Saturday, July 7, 2018

HUMAN FREEDOM World-Wide Ritual 8/13/18

Dear Magician,

Each night while humanity sleeps, Magi Astral riders guard our the borders of our dimension from the Astral Plane.

Month after month, Magi riders have faced down Astral invasion from dark dimensions beneath our own.

On July 4 - Independence Day, we threw a huge party on the Astral Plane, beneath the shade of the Liberty Tree.

We have enjoyed nearly 2 months of Astral peace now, with the Angel Ark “Amitiel” (Merged Angel Consciousness Light Ship) guarding the Mojave Portal, the “Raziel" Angel Ark stationed guarding at the portal at Antarctica, and the arrival on our Astral of the Chasmalim battle group.

This month the peace has held until now.

No one knows how long this peace will hold, but we are enjoying it as long as we can!

On Aug 13 comes our next HUMAN FREEDOM ritual, when at 9 PM PDT, Magicians, Witches, Shamans, and Prayer Warriors from around the world will again launch our united intention to:


Everyone is invited. Use your own Magick or Prayer - whatever you are most at home with. We begin with our Rites an hour earlier at 8:00 PM PDT, then at 9:00 PM, we launch our united intentions!

This month we will do something new and unique. 

For all who wish to experience even more unity in this amazing grass roots magical effort to free humanity, we will light the fires of ColumnHenge at precisely 9:00 PM PDT, live on Periscope @LeslieMcQuade. 

If you don’t have a smartphone or a Periscope app, you can still join us live via the internet here:

By the power of our united Magick, we will tip the scales of destiny towards human freedom, and alter the course of history!!!

Now, what about these "Magi" we keep hearing about?

Well - Let me clue you in. 

You see, since months we are  fighting off an invasion from the Dark Realms, but not here in the physical realm, but rather on the Astral Plane where we all go in the world of dreams.

The only problem is - almost all of humanity is asleep in dreamworld (kind of like in the film, The Matrix, only in reverse).

Almost no one is energetically evolved enough to be fully self-aware and awake in their dreams yet.

It doesn’t matter how strong your are. It doesn’t matter how “spiritual”  you are. 

If you can wake up in your dreams and remain self-aware, our “Astral Magi” need YOU!

Tonight when you go to bed, as soon as you wake up in dream land, ask for directions to the LIBERTY TREE. Once at the tree, ask for Leslie McQuade. At the tree, you will find Leslie organizing our makeshift village and hospital.

Astral Magi ride every night at midnight from the Liberty Tree to patrol ourt dimensional borders from the Astral Plane, watching for opening portals or any other signs of renewed Creeper incursion.

Every day our numbers at the Liberty Tree grow and grow - and often from surprising sources. 

You would think high Adepts and Lamas would be the ones arriving, but no - that is not what is happening lately at all. Instead people are waking up for surprising reasons and from astonishing directions.

At last month’s Independence Day party at the Liberty Tree, we were joined unexpectedly by the arrival almost 2 dozen young Japanese Magi recruits. They showed up the Tree spoiling for a fight on the 4th of July spoiling for a fight, each wearing heroic anime God-Forms.

It turns out Japanese anime is having an unexpected effect, helping untold numbers of young Japanese to not only suddenly wake up on the Astral Plane in their dreams, but to discover their true magical powers on the Astral! 

Tonight–they new born Astral heroes ride with the Magi!

If YOU can wake up in your dreams on the Astral Plane, come ride with the Magi – tonight and every night at Midnight – from the Liberty Tree. 

The Astral Magi need YOU! 
Until then, may the God-Force be with us all!

David Griffin
LVX ex Septentrionis

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

[VIDEO] Rapture, Solar Ascension & The Spiritual War For Human Freedom REVEALED! [BREAKING] Attacked by Satanists!

by Golden Dawn Imperator
David Griffin

I just got attacked! 

...on YouTube by wannabe Satanist, “Dark Fluff" Koetting -calling ME a fake!

When I get attacked by Satanists, even pseudo-Satanists like "DF" Koetting" - I wear it as a badge of honor.

To be brutally honest, "Dark Fluff" Koetting's attack is a cheap attempt to prop up his failing Merch-Witch Shop!

The real reason "Dark Fluff" Koetting promotes other “artists” these days is because he has nothing of substance left to say himself. All he can do is attack me. Pathetic!

Meanwhile, check out OUR new video right here PACKED with spiritually ESSENTIAL information, including ...

