Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Golden Dawn's Finest Hour

by Golden Dawn Imperator
David Griffin
As you may already know, thanks to the Golden Dawn peace initiative launched by Nick Farrell last Winter, the Golden Dawn community has enjoyed months of peace, harmony, and prosperity.

You may remember from last February this Vlog article:

For the first time in months, peace was  this week disrupted when a blogger hiding behind anonymity resumed attacks on Golden Dawn leaders, this time Martin Thibeault (co-leader with Pat Zalewksi of the "Order of the Golden Dawn") and myself.

I will not permit outside agitators cowering behind anonymity to fan flame wars in our community.

In light of the attack, I contacted Martin Thibeault directly. Guess what? It turns out he wants harmony to prevail in our community as much as I do.

Upon GH Frater Thibeault's request, I caused a number of old articles critical of Thibeault and Zalewksi.to be removed from our order's websites, blogs, etc.

Robert Zink, leader of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, months ago approached me with a similar takedown request. As a consequence, GH Frater Zink and I each cleaned up a number of old articles.

There still is a lot left to do, but the peace process started by Nick Farrell still progresses today - And Golden Dawn leaders are not letting ourselves be manipulated by outside agitators. Who do they think they are dealing with, anyhow?

Instead, we stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity.

The time has come to take a stand. The Golden Dawn community is under attack from outside agitators.

Will YOU stand with us - in defense of peace, prosperity, and undisturbed spiritual growth in our community?

YOU have the power to make the decisive difference.

Outside agitators can continue their nonsense only as long as you - the grass roots Golden Dawn - permit them to.

YOU can put a stop to this - once and for all!



Whenever and wherever you find anyone fanning flames of discord in our community...

Confront them! Call them on it. Tell them to stop.

Only you can do this. We Chiefs of the Golden Dawn can provide you with solid leadership, but we can't do everything ourselves.

This is YOUR community too.  It is up to YOU to help protect it!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Regardie's Confession

Regardie's Confession

In 1937 Llewellyn published the first of four volumes,
written by Israel Regardie,
that revealed the Golden Dawn Rites and teachings.

Those four volumes have been republished over and over again,
for almost 100 years.

The idea was to preserve the Golden Dawn's teachings through self study. But...

Dr. Regardie wasn't able to reveal everything!

For the first time ever, the complete, 3 order Golden Dawn Magick System is available to anyone who is bold enough and dedicated enough to learn it...

You no longer have to end your Magickal training at Minor Adept,
as has been the case for 100 years.

The Secret Masters have finally revealed the rites and rituals

to attain even Ipssissimus (10=1)

...an initiatory level many believed was only attainable on the astral
if it even existed at all!

(EU reg. 000063925)

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