Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Donald Michael Kraig's Fight For Life: Please Donate to Help With Crushing Health Care Costs

Carete Fratres et Sorores of the Golden Dawn,

Today Holly Allender Kraig published the following urgent appeal on her Facebook wall:
"Donald Michael Kraig has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. It's an aggressive form of cancer that has moved to his liver. He's doing everything possible to heal and put this into to remission.
Many, many of you around the world have sent healing energies, magick and prayers. They are all appreciated and felt.
In order to help offset the bills, we're asking your help to raise funds for his medical bills.
Every donation helps! We have a few goodies to give away at specific levels of donations. But they're in limited quantities! So act fast before they run out!"
I do not think there are many in today's magickal community whose lives have not been touched by the writings of Donald Michael Kraig. 

In the Golden Dawn community, the outpouring of love and magickal healing in response to Frater Kraig's illness has been impressive. Old grudges have been set aside, and with them the terrible polarization that for decades has hobbled the Golden Dawn has all but vanished.

Many outside our community still judge the Golden Dawn by the flame wars and legal battles of the past. They do not see the spirit of fraternity that is the true essence of the living Golden Dawn.

Do sisters and brothers quarrel at times when growing up in any family? Of course. But at the end of the day, family bonds always triumph over any petty scuffles.

May the Golden Dawn be judged not by the folly of the past, but for the fraternity and love that unites us today, as we embrace together a shining future with the Golden Dawn as a force for spiritual truth and liberation in the 21st Century.

I urge you, Golden Dawn brothers and sisters - no matter what order you belong to - whether adept, initiate, self-initiate, or solitary practitioner ...

... to reach down into your hearts to pull forth even more love and magickal will for the healing of our stricken brother, Donald Michael Kraig ...

.. and to reach down into your pocketbooks and help his family bear the terrible burden of crushing health care costs.

David Griffin
Chief Adept, Alpha Omega

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

MAGICKALL - Spring Gathering of Traditions - 2014 Schedule

April 5-13, 2014 - Mojave Desert near Las Vegas, NV
2014 Schedule
Are you a ...
Magickal Witch?
Golden Dawn Magician?
Magickal Feri?
Pagan Magician?
Magickal Shaman?
Thelemic Magician?
Or a Magician of any other stripe or flavor?

No matter what Magickal tradition you practice, you will not want to miss the 2014 MAGICKALL Spring gathering of traditions - the world's first week long gathering of Magickians from a host of diverse traditions.

In 2012, AΩ Isis Temple began our yearly Spring festivals with the International Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepts. In 2013, we opened our doors to outer order Golden Dawn initiates, self-initiates and solitary practitioners of Golden Dawn Magick. Magicians came from all across the world - including Australia, Sweden, Germany, England, France, Cameroon, Mexico, and from across the USA.

This Spring we open our doors even wider - and YOU too are invited - no matter what sort of Magick you practice.


Adjacent to AΩ Isis Temple, at the foot of Shadow Mountain, lay over 200 acres of pristine desert perfect for Spring camping. Here in the Mojave desert, temperatures are quite pleasant already in April. So bring your camping gear or - even better - your RV. There are hotels nearby, but it is not at all the same as immersing yourself in desert nature.

We will provide portable restrooms, a camp shower, and a camp kitchen for those who need it. You are  also welcome in our oversized 24/7 hot tub (sky clad only in the tub, but clothes are required everywhere else).

Here is the present gathering schedule:

Every Day/Night

Golden Dawn Dojo - Ritual Magick 101
with Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin

Shamanic Practice
with AΩ HPS Leslie McQuade Griffin
Drum and Dance Circle
Daily Lectures

Hermetic Magick and Alchemy
Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin


Over the Hedge:
The Magick of Faery Traditions
HPS Vicki Claire - Grove of the Sacred Spring
Opening The Gates of Godhood
E.A. Koetting

Fire Circle Alchemy:
A Ritual of Transmutation
Vegas Vortex - Abigail and Jeff McBride


The Influence of the Golden Dawn 
on British Traditional Witchcraft
Alexandrian HP Frater Barrabbas
Principles of Thelemic Magick
Las Vegas Thelemites

Desert Plants and Potions
AΩ HPS Leslie McQuade Griffin

The History of Magick
Dr. Candace Kant
Dean of Students - Cherry Hill Pagan Seminary