• The Rapture, Solar Ascension and The Great Work
• The Inter-dimensional Spiritual War - Latest News
• Awakening On The Inner Planes
• The Truth About Angels Revealed
• The God-Force & Abundant Life
• World-Wide Ritual To Free Humanity

Next monthly rituals to free humanity are June 15, July 14, and August 13. We launch our intention always at 9:00 PM PDT. Pray, drum, chant, invoke, or Spellcast. Time your rite to begin with ours an hour earlier at 8:00 PM PDT. Find out more at


I was just asked about “Dark Fluff” Koetting’s claim that the present Magical war is “staged” between Koetting and me.

Wow. What an ego on that man. Until yesterday, when Koetting published a video on New Moon attacking the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Magical war as far as I was concerned had nothing at all to do with him!

We have been working each month for over a year now always with the same intention:

“To free humanity from bondage and dark enchantment.”

So why does Koetting have a problem with human freedom rituals? He claims his Black Magick liberates. I call bullshit. Something doesn’t add up here.

The greatest problem with Koetting is he believes that evil doesn't exist. He argued this with me on film at MagickAll 2014.

Koetting also claimed on film that right and wrong are just matters of personal preference - completely relative.

He is wrong. Dead wrong.

There is such a thing as right and wrong - and true EVIL does exist. 

Just look at the Satanist coven around Roman Polanski in Hollywood. Want more recent examples? Look at Harvey Wienstein and the NXIVM cult.

Look at Jeffrey Epstein and the Black Magick rituals the elite perform in the Moloch temple on Epstein’s “Lolita" island

Look at the Jesuits and all of the children they have raped in their Black Magick rites.

These criminals are REAL Black Magicians. EA Koetting is just "Dark Fluff.” 

Real Satanists who practice human sacrifice etc do exist, however. Satanists who want to enslave humanity and will use any Magick to get their way, including pedophilia, rape, torture, ritual murder, and even cannibalism. The more transgressive, the more taboo, the better.

For these REAL Satanists, Koetting is just a useful idiot. 

His “Dark Fluff” merch-witch shop has Facebook and YouTube message boards full of clueless young wannabe Satanists. Would this not make a juicy hunting ground for the “Renfields" recruiting for the REAL Satanists down in Hollywood, etc? You better hope you never get invited to one of THOSE Hollywood parties - because you might not EVER come back!

By attacking the HOGD at Black Moon, “Dark Fluff” Koetting has magically allied himself with our order’s enemies.

My only remaining questions are:

Do Koetting's students not deserve to know why “DF" Koetting STILL has not publicly condemned the pedophilia, child-rape, torture, murder, and cannibalism of truly EVIL Satanists?

“Dark Fluff” Koetting, after all, sat in my living room at MagickAll 2014 and defended ritual murder in front of the entire world published on YouTube for anyone to verify.

Enough playing games, Koetting: 

"Where do you REALLY stand on these issues that REALLY matter? Your students deserve to know."

Thursday, March 29, 2018

BREAKING: Golden Dawn FLAME WAR Re-Ignites!

by Hermetic Golden Dawn Imperator
David Griffin

If you have been around for any length of time, you already know how I have been defamed and attacked on the Internet for almost as long as the Net itself has been around!

Funny thing is - my attackers are almost always leaders of wannabe orders; guys dying of jealousy because they want to be me. Actually, their antics are quite sorry. Here is my latest "fan mail," this time from Golden Dawn "leader," Sam Scarborough.

You know, these would-be GD "leaders" have been touting these mythical "errors" in My Ritual Magick Manual for decades. But guess what! When challenged, they never come up with any references to back their claims!

Why not? Because they don't exist! Only in their twisted imaginations do these errors exist.

Well, OK, in a 666 page Opus Magnum like the Ritual Magick Manual, there is bound to be an occasional typo here and there.

But these fearmongering wannabes want you to believe you might accidentally invoke the demonic hordes of Beelzebub by tripping over a typo.

These guys are so full of themselves that they think you are stupid and you will believe anything you read. That's why over the years they have attacked me with the most outlandish bullshit you can imagine.

Sorry Sam, that nonsense might have worked in 2002, but people today are more awake than you think.

So why are these guys so jealous? Well, maybe its just because they know that they will always be nobodies.

Or maybe its because my Ritual Magick Manual has become the most coveted book in modern Magick, with used copies selling on Amazon for up to $3,249.50!

