Monday, August 27, 2012

History and Holocaust Denial: Ronald Hutton and "Peregrin Wildoak"

by David Griffin

Despite our order inviting the ENTIRE Golden Dawn community to join us in building peace and despite our offering to share new Golden Dawn teachings from the Secret Chiefs with the entire GD community at the upcoming Golden Dawn Peace and Harmony Pow Wow...

...Believe it or not -  the 20 year old Witch Hunt against our order unsurprisingly continues unabaited - with Peregrin Wildoak (who hides his real name to avoid prosecution for libel) again using "anonymous" Sock and Meat Puppets to attack our order. 

For the benefit of new readers:
"Peregrin Wildoak" is a Historical Revisionist: 
  1. who never uses his real name, hiding instead behind anonymity to avoid prosecution for libel 
  2. who denies that there was any Pagan Holocaust at all 
  3. who disputes that there were any Pagans ever killed by the Inquisition at all, and 
  4. who even disputes that there ever were any Pagan or Egyptian mysteries! 

"Peregrin," while hiding behind anonymity, has been one of the most venomous attackers of our order in the 20 year Witch Hunt waged on the Internet against the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the outer order of the Rosicrucian Order of the Alpha et Omega.

Historical Revisionist
"Peregrin Wildoak"
In a desperate and highly transparent bid to maintain strife in the Golden Dawn community, Peregrin is again using sock puppets - in a fruitless attempt to scuttle the upcoming Golden Dawn Peace and Harmony Pow Wow in order to continue the two decades old Witch Hunt against our order. Clearly, there are those who would stop at nothing to prevent peace and harmony in the Golden Dawn community!

Unsurprisingly, Peregrin's latest "anonymous" sock again sets up and knocks down the same straw man arguments we have witnessed Peregrin publish time and time again, this time misrepresenting statements I have made critical of the scholorship of Professor Ronald Hutton of Bristol University.

For the benefit of new readers, Peregrin and his various sock/meat puppets have been republishing "ad nauseum" the same tired propaganda talking points on this subject over and over for years now, yet Peregrin never addresses even one scholorly objection to his straw man arguments!

In other words, the real question here is:

"Why is the anonymous "Peregrin Wildoak" and his sock and meat puppets so obsessed with the subject of Pagan survival since antiquity?" 

This is a highly relevant question, considering Peregrin's claim to have allegedly abandoned Paganism to become a Buddhist convert, whereas Peregrin instead consistently writes as a Christian propagandist and has even bragged about being a Christian apologist. Add to this Peregrin's utter obsession with the subject of Pagan survival since antiquity in his writings, and something begins to smell as fishy as an outdoor fish market on a hot summer's afternoon.

To avoid confusion arising from Peregrin's socks' latest propaganda, below I repeat my "actual" objections to Prof. Hutton's scholorship in "Triumph of the Moon." I might add that Hutton has never addressed these criticisms, even though he has replied to several other issues I raised here.

Demigod Professor - Ronald "Q" Hutton

Triumph of the Moon is a monumental study for which Professor Hutton deserves accolades regarding the origins of Wicca in Southern England. However, Hutton clearly states in Triumph that the scope of his study is limited to Wicca in Southern England.

My primary objection is the manner in which Hutton, in later chapters of Triumph, makes sweeping generalizatioins about the lack of survival of elements of ancient Paganism in Continental Europe without providing a single shred of historical data to to back up such unprofessional statements, which completely violate the stated scope of Hutton's study.

That Hutton disproved the origin claims in antiquity of Wicca in BRITAIN is one thing. That he makes unsubstantiated, sweeping judgements on the rest of the European continent is quite another matter, however, especially when the scope of Triumph of the Moon was limited to Wicca in southern England. The greatest problem with Hutton, in my opinion, is that, in his anglo-centered world view, Hutton conflates Wicca with Witchcraft.

Secondly, if Hutton truly discounts "oral tradition," why does he rely so heavily on it in Chapter 20 of Triumph?

Finally, my most important objection to Triumph is the way that Hutton cites personal anecdote as though it were data. Hutton may be a respected historian, but he is not an anthropologist and lacks training in the rigors of the ethnographic method.