Nightly Rituals

Grand Enthronement of Isis
Alpha Omega - with AΩ HPS Leslie McQuade Griffin
and Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin

Through the Sidhe Mound:
A Journey to the World of Faery
HPS Vicki Clair HPS Vicki Claire
Grove of the Sacred Spring

Corrupting the Sacred Flame
E.A. Koetting

Dark Enchantment Ritual Dance
Scarlet Marie

Alchemical Fire Circle
Vegas Vortex
Abigail and Jeff McBride


Mass of the Goddess
Order of the Gnostic Star
HP Frater Barrabbas and AΩ HPS Leslie McQuade Griffin


Thelemic Magick Demonstration
Las Vegas Thelemites

Moina and S.L. MacGregor Mathers'
The Rites of Isis*
Alpha Omega - with AΩ HPS Leslie McQuade Griffin 
and Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin

Initiation in the Golden Dawn
0=0 Neophyte Grade
(Private Ritual - Alpha Omega Membership or Approved Application Required)
Grand Closing Ritual
Desert Moon Circle

*The great Mages Moina and S.L. MacGregor Mathers originally performed the Alpha Omega's "Rites of Isis" on the stage of the Theatre Bodiniere in Paris in March, 1899. This year, the Alpha Omega is proud to revive the Mathers' "Rites of Isis" in public performance.

Optional Local Sightseeing

Las Vegas
Tecopa Hot Springs
Death Valley National Park
Grand Canyon National Park


This is a drug-free, child-free*, glass-free, "leave no trace" gathering. The desert should look even better after you leave than it does now (*No minors allowed at the gathering due to 24/7 sky clad hot tub. No nudity allowed except in hot tub area though.)


$60 recommended donation to Isis Temple for the week long gathering. Cash upon arrival preferred.

Getting Here

For those coming from overseas or out of town, best arrive into Las Vegas McCarran International Airport on 4/5 and depart 4/13. We will send directions from LAS to AΩ Isis Temple closer to the date of the gathering.

You are advised to pre-book airport transfers (about $30 per person) from Las Vegas airport to the gathering grounds well in advance at  (775) 751-1111.

PLEASE NOTE: The views of traditions presenting at MagickAll are not necessarily those of the Alpha Omega. Participation in any ritual or lecture is completely voluntary. Attendees are welcome to participate in as many or as few lectures and ritual demonstrations as they like. The mission of MagickAll is to foster tolerance, patience, and understanding between religious faiths and Magickal traditions.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

21st Century Magick

by Alpha Omega Imperator
David Griffin

Anders Jarle Johansen recently wrote, over on Alpha Omega's new Facebook group, some kind words complimenting my character and leadership. I jokingly told him he should ask leaders of other Golden Dawn orders which GD order he should join, tell them he likes me, and then sit back and watch the fireworks!

Anders then replied:
"Interesting that when people run out of arguments in a discussion, they tend to go ad hominem on the opponent. In my view, that is not very constructive for a community that could otherwise thrive. And I believe it will, now that this becomes apparent through the discussion involving Desiree F. that has recently come to light. I for one, have made my decision about which order is the one for me. The AO with you at the helm."
Last weekend, when Desiree F. asked about the differences between various GD orders and said she had a favorably impression of me, the Facebook fireworks were as predictable the reaction to this article will be. Like always whenever I point out an uncomfortable truth, I will again be falsely accused of "attacking" other orders. Whether or not this means they will call me names again, this problem in the Golden Dawn community still needs addressing,

Today's spiritual aspirants have a wide diversity of Golden Dawn orders to choose from. The problem is most Golden Dawn orders fail to give the public any real information about what makes them unique. Instead, a whole group of GD orders still rely exclusively on "ad hominem" attacks on me to differentiate themselves.

The Alpha Omega, on the other hand, has worked hard and long to establish our UNIQUE mission, curriculum, and methods that set us apart from the undifferentiated Golden Dawn herd.

1. Our Mission

The Alpha Omega decided early on to make our primary mission "to make Magicians."  Astonishingly, some Golden Dawn leaders have chided me on Facebook because the Apha Omega's mission is so clearly defined. But every organisation has a mission and a public purpose. Why do leaders of esoteric orders think that having no purpose for their members is positive? Maybe their mission is to sell books? I can’t presume to know their intent, but they should share it once and for all and remove speculation.

