Sunday, August 25, 2013

Personal Temple of a Golden Dawn Magician in Long Beach, California

by Golden Dawn Imperator
David Griffin

Over the past year, the Alpha Omega has led the way in creating one resource after the other for Self-Initiaties and Solitary Practitioners of the Magic of Light.

In the first phase of this initiative, the A.O. began fostering the creation of Personal Magical Temples across the world, with the goal of lighting "1,000 Points of the Magic of Light." This initiative was met with kind words and warm appreciation from across the entire Golden Dawn  community.

Here is what some of our readers are saying:
"I am just loving this project. Thank you Mr. Griffin for the resources that you are unveiling to us all :). Maybe I can feel little bit more comfortable about what I'm doing knowing that there are many others out there doing the same thing. Many times I forget that and kind of give up." - Brian Jones II 
"Good news for solitary practitioners! We are just waiting for more. Thank you!" - Frater C.F.

The"1,000 Points of Light" initiative exceeded all expectations. Even today, we continue to be inundated with photographs of Personal Temples from around the world. Rest assured that over time, each and every one of them will eventually be published.

This time, Frater E.S., from Long Beach, California would like to share the development of his Personal Temple with you.

Temple Construction in Long Beach, California

Frater E.S. writes:
"This temple sits on a foundation of round and square stones. The round stones form a circle within a circle underneath the structure (two concentric circles) with another round stone directly under the center. Each round stone is painted green with a Rune and Ogham Few written upon them. The sides of the temple are supported by 18 square stones. One side is painted black, the other white. In each corner of the foundation is also a square stone (four in total) painted in the colors of Malkuth. Everything, shapes, colors, and including the number of nails or screws has been coordinated to create the right symbolism. The subfloor has painted upon it a giant Star of the Magi (visible in the picture). The entire structure is 16x16 feet by 9-feet tall. There are many other occult plans as the build continues. The floor will be tiled, the door is on the West wall and looks like a medieval castle door, the outer walls will be stone to look like a castle, large lodestones will be hidden in the walls at each point of the Star, and many other mysteries."
We invite you to share your personal temple with our readers too. You can send us a photo of your personal temple here.
(Please try to keep the file size somewhat small. Also, please let us know if you would like your name or motto to appear. Otherwise, we will include only the city. 
We further invite you to post your feedback and personal magical experiences in the comment's section below. Many of these will be featured prominently in future blog posts, as was the feedback from magicians above.)
The 1,000 Points of Light initiative is just one small way the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn are serving the needs of the greater esoteric community. If you can think of others, please do let us know! The idea for this marvelous 1,000 Points of Light initiative came from one of our readers from California!

We are here to help you meet the needs of your magical practice.

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Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®
Making Magicians - Since 1888

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Exciting News for Magicians Across the Globe

Are you tired of groping alone through an ocean of obscure Magick books? 

Maybe you’ve tried to follow along in a self-initiation book but still struggled with the exercises. 

Or perhaps you have hopped from one magical order to another looking for guidance to no avail? 

The Alpha Omega has been making magicians for decades and these common problems are not unique to you. 

While leaders of other Golden Dawn orders have been writing envious books and blogs and using angry sock puppets trying to defame our order, our members, our founder and our leaders ... 

Angry Sock Puppet

We here at the Alpha Omega have instead been silently improving our curriculum and our teaching methods!

Here is exciting news ...

The Alpha Omega leads the way today yet once again!

We are already putting the finishing touches on our ALL NEW curriculum and education system for transforming YOU into a working magician. 

Every step - every area of study - is completely formulated. 

Our new curriculum is being developed by our highest Adepts along with curriculum design assistance from a university professor who designed dozens of courses and programs for top universities over the past 20 years!

And our new curriculum includes far more than just the same tired GD material published over and over by others, but fully integrates - even at the Neophyte, beginners level - the supplemental, traditional Golden Dawn teachings and MAGICK recently released by the Secret Chiefs of the Alpha Omega's Third Order!

Stay tuned for more revelations about our new curriculum. 

You won’t want to miss it!

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Monday, August 5, 2013

The Astonishing Conclusion of Nick Farrell's "Secret Chiefs Challenge"

by Alpha Omega Imperator
David Griffin

Today is August 5 and Nick Farrell's 
"Secret Chiefs Challenge" is officially over!

