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Golden Dawn Witch Hunt Revealed: Fundamentalism

by David Griffin

For nearly two decades now, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega, and other traditionalist Golden Dawn orders heve been harrassed, misrepresented, and defamed across the internet on a variety of fora, websites, and blogs belonging to Golden Dawn reconstructionists. The really nasty attacks came on "anonymous" websites and blogs. The Alpha Omega was also attacked in the courtroom in an failed attempt to prevent us from even calling our order Golden Dawn. Due to the hard work and skill of our Praemonstrator and attorney, GH Frater DeDI, we managed to prevent anyone from gaining absolute control over the Golden Dawn trademark.

It should come as no surprise then that over the years, I have earned a special place of hatred in the hearts of those who want to destroy the Alpha Omega and to control the Golden Dawn. Never since Aleister Crowley has any esoteric leader been so attacked and maligned as I have over the past two decades I have served as Archon Basileus of the Alpha Omega and Imperator of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

The HOGD and the AO are by no means the only traditionalist Golden Dawn orders to have  been subjected to legal harrassment and internet defamation. Dr. Robert Word, Chief Adept of the August Order of the Mystic Rose, was legally harrassed as well - and nearly bankrupted in the process of defending himself and the AOMR.

At the recent Conclave of the Adepti, hosted by the AO near Las Vegas, Nevada, our College of the Adepts told me they are fed up with the constant harrassment of our order, our members, and our leaders. They are particularly unhappy with my having to waste so much time defending the reputation of our order, which could be better spent translating additional magical transmissions for our College. 

To free up my time, numerous Adepts stepped forward, offering to assist in defending the reputation of our order and its members. You may have already noticed in recent weeks the vigilent presence of AO Adepts across the Internet. I commend them for the find job they are doing in defending the Rose of our order from further defamation.

I was not suprised that our Adepts were fed up. After all, what more could the AO do? Our order had worked tirelessly to promote harmony in the Golden Dawn community for years. We had tried to reason with our attackers using logic. I had tried to reason with them using humor. We had even invited them to share the mysteries of the higher grades of the Golden Dawn at our International Conclave of the Adepti.

It had become clear there was no way that hate filled individuals would end their Witch Hunt against the AO, no matter what we did. Therefore, the Adepti suggested we step up our reputation defense, and we make crystal clear to the world what is really going on.

For AO Adepts, Nick Farrell's latest book, which in its introduction slanders our order by implication, was the last straw. Farrell had been spreading malicious rumors about our order on the internet for nearly two decades. He had published our rituals. He had slandered our founder Mathers and our present leaders. He had deeply offended our members. And now, said the Adepti, Farrell had crossed a line that demanded a firm response from our College.

Our order therefore drew a line for Farrell in the sand. was the ideal venue for our College to show its resolve, as Amazon is the primary place Farrell sells his book attacking the Alpha Omega.

One would think that, once Nick Farrell became aware of how he had offended his Golden Dawn brothers and sisters of the AO, he would have apologized to them. Instead, Farrell once again unleashed the full fury of his Witch Hunt. Our order and its leaders were attacked by anonymous trolls with vile slanderon Farrell's personal blog and on hate filled blogs of his friends.

Farrell, as he has done for decades, tried to blame his agression once again on our order. He denied the offensive passage in the book even referred to our order, yet turned around and spread the the same vile rumors on his personal blog!  As a diversionary tactic, he even accused me of "forging" the introduction to his book!

Farrell and his hate blog allies, next claimed that I, as AO Imperator, am merely inventing  the entire 20+ years of attacks on the members of our order. He claimed I do this to brainwash AO members to unite our order against an imaginary outside enemy. That 20+ years of legal and internet attacks are thoroughly, historically documented did not hinder Farrell in his Witch Hunt in the least.

I next published Episode 3, "The Dark Secret Revealed" of The Golden Dawn Saga to make clear to the greater esoteric community what Nick Farrell's real agenda is and has been all along. I showed how the arguments in Farrell's book he uses to attack the Alpha Omega, our Secret Chiefs, and our founder, S.L. MacGregor Mathers, are the identical arguments used for decades by Fundamentalist Christians to attack the Golden Dawn. As proof, I directed readers to "Uncommon Sense Ministries," an anti-Golden Dawn and anti-Pagan web site operated by Fundamentalist Christians out to destroy the Golden Dawn.

Instead of any rational reply, Farrell and his allies began behaving like third graders in a food fight, unleashing a tsunami of hate-filled slander against our order and its leaders on the Internet. Farrell mocked the parallel between his attacks on the Alpha Omega and Fundamentalist Christian attacks on the Golden Dawn, claiming "I am not even Chrisitan."

Farrell had completely missed the point. I was never implying Nick Farrell is a Fundamentalist Christian. I am saying, however, that the dark specter of Fundamentalism has reared its ugly head in the Golden Dawn community - and that Farrell and others like him are, in reality, Golden Dawn Fundamentalists ... 

I am also saying that Golden Dawn Fundamentalists are using the tactics of Fundamentalist Christians to attack their Golden Dawn brothers and sisters in the Alpha Omega!

Fundamentalist Golden Dawn Creed

"You AO freaks are delusional!
Your lineage is a lie!
There are no Secret Chiefs!
Your Imperator, like Mathers your Founder ...
... is a madman and a liar!
Repent, you AO witches - Or rot and burn in fire!"

Let us examine, therefore, the dangers of Fundamentalism for the Golden Dawn Community. Any kind of fundamentalism, be it Biblical, atheistic or Islamic, is dangerous. The new fundamentalism of our age leads to the language of expulsion and exclusivity, of extremism and polarisation, precisely as we are experiencing today in the Golden Dawn community.

The Witch Hunt that Golden Dawn Fundamentalists have waged against the AO and other traditionalist Golden Dawn orders for 20+ years now, has all of the hallmarks of same sort of fanaticism that typifies Christian Fundamentalism.

Take, for example, accusations of delusion leveled by Nick Farrell and Golden Dawn Fundamentalists against S.L. MacGregor Mathers and modern leaders of traditionalist Golden Dawn orders. This is stongly reminiscent of extremist accusations leveled by Christian Fundamentalists against Joseph Smith and leaders of the Morman sub-culture within Christianity.

The way Golden Dawn Fundamentalists unreflectively dismiss all evidence that does not support their ideological agenda, perfectly typifies extremist Fundamentalism as well. Take for example, the doctrine of the Secret Chiefs as the actual, physical source of origin of the Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn Fundamentalists dismiss the Secret Chiefs as fantasy and any Golden Dawn group that embraces the Secret Chiefs as a source of origin are derided as "delusional." 

Or take the Rosicrucian origins and spiritual lineage of the Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn Fundamentalists claim the Golden Dawn was founded on a hoax. Or take he magical talent and syncretic genius of S.L. MacGregor Mathers - Fundamenalists attack both Mathers and modern leaders of traditionalist Golden Dawn orders as "crazy."

