Thursday, June 1, 2017

Core Golden Dawn 9: What Are The Results of Golden Dawn Magick in Everyday Life?

with Rosicrucian Imperator
David Griffin

Lesson Nine:

"What implications follow from studying Golden Dawn Magic? 
How are the results of magic applied to everyday life?"

The implications are:
  • 1) expansion of consciousness.
  • 2) dominion over the mind.
  • 3) dominion over the emotions.
  • 4) communication with other worlds and intelligences, living without a body on the subtle, spiritual planes.
  • 5) Transmutation of one's own nature from the purely material and merely embryonic spiritual nature to fully spiritual crowning thereby the purpose of nature, which is to bring every single thing to perfection.
In everyday life, the Magician ultimately experiences:
  • 1) Absence of inner chaos.
  • 2) Increasing joy through the discovery of one's own potential.
  • 3) The ability to improve one's life through the knowledge of Magic, which is the art and science of mastering the Will.
  • 4) Attraction to well-beingness, love, peacefulness, and spiritual illumination.
  • 5) Attraction of the beautiful things in life and banishing negativity.
  • 6) Resistance to various diseases as stimulation of the spiritual body gives much more resistance to the physical body. For example, it is impossible for an advanced Magician to suffer psychosomatic diseases of psychic or mental origin.
  • 7) Other things that would not be appropriate to mention here, yet completely transform one's vision to the point of the ability to achieve a "second birth."

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