Saturday, May 25, 2019

TRUTH about Money the Alpha Ωmega and the HOGD

by AΩ and HOGD Imperator
David Griffin

I get so tired of weird people attacking the AΩ and the HOGD out of sheer ignorance over and over. I get such nonsense quite frequently, but this time, it has gone too far. Recently, some "know it all" named Jochen Van Aelten wrote on our YouTube channel in response to this video...

Jochen Van Aelten wrote:
"If your only goal is to bring Magick to the people the why are your courses so expensive ?I think your only in it for the glory and to make money ! The Golden Dawn back in the day's even had a rule that you could not ask money for lessons.
The only thing you could do then is to not take a huge profit on what you claim is actually Magick!
The content of your courses try to make people believe that casting spells and Magick is the same thing, which it is NOT!!
Even the quality of what you are selling with a huge profit is far below the standards of what Magick actually means!
About Aleister Crowley .. Do you even understand what the man has done for Magick during the course of his live?
The books he wrote during his live time? His contribution to Magick? 
The only shit stain as you call it on Magick are people like you, who don't even understand it and try to profit from it." - Jochen Van Aelten
The above is so over the top that I took the time to set this yoyo straight, as follows: 

Thank you for providing me with this wonderful teaching opportunity. 

To begin with, the Alpha Ωmega is a free church and not a business, so your bizarre rant shows only how clueless you are. 

FYI, the AΩ uses the  funds from our courses for many things, including funding the many free services we provide for the esoteric community, like for example producing of the free magick training video you just watched. 

Or did you think that video just fell out of the sky? No. It did not. It cost real money to produce in the real world. The Alpha Ωmega fully funded the production of that video, not only so that you could watch it for free, but so that you would not even have to watch YouTube ads before it. 

Or did you even notice that YouTube ads are turned off on our videos? Of course not. That is how oblivious you are. 

Our courses, by the way, are by no means expensive, especially considering the bi-weekly or monthly live classes we provide, but of course you don't know that either, which is weird for a man who presumes to pass judgement on the Alpha Ωmega without even knowing what the hell he is talking about. 

So you have that part of your rant abysmally wrong too. Au contraire. Our courses are of great value and they fund the mission of the Alpha Ωmega as well the many wonderful free services we provide for the esoteric community. 

Or maybe you didn't even notice the absence of a collection plate at the end of our free daily livestream ritual practice streamed 24/7 on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Periscope. Now how do you think all of that got paid for? Do you imagine it was Santa's eves, perhaps? 

As a matter of fact, Jochen, you are so abysmally clueless that there can be only three possibilities. Either: 

[1] you are only 10 years old (in which case you get a pass)

[2] you have been living in a bubble or on a remote island leaving you so clueless, or 

[3] you are being deliberately deceptive in order to mislead our viewers. 

I am pretty sure its number 3, considering your defense of that pervert Crowley. 

Oh And by the way... YES it was very expensive back in the day under Mathers to study with the Golden Dawn. You are wrong about that too, so you are 3 for 3 for cluelessness here. 

Nonetheless, for what its worth, thank you for sharing your demonstrably ignorant opinions, as I am sure there is someone here who will find my clarification enlightening.

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