Golden Dawn Fundamentalists, as basic tenets of their doctrine, hold that:

1.The Golden Dawn was founded on a hoax
2. S.L. MacGregor Mathers was not magically talented at all,
3. the Secret Chiefs are but delusions,
4. There is no lineage
5. The Golden Dawn died when the Whare Ra temple closed its doors.

They also hold, however, that despite all of this "the Golden Dawn system works when properly reconstructed."

In his book, The New Inquisition, Robert Anton Wilson (recognized episkopos, pope, and saint of the parody religion Discordianism), lampoons the members of skeptical organizations like the Golden Dawn Fundamentalist faction, as fundamentalist materialists, alleging that they dogmatically dismiss any evidence that conflicts with their materialism as hallucination or fraud. We see this clearly in the agression of Golden Dawn Fundamentalists towards anyone who does not ascribe to their materialistic dismissal of the Secret Chiefs, the founding of the order, etc.

All these themes mirror precisely arguments we find Fundamentalist Christians using in their attacks on the Golden Dawn on the "Uncommon Sense Ministries" website. All of these Fundamentalist Christian attack themes we find mirrored and elaborated in Nick Farrell's books, blogs, and internet postings, but attacking the Alpha Omega and other traditionalist Golden Dawn orders.

Fundamentalist groups generally refuse to participate in events with any group that does not share its essential doctrines. The Golden Dawn witnessed this after the recent Conclave of the Adepti, to which Adepts from the entire Golden Dawn community were invited. Golden Dawn Fundamentalists chose not to come, so they could continue to dismiss evidence running contrary to their Fundamentalist materialist ideology.

We have witnessed over and over in the Golden Dawn community for over two decades how Golden Dawn Fundamentalists selectively ignore all presented evidence, all rational dialogue, and respond only with personal attacks and with propaganda "talking points" instead.

Finally, Fundamentalism is not merely the demand for a strict adherence to specific ideological doctrines. Fundamentalism is usually combined with a vigorous attack on any percieved outside threats to their ideological sub-culture. Clearly, Golden Dawn Fundamentalists see traditionalist Golden Dawn orders as a threat to their ideological agenda. This explains the Golden Dawn Fundamentalists' 20 year long Witch Hunt.

Like their Christian counterparts, Golden Dawn Fundamentalists refuse to participate in events with any group that does not share their essential doctrines. They refuse to view the members of the Alpha Omega as their Golden Dawn brothers and sisters or even to treat them with any modicum of fraternal dignity or respect. 

Instead, Golden Dawn Fundamentalists offend our members, offer no apology, dismiss our Secret Chiefs, pretend our Higher Mysteries do not exist, call us liers and delusional, paranoid - and even manipulative , when we as an order finally stand up to their bullying - and declare ...

Enough is enough!

The true motives of Golden Dawn Fundamentalists are now plain for all to see. Now that their game is exposed, the time has come for the GD Fundies to end their Witch Hunt once and for all.


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Today Nick Farrell wrote on his blog: 
"I started out at aged ten falling into a born again cult which lasted for nearly seven years." 
Mr. Farrell then claims he has since left Christianity. This, however, in no way negates that Mr. Farrell's 20 year Witch Hunt against the AO bears all of the hallmarks of Fundamentalist intolerance and fanaticism.

Mr. Farrell still does not seem to get it. One must not be Christian to ascribe to a Fundamentalist mind set. Islamic Fundamentalists, for example, are just as dangerous as Christian Fundamentalists. 

It is alarming that a uniquely Golden Dawn Fundamentalism appears to have developed in our community unnoticed, bearing all the hallmarks of fanatical Fundamentalism:
1. demand for a strict adherence to specific ideological doctrines, combined with 
2. a vigorous attack on any percieved outside threats to their ideological sub-culture,  
3. refusal to participate in events with any group that does not share its essential doctrines, and 
4. dogmatic dismissal of evidence that conflicts with their materialism as hallucination or fraud. 
Mr. Farrell's 20 Witch Hunt against the members of the AO certainly embodies all of the hallmarks of aFundamentalist mind set - especially in its fanatical intolerance of ideological diversity in the Golden Dawn community.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Golden Dawn Witch Hunt Revealed: Golden Dawn Fundamentalists

NEW SERIES on The Golden Dawn Blog!
by guest blogger
VH Frater AA
Rosicrucian Order of AO

The hoard was out again today. Posting lies and attacking already offended AO Members for daring to stand up for themselves. This really is the tone of bullying set by baying fundamentalists the world over – they foam at the mouth in rabid denial whenever the light of objectivity is shone on their distortions.

It is not a purely Christian phenomenon (where the founder would be shocked at the antics of these self-professed followers) or indeed unique to any movement, but this is the tone we are hearing and the tactics we are witnessing. It does take a Fundie mindset to sustain this kind of attack, otherwise the shear cognitive dissonance when confronted with reality would blow fuses in their heads!

In each instance, the originators of the Tradition would hate what their progeny had become, and this is also true of Mathers. These are his children too – and look at how they are behaving! Worse, the Third Order is ancestor to Mathers, and they too must look on and shake their heads.

What drives Nick Farrell and Golden Dawn Fundamentalists in their hatred of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega? Why do the Farrells of this world seek to destroy that which has done them no harm?

Could it be their Reconstructionist agenda, wrapped up with subconscious inferiority? Clearly there must be a root to this insanity somewhere!

GH Frater L.e.S. has countered them with reason; he has countered them with humour; he has offered them inclusion; even invited them to the Conclave. The howling condemnation and hateful diatribes have been deafening. When you shine the Light on these deranged children, their screams are so shrill it hurts.

Some of the members of AO have been responding to Farrell’s apprentices of late, in blog posts and amazon comments and elsewhere, and the fake arguments are repeated over and over like broken records. It is a sad spectacle.

Farrell's slurs against the Golden Dawn tradition will not simply vanish if it is denied often enough. The Fundie-style AO bashing antics aimed at the whole edifice of the modern AO, from Mathers and the Third Order down through the current leaders and members of the International AO, even to the very bedrock of the Hermetic Tradition, cannot, and will not be ignored.

Jealous and fractious children they may be, but their mockeries will not profit them. Ours is a strong and vital Order depending from a long Tradition, with an even longer memory.

If there were any honour in the Farrell camp, then the self-evident offense that we have taken would be acknowledged, and an apology issued. The next printing of the book would include a few words to remove any possibility that we might be implicated by the slurs.

However, we are not dealing with reasonable people here. We are dealing with a Fundamentalist ideology with an ugly agenda. Already the slurs are spreading beyond the pages of the book – where Farrell at first DENIED that they were intended to damage AO before doing the same thing only days later days later on his blog.. The idiotic suggestion that members were ORDERED to act by the GH Imperator have not been retracted either.

There is currently no way to reason with Nick Farrell and the Golden Dawn Fundamentalists.

