Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Spy vs. Spy, Useful Idiots, and British Intelligence Manipulating Our Spiritual Community

It has come to my attention that the members of our order are under attack yet AGAIN by "historical revisionist" intelligence operatives spreading disinformation on-line.

These pathetic spooks and their useful idiots, posing as "traditional Rosicrucians," in reality are just secret SATANISTS who have been trying to rewrite our order out of HOGD history for decades (following to their intelligence agency's hidden agenda).

Why have they been attacking us now for 2 decades? Because MI-6 wants to control the Golden Dawn! We won't let them!

They attack us again today, because they are DESPERATE. We are growing like mad and have many THOUSANDS of members around the world, whereas these useful idiot "wannabe Rosicrucians" lead 2 member orders with only themselves and their wives as members 
in their garage.

In truth, these wannabe "Rosicrucian" posers are not even real Magicians. They certainly aren't spiritual leaders or they would have actual students. (They have none.)

As the old saying goes, "By their fruits shall ye know them," and the only fruit ever to come from the tree of these intel spooks is the fruit of constant shit stirring trying to manipulate our spiritual community with disinformation.

For an ACCURATE modern history of of the HOGD, please see the modern section of this article on the HOGD (AΩ) website here:

These spooks are so arrogant that they are bound to continue attacking the many members of our order with disinformation.

They are completely predictable and they will certainly continue to attack our Rosicrucian community. Stick around, because for as long as they attack, I will continue to expose their entire playbook of tactics and methods here on the Golden Dawn Blog. 

This will be fun. Stay tuned for more bombshell news!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Griffin and McQuade ATTACKED! Alpha Ωmega and Golden Dawn BESIEGED!

by David Griffin

When Leslie McQuade and I decided to bring the Secret Magick of Jesus out of the closet and back into public awareness, we knew the risks involved.

After all, the Magick of Jesus is no joke and we are bringing it out into the open for ALL to see and use. 

We knew going in that we would make waves with this -  and that there would surely be people who don’t like what we are doing at all.

In short, we knew we would be attacked for this. The Lost Magick of Jesus, however, was too important for us NOT to bring it to the public!

Once we began practicing and livestreaming the “Opening of the Treasury of Light” rituals from the Magick of Light of Jesus Christ every sunrise, we were pleasantly surprised because there were almost no attacks. 

Almost everyone loved the ritual. The only negative thing people said was “This isn't real,” and “Jesus wasn’t a Sorcerer. You are just making this all up!”

To put such rumors to rest, Leslie and I wrote the new ebook for you we released last week, “Was Jesus Secretly A Magician? - The 3 Secret Baptisms of Jesus.” (Which you can still download for free at

In this new eBook, we show how the astonishing system of the Magick of Light of Jesus Christ was practiced by early proto-Christians in Alexandrian Egypt – and how they claim that these are secret teachings Jesus gave to his disciples and transmitted to his followers in Egypt through the Apostles. 

We then show how the early Roman church tried to suppress and destroy all trace of Jesus’ Magick and erase it completely from the historical record. 

Despite their best efforts to destroy it, we show in the new ebook how one manuscript containing the Magick of Light of Jesus survived for centuries buried in the sands of Egypt, how it was excavated from Thebes in 1897, and how it survives today in the Bodelian Library indexed as Bruce 96 and known by scholars as The Bruce Codex.

In our most recent video, we show how the Golden Dawn has known about this material since immediately after its rediscovery, and how Florence Farr was the first person to publish the THREE Secret Baptisms of Jesus in her book, Egyptian Magick.

Well, all of these revelations were just too much for certain people who had wished all along that we WERE just making this all up.

Since we published our new ebook on Jesus’ Magick last week, Leslie McQuade and I have once again been brutally attacked on-line over the past week with what appears to be a professionally run disinformation and defamation campaign. 

I say professionally run, because everyone knows that intelligence agencies try to manipulate spiritual communities on-line. Hey, don’t take my word for it. Read this article HERE about Glenn Greenwald's conclusions based on Edward Snowden’s revelations. Snowden carries a lot more weight than I do when it comes to how spooks are manipulating spiritual communities and reputations on-line.