"If I can't catch the Secret Chiefs by August 5 ...
... they can't really exist! - Nick Farrell

Over the past month Nick Farrell, Chief of the Magical Order of Aurora Aureae and purveyor of occult fantasy novels, endowed our Golden Dawn community with a seemingly endless series of articles about the Golden Dawn's Secret Chiefs.

All of this was part of Farrell's "Secret Chiefs Challenge" in which our intrepid psychonaut challenged the Secret Chiefs to either appear to him by August 5, or consider themselves as non-existent.

During the month there was once or twice I could not resist poking a little fun at Nick, first off with the above image of Farrell acting like a dog chasing his tail.

I thought better of it the next day and took the blog post down. Low and behold, Farrell immediately stole my idea and published his own image of me chasing my tail!

Had it really come to this?

A commenter then pointed out how Farrell's entire "Secret Chiefs' Challenge" reminded her of a schoolyard. She wrote:
"I notice that Nick Farrell copied your dog chasing tail image, turned it around as though the joke was his own, then called YOU a tail chaser. Watch this video as it shows the "mature" mentality we are dealing with:

Another commenter then suggested that Nick Farrell is merely envious of the vast, traditional, supplemental Golden Dawn teachings and Magick recently released by the Secret Chiefs of the A.O.'s Third Order, integrated into all grades from Neophyte up. You can read testimonials regarding these teachings HERE.

She wrote:
"The whole [present Secret Chiefs debate] boils down to: 
"Farrell wants your bike!"

Now that Farrell's "Secret Chiefs Challenge" is officially over, I must admit I never in a million years imagined what a fantasy novel Nick would invent to conclude his "challenge." Farrell came up with an ending worthy of any soap box game show!

Let's see if we can wrap this up by revealing - once and for all - what Nick Farrell has been hiding all along behind The "Secret Chiefs Challenge's" "Door Number One," "Door Number Two," and "Door Number Three."

Behind Door Number One, we find Nick Farrell's original story:

"Anyone who believes in Secret Chiefs is as nutty as a loon."

Then, in a fasciating flip-flop, behind Door Number Two, we discover Nick Farrell's next story:

"The Secret Chief of the Golden Dawn ...
... is really the Archangel Raphael."

Oops! Does this mean that Nick Farrell has been a secret channeller of New Age Secret Chiefs all along?

Farrell The Magnificent

And now - Behind Door Number Three ...

Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta ...

We discover Nick Farrell's latest and greatest story ...

The Secret Chief of Nick Farrell's MOAA, is none other than the mysterious ...

Count of St. Germain!

That's right ...

Allegedly hundreds of years old, the Count of St. Germain is known in New Age and B.O.T.A. circles as Master Racoczi. Nick Farrell, following in the footsteps of Paul Foster Case, today claims that he too has met with Master R., albeit in a coffee shop in Rome near St. Peter's Cathedral.

So as not to be easily recognized, the good Count masked his thick Transylvanian accent and pretended instead to be Corsican. According to Farrell, Master Racoczi has been hiding for the past hundred or so years on the island of Corsica, living with his boyfriend, Guiseppe Balsamo, also apparently immortal, and better known as Count Cagliostro.

Giuseppe Balsomo (Count Cagliostro)
boyfriend of St. Germain on Corsica

Master R. did let on, however, that not only is he ...
  • Secret Chief of both B.O.T.A. and Farrell's M.O.A.A. but he is also...
  • Geheim Haupt of the Illuminati
  • Magus Sublimissimus of SRIA
  • Grand Chancellor the Order of Memphis and Myriam
  • Secret Supreme Master of the United Grand Lodge of England
  • Caput Draconis of the Osiris Order
  • Grand Phallus of the Subterranean Order of Set
  • All Seeing Eye of the Grand Orient of Horus and, of course...
  • Secret Grand Poobah of the Royal Order of Buffalos!

Personally, I think Nick Farrell has missed his calling. Why is Nick still wasting time writing occult fantasy novels dressed up as history, when he could already be a rich man inventing stories for David Icke!

M.O.A.A. Secret Chief & his Sock Puppet

The diffetence between Nick Farrell's order and the Alpha Omega could not be more clear. Whereas Farrell's Secret Chief has not produced anything by hot air and wild stories about fancy titles, the Secret Chiefs of the Alpha Omega have already put their money where their mouth is ...

... providing vast amounts of additional Golden Dawn MAGICK and teachings that have been integrated throughout our entire curriculum, even in the Neophyte grade!

This is real magick and profound, traditional G.D.teachings - not just empty promises.

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