This is no longer about the Rosicrucian Order of AO alone. Farrell’s radioactive fall out is damaging not just the GD Egregore, but the entire Pagan community, which is already beginning to weigh in on the matter. Wiccan Elder, Frater Barrabbas, commented today on the Talking About Ritual Magic blog here.

What are we going to do to stop this? How do we cause this bully to quit? I ask this of the WHOLE community, not just AO… how can we resolve this together?

What if the principles recently posted by the aggressors were adopted by the entire community? Though Farrell has made a total mockery of the principles, they are in fact very sound.

Let’s protect our secrets together;

Let’s ensure that we are each allowed to conduct our Ceremonies in peace;

Let’s police abuses together, and shine a COLLECTIVE light on abusers.

The world is big enough for Traditionalist and Reconstructionist alike – on ALL paths. Lies and hatred should equally be condemned by us all. Perhaps we should formally sign up to these Principles.

Reply To Internet Attacks on our Order

by guest blogger
VH Frater OO (5=6)
Rosicrucian Order of AO

Readers of the Golden Dawn Blog are aware that Nick Farrell has been caught attacking the Golden Dawn community with exactly the same arguments extreme Fundamentalist Christians  try to discredit and destroy the Golden Dawn with. You can see the Fundie attack website here. I quote from GH Frater LES recent blog.
"On the Fundamentalist Christian, anti-Golden Dawn attack page entitled, "The Dawn of a Golden Hoax," we find all of Nick Farrell's usual arguments attacking the Golden Dawn - From his Golden Dawn Hoax theory, to dispargement of the Secret Chiefs, to calling Mathers a liar, and much, much more.
I would recommend anyone about to read Nick Farrell's new book, King Over the Water, to read the "Uncommon Sense Ministries" website first. You will find all of Farrell's arguments here already, so you can save yourself $25. Even Farrell's description of the Horos scandal reads like he copied it directly from Uncommon Sense Ministries' attempt to destroy the Golden Dawn.
In fact, this anti-Golden Dawn attack page so closely mirrors Nick Farrell's arguments, The Dawn of a Golden Dawn Hoax reads as though written by Farrell himself!"
Unsurprisingly, Nick Farrell has so far not oferred any word of explanation for this shocking behavior. Instead (surprise, surprise) his buddies from the GD reconstructionist camp have jumped in with both feet flaming the members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega and our leaders on their blogs.

There is a misperception being created by the GD reconstructionist faction that this is a flame war.

There is no flame war.

There is only more of the same twisted game the Golden Dawn reconsturcitonist faction has been playing for 20+ years now. They play tag team in attacking the HOGD/AO and defaming our leaders, then when anyone in our order speaks out to defend our reputation against their constant bullying, they then accuse us of flaming THEM, etc. Here is what VH Frater AA wrote about this last week:
1) Farrell, Zalekwsi, Peregrin and their other reconstructionist, pseudo-academic buddies attack AO at every opportunity – publishing our rituals, promoting vile rumours, using information hacked from our private spaces, writing snide accusations in books behind a cover of not explicitly naming us, using spies… the list goes on…
2) When AO defends itself against this aggression – the same attackers then turn on us and accuse us of promoting flame wars, poisoning the GD Egregore, pretending there are attacks to unite our order, that our leaders are only paranoid, etc.

Let me be quite clear about this. The HOGD/AO is not flaming anyone and there is not a flame war going on. There is only an array of blogs belonging to Golden Dawn reconstuctionists spewing hatred all over the internet about our order and its leaders. This is not a flame war. It is a unilateral vomiting of hatred by Golden Dawn reconstructionists trying to discredit and destroy the HOGD/AO, its leaders, and all of our members.

Our order is showing great restraint. We are not flaming our attackers back at all. We are only defending the reputation of our order by exposing what our attackers are actually doing. We are not allowing them to falsely portray us as aggressors either.

It seems that this week the reconstructionsist Golden Dawn faction have all gone on a flame fest, publishing any nonsense they believe might hurt the members of the HOGD/AO

Deanna Bonds, for example, just published a string of blatent lies and misrepresentations that would take all day long to refute. Here are just a couple of hatred dripping gems from our sister:
"Throughout this whole time Griffin has tried to get the GD name solely to himself. "
Actually the opposite is true. It was the HOGD/AO that was sued in the US by another Golden Dawn style order that attempted to deprive our order of the right to call itself Golden Dawn. They failed.

The rest of Sister Bonds statements about our order and its leaders are equally false, misleading, and misrepresentative. They can all be summed up in the simple statement that she hates our GH Imperator. This is fine, but does she really need to drip hatred all across the internet about it?

The title of her article, for example, is:
"Has David 'flimflam' Griffin Gone Nuts?"
Now with GD reconsturctionist blogs across the internet bursting into flames attacking our order, its members, and its leaders like this, Morgan Drake Eckstein nonetheless has the nerve to write:
"So I do not believe that Griffin has gone insane... One of the quickest ways to bond a group together is to give them a common enemy... The only answer I have is the common enemy bond. These freshly minted Adept Minors have been given a common enemy to fight against. It is a minor form of brain washing. "
And then says that, with this the HOGD/AO is earning points on the cult scale."
First of all, we have Morgan Eckstein joining in the Nick Farrell chorus calling the Golden Dawn a cult. Wonderful. Who needs Fundamentalist Christians to attack the Golden Dawn when our own leaders in the Golden Dawn community are doing their dirty work for them!

What is more interesting though is Morgan's aburd suggestion. In truth, the entire membership of our order is fed-up with Morgan Eckstein, Peregrin Wildoak, Nick Farrell, Pat Zalewksi and the other GD reconstructionists playing tag team attacking our order, its leaders, our lineages, our teachings, our Secret Chiefs, etc. on their blogs and fora for 20+ years now.

Enough is enough already.

And now, to add insult to injury, the same GD reconstructionists even have the unmitigated nerve to claim that our order is not under attack at all, despite all of the poisonous, hate filled words dripping like puss from their blogs and fora.

No, if you believe Morgan Eckstein, all of our members are only imagining that their blogs and fora are dripping hate filled puss and Deanna Bonds blog is just filled with loving words about our order and its leaders!

Just as sick, Morgan and his pals are also claiming that our leaders are just paranoid and are imagining attacks where none exist, and now Morgan is even arguing that the whole thing is just a manipulation from our own leaders to unite our order against an outside enemy.

Hey, Morgan. Just how stupid do you think the esoteric community really is? Do you think your own initiates at Bast temple and BIORC are that stupid as well?

In truth, you and your GD reconstructionist buddies have been flooding the internet with crap about our order and its leaders for 20+ years now.

And at the same time you claim we are imagining things or making up all of the hate filled trash flooding the net from your blogs and fora.

Give us all a break, will you, and quit trying to insult the intelligence of the entire esoteric community.

Enough is enough, already. 

