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A Hermetic Master Speaks Out II: On The Creation of the Solar Body of Light

I was pleased to see how Master R.C.'s recent statements sparked such a lively discussion. Questions have arisen, for example, from FS on his blog, as well as from posters apparently afraid to identify themselves in the comments section here as well. 

I must admit that I was amused by one such "anonymous" commenter's strange pronouncement that Master R.C.'s exposition has no actual root in the Hermetic tradition, since this anonymous commenter has failed to verify these notions in published Hermetic sources, as though the Hermetic tradition followed the rules of Wikipedia instead of the traditional rules of initiatic traditions throughout history. 

Let me assure our anonymous commenter that these notions are quite substantiated in the voluminous Hermetic literature that until today remains available ONLY TO INITIATES, as has been the case not for Centuries, but rather for Millennia. The notion that initiatic materials may only be considered to exist if they are readily available to the masses not only flies in the face of all true initiatic traditions throughout history, but actually reflects a modern form of madness created by the information superhighway and the age of the Internet.

Despite the rather hostile and provocative tone of certain anonymous commenters, I nonetheless forwarded everything to Master R.C. to see if he cared to reply. Happily, this sparked the following exposition, faithfully translated and presented by Lux ex Septentrionis, Frater R+AC.

- David Griffin

On the Creation of the Solar Body of Light
by Master R.C.

In response to my recent article, I  have been forwarded several letters and comments. I am pleased to observe the interest aroused by the present discussion. This is a positive development, as not enough has yet been written about Hermetic alchemy from an initiatic perspective. Clearly, certain points need to be set forth at this juncture, in accordance with what my own Alchemical Master taught and transmitted to me over the course of decades - in the same fashion as initiatic, alchemical knowledge has been transmitted from alchemical Master to Disciple for Millennia. 

My words here may displease certain readers, but I will not hold back the truth merely because others may find it distasteful. I ask you to set aside for a moment all of your preconceived ideas and to read these few lines in a state of serenity and peacefulness of soul, aspiring that the light of consciousness may illuminate our discourse.

Many people today delude themselves with the mistaken belief that all knowledge may be found either in books and publications or on the internet. In the case of Hermetic wisdom in general, and of Alchemy in particular, published works include only the most minimal part of the legitimate teachings. These are, I must once again repeat, transmitted only through true initiation or from an authentically realized Master - and not from a mere thinker - as true transmission is energetic, from Soul to Soul, and not verbal.

In regard to recent questions and comments about the Solar body:

Everything within creation - merely by virtue of being manifest - possesses a vehicle through which manifestation is possible. The existence of form and non-form is one single reality, which is the true nature of the universe and of creation. 

The transition from form to non-form is instantaneous and we are never conscious of the passage because, these are two sides of the same coin. Thus, even talking about the change from form to non-form is inaccurate and incorrect - as such a notion imposes conditions appropriate for duality, whereas  ultimately it is only unity that exists, which is instantaneously both existence and non-existence.

Consider a point in geometry. A point is indivisible and eternal yet non-existent at the same time. The same may be said about the true nature of the Mercury of the Philosophers.

Therefore, it is in reality not strictly correct to speak of the CREATION of the Solar Body because - since all is ONE - it already exists. Thus the real task is to bring to consciousness the ONE that is within us and that IS us. This is the true mission of Alchemy and ancient Hermetic sciences. 

In the orient, this same notion is implied in the statement that MAYA is reality and illusion at the same time, and that these are two sides of the same coin. In fact, it is also written in the East that MAYA is the same as MOKSA - absolute freedom - but this mere affirmation does not equal the realization of this truth or the attainment of absolute freedom! 

Such intellectual discourse does not even approach the living truth that all is ONE and that all is ipso facto real and unreal. The truth, the reality or unreality of things is created by our mind itself. This is the true meaning of the RAW MERCURY OF THE PHILOSOPHERS. This Mercury is "raw" in the sense that is is unprocessed. When processed by alchemical means, this Raw Mercury may be transmuted first into Silver, then into purest Gold.

I would like to stress that all that is said here about human beings can also be extended to materials of every nature and grade, and thus applies to physical transmutations as well. All of this - of course, observes the fundamental law of UNITY OF MATTER.