Or maybe it is because I lead the world's largest Golden Dawn order, with thousands of members in 116 countries across the globe.

Or could they be jealous of this blog with its reach of 1,460,538?

Or are they envious because they have no fans and no mailing list... whereas I now have 43,174 subscribers to our wildly popular Golden Dawn Mailing List?!?!

Personally, I think the real reason these guys seethe with jealousy is just they know are losers. I mean just look at this guy. 

What do you see when you look at this picture?

I'll tell you what I see. I see Sam Scarborough just got a new nickname.

From this day forward, Sam Scarborough shall henceforth be known as:

Sorry Sam

Who can take Sorry Sam seriously? 

I can't. I mean, just look at him. The guy is a joke. 

And not even a good joke. A bad joke. Not even funny. 

Just sorry - Sorry Sam.

In abundance, chivalry, and truth,
David Griffin

PS: Having endured these silly defamation attacks for 23 years now, these guys have become completely predictable. Let me demonstrate my psychic powers by giving you a glimpse into the future. Watch what happens next:

Next will come the Three Amigos singing a rousing chorus of "we hate David Griffin" with "Sorry Sam" grumbling Base, "Creepy Aaron" complaining Tenor, and "Short Bus Morgan" whining AAAAAAAAltooooo!

This ought to be entertaining.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

SRIA: "Rosicrucian" Satanists EXPOSED! (Part 1)

SRIA Supreme Magus, John R.Paternoster

Rumors have circulated since 2005 of a "Satanist coup" at the highest levels of leadership of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (S.R.I.A.).

As a Hermeticist, the entire discussion seems quite superfluous at first glance. Considering, however, that present S.R.I.A. leaders have already co-opted numerous G.D. leaders in our community, effectively bringing entire orders under their dominion, Golden Dawn members of all faiths have reason to be concerned. 

S.R.I.A. leaders teach a segregationist, "Trinitarian Christians only" view of the Rosicrucian tradition and argue even that the Golden Dawn is "Christian" (See Peregrin Wildoak's argument here). The only way to properly evaluate S.R.I.A.'s 2005 "Satanist coup" schism, therefore, is through a Trinitarian Christian lens.

What is certain is that there was a mass exodus of S.R.I.A. members surrounding a controversial change in leadership when dentist, John R. Paternoster, seized power as S.R.I.A.'s Supreme Magus. The Society did their best to keep the affair quiet, including an alleged cover-up at the highest levels of S.R.I.A. Nonetheless, a certain amount of information did eventually surface on the Internet. For example, "Zac" wrote here in 2006:
"The Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, known in the Masonic world as the SRIA, has been taken over secretly by those adhering to Satanism. 

The Society is presently led by Fra. John R. Paternoster, a dentist from Bishops Stortford in Hertfordshire, who was elected by some of the ruling members of the SRIA in dubious circumstances early in September 2005. But what most members of the Society do not know is that he has been writing regularly for The Oracle – Occult Magazine which is published in London every three months. On the publishers’ website it is claimed to be a serious journal examining the supernatural. 

One of Fra. Paternoster’s first acts on taking up control as Supreme Magus was to appoint another adherent of Satanism, Fra. ‘Mike’ Crowson, to be the Director-General of Studies for the whole Society. He has been advertising his occult practices (based in London) and his connections with fringe groups in The Oracle for some time. He is also the webmaster for the publishers. He claims to be a Christian but refuses to affirm in public any belief in the Trinitarian Christian faith...

...The latest issues of The Oracle are entirely devoted to devil worship, witchcraft, the Black Mass and other similarly obscene topics. They also contain explicit drawings about masturbation and swearing. Fra. Paternoster has written articles for both issues as the ‘Supreme Magus’ of the Society. That is stated quite clearly in print. So the name of the SRIA and therefore of English freemasons generally has been clearly connected with this occult magazine. 

Copies of these magazines were received last month by the Grand Secretaries of the United Grand Lodge of England (in Great Queen Street), The Supreme Council 33° (in Duke Street) and the Grand Lodge of Mark Masons (in St James’ Street). So the leaders of English Freemasonry have known about this Satanic involvement at the top of the SRIA for some time. 

At 2.00 pm on Wednesday 22 February 2006 the General Purposes Committee of the SRIA met in emergency session at the Society’s London headquarters in Hampstead in the presence of Fra. Paternoster and Fra. Crowson. Most of the Committee are appointees of Fra. Paternoster. 