Had Hutton not violated the stated scope of "Triumph of the Moon" and had he not tried to play anthropologist by presenting personal anecdote and conjecture as though it were data, Triumph might have deserved the fauning praise it has gotten from the anonymous "Peregrin" and his various sock and meat puppets. Sadly, however, as a fatal flaw, Hutton violated several fundamental rules of academia in an otherwise fine study.

Regarding the actual survival of elements of Paganism since antiquity, Professor Paolo Portone, president of the CIRE institute of ethno-historical research, has shown in his article, "Aradia, Myth and Reality of Witchcraft," how the myth of the "evil witch" was made up by the Inquisition out of whole cloth from the remnants in Italy of the Pagan cult of Diana, the Lady of the Game, or Domina Ludi. Portone's argument is compelling, taken directly from the trials of Sibilla and Pierina before the Inquisitor of Milan, first in 1384 and then again in 1390.

Finally, I have several times suggested that historians of ancient Paganism have been looking in the wrong place for traces of elements of Pagan survival since antiquity, as they have never yet bothered to examine in this context in the texts and rich imagery of Hermetic alchemy!

Finally, an open message to the anonymous "Peregrin":
You are not fooling anyone. EVERYONE sees through your sock and meat puppetry.
Unlike you, I have no need to to hide behind fake names or the skirt tails of "anonymous" sock puppets. Unlike you, I use my REAL name. 
If I have something to say, Peregrin, I say it to your face like I am now, and I stand behind MY words like a man. Are you not man enough to take responsibility for YOUR words under YOUR real name? 
Or are you just afraid your GD students will call you on your stirring strife in the GD community yet AGAIN? 
In any case, you and your socks are the only ones still stiring strife in the GD community today. 
Keep it up, Peregrin, and you will share the same fate as Robert Zink, with your GD students voting with their feet. 
The time for Peace and Harmony in the Golden Dawn community is NOW, whether Peregrin Wildoak and his anonymous puppets like it or not. 
- David Griffin
99% of the Golden Dawn community wants peace and harmony and an end to 20 years of internet bullshit causing strife in the our community.  Don't miss the International Golden Dawn Peace and Harmony Pow Wow, March 29 - April 9, 2013 near Las Vegas, Nevada.

EVERYONE is invited - Even the 1% still attacking our order. What a great way to put strife behind us - by all sitting down, relaxing, and sharing together as brothers and sisters!

Come share a full week of good food, good company, and new magic released especially for this occasion by the Secret Chiefs of the Golden Dawn's Third Order! You can find complete Pow Wow details here.

We look forward to receiving you at Alpha Omega Temple.

Your Hosts,
David and Leslie Griffin

Friday, August 17, 2012

2013!!! International Golden Dawn Pow Wow for Peace and Harmony in the GD Community

April 5 - 15, 2013
Just Outside Las Vegas
in Pahrump, Nevada, "The New Old West"
View of Mt. Charleston from Pahrump

99% of all Golden Dawn Initiates and Adepts world-wide want peace and harmony in the Golden Dawn community. Nearly everyone is fed up with the negativity that has plagued our community for two decades now.

We here in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the AO are serious about promoting peace and harmony in the Golden Dawn community. Last year's International Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepti - with Adepts from 9 countries in attendance - was a huge success and a major step in the right direction. 

This year we are planning something even better for our community!

Last time we invited only Golden Dawn Second Order Adepts. This time we are inviting the ENTIRE Golden Dawn community to share a week of magic and brotherhood with us at Isis-Hathor temple in Pahrump, Nevada, near Las Vegas, from March 29 through April 9, 2013.

And, guess what? As an added bonus:

"The Secret Chiefs this year will release new teachings and magic for the Outer Order ...

... And we will share this with the ENTIRE Golden Dawn community at Pow Wow!"

That's right! Even Neophytes just starting with the Golden Dawn are welcome to attend Pow Wow and share in the new magic, no matter what order you belong to!