Thus we see that the mind, or the eternal capability of matter, has the power to render real or unreal every single thing - even itself. This - in high degree alchemy - is called SULFUR - the generative capacity of the mind - which uniquely and eternally exists.

When the mind, or Mercury, vibrates, creation IS - yet when it does not vibrate any longer...CREATION VANISHES. This is the power of the MERCURY OF THE PHILOSOPHERS - which can pigment all metals or states of matter.

Thus - when correctly understood - the creation of the Solar Body is the ability to cause your mind (or Mercury) to vibrate in such a way that, by creating waves of form, it generates a state of MATTER-SPIRIT-UNITY that is active in EVERY plane of creation itself. In other words, it is the capability of acting consciously on every gradation of the ONE that is EVERYTHING.

This is the Solar Body that indicates the LIGHT and wisdom of all things simultaneously that is eternal. Hence true Eternity and Immortality is the MIND’S CAPABILITY OF BEING AWARE OF ITSELF AND OF THE TRUE NATURE OF REALITY. 

Therefore, every being creates, by its own will, its slavery or freedom. There are those who understand it early and put themselves on the path of wakefulness. There are others, however, who need a lot of time to acknowledge the subtle aspect of creation, in addition to its aspect of form. 

Hence we can talk about TRUE IMMORTALITY only when it is CONSCIOUS and AWARE. Otherwise, despite the perpetual eternity of being, we cannot speak of true immortality, when consciousness, not being aware, sinks into the chasm of illusions that are real for us and envelope us by the great power of mind (or Mercury) itself.

Marrying Mercury with Sulphur, creating the double nature, thus may be understood as joining the mind with its own power, thus becoming conscious of who we really are and of our true potentialities. This state we call the creation of the Solar Body and it is represented as a symbol with an OPEN EYE OVER A FOUR STEPPED PYRAMID, which indicates the four states of matter: solid, fluid, subtle, and radiant, which joined together and merged in the state of the mind, that is the QUINTESSENCE or FIFTH ELEMENT, become the Solar Body of Light, which is eternal and indestructible. 

The methods to reach this, which on metaphysical basis are in the strictest sense incorrectly called "the creation of the Solar Body of Light," have never been revealed openly - And even had they been, they would not have been understood by those who are unprepared, living their reality as they want it to be, rather than how it is in truth instead.

I hope I have been clear and that I answered all of your questions and inquiries. All that remains for me to add is that everything I have written and every mental procedure here described may be perfectly reproduced even in a laboratory through alchemy, archemy, or spagery - In other words, by making use of substances that appear - I repeat - that APPEAR - to be outside of us as living beings alone in this actual life on planet Earth.

With love and respect for all living beings, 

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The Initiatic Mysteries Debate: A Hermetic Master Speaks Out

Master Hermes Trismegistus
As most readers of this and related Golden Dawn blogs are already aware, we are in the midst of a lively and passionate debate about the value of silence, secrecy, and the sanctity of the Hermetic mysteries. Since publishing my last article, the discussion has grown even more lively, albeit buried in comment section of this blog and spreading quickly across the Blogosphere.

