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SCANDAL Rocks MagickAll 2014! Golden Dawn Blogger Demands Sectarian Intolerance

by David Griffin
“If you can cultivate the right attitude, your enemies are your best spiritual teachers because their presence provides you with the opportunity to enhance and develop tolerance, patience and understanding.” 
- His Holiness Dalai Lama

A blogger cloaked in anonymity attacked me again today - this time calling me "Satanist" for allowing ALL magickal traditions to participate in the MagickAll 2014 gathering. 

Let me be crystal clear about this:

Without exception, ALL Magicians of ALL religious faiths are welcome at the Magickall 2014 gathering - Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus - ALL faiths. Likewise, ALL Magicians of ALL Magickal traditions - Golden Dawn, Thelemic, Wiccan, Faery, Reclaiming, Dianic, or even left hand path Hecatean - are all welcome at the 2014 MagickAll gathering.

The Order of the Alpha Omega hosts MagickAll 2014. The AO is ecumenical and non-sectarian in our approach to Magick. The mission of the MagickAll gathering is to promote tolerance, patience and understanding between all religious faiths and Magickal traditions. The Golden Dawn is Magickal, not religious. We can ALL do Golden Dawn Magick.

The idea behind MagickAll is to open the invitation to our yearly event to thought leaders in various traditions. If Satanists or Catholic Priests want to come to MagickAll and show how their God/gods work - then all are welcome.

I refuse to exclude one group or another due only to the intolerance of anonymous bloggers, whether it is Dianic lesbians, Thelemites, or Hecatian witches they object to.

All means ALL!

Find out more about MagickAll 2014 HERE.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

MagickAll 2014 (April 5-13): Playa Survival Guide at Shadow Mountain

I. Surviving and Thriving in The Mojave Desert

The Magickall Spring Gathering of Traditions is rapidly approaching (April 5-13). Anyone who has ever attended Burning Man already understands and appreciates the challenges of living in the Mojave desert. Although temperatures on the playa near AΩ Isis Temple in April are less extreme than at Black Rock City in August (average 76º high and 46º low), 2013 temperatures in April reached as high at 95º and as low as 31º.

Like Burning Man, Alpha Omega's Isis temple is situated on the playa of a dry lake bed. The powdery, alkaline soil on the playa at Shadow Mountain is very similar to the playa at Black Rock City, but interspersed with rabbit brush, which hosts a wide variety of desert creatures.

A. Camping

As population centers in Nevada grow, more people are drawn to the Mojave Desert for its beauty and solitude. But the desert is deceptively fragile; plants are damaged that may take years to recover, and tracks across the open desert will not disappear for centuries. Incremental damage caused by individuals adds up to long lasting scars. No matter where we go to recreate, we should leave our camps and travel routes as we found them for the next visitor to enjoy. Here are a few important rules for good citizenship camping in the Mojave desert.

1. Choose a campsite where living vegetation is absent. Do not disturb living rabbit brush. Many of these plants are at least 70 years old and if destroyed will require the same amount of time to recover. (Dead rabbit brush, on the contrary, may be used as fuel for fire.)

2. Leave what you find.

a. Preserve the past: examine but do not collect, cultural or historic artifacts.

b. Leave rocks, plants, and other natural objects as you find them.

3. Do not build structures or furniture, or dig trenches.

4. Use a lightweight stove for cooking and enjoy a candle lantern for light.

5. Campfires directly on the playa leave burn scars. Your neighbors at AΩ Isis Temple celebrate with a fire and drum circle every evening and you are welcome to attend. If you must have a campfire, please think green and use a fire receptacle elevated at least 8 inches off the playa. Such receptacles can be found in nearby Pahrump.

B. Leave No Trace

AΩ Isis Temple practices an environmentally friendly philosophy. The Mojave Desert has an incredibly delicate ecosystem. Life that thrives here needs far longer to establish itself or replentish itself than in less harsh environments. We would therefore like to share with you the following environmentally friendly practices for desert living.

1. Always choose pre-established trails to walk on. Although the soil surface may look like dirt to you, it is riddled with biological soil crusts, called cyanobacteria (previously called blue-green algae), which are one of the oldest known life forms that are a vital part of desert ecosystems.  Communities of soil crusts also include lichens, mosses, microfungi, bacteria, and green algae. Mature soil crusts are usually bumpy and dark-colored due to the presence of lichens, mosses, and high densities of cyanobacteria and other organisms. Mature soil crusts are extremely fragile. Recovery may take up to 250 years in places of lower rainfall like on the playa at Shadow Mountain, assuming an area is not again disturbed. We will be happy to show you what mature soil crusts look like to help you avoid damaging them.

