Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Magick Wars: Death Threats From "Astral Antifa"!

Check out this hate mail Leslie and I got this morning in the wake of last night's emancipation ritual. These people are so delusional that almost everything they say is precisely backwards from reality! They call Leslie and I fascists, when in we are Jeffersonian Liberals who still cherish things like freedom of speech, privacy, and honesty and transparency from our government towards our people. You know, the natural freedoms enshrined in the US Bill of Rights and Constitution. Our detractors accuse us of oppression and hatred because we SpellWork to UNbind the American people from enchantment and enslavement!
Talk about backwards land! This latest death threat would make a great study in delusional thinking. As a matter of fact, Leslie just started writing a paper about this magical war to present before the Society of Applied Anthropology. This latest chapter ought to be interesting - how unemployed Millennials write declarations of war while jerking off on sigils in their Mommies' basements. This will make a fascinating applied anthropology case study!

From: Astral Antifa 

Subject: formal declaration of warDate: July 25, 2017 at 6:19:10 PM PDTTo:
@David Griffin, Imperator of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and @Leslie McQuade, High Priestess of the Temple of Isis:
BECAUSE of your declaration of war against those trying to protect people everywhere from the racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic man who is currently the president of the United States;
BECAUSE of your constant pandering to the fascist underbelly of the Magickal subculture, and encouragement of those who would subjugate anyone different from them;
BECAUSE of your foolish decision to make yourselves into magickal proxies for the sake of man who does not care about you and would just as happily bankrupt you and sell you into slavery if it would make him the slightest bit more wealthy or powerful than he already is;
BECAUSE, a pair of wealthy straight cis white Americans, have declared yourselves the arbiters of good and evil in the magickal community; 
AND BECAUSE, holy shit, you went on a hike with your dog in 100 degree weather without bringing any fucking water, what the actual fuck y'all (and then you said that crashing your fucking car was the same sort of loss? Like do you not have any empathy for the animals in your life?),
WE, the Ⓐ∵Ⓐ∵, declare magickal war on you and yours, and swear that we will do everything that is in our power to stop your working of July the 25th from working and carrying out its intended task. Fuck your pipers, fuck your drummers, fuck your Rosicrucians and your Christian prayer warriors, fuck anyone who decides to help you; they've chosen their side and chosen the side of oppression and hate. 
AS our first act, we will be piggybacking your rites to perform a proper funeral for the dog, your supposedly beloved pet, which you so heinously murdered. All that power you are directing to protect Donald Trump will be channeled to a much greater purpose, the safekeeping of a single dog’s soul.
AS our second act, we will be cursing every car you will ever own; they shall crash, their brakes shall fail, their oil pans shall leak, they shall be vandalized by teenagers, they shall be impounded after being improperly parked. 
AS our third act, we will break the proxy bond between you and the Trump family, allowing the workings of our allies to proceed without interference, that the great beast Mammon may once again be chained. 
WE are a coalition of druids, chaotes, witches, sorcerers and practitioners of sundry other traditions. We are opposed to racism, to sexism, to homophobia, to patriarchy, to capitalism, to the state, to oppression in all its forms. 
WE care about people everywhere—not just white, not just American, not just our friends and neighbors—especially those who are oppressed, who are in danger, who are facing persecution and violence because of who they are. 
People have been asking if we have any comment to make. As a matter of fact, Leslie does. "Hey Astral Antifa ...
In abundance, power, and truth,
Leslie McQuade and David Griffin

PS: For the latest news on the magical war for America, see