Friday, July 27, 2012

"Death Threat," The Golden Dawn Saga - Episode 14

by David Griffin

What I am about to reveal may shock and astonish you ... 
Let me first remind you once again that The Golden Dawn Saga is a TRUE story - told not by a yellow journalist - but by the Imperator of the world's largest and most influential Golden Dawn order... 
This is the story of the struggle of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega and our outer order, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn to remain FREE and INDEPENDENT - a shining beacon of light for those seeking spiritual evolution.
This is also the story of the shadowy world hidden behind the Golden Dawn - a world so strange and so corrupt that certain of those involved would stop at nothing to prevent you from hearing the rest of this saga. From the beginning, I was aware of the dangers involved in shining a light on uncomfortable truths ...
Still, nothing could have prepared me for the events that have transpired since I began the revelations of The Golden Dawn Saga ...
Since I began revealing the secrets of The Golden Dawn Saga months ago, I have received numerous DEATH THREATS.
At first, this did not really surprise me, considering the explosive nature of certain revelations of The Golden Dawn Saga, expecially those not yet been released until now. In recent weeks, however, the threats have become more frequent and more credible.
In light of these recent developments, I have taken a number of important precautions, at the insistence of Adepts of the Alpha Omega.
I will obviously not be commenting in public on actual security arrangements made by the order, other than that I have postponed all official public appearance for the order for the time being. 

I will, however spell out for the record that the following precautions that have indeed already been taken.
1. Clear lines of succession in the leadership of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and its parent order, the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega have been established and documented in a certified letter deposited in several places, to be opened only in the event of my untimely death.
2. My will and testiment have been emended, to reflect that the Isis-Hathor Temple and Retreat Center will remain at the disposition of the order even should the worst indeed occur.
3. Legal arrangements have been made, so that the trademarks held by our order will remain protected for the Alpha Omega in the event of my untimely death.
And - most importantly ... 

4. A complete dossier of documents concerning future revelations in the Golden Dawn Saga has been preserved in several safe places. 
"In the event of my untimely death, the ENTIRE dossier will be published immediately and all at once - Wikileaks style!"

To be continued ...


  1. "Clearly the SRIA McGoldenDawn propaganda trolls are getting more and more desperate. They are now desperately grasping for straws in their ongoing Witch War against the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and its parent order, the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega.

    SRIA/McGD defamation troll, Joseph Kalikun wrote:

    Hi Morgan
    On the AO blog Fra LES has stated that Mathers was expelled by the Third Order twice. He doesn't say from 'what' he was expelled - 2nd or 3rd Order. I imagine this has an important impact and implications or those claiming alleged lineage from Mathers.

    I haven't started reading my copy of Bridge over Water, but is there anything in the book that speaks to this issue?

    I'm particularly interested in the fact the Ahathoor No 7 recently closed down and the AO European HQ transferred to the USA. As yet no information about this matter appearson the AO website.

    Speaking recently with some Parisian Freemasons they say that to affirm that one is associated with the French GD-AO is concidered a source of embarassment in esoteric circles. They cite the offical AO blog as a likely cause, with Ahathoor wanting to distance itself from the parent group especially because of the official public showing of the 0=0 video on YouTube. Alatheia had mentioned that another AO Temple had been set up to operate in Paris, but details at present seem very sketchy."

  2. There is nothing sketchy at all and McKalikun knows this very well. It is right there on our Temples page on all of our websites. We continue to be affiliated with an traditional Golden Dawn temple in Paris that operates under the jurisdiction of the AOMR and we also operate a traditional GD temple in Montpelier under the direct jurisdiction of the AO. We are also developing a Franch language cyber-temple. Ahathoor Temple no. 7 has suspended activity as Jean-Pascal Ruggiu is busy with another project. We will not revive that temple without his leadership our of respect for Jean-Pascal who remains an Adept in good standing in the AO, although he has stepped down from all leadership roles while developing a new order in France. Despite McKalikun feigning ignorance, we have been over and over all of this many times before.

    There is nothing about the Alpha Omega that is an embarrassment to anyone, except to the SRIA, the OR+C, and their McGoldenDawn puppets, since they have tried to destroy the AO for two decades now and they have failed abysmally. In fact, it is the SRIA and their McGD agents like McKalikun that are an embarrassment to the entire Golden Dawn traditon as well as to the wider esoteric community.

  3. V.H. Soror S.L.V.July 28, 2012 at 11:05 PM

    The Montpellier temple is ruled by the cancellaria of the Ahathör temple n°7. The flame of Ahathöor will always shine in darkness.L.V.X.

  4. V.H. Soror S.L.V.July 29, 2012 at 1:37 AM

    (I apologize in advance as english is not my first language. Some sentences may look french to english translation)
    I may understand that the McGD paparazzi are hungry about news about the Ahathöor temple n°7 of Paris. They jump on any sketchy gossip that these too much talkative Parisian Freemasons may produce from their imagination.

    Shall not this lack of news create bitterness between all of us.

    Some people see the videos as a shame, i see them as a gift from a hardcore working temple of Golden Dawn Adepts.
    More hardwork was asked but it was too much for some who choose a more appropriate way for them.

    I respect their choice and wish them a good way.

    The Ahathöor temple have moved to Montpellier, the highest place of Alchemy in the XII century. There in his University were graduated famous Alchemist Authors: Albert le Grand, Roger bacon, Arnaud de villeneuve, Michel de Nostre Dame (Nostradamus), Rabelais and Erasme. Here in this mystic place, the Athanor of Ahathöor is burning far from the eyes of the curious. We practice local classes of Practical Magic twice per month. In the fully consecrated Vault of the Adepts is performed teaching and rituals given by the secred chiefs. These teachings was offered for anyone who attended the Conclave of the Adepts previous march.
    We work and we pray.
    We are doing hardcore research for advancaed enochian chess, Ritualistic tarot, practical magic, alchemical astrology. I hope one day we shall be able to publish some of our work but we wait the the Golden Dawn Comunity be more open minded for Traditional Golden Dawn Current as William Winn Westscot and S.L. MacGregor Mathers have given birth one century ago.

    I invite any likeminded adepts to work with the Alpha and Omega and join their lights to the Higehst Divine light. Together we shall be more than the sum of individuality.

    May the Ahathöor temple graduate the next famous Authors of the Traditional Golden Dawn Comunity of the future.

    Lux in Extensionem.

  5. Well said, VH Cancellarius S.L.V. of the Ahathoor Temple No 7!

    Your appearance here is much appreciated, as your words come straight from the horse's mouth, putting silence to malicious gossip spread by SRIA troll McKalikun and his gossipy Freemasonic cronies in Paris.

    Indeed, such defamation and cronyism is typical of the SRIA Witch Hunt against the Alpha Omega. Clearly, the SRIA and their McGoldenDawn puppets shall always seek to either control or destroy our order.

    Thank you for stepping forth and ending the defamation this time around.

    You, like all of your Alpha Omega Fratres and Sorores, are living proof that there is still chivalry in the world. This stands in stark contrast to SRIA and their McGD puppets who seek power, domination, and control, exploiting the spiritual thirst of asperants rather than nourishing them with abundant waters of the mysteries.

    Like all of your Sisters in the AO, you are living proof that chivalry is not merely a masculine value.

    It is inspiring to see you don your armour and take the field, bearing the standards of the Alpha Omega, to protect our order from British invaders in France, as did Joan of Arc before you.

    I salute you Sister for your chivalry! It is such chivalry, from our Sorores as well as Fratres, that sets the Alpha Omega apart from the merely Golden Dawn.

    Like Joan of Arc before you, you set a shining example for us all!