2. Trash - Please do not leave any trash anywhere on the playa. Please take it with you instead. You are welcome to use the recycling and composting facilities of your neighbors at AΩ Isis temple. At Isis Temple, where we can help you learn to separate all trash into burnables, compostables, plastic, metal, glass, and remaining trash.

b. Glass containers of any kind are a bad idea. They can shatter. Metal bottles and plates work well.

c. Smokers should make and carry a portable ashtray (a mint tin, for instance) to collect cigarette butts and ashes in.

d. Good desert citizens always pick it up trash and properly dispose of it whereever they may find it. Leave the desert even cleaner than you found it.

e. Always line-sweep your camp. The best way is to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with your campmates and clean your campsite in a grid pattern. Pick up EVERYTHING.

5. Camp Kitchen - You are invited to use the camp kitchen of your neighbors at AΩ Isis Temple. If you do use it though, please clean up after yourself.

C. Desert Survival and Drinking Water

1. The Mojave Desert playa at Shadow Mountain is a thoroughly flat, prehistoric lake bed, composed of a hardpan alkali. In the Summer, daytime temperatures routinely exceed 100°F and the humidity is extremely low, which rapidly and continually wicks the moisture from your body. Because the atmosphere is so dry you may not feel particularly warm, but you’ll be steadily drying up. Sunscreen, lip balm and lotion are your best friends on the playa. At nearly 4,000 feet above sea level, the atmosphere provides much less filtering of the sunlight that causes sunburn. As a result, you will burn much faster and more severely than at lower elevations. 

2. Put on sunscreen every morning and repeat as needed during the day. It takes nearly everyone a day or so to adjust to the desert climate. Don’t be surprised if you spend your first day feeling a bit queasy and cranky. Begin drinking more water as you approach the desert. To stay healthy and enjoy the week, drink water all the time whether you think you need it or not. Drinking up to one gallon of water per person per day is a reasonable rule of thumb.

3. Drinking Water - At AΩ Isis Temple we are blessed to be located over the Great Basin aquifer. Well water at AΩ Isis temple makes excellent drinking water, both in taste and qualiity. Although a bit alkaline, our drinking water is rich in well balanced minerals. You are welcome to fill up water bottles with water from the well of your neighbors at AΩ Isis Temple.

4. Remember to eat salty foods to prevent electrolyte imbalance. Users of alcohol or caffeine are particularly at risk for dehydration, and should pay careful attention to their water intake. Dehydration can cause headaches, stomach cramps, abdominal pains, constipation, flu-like symptoms, and mood swings. It exacerbates both heat-related and cold-related conditions (i.e. heat exhaustion and hypothermia), and makes it difficult for the body to mend itself.

If someone you know complains of these symptoms, or shows signs of either severe overheating or (worse) a case of chills under the midday sun, get them to shade immediately and seek prompt medical help.

D. Surviving the Elements in the Mojave Desert

a. Make sure you bring some kind of shade for your camp and try to lie low during the hottest part of the day (save your strength for the night). Use sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and water. If you don’t take a few basic steps to protect yourself, the desert’s midday sun will cook you in no time. However, when the sun drops over the horizon, temperatures can quickly plummet fifty degrees. Overnight lows in the 40s can seem exceptionally cold after extensive daytime sun, so you’ll want to bring warm clothing, and a good sleeping bag as well.

b. The Mojave Desert surrounding AΩ Isis Temple can be subject to sudden bouts of fierce, unpredictable weather. Storm cells, fed by rising thermals that stream upward from the surrounding mountains, may arise in the late afternoon or evening and bring high winds, lightning and (sometimes) rain into camp. Likewise, dust storms can prowl the playa in packs or sweep in a broad front across the plain. Dust storms can produce instant “white outs” but are usually over quickly. Sustained rain is unlikely, although you should have rain gear at hand for brief and intensive rain. Wind storms and accompanying dust storms are quite likely. A dust particle mask and goggles are important gear to bring along for comfortable life. Be sure to read below the section on how to properly pitch a tent for areas with likelihood of high wind.

II. What to Bring

A. Don't worry. If you forget something, you can usually purchase it in nearby Pahrump - from food to camping gear. Those flying in you might want to buy your camping gear once you arrive. If you don't want to fly it out, you can always donate it to AΩ Isis Temple before you leave.

1. Water an be purchased at nearby gas stations or containers may be filled with well water from your neighbors at AΩ Isis Temple.

2. Food. Pack your own food. Think ahead of time about whether you want to cook. The heat and pace of the playa may sap your desire to prepare full meals once you get there. Bring quick energy snacks: protein bars, bananas and trail mixes.