They met to consider several formal complaints against this occult involvement of their leader and his close associate which had been received from other senior Fratres from various parts of the world. Fra. Paternoster, in writing his articles in The Oracle, has been fully supported by the Society’s Deputy Chaplain-General, a non-ordained senior London freemason, Fra. Arthur Craddock, who is also a Past Grand Steward of the United Grand Lodge of England. 

However, what is not generally known is that a few members of the Committee met secretly in ‘The Flask’, a pub just off the Hampstead High Street, before the official start of the scheduled meeting. Later on at the Committee meeting one of these, Fra. Ronald Pike – the Superior of the Order of Essenes and the Chaplain-General of the SRIA – produced a draft hand-written statement setting out the route which they wanted the rest of the Committee to take. So a cover-up had been arranged even before the Committee met formally.

After only about one hour’s discussion and according to the official circulated Minutes, the Committee decided by a vote of only 6 with three abstentions - hardly surprisingly in the circumstances considering who appointed them - ‘that, for the good of the Society, the less said about this the better’ and ‘expressed the view that, in view of the number of resignations that have already taken place, more would cause confusion, particularly among our younger members, which should be avoided at all costs’ – which is just the sort of cover-up which the Church itself has been accused of in the past. 

At the time the Committee had been made aware that the SRIA is known on the internet, for example in Yahoo chat-rooms, as being involved by its ‘Supreme Magus’ with The Oracle – Occult Magazine. Even so they instructed the Secretary-General to circulate their amazingly arrogant decision to all members thereby hoping that this covert intrusion by those adhering to Satanism will be covered up.

But if these leading Fratres know about this appalling infection at the top of the Society, then perhaps others – including ordinary Christian members like yourself should know about it too."
The involvement of S.R.I.A. Supreme Magus, John Paternoster, in the "Oracle Occult Magazine" is easily verified on the Oracle's MySpace page here (The titles of the other articles are quite revealing concerning the above allegations of Satanism).

I already pointed out last week the absurdity of Trinitarian Christian S.R.I.A. leaders and their G.D. puppets arguing that the Golden Dawn is a "Christian" tradition. It should be quite obvious that the Golden Dawn is Non-sectarian, not Christian per se. The Golden Dawn is a MAGICAL order and Magick has been at all times condemned by the Anglican church most SRIA members  belong in no uncertain terms.

Unsurprisingly, no S.R.I.A. leader nor any Golden Dawn leader under their dominion has had anything at all to say in defense of their original argument. This is because there is nothing they can say, since there is no rational explanation for Trinitarian Christians to be so obsessed with Magick and Magical orders. To put it simply ...

"Their silence is deafening!"

What about the Anglican Trinitarian Christian, present S.R.I.A. leaders' obsession with Magical Golden Dawn orders?
"According to "Trinitarian" Christianity, the practice of Witchcraft and Magick are regarded as Sins that need to be repented of, confessed, and forsaken."
Anyone who approaches ANY Anglican pastot and asks if that particular group would allow for ANY form of Magick to be performed as part of an approach to Jesus as God, they would be denied. 

The Anglican church most S.R.I.A. members belong to) will permit Magick to be practiced within the canon of their teachings, then why are S.R.I.A. leaders so obsessed with controlling MAGICAL Golden Dawn orders?

After all:
  • The Christian Bible is filled with injunctions against Magick. For example:
  • The struggle between St. Peter and the Magician, Simon Magus.
  • Leviticus and Deuteronomy prohibit certain kinds of Magick, specifically divination, seeking omens, mediums who commune with the dead, and spell-casters.
  • Exodus 22:18 states: "Do not allow a sorceress to live".
  • Galatians includes sorcery in a list of "works of the flesh".
  • This ban is repeated in the Didache, written during the mid to late first century.
  • Martin Luther shared some of the views about witchcraft that were common in his time. In his Small Catechism Luther taught that Magick was a sin against the second commandment.
  • The Rituale Romanum De Sacramento Paenitantiae specifically lists Magick and Astrology as mortal sins, and illucidates the following for grounds for excommunication from the Church: "Who adheres to Magical beliefs such as the Magic of Cartomancy, Astrology, and all esoteric practices or who converts to other faiths such as Masonry or Rosicrucianism.
Numerous Evangelical Christian groups, likewise condemn Magick, Some misguided Christian groups even go so far as to condemn ANY form of Magick as Satanism

What would these Christian groups say about people who try to control esoteric orders that teach Magick?

Are these not Satanists when viewed through their own Trinitarian Christian lens? Indeed.