    1. V.H. Soror S.L.V.,

      Let us recall that the SRIA and their puppets leading GD groups threatened their Adepts with expulsion if they partook of the teachings from the Secret Chiefs at our recent conclave.

      I am so happy that the most worthy Adepts among them no longer suffer under such totalitarian tyranny, having been received into the Secret College of the AO, their secrecy of their membership protected by TRADITIONAL oaths of secrecy.

      Thus the would be tyrants are exposed for what they truly are - paper tigers!

  6. Well said VH Soror S.L.V. - the specifically French Esoteric Current has its own unique cultural power, and values Traditional teachings and ways of work. It is not for no reason that the Secret Chiefs have often invigorated the Western Mysteries using France as their platform, for She is constitutionally so very open to the essence of the Rose!

    SRIA has meddled in French Occultism in general for as long as it has sought to control Golden Dawn.

    Together we stand. Our Lineage is firm. They shall not pass!

  7. Alpha Omega and AOMR will strive to keep France Free and Independent of SRIA tentacles, and their Masonic buddies will also find that there continue to be 1000's of French and Continental Freemasons who are never going to yield to SRIA pressure.

    Sith Kalicun has in fact twisted the words of those his masters spoke to, in order to further his distortions in service to that twisted and hateful agenda.

    By nature the French Current values privacy very highly, and there are indeed those who were taken aback by the publication of the video. It was not the usual "French way" but it was a necessary step for Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

    We are after all an International Order, and the needs of the whole are important, especially now, in the midst of SRIA's greatest push for hegemony in the last 100 years!

    There is certainly no embarrassment in being a part of GD/AO in France, but there is embarrassment that the fight with SRIA is forcing some Traditionalists in French Occultism to become more visible. The embarrassment is that SRIA made inroads into France while Traditionalists kept their doors and windows shut and continued their Hermetic Way in blessed privacy, as usual.

    Many in France prefer to assume that the storm will blow over eventually, and that they will not be harmed by the madness outside.

    This is an almost Taoist-like approach to surrounding conflict, but as in the case of Tibet with respect to China, it can end in nasty shocks.

    We can only wish the silent majority well in their Work, as always... but there are those of us who must take up our Swords and defend the Rose, on ALL fronts, and in all countries.

    If that means that we must endure the discomfort of visibility on occasion, then so mote it be.

    We fight so that ALL may remain free of SRIA aggressors and their Dark Hand!

    1. Darth Kalikun is seriously misrepresenting our presentation of salient aspects of Golden Dawn ritual on YouTube. What he omits is how carefully edited the videos were, so as to contain only pieces of ritual that are common also with the rituals of the GD and Stella Matutina already published over and over beginning with Crowley and Regardie.

      Or perhaps, as a sign of abysmal ignorance, SRIA Lord Kalikun, simply has not noticed that not one single piece of ritual unique to the Mathers recension of AO ritual was included in those YouTube videos. Indeed, the only thing new in those videos was the dramatic presentation itself, as everything in them had already been published over and over ad nauseum by his SRIA cronies and their McGD agents.

      This is something entirely different than what SRIA Lord Darth Farrell has done in attempting to destroy the Alpha Omega by deliberately profaning our secret rituals and mysteries, defaming our founder, spreading false cult rumors, and trying to rewite out history, followed by his SRIA and OR+C cronies trying to whitewash and deny the Pagan Holocaust in the service of their anti-Semitic and anti-Pagan "Trinitarian Christians only" agenda!

  8. What is Sith Kalikun wittering on about? This has been covered on this Blog SEVERAL times now!

    I guess SRIA does not like the answers given and hopes to undermine them by claiming that they were never given, and continually asking the same questions.

    Sorry to disappoint you guys, but unlike you we give the honest answers then stick to them, so you will not catch us out changing our tune by this technique.

    What you are doing is a species of Interrogation - the suspect is asked over and over and over again to repeat the same perspective in an effort to break the false story.

    You assume that everyone else in the community is like YOU - this is classic Projection. You see only liars and distortions of truth to all sides. This is YOUR world, not ours.

    So please, keep asking the SAME questions, and we will continue to point out your warped agenda.

  9. It appears that Kalicun is implying that the airing of the 0=0 ceremony is somehow an affront to some because of a breach of protocol or secrecy.

    Choosing to display your own work is the perrogative of those doing the work, under the proper guidance and for the correct reasons.

    On the other hand, publising others' active working rituals without their consent, such as the Farrell publications, IS an affront and is damaging.

    Does anyone else see the irony here? If we choose to share a portion of our work, it is looked at askance; however, the publishing of our rituals by others, without consent, is somehow necessary and beneficial?

    I am very happy that VH Cancellarius S.L.V. of the Ahathoor Temple No 7 appeared here to shed the light of truth on this matter.

  10. What these McGD trolls don't understand is that there is something far great going on in our order than merely what any single adept is bringing. Not to diminish what you have given us LeS but I think you would agree, the Great Work hasn't only be revitalized in the AO but is shinning with ever great brilliance as each day passes.

    By silencing a person, these McGD trolls only strengthen the entire order and the work we do. It is quite simple for even a lowly student like me of no adepthood to see. Having talked with numerous adepts and students; it is quite easy to see. These McGD goons see it too, and that is what scares them. Our resolve is too great and our work too sacred to be bested by the hubris of men. We stand for something more. True SPIRITUAL adepthood with the goal to transcend the shackles that bind us all.

    I wish you safe passage and the safe passage of those close to you LeS. What you have done for us and the order is beyond words. Be safe my friend.

  11. Many good people serving the Rose this night! Blessings upon you all!

  12. There is a complete lack of grasp, at even the minutest shred, of a hint of the most subtle outline, of anything that could be qualified in the wildest of imaginations as Spirituality in their slimy culture of Death Threats.

    Those who are truly a real and present danger, have evidently completely lost the plot - if they ever had it in the first place.

    None of this frightens AO Adepts. Fear of Hell and Fear of Death are for the manipulable.

    None of this will divert the Future... it is coming, and those who choose to dwell in the cesspools of filthy intentions have only one thing to await them - their own abysall reflections.

    Whoever these sad little people are with their sad little vendettas... they have only themselves to look forward to... for the HGA has long since abandoned them.

    Cut down one, and expect 50 more to arise in its place little men!

    1. You have my sincerest compassion for the hell you must be experiencing.

    2. @ Anonymous

      Thank you for your love and compassion. Such sentiments have been echoed over and over in private emails from all across the Golden Dawn community.

      At times like these we so most clearly that there is no real polarization and division in our community.

      It is only a handful of very noisy bad apples who keep stirring strife. All of the good brothers and sisters of the TRUE Golden Dawn community keep working in silence and merely turn a blind eye to the hate filled antics of their leaders being manipulated by SRIA from behind the scenes.

      Rest assured, brothers and sisters, we in no way blame you for the behavior of only a few bad apples who have wormed their way into positions of leadership.

  13. Joseph McKalikun just posted another long screed claiming that he is not an SRIA member, then posting another bottomless sack of misrepresentations and speculations about the internal affairs of our order.

    Regarding the first, it is standard procedure for SRIA/McGD operatives to deny their affiliation with either SRIA or the other party of the settlement agreement, so this denial means absolutely nothing.

    In the second regard, Joseph, please get this straight:

    "The internal affairs of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and its parent order, the Rosicrucian order of Alpha Omega are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. For someone who claims not to be involved in any way, you certainly are obsessed with our order!"

    So, now you can go back to the playground and play with your marbles instead of making up stories about what the big kids are doing!

  14. Josef McKalicun is baiting the blogosphere and is on a fishing expedition.

    Graciously, he was provided with an explanation regarding the matters he is attempting to fan into a flame. But being the Sith like being that he is, the answer was not really what he was looking for, as evidenced by his further ridiculous speculations about the inner workings of the AO. Instead, SRIA McGd Sith petty officer McKalicun passive aggressively makes snide comments and questions on another blog.