3. Drinks. Aluminim cans and plastic only. No glass, no bi-metal.

4. Portable Flatware and Cup.

5. Propane or butane stove for cooking. You are also welcome to use the outdoor camp kitchen of your neighbors at AΩ Isis Temple.

6. Ice Chest(s) - Will be essential to protect your food from spoilage and wildlife. Ice cubes may be purhased at nearby stores. Your neighbors at AΩ Isis Temple also have an ice machine that may or may not be working.

7. Tent. The sturdier the better. Your tent needs to be able to withstand high winds, dust storms, rain storms and extreme heat. Good ventilation is key -- it will be hot inside! Stake it down good, but keep the ropes away from foot traffic. Be sure to read the section on how to properly pitch a tent to survive desert windstorms.

9. Bed. It's hot during the day and cold at night, so blankets on top of a light sleeping bag should suffice. The playa floor is hard and unforgiving, so pack an air mattress or a foam pad. It seldom freezes at night in April, but it is best to be prepared for icy nights.

10. Clothing. Layers! Hot and cold, windy and calm. Dust storms. Bring a varied wardrobe.

11. Shade. A wide-brimmed hat, a tarp (with rope to keep it secure) -- you'll need all the shade you can get.

12. Camp Chair. For lounging out of the sun.

13. Goggles. To keep the dust out. Snowboarding googles work well, and if you can, get the kind with swappable lenses. Dark for the daytime, clear for twilight. They don't have to be airtight, but they have to offer more protection than sunglasses. Some cheap wrap-around shades are better than nothing.

14. Dust Mask. To keep the dust out. High quality disposables are great.

15. Head lamp. Better than a flashlight, especially for pre-dawn trips to the loo.

16. Duct Tape. For everything.

17. Sunscreen. Lots of it.

18. First Aid Kit. How big depends on how clumsy you are and/or the availability of sharp objects.

19. Single Ply Toilet paper.

20. Hand sanitizer.

21. Baby Wipes. Handy for taking a shower without using any water. The dust and the heat will leave you covered in a thick grime. These take care of it with no fuss. You are also welome to use the outdoor showers located at AΩ Isis Temple.

22. Hand Cream. The playa is notoriously unforgiving when it comes to drying out EVERYTHING. Don't leave bread out. It will be worthless in 15 minutes.

23. Trash bags. Every single piece of matter you discard on the desert floor is going to have to picked up by a volunteer. Make that volunteer you.

24. Gloves and shovel/rake. For cleanup.

25. Playa Bike. Reccomended as a great way to get around and explore the desert playa near Shadow Mountain.

III. How To Properly Stake a Tent For Desert Wind

1. Stake out the tarp.

2. Tie ropes to the staking points on your tent.

3. Orient your tent so the door opens to the east.

4. Find the staking loops on the tent.

5. Securely attach a length of rope long enough to reach outside the perimeter of the tarp to each staking loop.

6. Pound one stake (at least 6” long) per rope into the ground at a an angle with the tip of the stake pointed back towards the tent.

7. Tightly attach the ropes to the pounded stakes using a "taught line hitch."

This should be sufficient to secure your tent in our strong Spring winds here in the Mojave. For more thorough information, you will find a great website on how to properly prepare your tent for the possibility of foul weather HERE.

It does occasionally rain, and sometimes it rains mud, so when you stow your gear in your tent, remember to keep your gear well away from the tent walls. Tents are able to remain waterproof ONLY when there is no contact between the tent wall and anything else. Even the corner of your sleeping bag gently touching the wall of your tent will create a wicking situation that will defeat any waterproofing you may have squirted on your tent.

Be Warned: There are lots and lots of coyotes around Shadow mountain, and if you leave ANY food unsecured at your campsite they might help themselves to it. These coyotes are rather bold after having lived with people for so long, so to avoid an encounter, hide your food in a secure cooler or chest.

Poisonous Critters Live In The Mojave Desert! This includes but is not limited to scorpions, camel spiders, black widows, and rattlesnakes. If you leave anything you wear outside for any length of time SHAKE IT OUT before you put it on. This is especially true for shoes. Scorpions love to hide in shoes, and although the sting is about as bad as that of a bee, if you happen to be allergic to it, things could go badly for you.

IV. How To Stay Hydrated In The Desert.

If you have never spent time in the desert, you will find that it is more difficult than you think.

First of all, you need to drink, even when you are not thirsty. Each person needs to drink at least 3 liters/quarts of water per day. Since your neighbors at AΩ Isis Temple have their own well, you can drink as much un-chlorinated, un-fluoridated, naturally clean and pure water as you can stand!