In reply to my article on Cynics & Secret Chiefs, F.S wrote:
Whilst I am usually at odds with your opinions. I find this particular post quite interesting. Here you release secrets that are to be frank common knowledge, through the use of sexual force, compassion and love it is possible to do just as you say, the process also slowly begins to create and birth as you say the solar body.
This is NOT a secret. These techniques are espoused all through out eastern esoteric traditions, there are also many simple to comprehend alchemical glyphs detailing the process in our western traditions. All it takes is some contemplation. 
Though to attempt to trap the leaders of the other orders with such teachings is I feel a bit beyond you? This is not a test of yours, you have structured your words in a way as to make any attempted reply by other orders to look shameful and indignant. This in my opinion is a blase way of going about your admittedly sane per-suite of keeping your oaths, and inspiring others to do the same.
Please note, I do not doubt your connections to these secret chiefs. Though it was always my understanding that the third order was meant for those who have already attained this solar immortality you speak of, not for those still trying to. 
I replied:
Care Soror FS,
Thank you for your frank and forthright comment! 
You are quite correct in your observation of similarities between the highest initiatic levels of the Hermetic tradition and the highest levels of the great initiatic traditions in the East. 
This arises from the history of alchemy. The practices arose in Sumeria, then became the Royal Art Alchemy in Egypt. Egyptian alchemy subsequently spread to the East, where it entered both the Taoist and Tantric traditions. These traditions, of course, existed prior to the arrival of Alchemy from Egypt. Nonetheless, their alchemical traditions came directly from ancient Egypt.
Here in the West, the Egyptian alchemical knowledge spread to Europe following the Greek and Roman conquests of Egypt. In Magna Graecia, alchemy entered the Pythagorean tradition. In the Roman republic, it was transmitted through the Hermetic tradition. From there, alchemy spread throughout Europe, particularly to Germany, where it became a part of the Rosicrucian tradition, from whence it comes to us in the Golden Dawn.
I apologize if my article is perhaps a bit too passionate. Sadly, the "no proof" chorus from certain of our order's critics has tried my patience at times, especially since all actual evidence our order has presented has over and over been completely ignored. The "no proof" mantra was instead merely repeated again and again for nearly a decade now as a mere rhetorical tactic to sow seeds of doubt.
Our order has walked a delicate tightrope in this process. What we have done, with permission of the Hermetic Masters in Europe, has been to provide enough public information to demonstrate that the higher Hermetic teachings actually do exist, as well as to give a general idea of what their actual aim and purpose really is.
What we have NOT done is to publicly reveal specific details of the means of alchemical processing, the actual spiritual disciplines and techniques involved. 
Unlike magick, about which entire libraries have been written, the highest processing of Internal Alchemy still today remains sealed behind a veil of initiatic silence in the Hermetic tradition here in the West. This is also the case with Taoist and Tantric alchemy in the East, where true Alchemical Masters are even more difficult to find than they are here.
This further clarifies what I meant at the opening of this article:
"[The HOGD/AO and the Hermetic Masters in Europe] are NOT the ONLY orders which have the TRUE secrets - which are the ONLY available means for full initiation. However, we DO provide access to these HIGHER orders - and in turn we DO provide access to TRUE secrets - which DO provide a complete and full initiation system.":
FS continued: 
"I do not doubt your connections to these secret chiefs. Though it was always my understanding that the third order was meant for those who have already attained this solar immortality you speak of, not for those still trying to."
I replied:
You are both correct and incorrect. 
The Grades of the Third Order of the Alpha et Omega (that were intended for the Golden Dawn all along) correspond to three specific levels of spiritual attainment - three successive alchemical separations and projections, culminating with the separation of the Solar Body of Light from the physical body at the moment of death and the projection of the consciousness into the Solar body. This is the culmination of the Opus Magnum - the achievement of conscious immortality in the SOLAR PLANE inside light at the fast vibrating end of the universe.
More than this I hesitate to say. I have always emphasized that the Third Order are real people and exist in the flesh. This is true. It is also true, however, that there are also Hermetic Masters that have already completed the Opus Magnum - already reside on the Solar Plane - yet are still part of the Third Order.
The Third Order is, in reality, presided over by a council of 12 Magi in physical incarnation. However, a corresponding council of 12 also exists on the Solar Plane.
This does not mean that Felkin was really in touch with a Solar Master, however. He was not. He knew through Mathers what I am telling you now and therefore deceived himself that he was in contact. He was not. The techniques used by Felkin only reached the Lower Astral, the realm of illusion. 
The whole reason why I have hesitated to ever bring this up, is that admitting that there are also disincarnate Hermetic Masters in the Third Order, opens the door to all sorts of abuse in certain other Golden Dawn orders, where leaders like to justify anything they do by deceiving their members into believing that they are "channeling the Third Order."
Channeling and any sort of mediumistic or waking trance state only reach the LOWER ASTRAL plane, the realm of delusion and self-decetption. The SOLAR PLANE is much higher and requires and extremely high level of energetic evolution to perceive.
The actual techniques for spiritual perception in the SOLAR PLANE are carefully guarded secrets of the Third Order and can only be used by Magi - who have already achieved the Second alchemical separation and projection. 
This is something far different that Felkin's "channeling the Secret Chiefs" that has been so abused by certain Golden Dawn leaders to assert their will and dazzle Neophytes.
Warm regards, David Griffin
In my previous article, I highlighted certain tactics routinely used against our order during the Golden Dawn war, like ad hominum attacks on HOGD/AO leaders and repeating "spin" mantras, like the catch phrase "No proof!" over and over like a broken record,  while ignoring all actual presented evidence.