    There is no honor in such conduct.

  15. Sith Kalikun the McTwo-Faced sqwalks... and still twists the words! There Is No Schism, you slimy little toad!

    The answers have been given, and given, and given, and you STILL attempt to question the integrity of the responses, even from the Cancellaria of Ahathoor herself!

    Enough already. Go get a life!

  16. McKalicun and MaybeMcMorgan are apparently trying a tag-team approach in their big-time fantasy world. We may be witnessing the start of MaybeMcMorganMania 2012 featuring MeatPuppetMcKalicun.

    Your words REPEATEDLY do not match your actions.

  17. The issue with a shooting war is that once one man is down, the violence escalates and soon there are bullets flying to all sides. While each side may later call for moderation, once it starts it is a hard thing to stop.

    There are no doubt serious people on both sides with military backgrounds and friends who they could call on.

    This sounds to me like someone would like to create carnage for all concerned. It would not serve the long term goals of ANYONE inside this community!

    Actually it is a somewhat insane threat from many perspectives.

    We may be "enemies" ideologically, but nobody should be going through what you are going through, and anyone who says otherwise is just a scumbag.

    1. @ Anonymous

      Thank you for your kind words. You are quite correct that this latest nonsense is actually an assault on the ENTIRE Golden Dawn community.

      I have been trying to reason with those who keep attacking our order for two decades now. Such nonsense indeed hurts the ENTIRE Golden Dawn community and not just the Alpha Omega.

      Although we have defended ourselves both in the courtroom as well as our reputation on the internet, we have also reached out to these people over and over for years. We have launched one Golden Dawn harmony initiative after the other. In reply, they spat in our faces and intensified the defamation.

      We even offered to share the advanced Second Order teachings form the Secret Chiefs for the grades and sub-grades above Theoricus Adeptus Minor with them by inviting Adepts from the ENTIRE Golden Dawn community to our International Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepti last March. In response, they threatened their Adepts with expulsion if they attended!

      The problem lies not with the Golden Dawn comunity itself. We could all get along just fine if only left alone.

      The problem lies instead with the scheemers that hide like cockroaches in dark places. That have silently and secretly seized control of one Golden Dawn order after the other using trademarks and dusty archival documents (that really say nothing new) as both carrot and stick, while waving the false image of an Alpha Omega boogie man to frighten them like little children into submission.

      I have often heard misguided individuals suggest that Alpha Omega should simply "turn the other cheek."

      The notion that it is somehow "Unspiritual" to defend oneself when attacked is a mistaken notion. This is not the way of nature, where even animals are given genetic traits to aid in their defense.

      Instead of "turning the other cheek," in the real magical world what is important is something that has nearly been lost in the world today, and that our attackers do not even begin to understand...


      Thus, although the Alpha Omega is forced to struggle for its very survival, what distinguishes the Initiates and Adepts of the AO is that we fight only in our defence, and even then, according to a highly spiritual code of CHIVALRY.

      We are sworn to protect the spiritual aspiraions of those seeking to evolve energetically and to become more than human.

      We shall not allow Dark usurpers, who seek to control the Golden Dawn merely for power and domination, to subvert this pure aspiration of souls and to deceive aspirants only to dominate and deceive them.

      In regard to the latest developments, this is not by any means the first time that I have received death threats. It is, however, the first time that there is solid evidence that this latest threat may well be real.

      I am pleased to say that my family is safely tucked away at an undisclosed location, and that the Rose of the mysteries of the Alpha Omega is completely protected by the nobility of purpose and chivalry of the Initiates and Adepts of the AO, who have together raised an impenetrable magical wall of protection around our egregore, our Vault of the Adepti, and - bless them all - yes, even my family.

      Such is the CHIVALRY that is Alpha Omega! I

      In moments of peril and trial, the Fratres and Sorores of the AO raise the ramparts of our castle like Knights of olde, and though we are under seige by an implacable enemy...

      We stand TOGETHER - tall and proud - in defence of the ROSE of our mysteries, and we cry out together with one UNITED voice...





      Such is the CHIVALRY and code of honor that distinguishes Alpha Omega from the merely Golden Dawn!

  18. SO SAY WE ALL!

  19. So say we all!

    Thank you, my brothers and sisters, for all of your support and magical protection. I have been moved to tears many times in recent days by the love I feel coming from each and every one of you.

    I must admit that this entire situation is wearing on me than it is on David, who my a rock of stability in this storm.

    This too shall, pass, and one day I will declare with pride that I was there by the side our Imperator while Alpha Oegan weathered the Dark storm.

    Thank you, each and every one of you. You have no idea how much your love means to me.

    In this, my hour of trial, I feel the protection of our unbroken circle, as I hear your cry in magical defence of the mysteries of Alpha Omega:

    "For the ROSE!"
    You are, all of you, an indpiration to the entire esoteric community, l and I will never forget all of your love and support.

    I look forward to one day very soon, when we shall gather together again at the table of sister/brotherhood and celebrate together inside our Vault of the Adepti.

    And I promise you, that even should David and I fall, you shall gather together there, even without us, and celebrate with others even more capable than we.

    Rest assured, we are safe and well!

    VH Soror DIA - Leslie McQuade Griffin

    1. To the assassins:

      You shall never destroy the AO. Even if you cut off our head, 50 more will grow in his place.

    2. Thank you, my beloved Soror DIA, for your words. Leslie has been my light, my love, and my inspiration through all of this.

      "For the ROSE!"

    3. So say we all.

      For the rose!

    4. You will not fall.

  20. The following series of posts are a short response to the Sith-talker McKalikun, who has for some time now been spreading his "rumours" and suppositions in an effort to create false impressions in the minds of readers the world over. It is instructive to note the way of the sly-tongue, for it is ever to be encountered sucking up to the Dark Ones through efforts at spreading lies and fostering ignorance. Though it may offend your eyes to look upon it, it is still better to shine a light on it here... that ye may be forewarned...

  21. McKalikun - July 31, 2012 8:45 AM

    "… My denial of membership to SRIA or SRIAm (because I don't belong to any Masonic Obedience recognised by the Grand Lodge of England) add also to that ORC, by a strange twist of logic means I am a member of these bodies..."

    There are also outer courtyards to these bodies, as you well know.

    Why have do you written in support of them and followed their specific guidance notes at each twist in their campaign if you are in no way affiliated?

    The issue is the one stated – “frankly, that IS what they all say.”

    Are you really so pig-ignorant of the history of this matter, or just pretending to be? The other party to the settlement agreement has been using back-doors and agents for decades now (as the Judge said), why should the controlling SRIA stop now?

    Since you bark like a dog, and you look like a dog, maybe you really ARE a dog…

    1. I am utterly dumbfounded that, with everything else that is happening right now, both Morgan Eckstein and Joseph Kalikun continue to attack the Alpha Omega on the internet with the same old SRIA misrepresentation and defamation attack points that SRIA trolls have been spouting over and over for decades.

      Normally, this would just be par for the course for the SRIA trolls.

      But under the circumstances, with my wife in hiding traumatized by death threats against our family, such behavior is beyond outrageous.

      Have these men no hearts at all?

  22. So say we all, for the rose!

    Peace be to those who wish us harm. For they do greater harm to themselves than they can ever to we.

    1. Let the Mirror be as merciless as the Desert Sun.

  23. McK: "How might one then interpret the statement 'I am not a Secret Chief of the AO'?"

    Ha ha ha!!! You are joking, right? No, you certainly don’t sound or look like one of those! Why not answer one of the questions posed if you care to start making claims like that?