2. Our Curriculum 

a. We in the Alpha Omega started already in 1999 to improve our curriculum to bring it more in line with our mission to make Magicians. Whereas the herd of Golden Dawn orders even today make students until the Inner Order to give them any real Ritual Magick instruction, the Alpha Omega teaches Ritual Magick immediately from day one. Why make aspiring Magicians wait 4 or 5 years with no real training?

b. We next added a vast amount of traditional Hermetic Magick and Alchemy to our curriculum that even today you find exclusively in the Alpha Omega.

3. Our Methods

a. We set out early on to improve our teaching methods and continue to strive to do so even today. In 2002 we opened our long distance training program and membership website, adopting the structure of an on-line university.12 year later, we remain the only Golden Dawn order to offer anything like this.

4. Continuing Improvement

Even today, the Alpha Omega continues to strive to improve both our CURRICULUM and our METHODS. We have come a long way since 2002 when we first opened Magickal training in our on-line academy, but the methods of on-line universities have evolved light years over the last decade as well. This is why we have a professional academic team working round the clock to once again revamp our curriculum to incorporate the latest breakthroughs in on-line education. The Neophyte grade of this new curriculum is already in beta-testing and will be ready for order wide release in 2014. We are very excited about this.

5. Our Spiritual Technology

Over the past two decades, many Golden Dawn orders have secretly introduced MYSTICAL spiritual methods into their teachings, like those of A.E. Waite's, Fellowship of the Rosy Cross. The ALPHA OMEGA, remaining true to our mission to make Magicians, continues to focus entirely on MAGICKAL spiritual technology.

Over the past year, the Alpha Omega has educated the public regarding the completely diverse and diametrically opposed spiritual methodologies employed by MAGICK vs. MYSTICISM. Some GD orders are mad as hornets about this, because they were trying to pass of MYSTICAL spiritual technology for MAGICK.

There is no reason why every Golden Dawn order should not to be transparent about what sort of spiritual technology they teach. There is room in the Golden Dawn community for a diverse set of orders, each with its own unique mission.

There are many people whose spiritual nature is primarily Mystical. Such individuals will find the most suitable training in A.E. Waite's Fellowship of the Rosy Cross, as revived inside the Secret College of SRIA. There are other individuals well suited for orders whose mission and teachings are geared to make Mystic-Magicians. Others still, are destined to become Magicians. Such individuals will find no better or more thorough training anywhere else than in the Alpha Omega.

6. Our Leadership

The only thing I really object to is when GD leaders try to pass off Mystical spiritual technology as Magick, or use defamation as a marketing tool rather of clearly stating their mission and public purpose. Spiritual aspirants deserve real leadership. They do not deserve evasiveness and fear-mongering.

So what makes the AΩ so unique?

What is it REALLY that distinguishes the Alpha Omega from the swarm of other Golden Dawn orders?

It is our MISSION, our METHODS, and our CURRICULUM that together give the AΩ our unique excellence.

Does this mean that the Alpha Omega the only "real" Golden Dawn order - or that we have any sort of monopoly on truth?

Of course not.

We do remain, however, until today the only Golden Dawn order with a clearly defined MISSION and that offers the public all the advantages of METHODS of modern, on-line Universities.

We are also very proud of our unique and ever-improving CURRICULUM.

So when it comes to YOUR spiritual development ...

What do YOU want?

Victorian teaching methods and an antiquated curriculum?

Or the excellence of the Alpha Omega?

(EU OHIM reg 000063925)
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®
Making Magicians - Since 1888

Click HERE to explore our Outer Order, undergraduate level Magical training program.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Legitimate Philosophical Debate in the Golden Dawn Community

by Alpha Omega Imperator
David Griffin

Yesterday, I attempted to reply on a Facebook group to aspirant Desiree Finkbeiner, who was asking about the difference between various Golden Dawn orders. I entered the discussion because i had been mentioned by name, and because Sam Scarborough was making inaccurate statements about the Alpha Omega.