Here are some rules to help you keep properly hydrated.

1. Don’t chug water. Get some in your mouth, swish it around two or three times so it mixes with your saliva, and THEN drink it down. You absorb water through the lining of your mouth, and this water is what will keep your lips from chapping.

2. If you are thirsty, drink immediately, and drink until you are not thirsty anymore. Who cares if you down three glasses in a row? Do it anyway.

3. If you are hungry, drink a big glass of water. Many Americans have forgotten that you can literally be hungry for water. If you drink a big glass of water and your hunger pains go away, you were just thirsty. If you drink the water and you are still hungry, then you probably are genuinely hungry.

4. If you are tired, drink water. One of the first signs of dehydration is fatigue. Most people find that a glass of water will perk them up better than coffee or tea or any other pep drink. That being said, avoid drinking caffeine. It dehydrates you and will make you even more tired than a simple glass of water.

5. If you have a headache, drink water. Your brain is the first place dehydration makes it’s presence known. Slowly chewing mouthfuls of water usually takes care of the desert headache.

6. If you are nauseous, drink water. Nausea is a sign of severe dehydration. Come to the Temple for emergency medical assistance.

7. If you are irritable, grouchy, depressed, bitchy or annoyed for no good reason, drink a glass of water. These are all symptoms of early dehydration.

8. If you are dizzy, or find you are thinking slower than is usual for you, drink a glass of water. These are more symptoms of early dehydration.

9. If your contacts cloud up quickly, or you don’t produce tears when you cry, drink a glass of water. You’ve got it ~ more symptoms of early dehydration.

10. If your muscles and joints are sore, or if you are not as strong or fast as you usually are, drink a glass of water. These are more symptoms of early dehydration.

11. You can also use the “skin pinch test”. Pinch and pull up the skin on the back of your hand. The more slowly it snaps back into place, the more dehydrated you are. If your skin stays peaked up when you do this, you are in the beginning stages of severe dehydration. Come to the Temple for emergency medical assistance.

12. If it has been more than two hours since you had anything to drink, drink water. They best way to stay hydrated is to never let yourself get dehydrated. If you drink one 8oz. glass of water every hour on the hour, you will drink more than a gallon per day. This will insure you do not get into trouble during your stay in the Mojave.

Just in case you didn’t put it all together, here is a list of common symptoms of dehydration, in order of increasing severity:

a. Thirst
b. Hunger
c. Dizziness
d. Light-headedness
e. Headache
f. Tiredness
g. Dry mouth
h. Dry eyes (especially for those with contact lenses)
i. Dry or chapped lips
j. Dark colored urine
k. Infrequent (less than 4 times per day) urination
l. Uncharacteristically cold hands and feet
m. Grouchiness or depression
n. Loss of strength
o. Loss of stamina
p. Confusion
q. Dry skin that sags slowly into position when pinched up
r. Rapid heartbeat
s. Nausea
t. Blood in your stool or vomit
u. Low blood pressure
v. Irritability
w. Sunken eyes
x. A weak pulse
y. Inability to stay awake
z. Fainting

If you exhibit ANY of these symptoms, drink a glass of water immediately, one mouthful at a time, chewing/swishing each mouthful. If you have more than one symptom, or your symptoms are numbered 11 or higher, seek immediate medical assistance.

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MagickAll: Spring Gathering of Traditions - 2014 FINAL SCHEDULE

April 5-13, 2014 - Mojave Desert near Las Vegas, NV
2014 Final Schedule
Are you a ...
Magickal Witch?
Golden Dawn Magician?
Magickal Feri?
Pagan Magician?
Magickal Shaman?
Thelemic Magician?
Or a Magician of any other stripe or flavor?

No matter what Magickal tradition you practice, you will not want to miss the 2014 MAGICKALL Spring gathering of traditions - the world's first week long gathering of Magickians from a host of diverse traditions.

In 2012, AΩ Isis Temple began our yearly Spring festivals with the International Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepts. In 2013, we opened our doors to outer order Golden Dawn initiates, self-initiates and solitary practitioners of Golden Dawn Magick. Magicians came from all across the world - including Australia, Sweden, Germany, England, France, Cameroon, Mexico, and from across the USA.

This Spring we open our doors even wider - and YOU too are invited - no matter what sort of Magick you practice.


Adjacent to AΩ Isis Temple, at the foot of Shadow Mountain, lay over 200 acres of pristine desert perfect for Spring camping. Here in the Mojave desert, temperatures are quite pleasant already in April. So bring your camping gear or - even better - your RV. There are hotels nearby, but it is not at all the same as immersing yourself in desert nature.