    McK: "Trying to establish some historical information, whether the current modern 20th Centuary version Ahathoor Temple is in abeyance in Paris, or has now been moved to Montpelier and is/to be reactivated as suggested by the Cancellarius of that Temple."

    Why not just read the blog? – All this is already there, answered. Why DO you keep demanding it be re-answered over and over ad nauseam?

    Is this a special version of SRIA propaganda point: Just keep asking until your readers start to believe that there is information not yet forthcoming?

    There is nothing new to add - you are just behaving like a silly child who doesn't want to be sent to bed and keeps saying "just 5 more minutes!"

  24. McK: "Is this with or without Jean Pascal Ruggui 'in the Chair'? Maybe the Imperator was not aware of the transfer of Ahthoor's location?"

    WHAT? Get real. That is just beyond silly. Of COURSE the Imperator was aware… do you actually know how HOGD functions? That such a step should happen without prior communication would indeed be schismatic… but no, don’t get your hopes up.

    1. Or maybe the French simply like to go on about their business without feeling obligated at all to brief the SRIA trolls on their every move!

      And maybe the Imperator of the AO, unlike SRIA and McGD trolls, actually respects the right to privacy of others.

    2. Yes. Maybe they like privacy. Maybe they didn't like seeing themselves on youtube either.

  25. McK: "That's the problem with having the European HQ in the USA rather than in Europe. As Ahathoor is the AO Mother Lodge, what might that mean if it is 're-activated' in South of France? Does the powerbase returns back to Europe from the USA, under the French Juristiction?"

    You are creating National issues where none exist. That won’t work for you either. This is an INTERNATIONAL Order, and the schisms you would so love to create will simply not be happening.

    1. Again, the complete lack of compassion of men like Kalikun is astonishing under the circumstances.

      For goodness sake, even Romney and Obama both had the common sense to put their political bickering aside for a few days out of respect for those who lost their lives in Aurora.

  26. McK: "The I'm told on their blog that the internal affairs of the AO are NONE OF MY BUSINESS. Strange that one is inhibited from speculating on information made available to the Public Domain by LES and other adepts of the AO on the current Ahathoor situation."

    It was only due to such speculation that the information was ever made available. Why? Due to the distortions of the reality of certain matters already being promulgated at that stage by people like yourself.

    If we look closely at what you are doing right now, we can see just how wise we were to head this one off at the pass already back then.

    You are not “just” speculating – you are attempting to damage our International reputation by claiming that there are divisions within. You are fully aware of what you are doing and this “poor little me” tone is disingenuous BS.

    You will fail to create divisions where there are none.

  27. McK: "Those of us who have an interest in GD history, cannot avoid thinking about these developements, even though the AO may want them to disapear from the consciousness of the wider GD Community"
    Really? So you are a historian now? So why don’t you just wait and see what develops? Lodge details are openly published on the Order website.

    Why would we want our Work to vanish from the consciousness of the wider community we serve? That is not what we are here to do. We are not attempting to do anything of the sort!

    1. What Kalikun actually demonstrates above is how deep and heartless the hatred of SRIA and their trolls truly is.

      They are showing themselves incapable of the slightest love or even a modicum of compassion.

      They have only hatred to heap on Alpha Omega - no matter what the circumstances - even with what has just happened to my family.

    2. What they are is cold, heartless bastards.

    3. On the contrary, I rather think we are providing a rather full history of the matter, posting the words of our detractors as well as our own responses.

      Where is your transperency?

      Ours is right here before your eyes.

      Oh and of transparency - still that embarassing, deafening silence about: 0=0, the ORC topic or any of the other simple questions we have been waiting for answers to for months now.

      Seems strange to be demanding repeated and repetitive clarifications over and again, when the most simple answers are not forthcoming from you.

  28. McK: "One might then argue that what people write on other non-AO blogs is NONE OF AO's BUSINESS."

    There is rather a difference to be made. As we have said so many times – if you leave us well alone then we will leave you alone.

    We are not seeking out what you write to misrepresent and attack YOUR Work – we are RESPONDING to everything you write against us… a truly FUNDAMENTAL difference.

    Put simply – attack us, and you make it our business – period.

  29. McK: "If we engage with AO we're called Trolls, Sith Lords, puppets of Dark Rosicrucians etc... If we ignore them they say 'the Silence is Deafening'."

    “Engage with” – don’t make me laugh! Your constant lies and manipulations are hardly to be characterized as an attempt to ENGAGE – that is done by honest communication, not by the tireless repetition of propagandic talking points.

    And yes – why DOES SRIA/ORC gather under the Sign of the Black Cross, and why doesn’t your supposed Third Order of Trinitarian Christians answer the most basic of questions about the Spirituality of 0=0?

    The Silence IS deafening!

    You ignore the questions that show how weak you are, while applying typical Sith methods in your manipulations.

    (Your above couplet was a classic case in point – empty rhetoric. Pure Sith propaganda-speak.)

    BTW – What about that extremist ORC Manifesto – don’t you think that your failure to “engage” with that question is making a loud statement?

    DEAFENINGLY loud we think!

  30. McK: "Sounds like a house divided, hence my speculation of an impemding schism emerging out of the AO Egregore."

    No. It does not. Your words however both sound and look like a man out to create as much damage as he can by his dishonest words.

    By the way – welcome to “GD History” – you are now a part of it. We trust that you are proud of the example you are setting.

    The idea of a schism spreading under the watch of the Third Order is actually quite laughable. You evidently do not grasp the dynamics between a genuine Third Order and the Second and First Order administrations.

    The Lineage depends from the Third Order - much as it hurts your ego to be reminded of that fact.

  31. Dear David and Leslie

    YOu have my sympathese and support for the situation that you are in. No one, their loved ones or property should be threatened in such a vile way. I hope that the Police Authorities catch this perpetrator as soon as possible.

    Best wishes

    Josef Kalicun

  32. MaybeMorgan writes: July 31, 2012 1:17 PM

    "Griffin and HOGD/AO: And how exactly do you think that your misrepresentations of me and my motives are going to help you and your cause? -- Morgan"

    What is there to misrepresent? You as much as any have long since nailed your colours to the Tree. From the McFarrell polemic onwards you have been a tireless supporter of SRIA lies.

    We have no need to speculate on your motives – that would be a waste of our time when we have your words and actions to go on.

    1. @MaybeMorgan - Perhaps you would care to clarify what your motives actually are then?

      So far it has been most unclear.

  33. This is indeed an attack on us all. We may hotly disagree on many things, but for those of us who are genuine GD and/or AO aspirants, this arises out of how much we love our Path, not out of how much we hate another.

    David and Leslie, may you draw strength from the support of ALL that are true to the Spirit of Golden Dawn and Alpha Omega.

    Whoever the source(s)of this debased threat they are utterly beneath contempt.

    In this at least, may we ALL stand together - and know that we would do so for each other!

    So Say We All!

  34. Joseph Kalikun wrote:

    "These are personal speculations, and in no way represent any one else, any other Order explicitly or otherswise implied by association, or by virtue of messages on their blogs or discussions forums...My denial of membership to SRIA or SRIAm (because I don't belong to any Masonic Obedience recognised by the Grand Lodge of England) add also to that ORC, by a strange twist of logic means I am a member of these bodies."

    Dear Joe,

    I would really like to give you the benefit of the doubt. However, you must understand that for two decades the Alpha Omega has been under nearly constant misrepresentation and defamation attack on the Internet.

    When we settled the trademark dispute we also signed a non-disparagement agreement with the other party that should have ended such attacks once and for all.

    Instead, people like Farrell "left" their order - so he could go on attacking us on the internet and in his books with impunity (or so the other party imagines). Then it came out that there is an intimate relationship between the other party and SRIA and OR+C at the highest levels as well.