The ensuing discussion involving Sam Scarborough, Nick Farrell and myself was the closest thing to genuine dialogue that we have seen in many years in the Golden Dawn community. Unfortunately, today moderator Nick Farrell erased the entire discussion and banned me from the group, posting a message completely misrepresenting what I  had written and accusing me of trying to play some sort of political one upsmanship?

Why does answering questions posed by potential students the real differences between one Golden Dawn order and the other need to be viewed as a bad thing or some sort of political oneupsmanship?

Should we as a community fear open, honest discussion about the differences between our various orders? There were a lot of good insights on the thread started by Desiree Finkbeiner who just innocently asked about the differences between all these orders. In my opinion, it is a shame that the entire discussion was removed by Nick Farrell. Such behavior is unfair to Desiree and others like her who want to know and deserve to know about the real differences between us. Moreover, Mr. Farrell has again repressed any legitimate debate in the Golden Dawn community.

Are we as a community not mature enough to have an open, civil dialogue about the legitimate differences between one Golden Dawn order and the other?

Prospective students legitimately want to know what these differences are. In fact, they DESERVE to know.

ARE there no real differences? Of course there are. 

Then what is so bad about coming clean about them in a direct, civil manner.

And why does legitimate dialogue about these things have to be interpreted as some sort of schoolyard "My order is better than your order" nonsense.

I think part of the problem is that some people in the Golden Dawn community feel that Mysticism is a pejorative term when it comes to the Golden Dawn. 

It is NOT.

There is a long history of very positive Mystical tendencies in our GD community. Just look at A.E. Waite's "Fellowship of the Rosy Cross" which completely surpressed Golden Dawn Magick in favor of Christian mysticism. Is there anything "inferior" about that to Mathers "Alpha Omega"?

Of course not! They are both very important and valid schools in their own right.

In reality, all orders have some Mysticism and some Magick. In both our philosophies and our methods, however, some orders are more Mystical and others more Magickal. There is nothing wrong with this. It is merely a question of unique philosophies and methods. All GD orders do not need to be clones of one another. In reality, we frequently do have divergent philosophies and methods. 

Should we be afraid of a civil, open, and honest dialogue about these things? 

Should all such discussion be stamped out by heavy handed moderation? Do aspirants not deserve better than this of our community?

Let's see if I can't make this point clearer with a few analogies a couple of steps removed from the Golden Dawn, so that our passions perhaps no longer cloud the issue.

Below are some analogies that I hope will make this point clearer.


Would you agree that all good medical people want the health of their patients?

Would you agree all good spiritual groups want the spiritual health of their members?

Would you agree that different groups claim to be in the medical field but have different approaches to health? For example, the DC, MD, DO, and Naturopathic doctor all want a healthy patient but approach it differently?

What is different? Their philosophy of medicine? Yes. Their methods? Yes.

Are the different approaches more appropriate for different people and their ailments? Seems so.

Is there a place for each approach? Seems so.

Are all of them "wrong" except one? Doesn't seem so. Can they all be right depending on the patient? Seems so.

Is the "right" approach fully dependent upon the patient? Seems so.

Should they be very clear to the patient the positive and negative aspects of their approach for that particular patient? Seems so.

Should the medical professional make their goal, methods, and philosophy VERY clear to the patient so he or she can make an informed choice? Seems so.

Is it for the patient to decide? Ultimately.


Would you agree there are different martial arts?

Would you agree they all want the same thing? No.

Unlike medical people, who have the same goal with different methods and philosophies, martial arts can have different goals, methods, and philosophies.

Can two martial arts have the same goal but different methods? Yes.

Is one martial art superior to another? Only in respect to a particular goal.

Should the student make sure their personal goal and the goal of the martial art are the same? Yes.

Should the martial art make their goal, methods, and philosophy VERY clear to the student so he or she can make an informed choice? Seems so.


The GD collectively seems to have the same purpose. What differs between orders are our philosophies and methods. A philosophy of Magick or Mysticism is just one such example. The same methods, driven by different philosophies, creates different results. The same philosophies with different methods creates different results.

If we in the Alpha Omega are focused on "Making Magicians," it demonstrates our philosophy. This mission also informs our approach to our methods.

The Marines and the Boy Scouts both go on hiking and camping trips, but their goals, philosophies, and methods are radically different. Yet, a statement that "Marines and the Boy Scouts both go on hiking and camping trips" is misleading for one that doesn't know the difference between a Marine and a Boy Scout.

