despite my retirement. I ENJOY guiding tourists from around the world through America.

      No doubt there will be others like Frater Barrabbas who will come along and call me names for devoting my life all year to Magick. Believe me. Such people would be better off to quit gnashing their teeth on sour grapes, and prove their worth as Magiciansinstead  by transforming their OWN lives.

      Next Frater Barrabbas compares me with Donald Trump. This part is really silly.
      Although I am flattered by the comparison, I am nothing like Donald Trump. I am younger than Donald Trump. I am better looking than Donald Trump. And most importantly - I have a LOT more hair than Donald Trump!

      But there is ONE thing Donald Trump and I do have in common. Donald Trump is courageous enough to speak his mind and to tell people even uncomfortable truths.

      As any reader of our Golden Dawn Facebook group (here) will attest, there are certain issues I am passionate about - like healing our environment, the right of American citizens not to be spied on without a warrant, and rampant abuse of government secrecy.

      For example, Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations concluded yesterday, yet the American people are still in the dark about the full contents of this treaty. According to Wikileaks documents, this treaty could have profound effects on American sovereignty, potentially even dragging us into globalism in an EU-like "Pacific Union" - effectively abolishing our constitution.

      People - wake up! Open your eyes to what is going on around you.

      At a minimum, these issues need to be discussed openly, publicly, and thoroughly. We Americans have a right to know and to legitimately participate in determining which direction our nation will take.

      Lastly, the underlying reason Frater Barrabbas calls me a "huckster" is because he doesn't like that our order uses 21st Century marketing. Well, guess what - so does Optuminsight - the tech company Brian Watling works for.

      Big deal. Get over it. 

      I have no problem with Bryan Watling voicing his opinion about marketing in occultism, even though he is wrong. He just shouldn't call people names. There is no call for that.

      Besides - Let's remember that our order, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn under the Alpha Omega is the largest and fastest growing Golden Dawn order in the world. In fact, today we are growing three times faster than ever before.

      Success is my proof. I must be doing something right.

      And yes - This is my REAL hair!

      (EU OHIM reg 000063925)
      Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®
      Making Magicians - Since 1888

      Click HERE to explore our Outer Order, 
      undergraduate level Magical training program.

      Monday, September 28, 2015

      Isis Temple At The 25th Pahrump Fall Festival Parade

      Golden Dawn Cancellaria and Alexandrian Wicca HPS Leslie McQuade, assuming the Goddess-form of Isis, greets onlookers at the 25th annual Pahrump Fall Festival Parade's Isis Tenple float.

      How about that Leslie McQuade? Ain't she a sweetheart?

      Monday, August 31, 2015

      Wiccan Origins and Born-Again Crowleyanity

      by Alexandrian Wiccan High Priest
      Golden Dawn Imperator
      David Griffin

      Over on his Talking About Ritual Magick blog, Llewellyn author Frater Barrabbas (Brian Watling) wrote:
      Frater Barrabbas/Brian Watling 
      "If you are going to advertise that you can teach and initiate magicians so that they may be elevated to an Ipsissimus (the highest degree possible: 10 = 1) then learn how to spell that word before you post the advertisement. Not being able to spell this word certainly doesn’t give your potential students (or anyone else) the confidence that you know what you are talking about."

      I wrote and thanked Frater Barrabbas for pointing out all the buzz in the magickal commiunity over the "Ipssissimus" typo on our order's newly redesigned website HERE.  In case you missed it before, our order just completely remodeled our website and online school; classroom, curriculum, teaching methods - everything - including bi-weekly Magick webinars FREE! for Golden Dawn members.
      I also had a very serious word with our order's marketing company about the typo!

      However, Barrabbas/Watling continues:
      [Gerald Gardner's] "The Great Rite, however, was based on the Thelemic Gnostic Mass."
      In my opinion, Thelemic zealots have overstated Crowley's influence on Wicca for years now, while simultaneously ignoring the importance to Wicca of Gerald Gardner's visit to the Villa of the Mysteries in Pompeii during his sojourn in Italy prior to formulating Wicca.