We will provide portable restrooms, a camp shower, and a camp kitchen for those who need it. You are  also welcome in our oversized 24/7 hot tub (sky clad only in the tub, but clothes are required everywhere else).

Here is the present gathering schedule:

Public Events - Every Day/Night

Golden Dawn Dojo - Ritual Magick 101 - 10:00 am
with Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin

Shamanic Practice - 8:00 am
with AΩ HPS Leslie McQuade Griffin
Drum and Dance Circle 9:00 PM
Daily Public Lectures - 2:00 PM

Hermetic Magick and Alchemy
Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin


Principles of Thelemic Magick
Las Vegas Thelemites

Opening The Gates of Godhood
E.A. Koetting

Fire Circle Alchemy:
A Ritual of Transmutation
Vegas Vortex - Abigail and Jeff McBride


Over the Hedge:
The Magick of Faery Traditions
HPS Vicki Claire - Grove of the Sacred Spring


Desert Plants and Potions
AΩ HPS Leslie McQuade Griffin

The History of Magick
Dr. Candace Kant
Dean of Students - Cherry Hill Pagan Seminary

Nightly Public Rituals - 8:00 pm

Grand Enthronement of Isis
Alpha Omega - with AΩ HPS Leslie McQuade Griffin
and Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin


Thelemic Magick Demonstration - Las Vegas Thelemites

Corrupting the Sacred Flame
E.A. Koetting

Dark Enchantment Ritual Dance
Scarlet Marie

Alchemical Fire Circle
Vegas Vortex
Abigail and Jeff McBride


Through the Sidhe Mound:
A Journey to the World of Faery
HPS Vicki Clair HPS Vicki Claire
Grove of the Sacred Spring


Initiation in the Golden Dawn
0=0 Neophyte Grade
(Private Ritual - Alpha Omega Membership or Approved Application Required)

Moina and S.L. MacGregor Mathers'
The Rites of Isis*
Alpha Omega - with AΩ HPS Leslie McQuade Griffin 
and Golden Dawn Imperator David Griffin. The great Mages Moina and S.L. MacGregor Mathers originally performed the Alpha Omega's "Rites of Isis" on the stage of the Theatre Bodiniere in Paris in March, 1899. This year, the Alpha Omega is proud to revive the Mathers' "Rites of Isis" in public performance.


Grand Closing Ritual
Desert Moon Circle

Hour by Hour Schedule

6am – Isinian AΩ Temple Opening (AΩ Members Only)
6:20 am - Isinian Sistrum Meditation (Open to All)
7am - Breakfast
8am – SHAMANIC WORKSHOP - AΩ HPS Leslie McQuade (Open to All) – 9am
9am –                                                
10am – GOLDEN DAWN DOJO - AΩ Imperator David Griffin - 11am
12 noon - Lunch
1pm – Isinian AΩ Midday Rite (AΩ HPS Only)
2pm – LECTURE - Various Honored Guests  (Open to All) – 3:00 pm (Approximately)
6pm - dinner
7pm – Isinian AΩ Temple Closing (AΩ Members Only)
8pm – RITUAL - Various Honored Guests (Open to All) – 9pm
9pm – DRUM CIRCLE (Open to All) - 1am
12 midnight
1am – LIGHTS OUT & Isinian AΩMidnight Rite (AΩ HPS Only)

Optional Local Sightseeing

Las Vegas
Tecopa Hot Springs
Death Valley National Park
Grand Canyon National Park


This is a drug-free, child-free*, glass-free, "leave no trace" gathering. The desert should look even better after you leave than it does now (*No minors allowed at the gathering due to 24/7 sky clad hot tub. No nudity allowed except in hot tub area though.)


$60 recommended donation to Isis Temple for the week long gathering. Cash upon arrival preferred.

Getting Here

For those coming from overseas or out of town, best arrive into Las Vegas McCarran International Airport on 4/5 and depart 4/13. We will send directions from LAS to AΩ Isis Temple closer to the date of the gathering.

You are advised to pre-book airport transfers (about $30 per person) from Las Vegas airport to the gathering grounds well in advance at  (775) 751-1111.

PLEASE NOTE: The views of traditions presenting at MagickAll are not necessarily those of the Alpha Omega. Participation in any ritual or lecture is completely voluntary. Attendees are welcome to participate in as many or as few lectures and ritual demonstrations as they like. The mission of MagickAll is to foster tolerance, patience, and understanding between religious faiths and Magickal traditions.

Alpha Omega in Scandinavia

Alpha Omega Scandinavia
22 years of Making Magicians!