For an order to say "We seek the spiritual growth of our members" is as informative as a hospital saying "We want our patients to be healthy." It implies that other hospitals want their patients to be sick (or at least don't care if they are healthy).


So what do I mean by divergent philosophies of Magick and Mysticism in the Golden Dawn community?

Immediately following the 1903 schism, William Butler Yeats wrote an article entitled "Is the Golden Dawn to remain a Magical order?" Ever since, a chasm has emerged between those in the Golden Dawn community who gravitate more towards Mysticism and those who gravitate more towards Magick. This has created fundamental differences between one Golden Dawn order and the other, which endure in our Golden Dawn community even until today.

This is natural, since Mysticism and Magick are two quite distinct spiritual paths. The primary difference between Magick and Mysticism lies codified in the actual methods of practice, together with the Mystical or Magical inclinations of the practitioner.

The Mystical path refers to the capacity and will of the practitioner to place oneself in a passive position in relationship to eternal Being and the forces of nature, which the Practitioner begins to invoke and pray to, so they may manifest and enlighten one, thus spiritually uplifting and exalting the practitioner. 

The Magical practitioner, on the other hand, does not place him or herself in a passive state towards natural and Divine forces, but rather in a positive state. Recognizing the Divine Spark inside oneself, the practitioner actively collaborates with Eternal Being rather than waiting for its manifestations.

In Mysticism, the practitioner expects Divinity to manifest itself, and to ascend the staircase that leads from below to on high aided by the Divine hand that takes us and leads us ever upwards.

Magic does not expect this, instead conquering the Inner Planes through one's own effort rather than through Divine aid. Thus, whereas the Mystical approach is one of submission, the Magician instead is a conqueror.

A perfect example of the Magical path may be found in the Mithraic Ritual deposited in Paris, which shows one such practice of divine Ascension of the Magical initiate. While rising towards Divinity to be received like a prodigal Son or Daughter, the practitioner greets the Gods as equals that gradually appear, not fearing them or subjugating oneself before them, but admonishing them and blandishing them with Magical words that open the gates of heaven.

Whereas Magick is based on knowledge, Mysticism is based on on ignorance in the literal sense of "ignoring" or "unknowing." In fact, one of the most important mystical texts in all of Christianity, The Cloud of Unknowing, speaks of making oneself obscure, humble and ignorant before the unmanifest - to remain there, in silence, gradually emptying oneself, while waiting for something or someone (God) to come and fill the void thus created.

Thus two completely different modalities become evident. Whereas the Mystic reflects the Divine light that is poured out upon him, the Magician generates this light, becoming an emitter himself. 

The foremost exponent of the Mystical path in the Golden Dawn was Arthur Edward Waite, who completely suppressed Magick in favor of Christian Mysticism in his Fellowship of the Rosy Cross and its Inner Order, the Rosa Rossa et Aureae Crucis (Rectified Rite). Waite's Fellowship of the Rosy Cross, reconstructed in recent years and open only to Christians, today remains the most Mystical order in the Golden Dawn community.

The foremost exponent of the Magical path in the Golden Dawn was S.L. MacGregor Mathers. Mathers understood that the Golden Dawn primarily as a Magical rather than a Mystical tradition. Over time the Magical spiritual path has become more and more pronounced in Mathers' Alpha Omega. The A.O. today remains the most Magical order in the Golden Dawn community, in that we teach Ritual Magick already from Day One.

Does this mean that the Alpha Omega is the only valid Golden Dawn order. Of course not. We are just a rose among roses. We do hold a unique place in our community, however, and our philosophy and methods are best suited for certain kinds of students.

There is nothing wrong with having a philosophy and methods similar to ours in the AO. There is also nothing wrong with having a very different philosophy and methods, as does the "Fellowship of the Rosy Cross." 

There is nothing wrong with having a philosophy and methods that lie somewhere between these two extremes. After all, like I said earlier, all esoteric orders have some Mysticism and some Magick.

I urge the leaders of all Golden Dawn orders to begin to set forth their own unique philosophies and to be transparent and forthcoming about the spiritual methods that they actually teach.

Aspirants like Desiree Finkbeiner, who had her legitimate questions unfairly erased by moderation, HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW.

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