Thursday, March 29, 2018

BREAKING: Golden Dawn FLAME WAR Re-Ignites!

by Hermetic Golden Dawn Imperator
David Griffin

If you have been around for any length of time, you already know how I have been defamed and attacked on the Internet for almost as long as the Net itself has been around!

Funny thing is - my attackers are almost always leaders of wannabe orders; guys dying of jealousy because they want to be me. Actually, their antics are quite sorry. Here is my latest "fan mail," this time from Golden Dawn "leader," Sam Scarborough.

You know, these would-be GD "leaders" have been touting these mythical "errors" in My Ritual Magick Manual for decades. But guess what! When challenged, they never come up with any references to back their claims!

Why not? Because they don't exist! Only in their twisted imaginations do these errors exist.

Well, OK, in a 666 page Opus Magnum like the Ritual Magick Manual, there is bound to be an occasional typo here and there.

But these fearmongering wannabes want you to believe you might accidentally invoke the demonic hordes of Beelzebub by tripping over a typo.

These guys are so full of themselves that they think you are stupid and you will believe anything you read. That's why over the years they have attacked me with the most outlandish bullshit you can imagine.

Sorry Sam, that nonsense might have worked in 2002, but people today are more awake than you think.

So why are these guys so jealous? Well, maybe its just because they know that they will always be nobodies.

Or maybe its because my Ritual Magick Manual has become the most coveted book in modern Magick, with used copies selling on Amazon for up to $3,249.50!

Or maybe it is because I lead the world's largest Golden Dawn order, with thousands of members in 116 countries across the globe.

Or could they be jealous of this blog with its reach of 1,460,538?

Or are they envious because they have no fans and no mailing list... whereas I now have 43,174 subscribers to our wildly popular Golden Dawn Mailing List?!?!

Personally, I think the real reason these guys seethe with jealousy is just they know are losers. I mean just look at this guy. 

What do you see when you look at this picture?

I'll tell you what I see. I see Sam Scarborough just got a new nickname.

From this day forward, Sam Scarborough shall henceforth be known as:

Sorry Sam

Who can take Sorry Sam seriously? 

I can't. I mean, just look at him. The guy is a joke. 

And not even a good joke. A bad joke. Not even funny. 

Just sorry - Sorry Sam.

In abundance, chivalry, and truth,
David Griffin

PS: Having endured these silly defamation attacks for 23 years now, these guys have become completely predictable. Let me demonstrate my psychic powers by giving you a glimpse into the future. Watch what happens next:

Next will come the Three Amigos singing a rousing chorus of "we hate David Griffin" with "Sorry Sam" grumbling Base, "Creepy Aaron" complaining Tenor, and "Short Bus Morgan" whining AAAAAAAAltooooo!

This ought to be entertaining.


  1. hahahaha Nicely said, David. But was it Chivalrous and Kind? I don't judge, only laugh.

  2. I have learned over the years that the only thing that stops this nonsense is overwhelming force the second it appears again.

  3. Ive noted these energies across multiple circles. The UFOlogy community is being completely disrupted at the moment with these self righteous "real truthers" throwing their opinions around like belittling and defaming others. It is par for the course, but it seems to me that there are black magicians bringing out these traits in online trolls more and more as they attack the light workers.

  4. Wow a book that price could make someone angry

  5. In Italy it is said: "the tongue beats where the tooth hurts", surely to those people they hurt all the teeth. They go to the dentist to treat themselves instead of suffering. Sorry for my bad english.

  6. Flame "war"? I don't know, if this is beleaguers you as much as it has over this many years, wouldn't you just swat this as the gnat it is and move on instead of holding the bug up by it's wings and showing everyone? 🙄 I'm sure you're familiar by now that insecure people love nothing more than to bring others down to their level. And there are greedy people who will knowingly misdirect to keep secrets for themselves, medieval book burners of the new age. Those who know better can and will see through the crap being slung, there's really no need to showcase it.

  7. Woow, how incredible.
    The important thing is to continue giving L.V.X. - and let everything flow.
    Love to everyone.

    *Sorry for my bad English.

  8. You can always ask astrally in where I am for a hand. People like these only ever aim to destroy other people

  9. In dealing with pretend Orders acting cultish and weird, putting obstacles in your spiritual path and making threats on your personal life, and claiming to be legitimate (albeit unwarranted and unchartered) while living off of the good graces of those who do the work, there really is full scope for satire to sooth the pain in the ass from the gadfly thinking he's Socrates. And this isn't just one, these are pests that will drive a judge drunk.

  10. In dealing with pretensive pontiffs, unwarranted orders, and the unchartered temples that make resources for themselves from the good graces of those who commit to the work- only to leave all good use well poisoned with useless rhetoric and obstacles to spiritual growth, there really is full scope for satire with the pain-in-the ass gadfly.These pseudo-orders will make understudied arbitrary Hermetic correspondences and add claims against their own source in consolidated effort- hardly victims being mutilated any more than corrupt politicians finding their debasement of character on full scope in a comedy.

  11. The Golden Dawn has been purposely transplanted to the USA. Thanks and gratitude to Israel Regardie, the original torch carried to America.

  12. A Great Mind. And there is much to say withal the controversial publication of "The Golden Dawn," has done to perpetuate the tradition- Dr. Regardie's humble bravery while in the acquaintance of Crowley is something to be admired. It must be understood, though, that media commons like wikipedia or even major publishing companies have and will make many claims of secret societies as no longer existing- with convincing evidence. This proves a society's ability to pass under the radar with the means given it through what is conferred through initiation, but as for the preclusion of chartered temples in the U.S., I doubt it.

  13. Why do you give them the time of day?

  14. Peace & Love even to our enemies.

  15. Continue forward and never look back for those who deceived you shall feel it later especially when God is present!

  16. Very interesting, muy interesante.


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