Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 2: International Festival of Golden Dawn Magicians: "Magick is PHYSICAL"

Day 2 of the International Festival of Golden Dawn Magicians began with the first Magical training sessions. This years (second annual) G.D. Festival contains 3 ongoing classes
  • Golden Dawn Dojo - with Imperator David Griffin
  • Secret Chiefs' Magick Revealed - with Imperator David Griffin
  • A.O. Egyptian Section - with HPS Leslie McQuade and HP David Griffin
Day 2 of the G.D. Festival kicked off with Golden Dawn Dojo.

This morning David Griffin taught the principles involved in the fundamentals of Golden Dawn magick. Today's class was entitled:

"Magick is PHYSICAL."

The class concretely demonstrated the energy dynamics underlying the classical Golden Dawn's System of the Magick of Light. Here is what one Golden Dawn Magician, Frater Solomon, visiting from Cameroon, Africa said about G.D. Dojo:

"The energy was cleansing and I could feel it immediately in my body. During the exercise, I could feel negativity being removed from my energetic body." 
- Frater Solomon, Doala, Cameroon
Next up, our HPS, VH Soror DIA, taught the first, basic exercise of the Alpha Omega's new Egyptian Section. There was as much excitement generated about this Egyptian magick as there is anticipation about Tuesdays "The Rites of Nephthys," celebrating the inauguration of the A.O.'s Egyptian section.

Here is what one visiting Golden Dawn Magician said about the Magick of the Alpha Omega's Egyptian section:
"I have been practicing Golden Dawn Magick for 11 years. I was quite astonished today when I learned the most basic magical practice of the Alpha Omega's new Egyptian section. The Rite of the Qabalistic Cross is very powerful, but this Egyptian basic ritual is even better. I was very surprised, because one notices changes from the power of this practice immediately. 
By the way, no one is grafting anything onto the Golden Dawn. The A.O.'s Egyptian Section is NOT Golden Dawn. It is Egyptian magick in a separate section of the A.O. and does not pretend to be anything else. The A.O. is obviously much more than merely Golden Dawn. 
What I  do not understand is why, when we invited the whole community here, anyone would choose to stay home rather than sit down with us as brothers and sisters and learn the Egyptian magick, but instead say unfraternal things about us on the internet. Why should anyone pass public judgement on something that one remains completely ignorant of by choice?" 
- Frater C.F., Mexico City, Mexico
On a negative note, the hot tub is still down today for the second day in a row. The technician is coming back later today, so we are all crossing our fingers. 

Next, it was on to Neophyte initiations for the rest of the day. With seven candidates, this was bound to be a marathon session. We all survived it all. Here are our candidates and initiating team, all sending their warmest greetings.

The only dark spot in the whole day? Believe it or not, the hot tub is still not ready. The pool technician fixed the last problem, but the gas still will not kick in tonight.


PS: Oh yes. And the Texans did eventually show up. Hungover, broke, and mumbling something about a strip club. :-)

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