I ought to know. I was attacked by them almost non-stop for over 20 years. Everyone knows about this. If not, you can still read my old articles exposing it over two decades here on the Golden Dawn blog. 

Interestingly, all of the attacks on me stopped cold once Donald Trump got elected. With Trump in the White House, I guess the on-line spooks now have more important things to do (like trashing Trump) than trying ruin my reputation and to manipulate the Golden Dawn!

That is to say - until last week. Guess what? Now that we published “Was Jesus A Secret Magician?” the intel spooks are back!

And this time, they are not just attacking me, but also Leslie McQuade. I am pretty sure they are the same agency faction that has been attacking me all along, because they are bringing back many of the same old talking points they attacked me with for 20 years, like disinformation falsely claiming I was “expelled” from the HOGD, when in truth I merely remained loyal to Israel Regardie’s disciple and former fiancée, Cris Monnastre, during a major HOGD schism in 1992.

These renewed attacks are clearly part of a PROFESSIONAL operation, because the on-line spooks are attacking us with disinfo not just anywhere, but in comments on our HOGD Facebook ads, thereby trying to stunt HOGD's growth by sabotaging our ad campaigns.

Who but professional intelligence operatives running on-line disinformation campaigns would specifically target advertising in this way?!?! 

These spooks are so arrogant that they don’t even make an effort to hide their tracks! 

They think you are stupid. They think operate invisibly and nobody notices. They are wrong.

What is interesting are the NEW lines of attack and disinformation they are now suddenly attacking Leslie and I with. 

Here is their latest nonsense.

 1. This can’t be real because Griffin is working with a WITCH QUEEN. She is not even Christian!

 2. Griffin is secretly a WITCH too, so these people are EVIL. He uses the Pagan name Lupercus.

 3. Griffin claims that the Golden Dawn is a religion, whereas the early documents show clearly that it is not.

Really? Can’t you inept spooks do any better than this? Your globalist CIA handlers must be very unhappy with you right now because we see right through you.

Nonetheless, I still think it is a good idea to set the record straight.

1. First off, the Golden Dawn is indeed NOT a religion and (contrary to spooky spook disinformation) I never, ever, not even once claimed that it is. I have all along said that the Golden Dawn is not a religion. This is all over our websites and always has been. 

2. So what then IS the Golden Dawn? The Golden Dawn is a non-sectarian system for spiritual development and set of spiritual practices. You can best understand these practices by thinking of them as something akin to “Western Yoga.”

3. The ALPHA ΩMEGA, however, IS a CHURCH. So, you see, the spooks are deliberately conflating the Golden Dawn with the Alpha Ωmega to try and cause confusion! The Alpha Ωmega free church is our parent organization and we offer not only classical HOGD training, but also training in Spellwork Mastery, defense magick, and many other spiritual and magical systems as well. 

4. The Alpha Ωmega is huge. AΩ holds a vast array of esoteric transmissions and charters (just about everything from Alpha to Ωmega), and yes, these do include the Golden Dawn. They also include Martinist, Pagan, Wiccan, and Reaux Croix esoteric transmissions as well as Hermetic, Rosicrucian, and Freemasonic charters and/or transmissions from (among others) the Gold und Rosenkreutz Order, the Asiatic Brethren (Fratres Lucis), the Frères Ainées de la Rose Croix (F.A.R.+C.), the Societas Rosicruciana of Backstrom, and the Rose Cross of Egypt (Rose Croix d'Orient).​​​​​​​ For those interested in Eastern stuff, we even hold a Kundalini Yoga transmission, which is one reason why in the AΩ we understand so well the universal nature of the LVX (God-Force) energy.

5. Yes, Leslie McQuade is an Alexandrian Wiccan Witch Queen. So what?

6. The notion that the Magick of Jesus is only for Christians is absurd and based merely on sectarian arrogance.

7. Yes, I do hold multiple Wiccan and Pagan lineages and charters in addition to everything else. And yes, it is public knowledge that in one of these my initiatic name is “Lupercus." So what?