Sadly, it appears that this exposition was not enough, and the old "No Proof!" "spin" tactic has merely been given new mantra by our detractors, namely "No Real Secrets!" Our opponents additionally appear to have begun republishing only one side of the debate, again ignoring all presented evidence contrary to their position.

Once again, I urge everyone to keep this debate at a fraternal, factual, and scholarly level - free of all ad hominum attacks and rhetorical "spin" tactics. It is clear that bloggers on both sides feel very passionate about this issue. Let us all nonetheless resolve to redouble our efforts to keep this debate fraternal, scholarly, factual, and free of propaganda-like "spin" tactics!

Frater Peregrin today wrote, on his Magic of the Ordinary blog:
As part of the fallout over the whole recent magical secrecy argument, GH Fr LES gave us a very interesting post. The post was carefully worded that any attempt at reply would be either pointless or would need to fulfil certain requirements set out by GH Fr LES. So I did not bother replying.
A certain Sr FS did reply, and not being party to the original discussion was able to say a few things without looking churlish, pointing out the various alchemical ‘secrets’ GH Fr LES keeps hinting at are not secret at all. They are in fact discernible with a little book knowledge and contemplation.
- Peregrin 
 FS answered my above reply, as follows:
GH Fr LES,  Unfortunately the title of Soror gives perhaps the wrong sexuality, I am indeed a male, though I take the believed femininity as a compliment :). Also I should note, I am not by any means a member of any particular order, F.S. will do as it was only intended as a pseudonym for my anonymity :).
Again though I shall re-state what I said above, whilst it is in my opinion a great thing for your order to keep such things hidden, this by no means is not understood by others. I know of several initiates, of differing orders who are aware of techniques to achieve solar consciousness.
My own training and study within the Gnostic tradition also has shown me that these secrets exist there also. Again, you need only look at a glyph of Bahpomet to understand some of the picture, you need only find the tarot card the lover to understand a extra not to dismiss either the image of ISIS, and the story's of the egyptian god's. There are books, and other papers, and intellectual information out there also detailing the idea, and hinting at the process, again with contemplation the process can be unlocked by anyone, willing enough to put in the time, this does not require any sublime initiation, it simply requires time and a willingness to do foundational work. Thanks, F.S.

So that the new issues presented by FS would receive a proper reply, I passed FS' latest remarks along to the Hermetic Masters in Continental Europe, requesting a responce directly on this blog. Hereafter, follow therefore the words of alchemical Master, R.C. that I received this morning, faithfully translated and transmitted by Lux ex Septentrionis, Frater R+AC.

Dear F.S. and Peregrin,

I certainly do not wish to deprive you of your cherished illusions. The actual creation of the Solar Body of Light, however, has never been published anywhere or at any time. In reality, the creation of the Solar Body of Light is the most carefully guarded secret of all the great initiatic traditions of the world, from the Pythagorean and Hermetic traditions in the West to the Taoist tradition in China, and the Tantric traditions in both India and Tibet. There do exist, however, documents where you might find vague indications, and in rare instances, perhaps even  a pseudo instruction in the training of the Solar Body of Light. 

But know this. All of the great traditions teach that the true creation of the Solar Body of Light CAN NOT even BE communicated in writing. In fact, the TRUE secret can't even be communicated as oral tradition, but rather only energetically, from the Master having already achieved this development to the Disciple who receives this most sacred of initiations. 

This transmission can only occur from SOUL to SOUL, and certainly not from a written page to a person. Read and study carefully the instructions that Christ gives to his disciples. Like Buddha, all true alchemical Masters have said over and over that you must have a particular YEAST to awaken gold, and that this yeast may be possessed only by one who has formed it by Divine grace or has received it from another son of Hermes. The former is extremely rare as we shall see.

