Monday, April 15, 2013

PROVEN: Secret Chiefs Complete Golden Dawn Magical System! - Corroboration Pours in From Across the Globe.

At last week's International Festival of Golden Dawn Magicians, the Secret Chiefs of the Third Order of the Golden Dawn unveiled supplemental spiritual practices for the G.D. Neophyte grade.

Since various leaders of other Golden Dawn orders over the years have falsely claimed that "no evidence" exists of any additional Golden Dawn Magick other than that published by Regardie, we invited our critics and their spies to come and examine the actual supplemental materials released by the Secret Chiefs for themselves.

In fact, we even invited ALL Golden Dawn initiates of all Golden Dawn Temples and Orders, and even Self-Initiates and Solitary Practitioners. Here is what some of those who came and examined the evidence for themselves had recently to say: 
"To anyone who doubts the existence of the physical Secret Chiefs or the authenticity of their Golden Dawn teachings, if you would have attended the Festival, you would have seen it for yourself. I along with many others who did attend, ARE the proof of its power and authenticity. The Festival was open to anyone who wanted to come, so no one who was not here can rightfully deny the authenticity or power of the new material. I attended the whole week of the Festival and I can personally attest to just how powerful the  supplementary Magick newly released by the Secret Chiefs really is." 
- Frater O.B., Alvin, TX
"The spiritual practices hidden behind the symbols of the Golden Dawn are finally being revealed. The Golden Dawn is finally becomming what it should have been since the beginning." 
- Soror FL, Atlanta, GA
"The new material is astonishing in the simplicity of the techniques and the purity of energy. I could really feel that this is what the Golden Dawn was meant to be. If anyone of those present had their doubts about the authenticity of the Secret Chiefs, it truly has been cleared out by the material released the second day alone." 
- VH Frater K, Berlin, Germany

Frater ATLV, Houston, TX 
"A new unbroken oral tradition and direct transmission instead of just the same old stuff from books. 
I attended the entire week of this year's Festival. I truly feel that the Magical material newly released by the Secret Chiefs brings the AO back to a state of unprofaned wisdom and authenticity that has not been seen in the Golden Dawn since the schism of 1903.  
To those who may criticize or deny these new teachings. You had the chance to come and you could have seen it for yourself. My experiences over the week, although short was proof of the potency of the new teachings. I feel honored to be one of the very few in the world who have received this knowledge until now." 
- Frater ATLV, Houston, Texas  
"The vibration very efficient - overall, interesting and energizing. in concept." 
- Soror SKH, Montenegro
"The supplemental materials for the Neophyte grade fits like hand in glove. Some of it is advanced, but when you see it together with the rest of the material it is simple and obvious. You can see that the original material is for learning purposes and the supplemental material is for practical application of the old material. It seems like a natural extension. It is an honor and a privelege to be a part of this historical moment. This Festival has been a page turner in my life."  
- Frater NTI, Gothenburg, Sweden 
"Basically, I felt the purity of the newly released supplemental Magick and it not being tainted by past energy of others. It all feels so clean and undiluted. Working with this GD Magic is a rare experience. When working with GD Magick from published material, you just don't get that undiluted power." 
- Soror LET, Melbourne, Australia
"The fantastic new energy that shined into my being as we did the advanced Neophyte meditation and the rectified Middle Pillar touched my Soul. First to silence, peace, and fulfilment and later brought tears to my eyes. I could really feel the solar energy and the feeling that it stayed with me."
- Soror DSLO, Ostersund, Sweden 

C.F. Boone, New Orleans, LA
"The Neophyte meditation was everything that I thought Magick would do. Every experience that I had ever had in Magick was trumped by that. Bigger than Tantra, bigger than Kundalini." 
- Charles F. Boone, New Orleans, LA 
"I have been practicing Golden Dawn Magick for 25 years and I have never experienced a meditation so profound and effective as the 2.0 version of the Neophye Meditation transmitted to us this week from the Secret Chiefs. Understanding that this is just the barest foreshadowing of what is to come, I am thrilled for the future. Truly, a new day for the Golden Dawn. We have been waiting and we have been answered." 
- Soror PPAS, Amsterdam, Holland
"J'ai resenti les effets sur le corps. Tres bons. On le resents immediatemnet."  
- Frater JR, Duola, Cameroon
"I have been practicing the Magick Golden Dawn for 11 years. I was quite astonished today when I learned the newly released Magick. No one is grafting anything onto the Golden Dawn."  
- Frater C.F., Mexico City, Mexico 
"Just reading some of the new rituals unveiled in the Neoophyte grade is enough to develop an asthonishing spiritual exaltation. I was so surprised to experience this before even actively performing the rituals. 
After some 26 years of working with Golden Dawn ritual and basing magical operations on the structures of the Neophyte grade ritual, it finally makes sense. 
I have been perpetually groping towards this level of understanding and now it is as though the light has been switched on. The world's great esoteric streams all use certain methods of blinding and encrypting teachings in their outer grades. Finally we can experience this authenticity of lineage here in the outermost grade of the Golden Dawn."
- Frater IVIOL, Manchester, England

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  1. The proof is in the pudding, really wish I could have made it. Is this material going to be made available for HOGD members?

    Keep up the fantastic work!