As Trinitarian Christians, the efforts by current S.R.I.A. leaders to bring Magical Golden Dawn orders under their dominion through trademark licensing and co-opting G.D. leaders makes no sense at all.

Trinitarian Christians condemn Magick, not practice it or teach it.

On the other hand, if the above rumors are true - and S.R.I.A. leadership was indeed toppled by Satanists as rumored in 2005, then the obsession of today's S.R.I.A. leaders with Magick, the Occult, and the Golden Dawn suddenly all makes perfect sense.

At least one thing is certain - Rank and file members of S.R.I.A. deserve some real answers to tough questions!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Help Us Liberate Humanity From Bondage And Enchantment: 2/17/18 at 9:00 PM PST

by David Griffin

If your visit the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn website HERE, you will find a fascinating letter called The Mind Virus that describes how the CIA continued Nazi concentration camp Dr. Joseph Mengele's research to develop a method of manipulating people through television, much like a virus of the mind. 
Leslie McQuade and I, each month with the new appearing moon have been working Magick for a full year with as many people around the world as want to participate. Our intention is: 

"to liberate humanity from bondage and enchantment." 
The next human liberation ritual is TONIGHT, Feb 17 at 9 PM PST!
but share our intention at the appointed time 
and help free ourselves from all bandage and enchantment...

Meanwhile, Leslie and I would like to begin to expose to you how this Mind Virus works in action. We will be posting both articles and videos exposing this in coming months.
Today we begin with a particularly insidious and odious piece of mind virus programming. This scene is a still from the season finale of Star Trek Discovery. It is from the conclusion ceremony where the crew are given medals.
CIA Mind Virus Propaganda In Star Trek Discovery
Notice in the freeze frame how the android is given a medal too?  Of course. The message we are supposed to assimilate is that "like all the other races of the Federation, androids are people too."
This is straight up AI propaganda, programming us to accept that AI will have the same rights and privileges that human beings do. We know that this is Mind Virus propaganda for several reasons:
  1. The scene showing the android wearing the medal flashes so fast is it almost imperceptible. It is a subliminal message directed to infect the unconscious mind without conscious rational censorship. NOTE: Such subliminal programming was legalized in the USA in recent years, and here we see it in action!!
  2. The flash image is delivered at the peak of emotion of the final ceremony of the season finale, with musical build-up and everything else imaginable.
  3. The image flashed is blurred. This ads to the power of the subliminal programming.
In this instance the programming was injected using the strong emotion evoked by the ceremony scene. Usually, it is injected as a flash following a scene of violence, torture, or other form of trauma. It was Nazi Dr. Joseph Mengele who discovered the value of trauma in programming the human mind. It was the CIA who weaponized Mengele's discovery when they discovered that they could deliver brainwashing programming to you using "micro-traumas" presented to you through your television by showing you scenes of rape, torture, murder, violence. 
Stick around and Leslie and I will teach you how to spot and defend yourself against the CIA mind control programming brought to you by Hollywood and mainstream media! Together, we can still free humanity from ALL enchantment! Join with us tonight as we strike another blow for human freedom.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Secret Of The Great Work

by David Griffin

I was recently  asked on the HOGD Facebook group (that you can join HERE): 
"I heard that every human has Light and Dark Part of his/her soul. My unanswered question is that, is it true? Is it possible for any human to be pure in his soul and spirit?"
Every human being has darkness and light inside us as matter and energy. The Great Work is the purification and transmutation of the matter of our bodies into pure solar energy using techniques of Rosicrucian Magick and Hermetic Alchemy. Hermetic science teaches us that consciousness only exists where "embodied.”

Consciousness, however, can be embodied in a material body or a purely energetic one. Our goal as Rosicrucians, is nothing less than the survival and continuation of consciousness upon death in a new body, a purely energetic body that exists eternally inside the universe of light inside the stars.

We are but caterpillars on our way to become butterflies. We were never meant to roll around the mud as slave workers on this rock we call Earth. The Earth is but a garden of souls. 2,000 years ago, the Master Christ, sowed seeds of salvation from this slave planet.
Today we stand at the beginning of the Aquarian Age and the time of the harvest is at hand. 

We are the Alpha and the Ωmega.

We are good farm hands, who come with sythes to gather Souls ripe for harvest - those ready to ascend wth us to the stars.

We human beings are the sons an daughters of the stars, and to the stars we shall all one day return, glorious in bodies of pure star fire!