This is because this formation can only be accomplished through a certain union of Souls and spiritual power passed to the Disciple from an alchemical Master who in turn received it from his own Master, etc. This, however, is TRUE initiation, and not that as understood today in this period of spiritual decadence wherein so many do not even understand the spiritual value of silence, puffing themselves up instead by pretending to publish secrets in books, on the internet, etc.

The true mystery can only be obtained from one who has it. The same is true for initiation. To open a book and consider yourself an initiate merely because you read dead words on paper made from dead wood is a dead end that leads only to delusion and spiritual bankruptcy. This is also the true meaning of initiatic lineage. As it is written that: "None may become Priests and Priestesses of the Eternal unless consecrated by the Eternal itself."

Only the rarest of human beings, having received their mission on Earth from on high, have received that rare gift of a fully formed Solar Body of Light or the ability to cultivate it in a single lifetime on their own - the great Avatars like Christ, Buddha, Krisna, etc. All others must raise their Solar Bodies with the sacred YEAST - that only another who possesses it - a Solar Master - may transmit.

Can you not see and understand that those who seek, awaken precisely when they come into contact with someone who has precisely this YEAST for their spiritual awakening? Think for a moment. Investigate for yourself, but do not allow yourself to be misled by a delusion of simplicity of something that I can assure you is not a simple matter at all. Do not allow yourself, through mere vanity, to be misled by dead words written on dead wood made into paper.

I repeat: This is the most occulted SECRET of humanity, carefully concealed in all of the religions and alchemical traditions of the world. 

However, if you truly believe that to cultivate a Solar Body of Light on your own is such a simple matter, requiring only time and discipline (very laudable as they are) as you each claim, I invite you to prove this to us.

I will then, together with countless others, bow before the first among you who accomplishes this "simple" task - recognizing you as our new teacher and Master at the level of another Christ or Buddha.

With respect,
Master R.C.

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Cynics & Secret Chiefs

Let me start this blog with a confession. Rumors of my meglomania are hotly exaggerated.

The Invincible Griffin

In reality, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (Alpha et Omega) is but ONE of various outer vehicles of the Internal College led by the Hermetic Masters in Europe.  We are NOT the ONLY order with access to these HIGHER orders - and in turn we and they are NOT the ONLY orders which have the TRUE secrets - which are the ONLY available means for full initiation.  However, we DO provide access to these HIGHER orders - and in turn we DO provide access to TRUE secrets - which DO provide a complete and full initiation system.

I am not going to cover the lantern of the Mysteries thrust into my hand just to gain approval of other well known Golden Dawn authors and bloggers. If I do, then I don't deserve this lantern. It isn't in my hand because of my personal greatness or glory, but because it is my job as a Kerux of the Hierophants of the Greater Mysteries. I am here to help guide the Outer and Inner Orders into the Third Order that resides here on the physical plane. 

But here is something that really puzzles me...

When did THIS happen to the Golden Dawn community?

I am referring to the loss of the compass that guided the founders of the order. The more I see debates on fora and blogs and read and hear from the current generation of Golden Dawn authors, the more I wonder if the idea of the Mysteries and the principle of belonging to an OCCULT order has gotten lost in the fog of post-modernism and the "let's make a quick buck off the occult" era.

To fill you in, it all started one rainy day with a discussion about why secrecy in the Golden Dawn needs to be kicked out to the curb, because: 
a) It is not necessary in this era of the "the winner is who breaks his oath first and makes it to the publisher fastest," and
b)  "Hey most of us don't believe in the vows we are taking even while we are taking them" anyway - An oath is "only a formality" like wearing black to a funeral even when we don't care abut the dead guy in the casket. The dead guy here is no other than the traditional principles that formed the spirit of the classical Golden Dawn and the mysteries for thousands of years.
Yes, yes, yes...we can argue it is all outdated and absolute in this modern age of IPods, IPads, E-Initiations and cyber funk magick - But let's be honest....deep down we all agree that wisdom is AGELESS...why else would these pop occultists fight like starved pirahnas over the next stash of unpublished Golden Dawn documents dating from before they were born? 

The Mysteries are not in the papers. They are in the spirit that penned them - and it is this spirit that penned them has repeated over and over for generations:
"Keep the Mysteries from the eyes of the uninitiated..."
If we throw away the spirit of the thing then all we have left is its corpse lying in a casket in a busy funeral filled with people that never really cared if she lived or not.