EVERYONE is invited, from lowest Neophyte even to the 1% of Golden Dawn leaders spreading negativity about us. We invite all Golden Dawn leaders everywhere to put negativity, fear, and mistrust behind, and join us instead in creating true and lasting peace in the Golden Dawn community. We do not need to agree about everything. If you need us to, we can even choose a better date...

But remember - your members too are as fed up with the same old negativity as HOGD and AO members are. Let's show the world together what the Golden Dawn is really made of! 

In addition to 10 days of good food, great lectures, and plenty of magic, we will also take in some of the local sights - from Las Vegas to Death Valley, Tecopa Hot Springs, Red Rock Canyon, and even the Valley of Fire. Please RSVP using the contact us link here and we will send you complete information including about local accomodations - from staying on temple grounds to nearby 5 Star luxury resorts.

Here are some photos from last years International Conclave, together with some of the sights nearby Pahrump:

Tiling Isis-Hathor Temple

A Few Adepts Repair the Vault Cieling

The Yeats Sash Returns to Ireland

European Adepts Relax at the Armagosa Opera House
Near Death Valley National Park

Artists Drive in Death Valley National Park

Devil's Corn Field in Death Valley National Park

Lady S. and her Viking Sword
Watch out boys!
Who Says Chivalry Is Just For Men?

Tecopa Hot Springs with David and Leslie Griffin

Red Rock Canyon State Park

Valley of Fire State Park

A Las Vegas Pagan Wedding
(with HPS Leslie and HP David Griffin Officiating)

PS - If anyone threatens you not to attend Pow Wow, ask why they are so against peace and harmony in the Golden Dawn community, as to actively impede rather than help in your spiritual development!

Imperator David Griffin
HOGD, AO, 33, 90, 96

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Little Schism That Wasn't

Produced by VH Fr. AA
Directed by VH Sr. VLR
Even in the wake of last week's death threat against Golden Dawn Imperator, David Griffin, and his wife, Leslie, the HOGD and its parent order, the Alpha Omega, continue to be misrepresented by the agents of SRIA (Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia), OR+C etc.

Of late there has been a big push towards claiming that there are schisms in HOGD/AO.  The repetition of the same claim does not make it any less false, but SRIA Agent Kalikun McSchism Troll has taken this repetition to a quite ludicrous level.  He has won the SRIA Troll of the Month Award for August 2012, and his FULL argument, minus any SRIA propaganda spin has been extracted and recreated word for word in this animated video...  it gives the SRIA argument in full detail!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

THE GOLDEN DAWN DEBATES: "Talismans and the Golden Dawn System of Magick"

Reconstructionists vs. Traditionalists

Nick Farrell: MOAA Reconstructionist Golden Dawn Leader, wrote:

"I just made a mercury talisman and was asked why it was yellow and not orange.  I used Beth, and the colour of the magician card. Their argument is that I should have used Hod colours. Practically we are both right... so has anyone been told a rule here."

Martin Thibeault: OGD Reconstructionist Golden Dawn Leader, wrote:

"Our main colour reference for 5=6 is the Minutum Mundum. In it the colours for elements, planets, and signs are those of the king scale of the paths while the colours of the sephiroth (which are not elements, planets, or signs but permutations of forces including these) are in the Queen scale. It is common for people to use a colour because one thing is associated to another, but in the GD, the planets have their own colour...separate from the Sephiroth. The Vault walls are a prime example of this. On the mercury wall of the Vault Yellow is the colour for mercury and orange of the Hod square would be mixed with that yellow for the Hod square on the mercury wall. The colours of the planets are not necessarily those of the sephiroth. The sephiroth represent a far most vast array of forces than just the planet found in their assiah aspect. Hod is therefore not mercury, rather mercury is but a minute aspect of Hod. So a mercury Talisman would definitely be yellow, not the same way a Hod Talisman would definitely be Orange, not yellow (unless we get into various theories on different worlds and their colours here)."

David Griffin: Imperator of the Traditionalist, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega, wrote:

"I definitely disagree with Martin Thibeault and here is the rule Nick Farrell has been searching for. When it comes to whether, using the Golden Dawn System of Magic, a Mercury talisman ought to be yellow (the color of the path on the Qabalistic Tree of Life attributed to Mercury) or orange (the color of the Sephiroth attributed to Mercury).