Just cut the crap and quit attacking the members of our order and our leaders.

Stop it now. 

And also quit trying to paint our order as agressor, merely so you can justify your hatred and your envy.

All of the hatred in the world is not going to change the fact that it is the AO the Secret Chiefs chose to transmit the higher mysteries. So just deal with it and quit making spectacles of yourselves.

Your game is completely transparent and it will not work any more.

Stop it. 

Stop it NOW.


In Defense of the Reputation of our Order: V.H. Frater D.L.M.

by guest blogger
V.H. Frater D.L.M. (6=5)
Rosicrucian Order of AO

In one of his comments to one of his own posts, Nick farrell writes:
"Contacts" can never be human indeed it is pretty difficult to tell what they. You make humans into gods and put them above you is something which is asking for trouble. (...more flaming rant snipped ...)"
So, Mr. Farrell admits he is not sure what exactly makes a contact to a Higher Source of Wisdom.

But he nevertheless feels compelled to slander OUR Third Order… what a disturbed mind and soul would ever utter as much???
"I seek for the Light of Occult Wisdom, and I believe that this Light can be obtained in this Order"
We are all familiar with these words from the Neophyte Ceremony.

For me, a practitioner and Adept of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn for ten years, there has never been a shadow of a doubt that this Order, the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega, has not only the lineage that makes a true Order. But also that the contacts were genuine.

Nick Farrell does not realize that this very contact to the European Secret Society we have come to call our "Third Order" is what exceeds all other charters or lineages.

Having a genuine contact to that European Society in our Order is the very fact that makes me trust forever in, and rely on, the teachings of our Order. And I know that we are blessed by this contact, by the strong forces behind this extremely Secret Society, and that we will never have to worry if the likes of Farrell (or whatever group) publish our material.

It is written that "by its fruits shall you know a tree." The fruit of the Third Order is new magick that completes the Golden Dawn system that remained truncated with the Regardie publication.

The fruit of ll those who have kept taking turns slandering our order non-stop for 20 years and continue to do so today on their blogs and books is nothing but hatred, envy, and poisonous venom attacking our order and its leaders. They refuse to understand that even when they only attack or order or even one of our leaders, they are in reality attacking every one of their brothers and sisters in our order.

Who in thier right mind would want any of these people to guide one's spiritual development. 

What kind of spiritual leaders have nothing better to do but attack other orders out of sheer envy and hatred? 

We invited the entire Golden Dawn community to our recent Conclave of the Adepti. It is highly significant that those attacking all of the members of our order today on their blogs and in thier books made a conscious choice not to put away hatred and to sit down in brotherhood with us. There are sadly people in our Golden Dawn community who are addicted to hatred and conflict. You can see the hatred dripping from their blogs and in their books.

But they should have learned better by now. For 20 years they have attacked us out of envy and poured out their hatred on every one our members with their sick slander. 

And what have they accomplished with so much hatred?

They have only made the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn the largest Golden Dawn order in the world and made the Alpha Omega stronger and richer in mysteries and in magick!

With so much slander, so much hatred, they have only made our members and our order stronger. As it is written in the Adeptus Minor initiation:
"Like Him have ye suffered tribulation. Poverty, torture and death have ye passed through. They have been but the purification of the Gold. In the alembic of thine heart, through the athanor of affliction, seek thou the true stone of the Wise."
Those in the GD community who prefer hatred to brotherly love and continue to attack our order out of envy, be you warned:

We, the Initiates of the HOGD and Adepts of the AO, will stand together as one, we will defend the Rose of our Mysteries and the reputation of our order against your hatred and vile slander, and we will always be not one but two steps ahead of you.

Let us therefore not lose sight of what it is our Order stands for. And let us continue our Work in the very sense of Fraternal Love that we have experienced only a few days ago in Nevada.
My Fraternal Greetings, my Love and all my best wishes are extended to you all.

May brotherhood triumph over strife!

May love triumph over hatred and envy!

May the Deity of the Equinox password prevail!

May Isis bless the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Rosicrucian Order of AO, protect our order and all of its brothers and sisters under the shadow of her mighty wings!

To those attacking our order even today on their blogs and in their books:
"I invite you yet once again to let go of hatred and to embrace love instead; 
... to see a brother and a sister in those you today only imagine are your enemies."
May true fraternity replace strife in the Golden Dawn community!


V.H. Fr. DLM

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Golden Dawn Saga: Episode 3: The Dark Secret Unmasked

by David Griffin

I am about to reveal to you a Dark Secret  ...

For years, incongruities in Nick Farrell's actions have made no sense at all. Farrell purports to be a Golden Dawn leader, yet actively tries to destroy the Golden Dawn. Contradictions surrounding Nick Farrell are well documented throughout the esoteric community.

Alexandrian Wiccan elder, Frater Barrabbas, analyzes, for example, how Farrell as "myth busting iconoclast" contradicts Farrell as "Golden Dawn leader." Barrabbas demonstrates how Farrell's arguments are but thinly disguised attacks on the Golden Dawn. These include Farrell's systematic profanation of secret Golden Dawn documents and teachings, Farrell's claim of a Golden Dawn Hoax, his portrayal of the Secret Chiefs as fantasy, his overwhelmingly negative attitude towards S.L. MacGregor Mathers and the Alpha Omega, etc.

Things have changed rapidly over the past couple of weeks.

Recent events have brought the paradox surrounding Nick Farrell into sharp focus. First came revelation of a Nick Farrell attack on the Golden Dawn in the introduction of his latest book, where he fear mongers up a myth of a modern "Golden Dawn Cult". When this attack on the Golden Dawn was exposed last week, Farrell desperately issued frenzied denails and diversions.

These quickly fell flat, however, when Farrell was caught for a second time in less than a week attacking the Golden Dawn tradition. This time Farrell published fear mongering "Golden Dawn Cult" rumors on his personal blog. Uttered through the mouth of "Anonymous Nick" trolls on his blog, Farrell, as blog moderator, personally published these "Golden Dawn Cult" rumors, making further denial or diversion virtually impossible.

Realizing his blunder, Farrell desperately tried to sanitize evidence from his blog. Farrell's cover-up effort came too late, however, as his true agenda had already been exposed to the whole world ...

A definitive pattern has emerged revealing Nick Farrell as a turncoat posing as Golden Dawn leader to more effectively destroy the Golden Dawn from within. In fact, Farrell's new book as a whole is in many ways a broadside against the entire Golden Dawn. Likewise are suggestions on Farrell's blog that "there is something deeply rotten in the egregrore of the Golden Dawn."

This is not the first time the Golden Dawn has been attacked with fear-mongering "Golden Dawn Cult" rumors. What is shocking this time around, is that the attacks come from someone claiming to be a Golden Dawn leader. In the past, such "Golden Dawn Cult" slurs have come only from outside, from fundamentalist Christian groups trying to destroy the Golden Dawn.

