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Alt Right Porn, Weaponized Abuse Stories, and Mass Spiritual Awakening

by Rosicrucian Imperator
David Griffin

In my opinion, there is a mass spiritual awakening underway in the USA, unlike anything ever seen in my lifetime.

Whether you support Donald Trump or you are against him, one thing is certain...

Win or lose, America will never be the same again after this election.

The single most important thing that has occurred, in my opinion, is that a huge cross section of the American public are awakening to see how weaponized our mainstream media has become.

In the past, the media at least attempted to maintain at least the illusion of impartiality and objectivity, especially in major elections. 

Today, however, as the Wikileaks Podesta emails have unmasked, the mainstream media has been largely largely reduced to the propaganda arm of the Clinton campaign and a means to rig the debates by getting the questions in advance, etc.

And then there is social media ...

DISCLAIMER: I certainly do not support any man groping women against their will.

But what happened over the past week appears to be more sinister than things appear, as Leslie and I discovered by happenstance.

One of my Facebook friends, it turns out, is heavily involved in the Clinton campaign. She even has a picture of herself and her husband together with Hillary Clinton as her Facebook banner photo.

I have therefore been keeping a watchful eye on her page in recent months, to better analyze and understand what the Clinton campaign is really up to.

Last Sunday, together with Leslie, I watched a new interview with Juanita Broaddrick, who accuses Bill Clinton of having raped her and bloodied her lip. You can watch the Broaddrick interview HERE (WARNING! Not for the faint of heart).

Juanita Broaddrick

I was sickened by what I saw and heard Bill Clinton did, even by how badly Ms. Broaddrick was subsequently mistreated by the media and the Clintons over the years. Leslie was so upset by it, she couldn't sit through entire interview.

Imagine how what happened next on Facebook astonished us!

Monday morning , October 10, our Clinton activist friend, published a long personal missive on her Facebook page about "how she had been groped in her youth by a man in an elevator, how traumatic this experience had been for her, and how this is the first time she had talked about it."

Of course, Leslie and I felt empathy for our friend and what she had gone through. There was something that felt wrong about this post though. The feelings apparently were genuine and I do not doubt her story at all. The problem is though, that at the end of the very same post, our friend weaponised the entire story, attempting to engender outrage towards the Republican nominee in the presidential election, Donald Trump. Our suspicions were confirmed over the course of the week. This story was perfectly in line with Clinton campaign talking points for the week.

The post was quickly followed up by army of  commenters agreeing with the poster, pointing out how terrible an abuser or women Donald Trump is, and talking about their own rape experiences.

Leslie and I nonetheless our friend the benefit of the doubt. All women who claim they have been abused deserve to be given the benefit of the doubt. This is very important for recovery.

But still, in the interest of emotional honesty, Leslie posted a comment with a link to the Juanita Broaddrick interview, agreeing with our friend, and pointing out that also Juanita Broaddrick deserves the same right to be heard and deserves the same support as any other woman.

Guess what the response was over there? Leslie basically got run off the page. 

Astonishingly, one poster, "David K", commented almost immediately, calling Juanita Broaddrick’s heart wrenching interview „Alt Right porn,“ simply because the interview was hosted on Breitbart news' website as well as on YouTube!

Leslie pointed out the hypocrisy of saying on one hand that victims of abuse deserve to be heard, -
but refusing to give Juanita Broaddrick a fair hearing, merely because Bill Clinton is the accused rapist rather than Donald Trump. 

After other commenters supported "alt right porn" commenter, Leslie and I left the conversation immediately in astonishment, and went on about our business. 

The next day we checked in on the page - and guess what?

Entire MONTHS of pro-Clinton activism and manipulative propaganda had been completely sanitized from the Facebook page - all the way back to August 1! Why? Merely to keep the story of Juanita Broaddrick suppressed from reaching the audience of that page? Wow! Astonishing.

We had read somewhere about how the Clinton campaign has a army of social media trolls paid to manipulate public opinion. We can now confirm this having had a first hand encounter with one such operation.

Such social media propaganda operations are easy to disperse it appears, because they can not stand up to shining a light of truth on them. All those posts on that page. All those cleverly crafted memes designed to inflict maximum damage on the opponents reputation. All of the weaponized feelings All of it - Poof! Gone. Suddenly disappeared like cockroaches scampering away from the light.

In closing, let’s come back to mainstream media and the awakening sweeping across our nation.

It would be one thing if they only weaponised the nightly news. Sadly, this is not the case though. They have weaponised EVERYTHING, from NFL football to Jimmy Kimmel and Saturday Night Live. They have turned the applied anthropologists loose to manipulate public opinion on ALL network programming these days.

Thank you, mainstream media, for being so zealous in your social programming agenda that you have exposed your rigged game for all to see.

A recent poll shows that only 6% of Americans continue to trust what they hear in mainstream news. All across America, people are waking up from the trance.

"Awakening sister and brother Americans .. 
We call you from hypnotic slumber 
into waking truth!
Quit the night and seek the day!"

No matter who you will vote for this November 8, we can ALL still reclaim our power together in the mass awakening sweeping across America. How do you awaken? It's easy.

"Just Turn Off TV!"

Monday, October 3, 2016

An OTO Author's On-Line Tantrum

You know, over the years I have grown rather fond of my paparazzi.

As they say in Europe:

"You can recognize the greatness of a man by the cacophony of barking dogs nipping at his ankles."

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