    The fact is that nearly ALL of our detractors have routinely denied any affilliation with the other party ever since the ink was dry on the non-disparagement agreement.

    The honorable Judge White has even had to them once already "to stop using back doors" (like Farrell mentioned above), who all claim to be "independent" to attack and disparage our order on the Internet.

    So now when you come along and issue the sort blanket denial we have heard over and over since the settlement agreement, namely that you have "no affiliation or with the other party or with SRIA or OR+C" which are intimately related parties at the highest levels, history has proven over and over that you are llikely lying.

    Perhaps you are indeed innocent, a victim of circumstances as you now claim, but the fact remains that you have waded into waters polluted by decades of people making just such specious denials who were later proven to be lying.

    Add to this, the fact that you frequently use the identical talking points of the SRIA trolls.

    Well, as Ronald Reagan was fond of saying about taxes: "If it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, its a duck."

    Thus the credibliity in your denial of affiliation is running just about zero at this time.

    Heck, if such denials were true of everyone else who routinely spread misrepresentations about our order like you do, then the order of the other party, the SRIA, and the OR+C must each have no members at all, which we all know is a bunch of hooey.

    But then again...

    If you REALLY do NOT have a horse in this race, and are the innocent, disinterested party you now claim you are, there is a simple solution to your present dilemma.

    In reality, you can easily save your reputation which right now is in the toilet along with your credibility.

    All you need to do is LEAVE THE ALPHA OMEGA ALONE.

    Simply drop your obsession with the Alpha Omega and go find someone ELSE to STALK on the Internet instead of our order.

  35. Sometimes these SRIA/McGd agents slip up.

    McKalicun writes:

    "… My denial of membership to SRIA or SRIAm (because I don't belong to any Masonic Obedience recognised by the Grand Lodge of England) add also to that ORC, by a strange twist of logic means I am a member of these bodies..."

    In the same post, but a little further in he writes:

    "If we engage with AO we're called Trolls, Sith Lords, puppets of Dark Rosicrucians etc... If we ignore them they say 'the Silence is Deafening'."

    Notice the use of "we" twice in the second quotation?

    Who is "we," McKalicun? That does not quite square with your foregoing declared independence and non-affiliation.

    I suggest that your use of "we" was a mistake on your part. It strongly indicates that you are definately not acting independently here and are indeed a dark agent of the attackers on the Rose.

    Backpeddle that.

    1. The "we" refers to the wider GD community outside the AO. Not specific members or organisations.

      Best wishes


    2. The "we" refers to the wider GD community outside the AO. I thought that would be self evident.

      Best wishes


    3. Joseph,
      YOU are NOT any sort of "wider GD community." You do not speak for the entire community.
      Your SRIA/McGoldenDawn buddies do not the GD community make either.
      Most Golden Dawn members community wide were fed up with this nonstop flaming from you guys long ago. GD members want peace and harmony.
      It is only a handfull of very noisy bad apples in the community who continue to flame, misrepresent, disparage, etc. as they have done for two decades.

      Thes bad apples are
      1. Joseph Kalikun
      2. Nick Farrell
      3. Morgan Eckstein, and
      4. Pat Zalewksi
      and they are giving the ENTIRE Golden Dawn tradition a very bad name in the wider esoteric community.

      That is right. Out of the THO(USANDS of Golden Dawn initiates across the entire world in a myriad of GD temples and orders, only these FOUR solitary individuals, so few that you can count on one hand, are the ones continuing to throw shit on the ENTIRE Golden Dawn tradition by tirelessly attacking other orders.

      There is not flame war in the Golden Dawn community.

      There are only these four deranged individuals hell bent on either owning the Golden Dawn community or destroying it.

      My guess is that they will not stop until the entire Golden Dawn tradition is destroyed.

      What these lunatics to not get is that they will never destroy our order. Even if they succeed in permanently ruining the reputation of the entire Golden Dawn as a bunch of flame mongering lunatics, they will still not destroy our order.

      Since we are also Alpha Omega, and not just Golden Dawn, we will survive even if these four noisy lunatics eventually destroy the entire Golden Dawn.

    4. There are one or two others two that only throw shit once in a while. Since they are silent now, let's give them credit where it is due. Thus I have not included them in the list.

    5. Joseph McKalikun wrote:
      "The "we" refers to the wider GD community outside the AO. I thought that would be self evident."

      It is noteworthy how the aforementioned deranged shit slingers have claimed over and over that they are all independent that the there is no connection between them.

      Now, however, McKalikun purports to speak for all of them!

      Heck, he even claims to speak for the entire Golden Dawn community!

      Hmm. Was there an election I missed somehow. Was Kalikun recently elected President of the Golden Dawn community that he claims to be entitled to speak for? ...

      Or is he merely self-proclaimed King of the Poo Chuckers?

    6. Oh yes, I nearly forgot. Add to the list of the lunatics attacking the Golden Dawn tradition in addition to the above fanatics also the name of Robert Zink. One easily forgets him since this sex offender and con man was thrown out by his own order. One would have though the GD community would get a little peace and quiet after GD Scumbag #1 was thrown out.

      Not so, however, the fab four bad apples mentioned above merely stepped up to the poo flinging plate in Zink's place!

  36. Joseph Kalikun just sent notice that there remained one of the pages on the French subsite that still needed to be updated. For this I am deeply appreciative and the page in question has been duly updated. I have no doubt that with subsites in 8 languages, there are other pages remaining to be updated as well.

    On the other hand, Kalikun also just posted yat ANOTHER post filled with misleading questions about our order on another blog.

    Hey Joe, for the umpteenth and FINAL time.

    1. I am the Imperator of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and Archon Basileus of the Rosicrucian Order of AO at this time. The headquarters of our order is Alpha Omega temple in Pahrump, Nevada.

    2. Out of respect to S.L. MacGregor Mathers, Ahathoor Temple will always be honored as Mother Temple of the AO, although the world headquarters is presently in the USA.

    3. Jean-Pascal Ruggiu remains a Magister Templi in good standing of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega. He has however, officially resigned from ALL leadership roles in the AO while he is busy with another mission. Jean-Pascal continues to spread the light of the ancient Mysteries in France.

    4. As falls to me the mission to implement the magic and alchemy of the higher grades of the Golden Dawn and to further develop the Alpha Omega, it falls to Jean-Pascal to found and entirely new order, which is highly interesting in its own right.

    We have clarified these things over and over. Why does Kalikun continue to ignore our answers and just keep repeating the same questions like a broken record. This is not a technique of anything even remotely resembling academic history. It is a technique of PROPAGANDA.

    1. Dear LES

      Thanks for this reply. So the revived Ahathoor temple that has now moved to Montpelier is without JPR 'in the chair' which you said from repsect to him, would not happen. It is much clerer for me now. No need for me to persue this matter any further.

      Best wishes


    2. Since McKAlicun astonishingly STILL to ignore answers and just repeat the same questions/propaganda talking points over and over, let me also repeat what I just said above:

      "3. Jean-Pascal Ruggiu remains a Magister Templi in good standing of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega. He has however, officially resigned from ALL leadership roles in the AO while he is busy with another mission. Jean-Pascal continues to spread the light of the ancient Mysteries in France.

      4. As falls to me the mission to implement the magic and alchemy of the higher grades of the Golden Dawn and to further develop the Alpha Omega, it falls to Jean-Pascal to found and entirely new order, which is highly interesting in its own right.

      We have clarified these things over and over. Why does Kalikun continue to ignore our answers and just keep repeating the same questions like a broken record. This is not a technique of anything even remotely resembling academic history. It is a technique of PROPAGANDA."