Similar attacks with this same "Golden Dawn Cult" slur have in recent years appeared sporadically on "anonymously" published blogs as well. The authorship of these blogs no longer remains much of a mystery though, since they each bear Nick Farrell's signature "Golden Dawn Cult" rumor, tied positively to Farrell this week through slip-ups in his books and on his personal blog.

Now that Nick Farrell has been caught red-handed fear-mongering against the Golden Dawn ...

Expect Farrell this week to unleash another army of "Anonymous Nick" Trolls again on his blog, calling me paranoid and a conspiracy nut for outing him and exposing his real game.

Expect Farrell to launch another one-man, Golden Dawn pseudo-flame War, to divert attention from these revelations.

Expect Nick Farrell to issue more mocking denials and diversions ....

But proof paints a very different picture - a picture a turncoat in our midst pretending to lead a Golden Dawn order, while bent on the destruction of the Golden Dawn tradition.

As evidence of the accuracy of these statements, I invite you to read the web page linked here, published by a fundamentalist Christian group called Uncommon Sense Ministries, whose overt purpose is to discredit and destroy the Golden Dawn.

Here you will find extremely damning evidence, exposing what Nick Farrell is really up to.

On the Fundamentalist Christian, anti-Golden Dawn attack page entitled, "The Dawn of a Golden Hoax," we find all of Nick Farrell's usual arguments attacking the Golden Dawn - From his Golden Dawn Hoax theory, to dispargement of the Secret Chiefs, to calling Mathers a liar, and much, much more.

I would recommend anyone about to read Nick Farrell's new book, King Over the Water, to read the "Uncommon Sense Ministries" website first. You will find all of Farrell's arguments here already, so you can save yourself $25. Even Farrell's description of the Horos scandal reads like he copied it directly from Uncommon Sense Ministries' attempt to destroy the Golden Dawn.

In fact, this anti-Golden Dawn attack page so closely mirrors Nick Farrell's arguments, The Dawn of a Golden Dawn Hoax reads as though written by Farrell himself!

So why are Nick Farrell's arguments identical to those of the of sworn enemies of the Golden Dawn? It does not matter whether Uncommon Sense Ministries is the source of Farrell's book, or instead Farrell himself wrote this anti-Golden Dawn attack website. In any case, only one inescapable conclusion remains - Nick Farrell is a turncoat out to destroy the Golden Dawn.

With this in mind, Farrell's fear-mongering "Golden Dawn Cult" rumors suddenly make sense:

Nick Farrell is a trojan horse, that has penetrated into the very heart of the Golden Dawn!

Nick Farrell: Sal Tessio of the Golden Dawn

Luckily, the betrayer has been discovered in time, and can now be delt with for who he really is in the Golden Dawn family.

And yet, other important questions still remain unanswered ...

Has Nick Farrell been acting on his own?

Or does a dark hand still lurk in the shadows, pulling strings?

Be sure not to miss the next exciting episode of ...

The Golden Dawn Saga

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reply to Defamation from Nick Farrell

by guest blogger
VH Frater A.A. (5=6)
Rosicrucian Order of A.O.

Nick Farrell really does not want to accept that the AO has any independent thinking Adepti or members who are capable of taking the fight right back to him when he issues his lies, distortions, slurs, and vile innuendos.  Again and again he claims that the Rosicrucian Order of AO is an organisation full of blind followers, first of our Imperator, then of the Third Order itself!

For the record, and yes this is repetition but Farrell is being selectively deaf on this point: Nobody in the AO is blindly following ANYONE.  We do not blindly follow individuals in the Order, neither our Tutors nor our GH Imperator.  We do not blindly follow discarnate intelligences either.  As for the Third Order, we just witness the New Magic and the proof is there for us; we have eyes and can see it for ourselves. This is not only an insult against our entire membership; it is yet another diversion from the real issues we are addressing.  

Constantly redirecting attention with slurs against our GH Imperator and claiming that he is the only one driving our defence is a desperate tactic from a frightened man.  Farrell’s wallet will soon be getting threadbare now that the word is out, and this is forcing him to show his true colors.  He is getting the name he deserves:  “Farrell The Slur Writer.”

We are gathering here in force, and we are not going away Mr. Farrell.  Every slur, every snide reference in your pseudo-historical excuses for attacks on our Spiritual Lineage, every word will be scrutinized, and every nasty little dig will be given full response.  Not just on Amazon, but in every forum, we will be watching you.  

You will not profit from your campaign against the Alpha et Omega.  You slung the mud at us and it landed right in your face, on Amazon.  That was just for tasters…

This is not coming from the Third Order, nor from some discarnate source, nor yet via any “order” issued by our respected higher degree Adepti, it is coming from every independent and right thinking member of this Lineage who has finally said: ENOUGH!


En Defensa de la Orden R+C Alpha et Omega

by guest blogger
Frater LAM
Orden Hermetic de la Auroroa Dorada®

"Al árbol que da frutos es al que se le tiran piedras"
-Proverbio Árabe-

En los últimos días tristes hechos oscurecen la comunidad de la Golden Dawn.   Una vez más, se aviva la “guerra” de la difamación.  Nick Farrell ha publicado en su último libro, además de material  propio y reservado de la Alpha et Omega, comentarios tendenciosos, sin ningún fundamento, que la descalifican y que descalifican a todos aquellos que formamos parte de la Orden Rosacruz Alpha et Omega (a través de alguna de sus tres Ordenes).

Entendemos que existan divergencias de criterio e incluso respetamos las diferencias que puedan existir al interior de la Comunidad de la Golden Dawn.  Prueba de ello que es que al Cónclave Internacional de Adeptos Rosacruces, que se celebró este mes de marzo en el Templo Isis-Hator fueron invitados, no solo miembros de la Alpha et Omega sino Adeptos R+C de todas las Órdenes y pudieron compartir en fraternidad, paz y armonía.  Además, se invitó a los Miembros de la Golden Dawn a participar de la celebración del Equinoccio Vernal.  No solo eso, en varias ocasiones, públicamente, los Jefes de la Orden han expresado su deseo de que reine la Paz y la Concordía y la Unidad en la Cominidad de la Golden Dawn.

Un antiguo proverbio Árabe dice: “Al árbol que da frutos es al que se le tiran piedras”.  No hay dudas de que los  frutos de la Orden Rosa-Cruz Alpha et Omega son dulces y jugosos.  Mi experiencia me ha demostrado que es una Orden Seria, Respetable, que su enseñanza va más allá del material publicado por Regardie, que sus prácticas, Rituales y ejercicios funcionan. 

Además, se vive en su interior, una verdadera HERMANDAD.  Personas de diversas nacionalidades, lenguas, culturas y creencias, que nunca nos hemos visto, entramos en contacto en un ambiente fraternal, nos apoyamos e impulsamos a seguir adelante.

Los miembros de la Orden R+C Alpha et Omega deponemos nuestras diferencias y nos centramos en lo importante para contribuir positivamente al Egregor de la Orden.