8. I also hold charters and transmissions for multiple Freemasonis, Hermetic, Rosicrucian, and Martinist lineages and I don’t hear anybody bitching about these!

9. As far as the Lost Magick of Jesus goes, I am a duly ordained Priest and consecrated “Wandering Bishop" of the ancient Episcopi Vagantes and hold nearly ALL major and minor Apostolic successions (which you can examine in detail HERE), so you inept spooks can stick your rumormongering where the Sun never shines!

10. The Magick of Light of Jesus Christ is for ALL who aspire for ascension into the KINGDOM OF LIGHT. Do you really think its an accident that I livestream the Magick of Light of Jesus every single sunrise together with a Pagan Witch Queen? Of course not. It is quite deliberate. 

11. The Magick of Light of Jesus Christ is not JUST for Christians. How many Christians were there even while Jesus was still alive and preaching? Jesus message was for all who would listen, not just for one sectarian group. In fact, he said this over and over.

12. To learn and practice the Magick of Light of Jesus Christ, there is no need to convert or change your religion or denomination. There is no need to even change your church or to join ours. We are a FREE church and value human freedom above all else.

13. There is no need even to believe in the Magick of Light of Jesus either. All you really need is to try out the Magick of Light of Jesus for yourself, then judge for yourself from the results you obtain!

So, to all of you intel spooks renewing your on-line attacks on us this week....


If you want to defame us or destroy our reputation, you are going to have to do a LOT better.

Because you've only been back on the attack for less than a week and you have ALREADY blown your cover.

In short, you guys SUCK!

But please DON'T STOP attacking us! Our readers are dying to watch me destroy you by exposing your entire playbook of on-line tactics and methods!

So...Bring it on!

Just don't be so pathetic.

In freedom, chivalry, and truth,
David Griffin

PS - If you haven't seen it yet, don't miss our latest video that we just released yesterday, "Was Jesus Secretly a Magician." You can watch it here now!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

THE ORDER: Netflix' Latest Satanist Series - This Time Defaming the Golden Dawn

by Golden Dawn Imperator
David Griffin


The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn must be doing something right when they have to start making TV series to defame the HOGD (AΩ) and conflate us with Satanism!

Leslie McQuade and I actually had a look at the new Netflix series, The Order, last night. 

We have to watch that trash if for no other reason, just to see for sure what they are up to. 

As expected, there is plenty of applied anthropology involved and the tropes are the same Hollywood always uses. 

Satanists in Hollywood have for many years been carefully crafting the myth in film and on television that ALL magick is Black Magick. 

Where do you see the Magick of Light in this show or, for example, in other Netflix Satanist fare like "Sabrina"? YOU DON'T. 

But at least in Sabrina, you expect that nonsense, because they are all overt Satanists. This new show is far more insidious. 

In this new show they call the order the "Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose," an obvious knock off of the HOGD. 

But of course, they are all BLACK MAGICIANS, and you have the usual Satanist trope that "all magick comes with a price" (when in reality this is only true for black magick). 

Sure there are heroes in the show, but are these Magicians of Light? Nope. Werewolves! How predictable, since according to Hollywood (and EA Koetting and his ilk) "The ONLY magick there is is Black Magick."  (I call BULLSHIT!). 

Of course, you can't get through even 3 episodes before you have The Order engaged in human sacrifice (yawn). I have little doubt they will also make them cannibals before the first season is over. This tar and feathering of everything light has become the typical propaganda fare coming out of Hollywood of late.

Finally, in season one we have "The Order" obsessed with recovering a magical book, the VERUM MALUM or some other Satanic bastardized Latin title. 

Is it pure coincidence that this comes out at the same time the HOGD is reviving the Lost Magick of Jesus as contained in the lost Book of IEOU? 

Must be, because the alternative gives the HOGD far too much importance. But still, are not all of these "coincidences" just a bit too much to be purely random.

In conclusion, this is your typical Satanist crap we have all grown accustomed to coming out of Hollywood. The program is completely unimaginative and contains all of the Satanist propaganda you expect from occult series coming out of Hollywood in recent years.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Alpha Ωmega Mystery School Livestream