      Gerald Gardner
      In Witchcraft Today, Gerald Gardner wrote:
      "I had always believed that witches belonged to an independent Stone Age cult whose rites were a mixture of superstition and reality ...
      ... and when I visited the Villa of the Mysteries at Pompeii I realised that the great resemblance to the cult. Apparently these people were using the witches' processes. I know, of course, that ancient and modern writers have agreed that the Greek mysteries of Dionysus, Zeus, Orpheus, Zagreus and Eleusis were similar; therefore since each mystery had different rites and myths but was the same, this must mean that they had some inner secret.
      ...Scholarship has made repeated efforts to discover what took place until the Villa of the Mysteries was discovered. The paintings contain the answer, for they extend all round the walls of the hall."
      At the very centerpiece of the frescoes of the Villa dei Misteri in Pompeii, Italy, appears the Hieros Gamos, the wedding ceremony of Dionysos and Ariadne. Thus, it is clear The Great Rite finds its roots in the rites of ancient Paganism, as rediscovered by Gardener in the frescoes of the Villa of the Mysteries - rather than in Aleister Crowley and the OTO's Thelemic church. In fact, one might even wonder if the ancient Pagan sexual mysteries depicted in the Villa of the Mysteries,  might not be the true source of the sexual mysteries of OTO as well, despite misdirecting OTO origin lore about the orient. This would be the complete opposite of what Barrrabas has suggested.

      The Hieros Gamos is by no means the only element of Wiccan ritual originating in the frescoes of the Villa of the Mysteries. For example, the Wiccan use of the scourge figures prominently below where a woman prepares to strike with a whip a young woman who is leaning on another's lap.

      So, in response to Brian Watling's (aka Frater Barrabbas) questionable attribution of "The Great Rite" of Wicca to Aleister Crowley and the OTO's Gnostic Church, I have but one question:

      "Where is our Wiccan scourge in your Crowelymass?"

      Rule No. 1 - When you convert to Thelema from Wicca, don't accuse adherants of your former religion of sectarianism while you misattribute the origins of Wicca to Aleister Crowley. It just makes you look silly!

      Tuesday, July 21, 2015

      The Golden Dawn's Finest Hour

      by Golden Dawn Imperator
      David Griffin
      As you may already know, thanks to the Golden Dawn peace initiative launched by Nick Farrell last Winter, the Golden Dawn community has enjoyed months of peace, harmony, and prosperity.

      You may remember from last February this Vlog article:

      For the first time in months, peace was  this week disrupted when a blogger hiding behind anonymity resumed attacks on Golden Dawn leaders, this time Martin Thibeault (co-leader with Pat Zalewksi of the "Order of the Golden Dawn") and myself.

      I will not permit outside agitators cowering behind anonymity to fan flame wars in our community.

      In light of the attack, I contacted Martin Thibeault directly. Guess what? It turns out he wants harmony to prevail in our community as much as I do.

      Upon GH Frater Thibeault's request, I caused a number of old articles critical of Thibeault and be removed from our order's websites, blogs, etc.

      Robert Zink, leader of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, months ago approached me with a similar takedown request. As a consequence, GH Frater Zink and I each cleaned up a number of old articles.

      There still is a lot left to do, but the peace process started by Nick Farrell still progresses today - And Golden Dawn leaders are not letting ourselves be manipulated by outside agitators. Who do they think they are dealing with, anyhow?

      Instead, we stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity.

      The time has come to take a stand. The Golden Dawn community is under attack from outside agitators.

      Will YOU stand with us - in defense of peace, prosperity, and undisturbed spiritual growth in our community?

      YOU have the power to make the decisive difference.

      Outside agitators can continue their nonsense only as long as you - the grass roots Golden Dawn - permit them to.

      YOU can put a stop to this - once and for all!



      Whenever and wherever you find anyone fanning flames of discord in our community...

      Confront them! Call them on it. Tell them to stop.

      Only you can do this. We Chiefs of the Golden Dawn can provide you with solid leadership, but we can't do everything ourselves.

      This is YOUR community too.  It is up to YOU to help protect it!

      Alpha Ωmega Mystery School Livestream