      Now - What part of that was unclear or otherwise justifies McKalikun repeating his propaganda talking points ad nauseum? This is perfect example of SRIA propaganda trolling.

  37. Am posting this here because I've learned by now that my posts to other G.D. blogs aren't going to be approved.

    Even a non-initiate like myself can see all your doing is propaganda, Josef. Post questions, they're answered, keep posting the same questions and ignore the responses. Watching this exact same crap for over eleven years is one thing that kept me from joining an order. For those eleven years, this junk has been instigated over and over from one side of the argument, and the other side defending and defending while the side that started it refuses to listen. I really hoped this mess would stop with Zink, but that was too much to hope for.
    So, when I do join, it will be AO. The rest of you make me want to simultaneously cry and scream. It's becoming more and more obvious every passing year that the side you're accusing of having possible schisms etc. is the only side in this mess with their act together. Cut the crap already. You're not doing anything but a major disservice to the entire GD community!
    God forbid someone actually use some practical wisdom to know that continually spreading trash like this won't do anything but harm you!

  38. I have been watching this garbage as well for years, which is why I remained solitary. First Zink kept attacking them and screaming "Griffin did it." Back in 2006, Zink was working tandem with Joseph Max on the attacks, and his crew kept hollering "They did it, not us too." Once Zink fell, Zalekwsi picked up the baton, then Morgan joined the fray. In each and every case they have screamed "They did it." Oh, yeah there has been Farrell on and off all along too. His books were the ultimate "They did it!" as well. Add the tantrums of Deanna Bonds and the accusations of Joseph Kalikun to the mix and you get a pretty good picture of what has been going on all along.

    If the HOGD is so bad then why don't they just ignore them.

    If you are ask me these guys are no better than a gang of schoolyard bullies and ought to have their asses spanked and sent home.

    My heart goes out to Griffin and his family over the death threats. That Kalikun and Eckstain are keeping these attacks up enven now is beyond sick. Frankly, I would not have anything to do with any of them. If I were ever to join an order, is would certainly the the HOGD/AO!

    Whether you agree with them or not, they at least have a modicum of decency.

  39. Well, thanks to this post I finally understand the Rosicrucian Alpha & Omega group is the Inner Order in the same set of organizations of which the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is the Outer Order. As someone who crossed the threshold to Zelator only to re-evaluate the entire process and view of the organization it is nice to get 'a basic fact'.

  40. McK writes:

    "I'm using Morgan's blog because like many other GD practitioners we are banned from the AO blog and AO Yahoo group, because we express our own Independent thoughts, and because we also write on other GD fora."

    McK is a bare faced liar. Nobody is banned from either of those fora, however, if by "independant thoughts" McK is speaking of repetition of the same old propaganda points posted anonymously, then yes, we have openly stated that these will be filtered - they are mindless NOISE, nothing else. Why should we expose our readers to the SAME points and the SAME answers in a tireless round of tedious SRIA spin control?

    We don't care WHERE anyone does or does not post. It makes no difference to us. That we might "ban" someone for the company they keep is a slur authored by McK here because SRIA was caught red-handed sponsorong EXACTLY that kind of CULTISH behaviour in controlling who McFarrell could and could not speak to.

    Once again, this is the age old SRIA trick of deflecting guilt onto the other party by accusing THEM of the bad behaviour. I find this trick about as endearing as the Chinese Government accusing self-immolated, burning Tibetan monks of being terrorists.

    They should have stuck at having security carry fire extinguishers rather than making such inhuman statements, and SRIA should have stuck with collecting musty old archives rather than playing this kind of propaganda inside the GD community.

    From Zink and EOGD/Max to McMorgan and McK the SAME tactic is tirelessly repeated, and THAT is why we are justified in considering them all to be SRIA puppets.

  41. Since McK is accusing Alpha Omega of CENSORSHIP I am going to remind our readers of a little recent history. It nicely illustrates who likes to censor freedom of expression.

    There was a lengthy exchange on the BullyBonds Blog, and I made a post there directed to Bonds. MirrorMax jumped all over me, then BullyBonds closed the thread.

    Strike One.

    In the same week I wrote a post to the Leitch Blog where he was busy trashing the Secret Chiefs - and once again I was jumped all over by MirrorMax, and the thread closed to me with a statement that NO posts concerning the physical existence of the Secret Chiefs would be allowed on that forum.

    Is this sounding like censorship yet?

    Strike Two.

    MirrorMax came over to this Blog and accused ME of "jumping all over" him... CLASSIC SRIA Mirror Troll!

    I responded to him in strong and direct terms here, where I was not gong to be censored, and cross-posted to our Yahoo Forum.

    Guess what? BullyBonds used the fact that I had quoted MirrorMax in his uncalled for response TO ME on her Blog (directly before she pulled the plug and DENIED me any avenue of rebuttal there) - to complain to Yahoo about me infringing HER rights as owner of ALL that was posted to her Blog.

    Strike Three.

    I was censored off our own Yahoo Forum for answering words specifically directed at me by a third party!

    That is what censorship looks like folks, and it is alive and well in SRIA land. Here at HOGD we hold to rather higher standards of behaviour.

    We only censor the mindless noise, the crass abuse, and the most extreme of SRIA Trolling aimed at damaging this forum.

    SRIA Trolls have been regularly caught red-handed in one or other unethical display and the response from them is virtually robotic by now - maybe they are all just an AI system and they gave up on using fallible human agents.

    They do not just deny it, they accuse US of it. How sad is that really, when you actually look at it in the cold light of day?

    1. Really kind of curious to see the reply to this one....

    2. I hear you saying you feel Deanna Bonds is a bully.

    3. What? Was that supposed to qualify as a reply? She was the finest example of SRIA McGD censorship in action, and all you can manage is to question the reasons for characterizing her as a bully?

      I am not the first to say that about the way she comported herself at the time - but I really don't know what she is like at present, as she has not been behaving like an obsessed stalker, I have not had any need to cross swords with her.

      Maybe you think that you can create a diversion here by changing the subject - but the fact is that throughout the period of McGD's constant harassment this Blog has been the LEAST censored of the large GD community blogs.

      We have kept it that way as a service to the community and cross-posted and refuted here where there is at least an open forum for honestly expressed views.

  42. McK: "I don'twant to involve said fora because they have a policy of neutrality on such matters. Wisely so."

    Ha ha ha ha ha! ROTFL! A "policy of neutrality" is it? Is that what you are calling it? Decades of defamation and the constant sniping and out and out rancid accusations thrown at AO in recent months is now being whitewashed as "wise neutrality" - what a truly amazing statement!

    McK, you have just won the SRIA Troll of the Month Award - well done!

    BTW - Interesting that McZ is now the de facto spokesman for the policy of ALL the SRIA McGD Blogs... but then we have always made it clear that the entire collection is under one controlling hand, and the howls of denial were never anything but a thin gloss of whitewash.

    You guys are continuing to make a fundamental error of judgment - the whole community is not as STUPID as you take it for, and there are more and more taking note of the consistency of Alpha Omega's defence in the face of your misrepresentations, lies and distortions.

    What has been coming out of your many mouthpieces for so long now - is finally coming to label you for what you are.

  43. McZ the Sith Propagandist:

    "I notice that my posts are no longer copied onto the blog or the Yahoo forum. Could it be they don't want their own initiates to raise similar questions in their own temples?"

    We copy and answer what we consider relevant. We try to keep an eye on what SRIA McGD is writing through the various fora it controlls but things will slip through the net occasionally.

    Our Initiates are also quite capable both of reading other fora and of forming their own independent questions without guidance notes from McK the Sith-speaker.