Es una total falta de respeto insinuar que seguimos ciegamente los mandatos de alguno de los líderes de la Orden.  Es cierto que los respetamos, como Hermanos, como Seres Humanos y como Magos, pero ni ellos, ni la Orden nos han pedido nunca seguir nada ni a nadie ciegamente.  Un alto sentido ético y moral, con independencia de criterio ha sido fomentado siempre en la Orden, y eso no ha cambiado.

Comparto los mensajes anteriores, llenos de inspiración y bellas palabras.  Es buen momento para que todos los miembros estrechemos los lazos fraternales que nos unen, como Hermanos que somos en la Orden e hijos de la misma Fuente Infinita de Amor.  Cerremos filas y estemos siempre prestos a defender la Orden de cualquier ataque malintencionado que se profiera contra ella. 

Pero seamos cuidadosos.  Los medios que utilicemos en la defensa de la Orden, si bien deben ser eficaces y efectivos, deben ser tan nobles como el fin que perseguimos. No es un deseo de venganza lo que debe movernos, sino el Amor a la Orden y a los Nobles Ideales y Profunda Sabiduría que ella encarna.

Ad Rosam Per Crucem
Ad Crucem Per Rosam


Frater L.A.M.

Monday, March 26, 2012

In Defense of the Rose: Frater LIL

by guest blogger
Frater LIL (1=10)
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

I am a Juniorus in the HOGD, and although my Grade is one of Silence, I feel I must speak out in support of the words of VH Frater P. and of the words of our Fratres and Sorores, and in defence of the Order.

The terrible Flame Wars between GD Orders delayed my decision to join, but I finally decided on the HOGD/A+O, and I know I have mde the correct choice.

I have been treated with only care, love and respect by my tutors and Initiators, who are German. I am a mixed race person, and there is no way I would EVER associate myself with fascism in any form. The suggestion of any 'brownshirt' activity in our Order is both defamatory and unsupportable, especially from someone who is not an Initiate of a traditional order. 

It also insults my beloved tutors and the care and consideration they have shown me.

I add my small voice to the Voice of a Thousand Waters, and my small thorn to the Crown upon the Brow of Love.

Natura est humanum odisse quem laeseris.

Frater LIL

In Defense of the Rose: VH Frater P.

by guest blogger
V.H. Frater P. (5=6)
Rosicrucian Order of A.O.

Before one year I had the chance to act as Hierophant during a Neophyte ceremony that was held in the Temple where I am officiating since 2003.

This event was very moving.

I was, of course, already well aware about what is going on during these ceremonies. Especially the office of Hegemon revealed deep insights about the true nature of the occult force that is generated, harnessed and distributed through the Hall by virtue of the Hierophant and his officers, and by the correct application of the egyptian ancient formula, correctly applied both in form and astral and energetical work.

Amongst many other memorable moments there was especially one moment in this particular ceremony that moved me to tears. It was the point of the oath where the candidate swears to “maintain a kindly and benevolent relation with all the Fratres and Sorores of the Order”.

The night after I wondered why especially this moment made me tremble so deeply before the eyes of God. I was instantly reminded of Mathers last Address and the Flying Roll about Hermetic Love. I had an instant gnosis about what all this means in real practice. I reflected deeply about the concept of a magical brotherhood, and that secrecy and the love for the fellow brethren create the substance that seals the hermetic vessel of the egregore of the Order.

Hermetic Love does not mean that you embrace every aspect of the lower personality of every other member. It just means that we should love each other for having the same goal: to become more than human.

It means acknowledging that despite there may be many differences in our mode of living and attitude in our mundane lives it is our Higher Nature that we all want to develop and this alone deserves the highest respect for all members who persevere on this path.

This respect, then, is able to transcend every petty prejudice. This respect is able to transcend language barriers and personal backgrounds, as we have wonderfully seen at the Conclave 2012. And this Love helps to create a most powerful hermetic circle in which all members can develop their natures to their fullest potential.

So I raise my sword and speak to all members of our Order: Maintain Hermetic Love! Be happy about and proud of everyone who is willing to take the burden of a life long magical training and initiation in order to manifest the Higher Self. We need a strong circle, because even more Power and Truth is willing to manifest therein.

But where there is Light, there is shadow also. And the more Light and Truth is to be revealed under the Rose, the wilder and more hateful will the qlippothic forces bark outside our circle of Brotherhood.

And exactly this is what is happening right now.

It comes as no surprise that ridiculous "brown shirt" slur is made by someone who is not german and therefore maybe lacks any kind of sensitivity. It also comes as no surprise that the contact with the genuine source behind our Order is doubted, and that we are accused of having no proper magical training or knowledge. And it comes as no surprise that every one of our members who tries to defend the Rose is accused of being just a propaganda puppet of a megalomaniac leader.

But I urge you to remind your initiation in this Order and that the Light is there, but “the Light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not”.

Let us remember that we are all made out of earth, and that it is only natural to feel envious or jealous or greedy at certain times. This is the consequence of the Fall.

But let feelings like envy and jealousy not take over when it comes to the relation to your Brothers and Sisters in the Great Work. Because then you would allow the unbalanced forces free entry into your Sphere and the Sphere of the Order.

Lets instead try to keep our bonds of brotherhood pure, because that will create strength in facing the hate that is, and always has, raised its vile heads against the Truth.

In hope for peace,
Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, Yeheshua
V.H. Frater P.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

In Defense of the Rose: V.H. Frater A.A.

by guest blogger
VH Frater A.A. (5=6)
Rosicrucian Order of A.O.

Carete Fratres et Sorores,

Nick Farrell is really spinning now – I will make a few quotes from today’s whacky blog post, but the essence of it is that he has now taken to framing parts of his critique against the A+O and our GH Imperator behind the words and opinions of others who are not named. One a German Rosicrucian who plans to publish material that “will show that the Golden Dawn was a waste of space and will identify the real sources of magic and Rosicrucianism” (!) and another, a lady from the UK who allegedly sees “the flame wars within the Golden Dawn as symptomatic of kids playing with matches” as a result of “not receiving valid training within the Golden Dawn system.” Furthermore, Farrell assures us that both of these are writers… (are we invited to play pin the tail on the esoteric donkey yet?)

Well, well. What do we have here then? Farrell is bringing his big guns out to the playground to spread his message of shock and awe. His own opinion is no longer adequate to the task at hand, so he is now announcing his own “Secret Chiefs”!

He will probably now say that he didn’t attack GH Frater L.e.S. in this blog, after all, he is now using quotes from others to do that for him.

What he now publishes is a broadside against the ENTIRE Golden Dawn – as a ding an sich… and so now we must respond not just to Farrell but to his secret friends in German Masonic circles! Allegedly: “His theory was that because too many people who should not rise to the top have done so the Golden Dawn is completely tainted.”