Today on the day of the Vernal Equinox, former AΩ Hierophant Tomas Stacewicz declared the official opening of his new magickal order in Scandinavia, the Hermetiska Orden av den Gryende Morgonrodnaden (H.O.N.A.),

I take pleasure today in welcoming  the H.O.N.A. as yet another traditionalist Hermetic order in the greater Magickal community.

It is important to understand, however, that the H.O.N.A. and does not operate under the authority of our order, the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega, nor as a jurisdiction of our outer order, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. It also does not share our unique curriculum. The , which according to Stacewitz, is geared to meet the unique needs o Hyperboreans. operates as a completely separate order, which according to Stacewitz, is geared to meet the unique needs of Hyperboreans.

It is important to further clarify that the initiatic mission of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega today continues in Scandinavia uninterrupted, as it has since 1992. 

In 1997, the AΩ opened its second Temple in Scandinavia, the Thoth Ter Maximus Temple Number 9, in Gothenburg, Sweden. At that time, it was my pleasure in appoint Tomas Stacewicz as the first Hierophant of Thoth Ter Maximus Temple.

On December 21, 2013, Tomas Stacewicz officially resigned from the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega to create his own magickal order according to his unique personal vision.

Upon the resignation of Frater Stacewicz, it was my sad duty to install a new Hierophant of Thoth Ter Maximus Temple Number 9 from among the Thoth Ter Maximus members who chose to remain loyal to the AΩ, rather than follow Frater Stacewicz into his new order.

Of course, Mr. Stacewicz took the temple implements he created to his new order along with him. Furniture, however, does not a temple make and the work of Thoth Ter Maximus Temple Number 9 continues today under leadership of loyal temple members who quickly replaced all necessary temple furniture.

Frater Stacewitz today wrote:
"I ceremonially closed down the Thoth Ter Maximus Temple No. 9 on this Vernal Equinox Assembly, a Temple which I myself founded, created all the implements, props and robes for (and which I still own) and named back in 1997, after being authorized to work it by David Griffin, and which I have worked since then until this Vernal Equinox. In my magical universe there doesn’t exist any Thoth Ter Maximus Temple No. 9 anymore in Gothenburg, Sweden, or anywhere else for that matter."
For the record, although Frater Stacewitz was duly installed Hierophant of the Thoth Ter Mazimus Temple Number 9 in Gothenburg, Sweden, his authority ended with his resignation from the Alpha Omega in December 2013. He was in no way authorised to close any temple of the A.O. Instead, he was merely replaced as Hierophant with another member of that temple who remained loyal to the A.O.

I find it fascinating how precisely today Frater Stacewitz magickally relinquished all interest in Thoth Ter Maximus Temple Number 9 of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega, because today, at the precise hour of the Vernal Equinox the new password of the Alpha Omega was bestowed on Thoth Ter Maximus Temple Number 9 - and its new Hierophantria was regularly installed. Nothing is more central in the Golden Dawn thatn the mysteries of death and rebirth. While Thoth Ter Maximus Temple is indeed dear fot Frater Stacewitz, it cetrainly lives on without him in the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega.

Mysterious indeed are the ways that magickal egregores protect magickal orders!
"Behold my Brethren, she who now stands amongst us, clothed with the attribute of lawful Revealer of the Mysteries for those whom we are leading towards the Light."
- Golden Dawn Equinox Ritual
Hierphantria at Vernal Equinox Assembly 2014
Thoth Ter Maximux Temple No 9
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
outer order of the Rosicrucian
Order of the Alpha Omega
Scandinavian Jurisdiction

Throughout Scandinavia, the initiatic mission of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega today continues uninterrupted, as it has since 1992. Despite the resignation of Frater Stacewicz and his wife Jessica from the AΩ, the work of Thoth Ter Maximus Temple Number 9 of our outer order, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, continues uninterrupted today as it has done since 1997.

Hiereus at Vernal Equinox Assembly 2014
Thoth Ter Maximux Temple No 9

Having made this important clarification, on behalf of all of the Fratres and Sorores of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega, I wish Frater Stacewicz and his wife all the best with their new order. May their students show to them the same fidelity that they themselves have shown to the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega along their initiatic career.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Is There Magick in YOU?

Are you drawn to Magick?

The European headquartered Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn® has made Magicians since 1888. With our help, thousands of people have already awakened their Magickal potential - and we can help awaken the Magick in YOU.

