Thursday, July 13, 2017

[VIDEO] 2017 Magical WAR Emergency Live Update!

World-wide ritual to liberate humanity from ALL forms of enchantment and bondage! Pray, drum, or Spellcast with us for truth and freedom, July 25 2017 @11:59 PM EDT (3:59 AM GMT)

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Satanists Perform Black Magic To Harm President Trump - And FAIL!

(Las Vegas, Nevada) Thousands of piles of human excrement came together on the morning of the Summer Solstice under the hashtag of #MagicResistance to bind and destroy Donald Trump and his supporters with black magic, in hopes of causing harm to the President and his family.

Among the charlatans that wished physical, mental and psychological damage to the administration and to Trump himself were the infamous neo-pagan hack Lena del Rey, and wannabe witch Kate Doucette (pronounced “Douchette”) led by Satanist, Mike Hughes.

They formed an umbrella group with at least 13,000 other misguided terrorists who may soon be rounded up, detained and executed by fascist firing squad for their failed attacks against Trump.

President Trump, who seemed completely unfazed by these useless attempts to cause him harm, was too busy celebrating his latest victory over exposing CNN to be actual “fake news” and inciting the Great Meme War of 2017 against the organization to comment on the event.

Perhaps coincidentally, another group of heroic avengers gathered together to protect the President, his family and his administration by absorbing the negative energies being projected by the terrorist group of radical lunatics, nearly died in a series of tragic events that followed soon after the satanic black magic mass ritual was performed.

David Griffin and Leslie McQuade
Although the ‘magic’ against Trump was clearly an utter and complete failure, David Griffin, Rosicrucian Imperator of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn AΩ and his wife Leslie McQuade nearly met their demise on two separate occasions just weeks after they decided to perform a ritual of their own to defend and protect the President from any negative energies thrown at him.

On Independence Day, Griffin was involved in a tragic car crash in the Mojave desert, which totaled his Jaguar Vanden Plas, in a way that eerily resembled how their late son Adam Kadmon Griffin (1992-2014) lost his life in an unfortunate accident only three years ago. Luckily, Griffin’s life was spared and he escaped the accident without a scratch.

Redd Dogg
In June, Leslie McQuade nearly lost her life on a hiking trip at Shadow Mountain, when their late son’s dog “Redd Dogg” got away from them and ran off, injuring his paw on the mountain.

Leslie’s valiant efforts to save the 70 pound pup by carrying him in her arms down the mountain caused her to suffer from heat stroke in the 117 degree dry heat, nearly fainting and almost losing her life in the process. Unfortunately, Redd Dogg was claimed by Shadow Mountain.

Both David and Leslie have vowed to continue defending and protecting the President from magical attacks by extremist groups of satanic terrorists. (Website:

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Magickal War Update 2017

Fellow Magician,

On Independence Day I nearly lost my life in what could have been - perhaps even “should” have been - a fatal car crash in the Mojave desert. Those who have followed my career will recall how 3 short years ago this same desert claimed the life of our Son, Adam Kadmon Griffin.

Adam Kadmon Griffin (1992-2014) and Redd Dogg

The parallels between what happened to Adam then and what happened to me this Independence Day are striking.

Suddenly, we each found ourselves off road in the raw desert in a fast moving vehicle struggling to maintain control. Whereas the desert claimed Adam’s life that day, she was more generous with me this time around. By the grace of God, I was able to maintain control of our Jaguar Vanden Plas limosine and bring it to a safe stop. Although our precious Jag was totaled, I climbed out without a scratch!

In my position as Rosicrucian Imperator, I must of necessity ask when things like this happen:
Was this the result of Magical attack?

You may recall my article from earlier this year "Ancient Mystery School Gives Dire Warning to Army of Witches” in which Leslie McQuade and I took a position contrary to a series of misguided and fake news media fueled rituals “to bind and curse the President of the United States and all who support him.” This initiative was led by a Satanist named Mike Hughes, was fueled by the notoriety of Lena del Rey, and attacked Trump voters and the First Family every waning Moon.

This presented a serious problem due to media attention swelling the numbers of the attackers, with the New York Times and Rolling Stone promoting their rites in the USA the Daily Mail and The Sun jumping on the bandwagon in the UK.

The issue here is not whether or not you agree with the politics and policies of Donald Trump. 

The real question is whether or not a gaggle of Communist leaning magicians and witches should be permitted to topple a duly elected President of the United States or bind and curse the American people who voted for him. I mean, really - WTF?!?

Let's call these extremists for what they are - magical terrorists. What makes such magical terrorists think they have the right to subvert the will of the American people and topple our Republic?

They struck in synchronized rituals month after month, always just before Black Moon when the energies of darkness and evil are at their most powerful. The series of rituals was to reach its crescendo on the Summer Solstice. 

This configuration presented not only a credible magical threat, but due to media hysteria fueling mass participation it also presented a clear and present magical danger to the President and his family.

Unfortunately, the Secret Service does not yet have a magical arm. Leslie McQuade and I therefore stepped up to the plate to neutralize the magical threat to the First Family ourselves.

We spread word through the Magical community looking for magical aid - and many did quickly come. Witches, Magicians, Shamans of all stripes, united by a spirit of chivalry, standing in magical defense of our Republic.