Sigh. One does not have to dig too deep to realize who Farrell aims to label here as tainting the entire GD Egregore. He didn’t have the courage to say it in his own words, but this is plainly Farrell’s response to the trouncing he has had in various public fora over the last few days.

In essence then:

1) Farrell and his reconstructionist, pseudo-academic buddies attack A+O at every opportunity – publishing our rituals, promoting vile rumours, using information hacked from our private spaces, writing snide accusations in his books behind a cover of not explicitly naming us, using spies… the list goes on…

2) When A+O defends itself against this aggression – the same attackers then turn on us and accuse us of promoting flame wars and poisoning the GD Egregore.

Of course, I am forgetting myself – Farrell didn’t say that did he – no, it was only his German friend who said that. Farrell just used it to create the implication when he quoted the same source as saying: “When the head of a Golden Dawn order, like David Griffin feels that it is perfectly acceptable to order his group to attack a writer online there is something deeply rotten in the egregrore of the system.”

Let us be clear. This was not an ORDER. This was an answer to a request made to him in person at the recent Conclave. The request was “how can we help you with all these constant attacks that you have on the Internet? How can we free your time so that you can work instead on providing us with the New Magic?” The irony of it is that at that moment all was quiet on the Western Front, but we all knew that our success might all too soon bring the jealous crazies out in force.

Later in this polemic Farrell adds: “People who accept what their leadership says, without question, have no place in magic. Neither do leaders who think of making such orders.” What a shame he intends this as a slur on our Order – he finally wrote something that we all agree on!

I refer the reader to what I already wrote above. This slur does not in any way describe the RO of A+O and if his spies are doing their jobs then Farrell actually knows this all too well.

In the final paragraphs, Farrell does not appear to be directly implicating our Order of being  anti-women, or anti-gay, or anti-whatever when he says that some GD groups have such members, but as usual, he does not choose to specifically exclude us from this criticism either. Only one GD leader has been specifically named in the blog. Only one GD related group is implicated directly in the blog. Guess who!!!

The same technique employed in the offensive paragraph in his book is now applied here. It is less overt, but the method is unchanged. Some will obviously read this and draw those false conclusions. Farrell will once again have spread some hatred and lies through his journalistic flourish, and will be ready with the rote denials.

At some point this vomiting of filth and poison will turn and bite the source. The shady German Rosicrucian who is so experienced in magic will be able to confirm this Occult Law to Farrell.

We can at best but wish him healing; he is clearly a tortured soul.

In Defense of the Rose: GH Frater Sincerus Renatus

by guest blogger
GH Frater Sincerus Renatus (6=5)
Imperator for Scandinavia
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®

Care et VH Fratres et Sorores,

I really found the words our V.H. Sor. D.I.A. to be so inspring and true, in particular concerning the Conunter Initiatic force. As our V.H: Fra. T.f.L. that these are very special times, both of promise and of peril because of the streanght of that counter initiatic force we see rampage at the moment.

But I also found all of your comments to be very inspiring and comforting, and equally inspired as the words of our V.H. Soror. We must stand firm as one in these perilous times. I send you my thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Another lie that Nick Farrell (the greatest mouth piece of the counter initiatic force at the moment) is trying his very best to spread throughout the community is that everyone of you were "ordered" by our Chief to write reviews on Amazon. Had he also read the head line of that letter that our Chief sent us he would have known that it was an APPEAL OF ASSISTANCE. Nobody was ordered to do anything; each and everyone of you did assist our Order by your own consent and after your own personal conscience. Had all of our membership answered this call Amazon would have been flooded by reviews. Now it wasn't because it was their choice not to step in.

But each and everyone of you that did heed the call, I thank you for your bravery putting your own ego and wordly considerations of "reputation" behind you. You all have my deepest respect for defending our Order's reputation as well as defending the egregore of our initiates, both inner and outer.

In Licht, Leben und Liebe,

In Defence of the Rose: VH Soror V.S.R.

by guest blogger
VH Soror V.S.R. (5=6)
Rosicrucian Order of A.O.

Let it be noted among us, that we of the Adepts of the Ruby Rose and Golden Cross that over the years , there have been numerous attempts by envious naysayers that have tried their best to sever the Rose from it’s stem in our Order , and equally, many of we Fraters and Sorors , have risen to the occasion and borne swords in the defense of our Rose, and still will continue to do so. Attacks upon us are nothing new . Those that would seek to tarnish our sacred tradition with slander have always , always, just slithered away, back into their caves to lick their wounds from the thorns of the very same Rose they attacked ! It is foolish for those that try to topple us to even make an attempt as our Fraters and Sorors are genuine , our Tradition real and sacred.

We must defend our Rose , as our good VH Soror D.I.A. , points out in her beautiful and inspiring address , by the dictates of our Holy Guardian Angel. Of course, to offer ourselves upon that Cross is to offer our passions that they be transmuted for the good and that is not always an easy feat . This requires introspection , an open heart ,and a calm mind . Let the recent unfortunate events that have stirred our hearts and rallied us together, become also as a catalyst for us to really get in touch ever more with the Higher , and act according to that Will that we strive ever to align our thoughts, emotional and actions with. We should ever strive to harness our passions and let them be the dragon we ride upon not as an impulse, but a very powerful force, that under the guidance of our Holy Guardian Angel, is our ally in this effort of defense. Those that attack us, only have ignited an internal flame ,by which in it’s transformation , we grow ever more conscientious, and strong in the Great Work. They will not succeed in their efforts to destroy what we all have been working so hard to attain.

In Defence of the Rose: Frater B.E.

by guest blogger
Frater B. E.
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

VH Soror DIA's article is a wonderful response to all the issues going on in regards to nick Farrell's Bulls**t about our order. We also need to remember to consider the source. Yes, we need to stand firm with our work and stand up for ourselves and for our order and not let those who are uninitiated or who have profaned our order's material to rattle us into a passive state of mind.

Again, thanks to VH Soror DIA for posting this wonderful article and the use of describing the attributes of the rose is extremely helpful.

In Defence of the Rose: V.H. Frater T.f.L.

by guest blogger
V.H. Frater T.f.L. (5=6)
Rosicrucian Order of A.O.

Don't underestimate the force that is upon us at the moment. This counter-initiatic force most certainly has intent behind it which myself and other temple members have perceived harshly. I DO NOT advocate offensive magic as such profanes our current but I highly recommend each of us, as individuals of this larger community, to reinforce our defense, the protection of our temples and of our Order. The Chiefs have done a great job getting us where we are but we each must do our part.

On another note, I think recent blog posts made it obvious that someone inside our order is sharing information. I say to them "if you think you will gain anything from that, it is absolutely an illusion and you are being deceived yourself."

In Defense of the Rose: Frater VL

by Guest Blogger
Frater V.L.
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

Great article and I stand by my Fratres et Sorores.