Here is what Magicians say about our new Order of the Alpha Omega® curriculum:
"Since beginning of the new Order of the Alpha Omega curriculum, I've noticed a marked difference in my approach to common problems, increased patience, and a serious boost to my intuitive abilities." 
- Soror Liberte, Arkansas

"You get to the practice of magick within the very first few weeks, and following it to the letter you will start achieving results almost instantly." 
- Frater Skabowta, Malta

"There are two fabulous things about the new curriculum; the emphasis on practical Magickal work and the manageable size of each lesson." 
- Soror ISF, Carbondale, Illinois

"Since I'm not close to a temple my tutor has been just as important as the new lessons." 
- Frater TGISSEPR, Texas 
Even though reviewing a ritual I have used for years, I am with the lessons reexamining my approach and going over things i never payed attention to. This course is as useful for a new magician or someone who was self taught.
- Frater Reflect, Florida 
The Order of the Alpha Omega® was founded in 1906 by the great mages, Moina and S.L. MacGregor Mathers, as legitimate heirs of the original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn® (1888). Led today by Leslie and David McQuade Griffin, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn® has grown into a world class academy of Magick and international Golden Dawn fraternity.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®, with our new Order of the Alpha Omega® curriculum, today brings you the best of ancient Magick with the most efficient 21st Century training methods.

Carried to Europe with the Greek and Roman empires, our ancient Hermetic Magick arose in Egypt and comes down to YOU across Centuries - passed down for Millennia from Hermetic Master to Disciple in an unbroken chain of Adepts.

Our new Order of the Alpha Omega® curriculum gives you all the skills you need to awaken the Magick slumbering within YOU!

You will master energy work, Magickal weapons and psychic defense, astrology, tarot, talismans, geomancy, ancient alphabets, alchemy and the Philosopher's Stone.

Our new Alpha Omega curriculum offers bite-sized lessons that ensure you grasp the concepts before moving on by: 
  1. requiring descriptive summaries of your work, 
  2. having to request each new lesson only when you feel you are ready to move on, and
  3. discussions with your tutor validating you have actually learned the material before receiving the next lesson.
The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn® also provides traditional, physical initiation in our international network of fully licensed and chartered Temples.

Click HERE to explore our training program.

Here is more of what Magicians say about our new Order of the Alpha Omega® curriculum:
"The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn has earned a great deal of respect from me as a professional business coach and student of spiritual technology and mental science. I'm always looking for ways to improve my own life so that I can offer more effective methods of consulting and coaching for my clients. I'm very pleased with the results this curriculum has wrought in my life. Since beginning the new curriculum, I've noticed a marked difference in my approach to common problems, increased patience, and a serious boost to my intuitive abilities. There's also been improvements in my familial relationships and personal peace through study and practice of the technology presented in the curriculum. My approach to life is more deliberate, and the results have become increasingly better as I critically examine scenarios using AO methods. 5 stars! Highly recommend for anyone seeking a truly effective magickal education."
- Soror Liberte (Desiree Finkbeiner), Arkansas 
"There are two fabulous things about the new curriculum, as I have experienced it so far:

1.  The emphasis on practical work and 

2.  The manageable size of each lesson.

The old 0=0 was a huge burden of memorization and very discouraging to anyone who didn't come with a significant background in esoteric study.  The new one is engineered for beginners; this is a good thing."

- Soror ISF, Carbondale, Illinois 
"Being a student of esoteric studies, I had started out on a solitary path, studying from books and all other possible sources. I joined the HOGD a few years ago, in the hope that some light would be shed on my studies and that I would advance further. The published Golden Dawn material was difficult to grasp and even though I remained within the study field, I couldn’t advance any further.

From there I was blessed enough to be one of the chosen to undergo the new curriculum of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the outer order of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega. The new Alpha Omega curriculum is a blessing for any serious student of occult studies. You get to the practice of magick within the very first few weeks, and following it to the letter you will start achieving results almost instantly. More than anything, I have found a new family member within the group, my tutor, who is my shining light in darkness. With the new curriculum and such blessed members teaching it to the new Neophytes, the journey is no longer a struggle, as you will always feel someone else’s hand holding yours, guiding you through the path. I can never ask for anything better regarding my studies."

- Frater Skabowta, Malta  
"I like the step by step lesson format much more than the online curriculum. The lesson emphasis is much clearer on what the initiate is intended to learn and gain knowledge of before progressing to the next stage.  The self-paced approach is also more appealing to me and lets me know exactly where I'm at in my training and development.  Combined with a tutor I can ask questions from, I feel like I'm really learning and part of a brotherhood.  Since I'm not close to a temple my tutor has been just as important as the new lessons. My thanks, appreciation, and blessings go out to all those involved in making this available for my development."
- Frater TGISSEPR, Texas

(EU OHIM reg 000063925)
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®
Making Magicians - Since 1888

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Golden Dawn Besieged

by Alpha Omega Imperator
David Griffin

The opposition has once again attacked our lineage. Do not be deceived. They are attacking me personally and by extension the Alpha Omega. They are not attacking lineage as a legitimate mechanism. The lineage attack is just the medium. 