But there was a problem. Due to media hype, we were badly outnumbered. Not just outnumbered either, for those who had answered our call to defend our people were mostly untrained in battle magick. Sure, we managed to pull together a rag tag magical defense at the drop of a hat, but our situation this past Winter looked as hopeless as Washington's army faced at Valley Forge!

There was no way we could defeat that growing magical army. Thanks to Lena del Rey, Rolling Stone and the New York Times, their numbers would simply swamp us!

There was a one way left to defeat them though - a desperate way - a way that would be extremely risky for Leslie and me.

Now that we have crossed beyond the threshold of the Summer Solstice, I can finally speak more openly about what happened in this war in recent months.

We knew we could not defeat that magical army directly with celebrities and the media gathering recruits to their misguided cause. No matter what we did, we would remain hopelessly outnumbered. 

So, how CAN you defeat a superior magical army?

Using superior Magick, of course!
And that is precisely what we set out to do ...

WARNING: Do NOT try this yourself at home!

From the moment the terrorists cast their first Spells, I took personal responsibility for the magical protection of President Trump as did Leslie McQuade for our First Lady.

We used a simple technique drawn from High Battle Magick to draw all of the binding and curse energy hurled at the First Family to a different target instead. With so much curse energy flying, it would have to he a juicy target for this to work. A target like, say - David Griffin and Leslie McQuade!

Leslie and I therefore created magical lightning rods to attract the curse and binding energy, effectively transforming ourselves into living "Poppets" (magical body doubles) for the POTUS and First Lady, drawing the energy of the attacks from the First Family onto Leslie and myself instead, where we could safely neutralize the energy on our magical defenses here at Isis Temple.

Hey Wi-atches ...

Leslie and I knew going into this we were putting ourselves in harm's way. We knew, in fact, this series of magical operations could cost us our lives. There is no room for the smallest error with something like this. One miscalculation or misstep could be fatal. As good as our defenses are, we have after all been up against an ENTIRE MAGICAL ARMY.

But wait. There is more! It is finally time to share this with you too ...

As a matter of fact, last month Leslie McQuade nearly lost her life as well!

Leslie was out hiking on Shadow Mountain when our late Son’s dog, Redd Dogg, ran off and injured his paw at the mountain top. Leslie, desperate, did her best to save him, carrying all 70 lbs of him in her arms down the mountain as far as she could. 

Ultimately, however, Leslie's strength would prove no patch for Shadow Mountain. Unfortunately, Leslie began to notice signs of heat stroke (it was 117º outside). In the end, Leslie was forced to make a terrible choice. Leslie had to either leave Redd Dogg behind, or both of them would die together there on Shadow Mountain.

By the time Leslie made it back she had full blown heat exhaustion. We organised a search party, but by dark our rescue efforts to save Redd Dogg had failed.  Eventually, we faced the fact that we had lost him to the mountain. As great as our loss is, we find solace in that Leslie is safe and sound and still with us although we nearly lost her too.

So, you see. The Magical War of 2017 is very real. We have taken heavy fire and have experienced casualties. Although Leslie an I remain highly protected, we were nonetheless very lucky considering he risks associated with such a operation. To be honest, under the circumstances I consider it fortunate we are still alive.

That rite nearly destroyed us! It was a terrible magical idea, but at the time it was the only effective option we had left to protect our First Family and Republic in the face of such massive, raw, carefully orchestrated evil.

As a Viet Nam era Veteran, this is not the first time I have put myself in harm's way for my country. It will likely not be the last either. I give Leslie McQuade today my personal commendation for courage and tenacity staying by my side even walking down into the valley of the shadow of death. Leslie is a great Soul and an even greater spiritual warrior, teacher, and leader.

We may not be out of the woods completely yet, but the terrorist witches have by the Solstice taken their best shot to destroy our POTUS and our Republic - AND THEY FAILED.

Along the way, Leslie and I suffered losses as some of you did as well. 
Redd Dogg will be sorely missed and our Jag is now a pile of twisted junk. Speaking of which, the real hero in this story is Redd Dogg. He never understood our mission, but he was with us every step of the way. Ultimately, he laid down his life to save Leslie's. I will always remember Redd Dogg as the embodiment of honor and chivalry.

Redd Dogg (2011-2017)
Yes. The ancient magical war heated up again in 2017! Leslie and I have lost a a beloved companion and cherished vehicle. Others fared even worse.

But in the end as I look back, only 3 things really matter today at the end of operation "Desert Poppets":

     • Our POTUS and his family are safe and still here.
     • Leslie is safe and still here.
     • I am safe and still here.

Yes. We suffered losses, but our enemies failed to take us out. We are still very much on the chess board.

Moreover, Leslie and I still remain united. Although the tempest has raged around us, our center holds strong.

Today the AΩ flag still flies proudly over Isis Temple!

And although our Commander in Chief will never read this, I end today with the words from an unkown LVX light-warrior from the front of a magical war our POTUS will never even know exists...

“Mission accomplished, Sir."

In abundance, power, and truth,
David Griffin, Imperator, Rosicrucian Mystery School of AΩ
Veteran, US Army, 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment

PS: Something inside Leslie and I changed during our brushes with death on Shadow Mountain and out in the Mojave Desert. All that really matters any more is our core mission: "To teach the Magick of Emancipation so that all who wish to ascend need never return to this slave planet again!”

PPS: Please pray for Leslie and me. Our power united is greater than each of us alone!

PPPS: Stick around. More on the Magick of Ascension soon!