People are mislead by thinking we are defending our chief David Griffin. He is capable enough to do it himself. He doesn't need us as personal defenders. We are defending our Order and our beloved Tradition; we are defending our names and our holy work; we are defending an ageless Tradition from the pretenders; the false brothers; the nay sayers.

The rose has its thorns, and they are intended to defend the precious treasure at the top of the stem. Each of us can be a petal of the rose, and each of us can be a hard thorn.

Nick Farrell doesn't even has respect for his own students. When he attacks our Order, he attacks the whole Golden Dawn tradition, spitting on the face of many honest magicians

Now I must ask:

Who is Nick Farrell to come to spit on the sanctity of  our work? He will surely receive what he deserves, if he does not turn away from his self-destructive course.

In Defense of the Rose: VH Soror VL

by Guest Blogger 
VH Soror V.L (5=6)
Rosicrucian Order Alpha et Omega

It is evident that a person who works for the benefit of the whole will be hated by those whose personal advantages are not benefited thereby; because selfishness is opposed to magnanimity, and the claims of the few are not always compatible with the interests of the community. The Rosicrucian will therefore be often resisted by narrow-minded and short-sighted people; he will be slandered by calumniators, his motives will be misrepresented, he will be misjudged by the ignorant, ridiculed by the would-be wise, and taunted by the fool. All such proceedings, however, cannot excite or irritate the mind of the true Rosicrucian, nor disturb the divine harmony of his soul; for his faith rests in the perception and knowledge of the truth within himself. 

The opposition of a thousand ignorant people will not induce him to desist from doing that which he knows to be noble and good, and he will do it even if it should involve the loss of his fortune or of his life. Being able and accustomed to direct his spiritual sight towards the divine, he cannot be deluded by the illusions of matter, but clings to the eternal reality. Being surrounded by angelic influences, and listening to their voices, he is not affected by the noise made by the animals. He lives in the company of those noble beings, who were once men like others, but who have become transfigured, and who are now beyond the reach of the vulgar and low.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

In Defense of the Rose: An Open Letter to Members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Rosicrucian Order of A.O.

by guest blogger
VH Soror D.I.A. (5=6),
Rosicrucian Order of A.O.

Carete Sorores et Fratres,

Acording to anonymous trolls on Nick Farrell's blog today, there are some among our members in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the outer order of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega who think we should not be strong and proactive in the defense of our august Order. A very few among us think that to rise up and to let our voices be heard in defense of the Rose of the A.O. is beneath our dignity or makes us look bad as an order.

One among us even betrayed thier sacred oath of secrecy and sent a copy of our rallying letter to Nick Farrell who provoked this entire incident by defaming all of the Fratres and Sorores of our August Order with vile and untrue rumors in the introduction to his latest book.

Lend me your ears, Brothers and Sisters, and I will sing you a song of Valor, of Bravery and of Chivalry in defense of the Mysteries of the sweet and gentle Rose of the A.O.

Why is it that we, as Adepts of the Golden and Rosy Cross venerate the Rose as we do?

Why is this particular flower, and no other, so symbolical of our spiritual aspiration, of our magick, and of our alchemy as Aspirants, Initiates, and Adepts of the Rosy Cross?

To be sure, the color of the Rose is astounding. Its brilliant red is a fitting symbol for our life's blood coursing through our veins. Its delicate scent, its sweet perfume is like the rarified air in the temples of our order. The roots of the Rose, buried in soft, moist, dark soil, draw sustenance from the ancient Mysteries which, thanks to the Secret Chiefs of our Third Order, remain likewise hidden in fertile darkness, faithfully preserved by Ancient Masters of the Rosy Cross.

But what of the thorns?

Have we forgotten why the Rose has thorns? It is for self-defense. Every living thing has the ability to protect itself, from the lowliest insect to the largest of predators. Why then should our Order leave itself defenseless? Do not think for an instant that we act against our higher spiritual interest when we rise up with true Chivalry in defense of the Rose of our order.

Did not Christ fight long and hard against those who would profane his egregore? I quote, "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth, but a sword... Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever looses his life for my sake will find it." [Matthew 10:34-39]

What do you think this means? Can you not see that Christ was telling us to have faith in our convictions? Christ himself, like Osiris before him, and as Christian Rosenkreutz, the symbolical founder of our order, has charged us to stand strong against those who would ridicule and debase us.

The Counter-initiatic force is strong, but it is not stronger than our individual wills, oh Sisters and Brothers of the Rosy Cross, when joined together in defense of freedom of thought and spiritual practice.

Our spiritual practice is our home. It is our roots. It is where we go to draw nourishment, sustenance, and security. Why would we allow anyone to tear them out of the nurturing and protecting darkness to be scrutinized by the unwashed, uninitiated, untrustworthy masses? They do so not to learn, but only for vain pleasure, like children joyfully tearing the wings off butterflies to watch them spin like tops!

You must understand that this is no joke. Your Eternal Soul hangs in the balance. Will you spend yet another incarnation on this earth, trying to extract yourself from the Wheel of Samsara? Or will you take your Soul to new heights, new vistas beheld only from the pinnacle of Initiatic Transmission?

And frankly, when it comes to the defense of these sweet Mysteries, have you not fully considered just how precious a truth the mysteries of our our order really are? Why should any one of us, therefore, shirk our responsibility in defense of our Rose of immortality.

I am not asking for you to listen to this call from me, but for each and every one of you to listen to the voice of your own heart and to hold council with your Holy Guardian Angel. Ask your Angel for guidance. Listen closely and carefully. You know the difference between your own thoughts and wishful thinking and the compelling voice of your own Guardian Angel.

Be honest with yourself. If you are strong enough, bold enough, and have persistence, you can prevail in The Great Work and in your quest to become more than human.

I ask only that you think about this seriously. The work you do, from the newest Neophyte to even the Secret Chiefs, changes the world in which we live in very concrete, tangible, and three-dimensional ways. Protecting our Order from purposeful intents to weaken your resolve by the Counter-initiatic force is exactly the tough test you must pass if you are to see your work through to the end, and achieve the creation of the Philosopher's Stone.

No one ever said this road would be with out struggle. If you want an easy, smooth road, then choose another. But those who are strong in character and purpose, like Christ Himself, will take up their Cross, whatever burden that cross may be, and gratefully don the crown of thorns to walk the rocky road, uphill, amid the jeers and cat-calls of the uninitiated.

What has happened of late in our Golden Dawn community is but a sign. There are those on both sides who are fighting for what they think is right and true. What we are witnessing is only the surface of things. In reality, this is a battle between the Initiated and the Counter-initiatic force. If you choose to turn away, do not be surprised if you suddenly find yourself uprooted; your once fragrant rose wilted and dying, while your thorns, put there by God Himself to protect you in times of need, remain unused.

What Rose would allow this? How can you aspire to become more than human without the necessary sacrifice even to protect our Rose from defamation by the Counter-initiatic force?

Alpha Ωmega Mystery School Livestream