    The Sith suggestion being implanted here using the Dark Art of Propaganda is that Alpha Omega stifles its Initiates, internally censors debate, and is afraid of questions being asked... in fact, that the poor enslaved AO Initiates need McK to assist them in providing them with the questions that they SHOULD be asking.

    What a gross display of Sith arrogance!

    Given that SRIA so often assumes that Alpha Omega is as twisted as SRIA is, this forces us to actively consider what the questions are that are being stifled within the ranks of SRIA McGD?

    One imagines that the thrteats of expulsion if they attended our Conclave will have stirred up a few independent souls to question the ethics of their leaders, and there will be questions about denial of the freedom to associate with anyone who so much as talks to Frater LeS... as well there should be!

    In fact, I am going to make one of my guesses and assert that there is dissention in the ranks of SRIA McGD right now. (I have an 85% batting average, so I can take a few misses.)

    That is why McK is attempting to find schisms or create them, and that is why he is levelling these accusations at this time... because his OWN people are running in circles trying to keep their ship afloat.

    This is an SRIA damage limitation operation!

  44. McK: "All previously named Sith Lords have become 'esoterically' ipso facto 3rd Order members of the AO ad vitam ;-)To name us is to validate us as your Superiors. So say all of Us, especially the little green fellow with the bad grammer. ;-)"

    Damn, how can you DARE to deny it?! - We all know that you ARE that little green fellow!

    All joking aside, and much as humour can be a very effective way to deflect attention from the substance of what you are actually doing with these posts...

    We use the Sith metaphor for good reasons:

    The propaganda, incessant spin and distortion mixed with false accusation, lies and innuendo, denial of historically documented fact legal and otherwise... all these modes of attack are very appropriately labelled by this metaphor!

    Likewise the underlying unethical magical intention which is quite simply to take over the entirety of Western Magical Egregorae and operate them out of a Trinitarian Christian and male only Masonic framework. This is Sith Magical Empire building, and AO will not allow it to succeed!

    1. "Likewise the underlying unethical magical intention which is quite simply to take over the entirety of Western Magical Egregorae and operate them out of a Trinitarian Christian and male only Masonic framework."

      Same anon as before who posted about observing this for over eleven years. This is one thing that disturbs me to my core about all of this. Ever since the ORC/SRIA Christian stuff was exposed on usenet and this's not only damaging to the GD, it's damaging to Christianity! Something that teaches love, joy, peace, a relationship with God...and this is what it's turned into?!?! I am appalled that there are supporters of such a philosophy at all as found in the ORC manifesto, and that they label it "Christian" ........There are no words!

      GH Frater LeS, my heart goes out to you and your family in these times. It disturbs me greatly that you have had serious threats upon your life, and I hope that this turns out to be nothing more than a passing thing. I fervently pray this comes to nothing, and that whoever would make serious threats as these turns away from such evil depravity. Thank you for revealing the truth about the Secret Chiefs, and the SRIA/ORC.

      The fact that ANYONE could believe this rot in the name of Christ makes me sick! Religion is poison, Christ Himself made that clear, yet it seems those who would dare to label themselves as "wise" have so much poison...At it's root, is this anything more than greed and ego?!

      And as a side note - and I do not mean this to sound callous at all - what could anyone hope to gain by murder? People too afraid to seek out the AO? More like everyone flocking to AO to find out what these teachings are that ended up getting a man killed!

      The fact that there is this much hate in the Name of Christ in a supposedly esoteric organization....I wish I could say I'm astonished. My heart aches.

  45. I see this as a sign of desperation. I think some of these organizations and order's own members are starting to doubt what the real objectives are of their group. It always gets darker before the dawn.

    The strongest thing that the HOGD/AO has going for it is transperency. We don't hide and delete comments. We own up to mistakes and even give credit where credit is due. We back up all of our claims while the other side hides opposing views, won't answer basic questions and has no answer for being proven wrong and misleading time and time again.

    It is sad that this senseless fighting has drawn on for this long. I can truly say though the light can be seen at the end of the tunnel and there is no friction to slow down this train. We, as an order and as a community, will reach that light. I pray for the day even those who wished to impede this grand journey can join us too in the light. For the greatest revelation is that there is true, spiritual light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. It is a light that does not discriminate nor exclude. It is only the seeker who does this. It is there for the betterment of all and I think we all can agree that we wish for all of our brothers and sisters across the spectrum to celebrate in oneness the brilliance and grace of this light.

    Peace and strength to all seekers.

    Fr. LUA (Formerly posting as Sean)

    Proud member of the HOGD and of the world.


  46. McKalikun self-identifies as the little green man, like the Irish leprechaun: "he is obviously a diminutive, devilish sort of character. He is a deceptive trickster, with a nasty disposition. He is definitely not to be sought out for a friend. (But, at least his clothes fit.)" ;-) ;-)

    I think it just as likely that he is related to the little green men of the dilirum tremens – seen in the advanced stages of alcoholism... his constant repetition show that at the very least his memory is failing!

    1. ;-) Actually McK thinks he's Yoda - so I do find it necessary to provide some of the other varieties of "little green man" from the bestiary...

      I've never been drunk enough to see leprechauns under the bed, but McK does seem to see schisms around every corner.

      Does he actually believe any of this BS he is writing (which may or may not be explained by hitting the bottle too hard before posting) or is he just another in the long line of cynical SRIA McGD propaganda trolls?

      I am not yet 100% sure... we must watch the McK show for a while longer now that he is posting less as @Anon!

      BTW If he IS a leprechaun, then the trick is to keep ONE eye on him at all times, but ONLY one, or he will vanish! ;-)

      Maybe there is a clever McKalikun banishing formula wrapped up in that myth...

    2. McK writes: "IN the original GD the Revolt of the Adepts was also under the watchful eye of the 3rd Order ... they allowed it"

      So now SRIA McGD is accepting that the Third Order was present at that time, and overseeing the Order's evolution?


      It would not be for the Third Order to step in and PREVENT such a revolt - the notion shows an authoritarian bias in McK's assumptions.

      After all, how does McK suggest that they "allowed" it exactly? By not stepping in and mediating or some such? By not demanding that Mathers give the rebels all that they wanted? (He would never have been able to govern them after that!)

      There is a lack of understanding of the nature and function of the Third Order in McK's writing here. They would have had no interest in unveiling themselves any further than they already had in choosing Mathers, and those who schismed already chose against the Third Order's Lineage... so why cry over spilt milk?

      It is rather self-important of all those who have descended from that anti-Mathers faction that they think the Third Order considered them a great loss, and should have done more to keep them connected.

      McK continues: "Why shouldn't another Revolt of the Adepts occur?" And reveals his biggest hope...

      SRIA McGD are yearning for an Alpha Omega schism to exploit. They see no other way to get their grimy little hands on the New Magic.

      This is really all so 19th Century! It is not at all necessary. Why don't they just get with the program and join the Secret College? It isn't as though Alpha Omega is denying the Secrets to those qualified to receive them.

      Threatening those who do with expulsion is the action of frightened leaders who are losing ground. When SRIA McGD continues to hurl abuse at AO for offering a quantum leap in Magical evolution to Western Adepts - their untenable position becomes shamefully clear - they do not want anyone to evolve outside of their authoritarian control. I would love to be wrong about this, but it is the only explanation I find feasible.

  47. Aletheia writes:

    "Likewise the underlying unethical magical intention which is quite simply to take over the entirety of Western Magical Egregorae and operate them out of a Trinitarian Christian and male only Masonic framework. This is Sith Magical Empire building, and AO will not allow it to succeed!"

    This statement goes straight to the heart of the matter, and it needed to be repeated.

    It is indeed odd, the notion that a qualifier for membership to ANY order or group professing to impart the Ancient Wisdom is to be a professed Christian, of any nature, trinitarian or not.