I was personally targeted recently on another blog for criticism and ridicule for holding tight to the guiding spirit of the Golden Dawn and the original beliefs shared by many of the founding fathers and mothers of the order. 

Frater Peregrin wrote on in his MOTO blog:
"The appeal to hidden Orders, masters etc is all a load of nonsense anyway."
Sadly, such cynicism today actually typifies a rather large section of the Golden Dawn community. There are many who today believe that there are NO Masters, NO secrets orders, NO secret knowledge, and EVERYTHING is either published or ABOUT to be published.

How did our Golden Dawn community ever get so jaded?

Was it the faith healing workshops that were sold using the Golden Dawn name?

Or was it the Angel Magic Subliminal CDs? 

Or was it the uninitiated, that gave themselves fancy titles - divorced the Golden Dawn from its roots - and promised you to become a "full Golden Dawn initiate" from the comfort of your armchair?

Or was it the self-styled teachers who play on peoples' fears because they feel threatened?

Whether it was one, a combination, or all of the above - one thing is clear ...

With all the nonsense that has gone on under the banners of the Golden Dawn - many people in our community have become so jaded they can no longer believe in even the POSSIBILITY that there might yet exist unpublished Mysteries, more advanced practices, or even Hermetic teachers more spiritually advanced than Nick Farrell, Peregrin, or myself!

This sad state of affairs in our community has left the Alpha et Omega for over a decade faced with a serious dilemma - how are we supposed to preserve the sanctity of the Mysteries, yet still show the community we are not just one more "snake oil faith healer" selling "armchair initiations."

We solved this dilemma by over the years describing the higher Hermetic Mysteries in enough detail to show the reasonable progression from not only the magic of the Golden Dawn, but also of the lab alchemy of the Golden Dawn's predecessor, the Golden and Rosy Cross order.

Bear in mind that there are some people out there who keep chanting "No proof!" over and over - merely as a rhetorical tactic to create doubt - because they feel threatened in their personal interests by any higher Hermetic Mysteries beyond what Regardie published.

Even if we would show these people conclusive evidence - heck, even if we were to show them the whole kit and kaboodle - the entire Third Order curriculum, initiation rituals and all, they would still go on chanting "No proof!" while they secretly rushed off to publisher with everything. We must accept from the beginning that no amount of factual evidence will ever change the bad faith of these folks.

However, contrary to the "No proof!"" mantra used as a rhetorical tactic by our critics...
...And whether or not you believe in the existence of secret, Hermetic Master Alchemists...

The Alpha et Omega has nonetheless over the years released a long series of revelations that, in reality, constitute QUITE SUBSTANTIAL and transparent body of SOLID EVIDENCE about the teachings, direction, and practices of the AO's Third Order.