The correct answer lies in the nature of the energy patterns on the Tree itself, since the paths contain active, flowing energies in motion, whereas the Sephiroth themselves attract and contain energy at rest.

You will find the correct answer, as well as a complete color set of finished Golden Dawn talismans and instructions how to use them in The Ritual Magic Manual, the definitive Golden Dawn Grimoire I released back in 1999.

The simple answer is:

"It depends what you wish to accomplish with the talisman."

Does your intention involve attracting a magical force or does it involve projecting it?

If your magical intention involves attracting a force, then you should use the color of the Sephirah corresponding to the planet, since Sephiroth attract force into themselves.

If your magical intention involves projecting a force, you should use the color reference of the Planet on the corresponding path on the Tree of Life, since the paths are active and represent force in motion.

Talismans from the Ritual Magic Manual

Most importantly. Please don't simply take my word for this! Remember:

"Facile answers breed both facile minds...
...and mediocre magicians!"

Experiment with each arrangement for yourself!...
...then make up your OWN mind what is most effective based on your own experience.

I invite readers here to share your experiences with using talismanic magic here on The Golden Dawn Blog in the comments section below." -David Griffin

FRATERNAL DEBATE: "What is the difference between Traditional Golden Dawn and Reconstructionism?"

by Sincerus Renatus

Golden Dawn Reconstructionist, Pat Zalewski, recently wrote:

"I was having a chat today with another GD'er on the Inner Order teachings of some temples which brought up some interesting viewpoints. discussion we talked about the two methods of obtaining GD teachings which essentially is from your own efforts and experience in the GD or bringing in some other orders material en block. It simply depends on the development of the temple or people concerned. If you follow the Mathers pattern of the subgrades (also Portal and 5=6)the elemental rituals then it is unlikely that newer material would explain these ritual levels, especially godforms, diagrams and movement patterns etc.

"However the GD was develop to allow for a growth patterns within the adepts to have the ability to create this material and keep creating it as more inner order members go through the system and add their own input. Now C. has done this, Open Source has done this, Nick has done this and my guys have done this along with many other GD temples. That is the true beauty of the orders teachings in allowing you to create this from 5=6 and up. Its allows different temples to explore different areas. All you have to do is think back 30 years ago in the GD when 5=6 was considered the ultimate and Regardie's books the pinnacle of GD development. With technology being what it is now and the what is likely over the next 30 years much of the material we are doing in individual temples will be leaked to other groups and there will most likely an amalgamation of sorts.

"Now when you bring in other material en block then all of this growth and development that you wish to experience will be bypassed- unless this new material looks at the subgrades from the GD ritual viewpoint and follows the frame work of each level explaining the ritual of previous levels.

"I sincerely wish all those GD temples out there the best of luck and activelyencourage them to start writing their own material for the sub grades and up, including their own rituals above the 5=6."

Golden Dawn Traditionalist, Sincerus Renatus, replied:

These are typical talking points of Pat Zalewski, that the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and its parent order, the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega somehow use "other Orders'" materials. In reality, our order's advanced teachings area not more "other" than the 2nd Order is to the 1st Order. I know for a fact that the new teachings explain external theurgical formula using internal formulas; there is a direct connection and lineage. Thus what the 3rd Order of the A.O. teaches is the crowning of the so-called "Golden Dawn system of Magic" as published by Regardie, et al.

Pat Zalewski is gravely mistaken if he thinks that it is possible to extract higher teachings which will work magically and alchemically from what may be gathered from the published 1st and 2nd Order material. Some may be extracted for sure but the effects on the inititate is marginal from a pure magical / alchemical / energetic level.

There exist 3rd Order formulae from which the 2nd Order formulae derived. The only possible way to receive these teachings is to become inititate into them. This requires a 3rd Order initiate, or what is commonly referred to as a "secret chief". This is the traditional way, and this is the ONLY possible way as well. Any other ways are but "reconstructed" and leads to a dead end, or a pure intellectual exercise, which has no actual significance in the Great Work of transmutation of Man.

Alpha Ωmega Mystery School Livestream