Thursday, November 8, 2018

Golden dawn FLAME WAR Reignites (Morgan "Antifa" Eckstein's Facebook Hate Group Attacks the Golden Dawn and its Members!

by HOGD/AΩ Imperator
David Griffin

You may recall my Golden Dawn peace initiative that brought peace and harmony in the Golden Dawn community. That peace initiative has held now for over three years and has ushered in a period of unparalleled peace and prosperity.

Sadly, I must today report that one Golden Dawn Facebook group - the one owned by Antifa Communist, Morgan Eckstein, leader of Golden Dawn wannabe group in Denver) has begun a renewed pathetic attempt to start a new Golden Dawn flame war - all by himself.

"Antifa" Eckstein

This misguided individual thinks he is being cute by publishing reams of troll attacks on me and my reputation. Apparently, he doesn't recall that his attacks also are also an affront to the THOUSANDS of hard working HOGD/AO members around the world. In fact, on other order member was also attacked when he came to my defense. Or perhaps Monsieur Eckstein has forgotten how fed up the Golden Dawn community was with his antics the last time he launched a completely one sided flame war like this. 

Let's be clear. No one is attacking HIM. Eckstein is trying to start this flame war all by himself by publishing harassment against HOGD/AΩ members on his Facebook hate group. 

Actually, this is not a flame war at all. From where I sit, it looks more like FIGHT CLUB!

Look, lets be clear about this. Eckstein is one of the people in the world who most wants to be me. 

In fact, this guy is just DYING of envy. In his twisted brain, he thinks by publishing garbage trying to denigrate me, it will somehow elevate him.

WRONG! All this sad spectacle REALLY does is remind the entire Golden Dawn community what a gratuitous shit stirrer this bozo really is. 

Here is a small sampling of the attack posts Eckstein recently approved for publication on his Facebook Golden Dawn hate group.

Knowing Eckstein, this is only the beginning. I have no doubt I will be publishing a lot more of this silliness for your entertainment. 

Stay tuned! - You might want to get the popcorn ready. 

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