For those that missed this - so might be otherwise be fooled by the "No proof!" parrots - here is a general summary:
1. The true nature of the Opus Magnum is ENERGETIC EVOLUTION. This is the actual purpose of life on Earth. Human beings are but larval forms of a higher, purely energetic form of life that human beings are evolving towards.
2. The Prima Materia of Internal Alchemy is actually the the living matter of the HUMAN BODY.
3. The alchemical transmutation of Lead into Gold is actually an analogy for the transmutation of the Physical Body (Saturn = Lead) into a SOLAR BODY of LIGHT (Sun = Gold).
4. The ROYAL ART of Alchemy is the science of IMMORTALITY - the science of the cultivation of SOUL: a Solar Body of Light that can survive the death of the physical body - and even render us CONSCIOUSLY IMMORTAL.
5. The TRUE PURPOSE of all Hermetic arts, whether GOLDEN DAWN MAGICK, laboratory alchemy, or Hermetic Internal Alchemy is the ACCELERATION of this Energetic Evolution that otherwise would require many incarnations to complete.
6. The THIRD ORDER of the Alpha et Omega teaches HERMETIC INTERNAL ALCHEMY - the highest form of Hermetic Science - in the sense that it is the most powerful operative practice to ACCELERATE Energetic Evolution.
7. Hermetic Internal Alchemy is so powerful that - by using it - you can cultivate a Solar Body of Light in a single lifetime.
8. Hermetic Internal Alchemy uses a SECRET FIRE to "cook" and transmute the physical body into pure energy.
9. The true nature of this Secret Fire is the FIRES of the PHYSICAL BODY itself.
10. The most powerful and creative of these fires of the physical body are LOVE and SEXUALITY.
11. Hermetic Internal Alchemy thus cooks the Physical Body (Saturn = Lead) into a Solar Body of Light (Sun = Gold) by harnessing the fires of Love and Sexuality - and using them to accelerate Energetic Evolution.
12. The processes of Hermetic Internal Alchemy hold the secret keys to the true and correct preparation of the PHILOSOPHER'S STONE.
13. The Philosopher's Stone is an incredibly powerful ELIXIR of LIFE that can be used, on the one hand, to increase longevity, and on the other hand, to dramatically accelerate the cultivation of a Solar Body of Light.
14. The opening phase of this Opus Magnum of Hermetic Internal Alchemy involves cultivation and separation of the ASTRAL BODY. 
(I revealed this for the first time in my last blog article, where I discussed the PLASTICITY of the Astral Body - how for the first alchemical SEPERATIO (in order to separate the Astral Body from the physical body) it is necessary to first liberate the Astral Body from the turbulence caused by its constant bombardment with physical sensations, thoughts, emotions, etc., coming from the physical body. I also revealed that this is the true reason why real initiatic traditions universally require initiatic SILENCE.)
15. Finally - I reveal NOW for the first time - that true ASTRAL PROJECTION is only possible AFTER an Adept has first fully cultivated his or her ASTRAL BODY and achieved the FIRST ALCHEMICAL SEPARATIO. (This can only be achieved by first liberating the Astral Body from the domination of the Physical Body as described above). 
16. This has nothing to do with the sort of waking visions involved in "Skying in the Spirit Vision" or that is commonly understood as Astral Projection by the New Age community. Such waking, visionary states can only reach as far as the LOWER ASTRAL, the realm of illusion and self-deceoption. 
17. True Astral Projection occurs in a completely DIFFERENT state of consciousness other than any sort of WAKING visionary or trance state. This state is known only to Adepts once they achieve the First Alchemical Separation.  Only then, can we pierce through the LOWER ASTRAL with its deceptions and delusions - to achieve the TRUE spiritual vision on the HIGHER ASTRAL plane.
18. This HIGHER visionary experience of the HIGHER ASTRAL PLANE opens only to the eyes of the Adept that has:
     a. Fully cultivated her or his Astral Body - and
     b. Liberated the Astral Body from the domination of the physical - and
     c. Achieved the alchemical SEPARATION of the ASTRAL body from the physical body and mastered its PROJECTION.
     d. Awakened to full consciousness and awareness on the HIGHER ASTRAL.
19. This "PROJECTING IN THE SPIRIT VISION" is a higher and superior form of visionary experience available to Adepts of the THIRD ORDER of the Golden Dawn. Skrying in the Spirit Vision, as published by Crowley and Regardie, referred by analogy to this  higher, THIRD ORDER technique all along.
I will in future articles reveal more about the actual state of consciousness and awareness involved in "Projecting in the Spirit Vision," as well about the true nature of the Higher Astral Plane, and how this form visionary experience substantially differs from the Skrying in the Spirit Vision published by Regardie. 

Moreover, I will ultimately make astonishing revelations regarding the TRUE preparation, rectification, and multiplication of the Philosophers' Stone...

Unless, of course, someone from the chorus of "No proof!" parrots would prefer to enlighten us about these Higher Hermetic Mysteries themselves first instead? 

Don't count on the "No proof!" parrots doing this, however. Curiously, it is  precisely when it comes to THEM providing any real evidence of THEIR understanding of any Hermetic Mysteries higher than those published by Regardie...

That the "No proof!" chanters suddenly discover the value of SILENCE.

Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, Yeheshua,
David Griffin
G.H. Frater Lux Ex Septentrionis
Imperator Ordinis, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
outer order of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega
"Ex Deo Nascimur.
In Yeheshua Morimur.
Per Sanctum Spiritum Reviviscimus"

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