    Such thinking indicates that the veil of appearances clothing the mysteries has become the master for these SRIA Siths.

    The Sith metaphor is very appropriate here.

    @Josef Kalicun:

    I give your credit for answering my question in an earlier post here, directly on this blog, rather than posting obliquely on another blog. I do not need to reply any further than the very worthy replies you have already received here. I join them wholly.

  48. Receiving death threats is a horrible thing! Everyone should denounce anyone who sends them.

    Beyond that, death threats are illegal. Can you post the police and FBI reports you made so we can see them? Also, what has been the results of the police and FBI reports? Perhaps you can post those reports, too.

    1. I will not comment on any of the security arrangements that have been taken nor otherwise give any concrete details of the continuing situation.

    2. Yes concrete details *would* be a mistake

  49. McKalikun just posted another long rant on McMorgan's blog making up nonsense about being censored on here on the GD blog.

    The guy is as big a crybaby as he is a deceitful lier. I vote for just ignoring him henceforth. No one listens to his ravings anyway.

    McKalikun is like the bully throwing a tantrum because the teacher caught him bullying and stood him in the corner. Now he stands there wearing the dunce hat, face full of fake tears and screaming:

    "But it wsn't me! It was THEM. I am not the bully. THEY are."

    Give give everyone a break, McCryBaby, and quit insulting the intelligence of the entire community.

    How can anyone even take this guy even remotely seriously? I don't thing even he believe his BS any longer.

    SRIA better wheel out their next troll. This one is caught for the bully he is, no matter how loud he screams and wails "but THEY did it. THEY are the real bullies."

  50. Remember, now that Zink is busy trying just to stay out of jail, it is only Peregrin, Zalewksi, Farrell, Morgan, and Kalikun left as the schoolyard bullies stirring strife constantly in the Golden Dawn community.

    Half a dozen bad apples does not make the entire barrell of the GD rotten. They are just a very vocal minority of bullies. Everyone else is busy just doing the work of spritual development. The real Golden Dawn community is quite harmonious. EVen the orders of the 5 bad apples making all the noise are fed up with all of the constant strife. They want peace as much as we do. It is only their leaders that are rotten.

    And just like with Zink, also their members have begun to leave their sinking ships, fed up with all of the totalitarian expulsion threats, etc.

    The AO has been inundated lately with thier members moving to our order like rats leaving a sinking ship.

  51. What a load of noisome nonsense - if McK had ANY experience of the censorship we routinely suffer on SRIA McGD controlled blogs and sundry fora, he would evidently burst a blood vessel!

    I did attempt to illustrate that in my post of a few days ago, just to clarify WHY we are mostly posting and cross-posting here where in any case, most of our readers come to get the daily news update. The history I gave is fully documented.

    We have no need to censor - that has long been the stock-in-trade of SRIA McGD and their all singing all dancing chorus line of misrepresentation Trolls.

  52. Funny how he is censored when troll posts can be seen in every post. Why would we delete his and not theirs?

    Let it go McK. Your energies are better devoted to other things. All this is doing is draining you of precious energy that could be used to better yourself and the world around you. Isn't it time you let go and began to walk the right path? I pray you do. No one comes out clean in times like this. It muddies the soul.

    In LVX,

    Fr. LUA

  53. This Blog hosts the Troll Event Horizon - we have so many Trolls that their gravity distorts the space-time continuum in the vicinity of all things Golden Dawn. We even have new species of Troll bred in the pits beneath SRIA HQ especially to bedevil us!

    I would prefer to apply more censorship sometimes - it all gets so banal when you hear the same old whines for months on end.

    1. Are you sure they are Trolls and not ORCs?

  54. You are right Fr. LUA - we continually ask the leaders of the SRIA GD aggression pact to quit the Witch Hunt and leave us well alone, but the hatred runs too deep in them and they will not even spare a thought for their own rank and file membership, who have never asked them to behave in this way, and typically also wish that it would all end.

    These arrogant leaders with no mandate from their members have been damaging the Golden Dawn community for decades now under the influence of SRIA manipulations.

    We have launched initiative after initiative to bring this to an end - but they have reacted hatefully in response to every one of these, and shamefully have never offered ANYTHING in turn.

    If they wanted peace, they would work for it. They instead rubbish each and every opportunity that we provide and continue to feed their addiction to sniping and disharmony rather than doing their part to create peaceful resolutions.

    It is a sad spectacle.

  55. Now you mention it - they do look like ORC minions; SRIA/OR+C has a special talent for this kind of warped creativity... that Manifesto was something else!

    1. Yeah, right. Remember Cappy, that it was SRIA that spawned ORC to begin with. Now, just like the fallen Saruman, SRIA keeps spawning ORCs and Trolls to attack us on the Internet. Acting like Saruman, you know that Sauron is not far behind!

  56. My heart goes out to you and your family, David. Perhaps I'm a bit naïve, but I could't imagine that anyone proffessing to be a "rosicrucian" would degenerate to this level. Every human being is a part of the Greater ALL and houses a spark of the Ineffable One; every human life is sacrosanct. It is clear to me that our Order is dealing with false and fake "initiates" who cannot even spell the word "compassion".

    Although he denies any ties with any organization that could be behind this death threat, Mr Kalicun clearly is doing his part of the dirty work in its campaign towards the HOGD/AO.

    He is doing his very best to spread the rumour that there is a schism going on in the HOGD/A0, and that even the Secret Chiefs has severed the connection to the "American branch". Let me quote a message that he wrote on Mogan's blog a week ago (My delay in responding to this is due to the fact that I have been away on a vacation during July):

    "I speculate that there seems another schism is developing in the AO, and with Secret Chiefs still in France, they still feel that a European HQ should be in the USA (I find this as odd logic), rather than in Europe. Why not transfere the centre of authority to SR's Federation? Atleast his blog seems more mature of the two blogs and has a less infantile stance. Maybe LES wants to keep control for himself as did MAthers?"

    As my motto has been implied in reference to these rumours, let me state clearly that there is NO schism in the HOGD/A0. There is no "American" or "European" branch either; there is simply different adminitrative jurisdictions. But there is only one INTERNATIONAL Order.

    There are perferctly good reasons for the HQ to have transferred to the US, but that is not for anyone outside of the HOGD/AO to question or speculate about. I can also personally attest that the Secret Chiefs of the Third Order fully supports the HOGD/AO as an International Order (and all its jurisdictions) and that nothing at all is made or developed without their consent or direct initiative.


  57. SR writes: "He is doing his very best to spread the rumour that there is a schism going on in the HOGD/A0, and that even the Secret Chiefs has severed the connection to the "American branch""

    Yes - in fact he refuses to accept any answer that does not play into his favourite fantasy of the moment. He has been asking the same questions over and over like the worst variety of political journalist in the hope of getting answers more to his liking.

    SRIA wants to create schisms, and agents like McKalikun are spectacularly failing to provoke them.

    It seems that they particularly do not want to acknowledge that we are a single International Order, undivided by the geographical and cultural differences making us strong.

    Organisations frequently falter when attempting to make this shift to a genuinely trans-national scope, and then split apart when local interests are not well served by the realities of International governance.

    We have matured as an organisation. Our common goals far transcend our differences, and these differences have in turn become something we deeply cherish.

    SRIA attempts to set country against country are not going to work. Transparent in their desperation, they are only illustrating how ignorant they are of our organisational strength.

    We do not play petty political games against each other - we are ONE Order, united in our love of the Golden Dawn and AO, and our focus is on the Great Work.

    Those who are reading the constant back and forth of defamation and response may easily form the wrong impression - this verbal tennis match largely only engages the HOGD/AO Defence Team, not the wider membership, who remain free to focus on the man objectives of our Order.