This is something to rejoice as one day, these very people will pass on their Order to their best student and that student will not be obligated to piss all over their teacher in an attempt to demonstrate that lineage is nonsense. If they truly believed lineage is nonsense, they would be teaching their students to ignore what they are taught, to change it on a whim, that there are no true principles in magick or mysticism. It's all just made up stuff that works for you or doesn't, just do whatever you like.

Perhaps they are teaching this to their top students, I can't know. If they are, is that the school for you? Do you want to join an Order that stipulates that a school or a teacher has nothing to pass on except a few good ideas that might, or might not, work for you? That trashing your teacher, your school, and the ways in which you were taught is good practice? 

Such a thought would be a tragedy. I was taught that the way a student treats his or her teacher is an indication of that person's character. When I read some of these other magical leaders showing disdain and disrespect for their lineage, however grand or humble it may be, it saddens me. I can only hope after my transition, my best students won't feel the need to say such things. That is why I work every day to make this Order, the AO, the best it can be.

Why are these people so threatened by the AO? Because they know that you want to practice magick and become a magician. You see, they are not really attacking me because they care about me or the AO. They attack us because they also know that our devoted purpose is to make magicians. Allow me to lay out a possible history.

The reason the Golden Dawn was created was to fulfill the desires of practicing mystics of that time. There was a longing in the hearts of occult students of that time for something more pragmatic, more practical, than mystical devotions. To satisfy this longing, the founders of the Golden Dawn created a unique approach to magical work that forever changed the world.

While magicians remained true to their practices, the pendulum always swings and mysticism once again became vogue. The introduction of Zen and Yoga into Western society along with the hippie movement of the 60s reinvigorated the mystic schools. During this time, many Golden Dawn practioners, following in the footsteps of Waite, converted their schools to the ways of the mystic or the New Age practices. This was good strategic positioning at the time. Students flowed in and book sales have boomed. I am not suggesting they did this only to win students and sell books. Many were sincere, many still are sincere. Mysticism is a wonderful path and for some, it is the right path. God (the gods) has been good to humans by providing so many ways to unite with Him (them).

However, as the century turned, many of these mystics have once again begun to look for results. After years of mystic practice, they often wonder where are the results? While they may feel closer to God (or the gods), their lives were still unfulfilled. Now that magick is once again gaining in popularity, these mystic schools have lost their connection to those methods. They have positioned themselves so well as mystic schools that they cannot (or will not) return to magick. We at the AO have held our ground as magicians. We realize that there will be times when the people want magick and times when they will seek mysticism. It matters little to us if there are thousands of seekers or just one. Our mission remains the same - to make magicians."

Our Curriculum

In the Alpha Omega, we began in 1999 to improve our curriculum to bring it more in line with our mission to make Magicians. Whereas other Golden Dawn orders make students wait 4-5 years until they reach the Inner Order to give them any real Ritual Magick instruction, the AO teaches Magick from day one. We next added vast amounts of advanced Hermetic Magickal practices to our curriculum unique to the Alpha Omega.

Our Methods

We set out early on to improve our methods and continue to strive to do so even today. In 2002, we  adopted the structure of an on-line university when we opened AO Academy of Magick for distance students, yet preserving traditional Golden Dawn initiation in real G.D. temples.

Continuing Improvement

The AO strives continuously to improve both our curriculum and our methods. We have come a long way since 2002, but the methods of on-line universities have evolved over the past decade as well. We therefore have a professional academic team today again improving our curriculum, incorporating the latest methods in on-line education. This improved curriculum is presently in beta-testing and will be ready for order-wide release in 2014. 

So why are our opponents so threatened by the Alpha Omega?

It is our unique mission, methods, and curriculum.

Does this mean that the Alpha Omega is the "best" Golden Dawn order - or that we have a monopoly on truth?

Of course not - only we do things differently!

(EU OHIM reg 000063925)
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®
Making Magicians - Since 1888

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

R.I.P. Golden Dawn - By David Griffin

Due to the never ending Witch Hunt to defame the Alpha Omega, our members, our lineages, and our founder Mathers, leaders of competing Golden Dawn orders using fear mongering marketing, sock puppets, and anonymous attack websites and blogs have already nearly murdered the reputation of the entire Golden Dawn.

Many such attacks have been published by Mystical order leader and fear mongering negative marketer, Nick Farrell. For example, Farrell profaned the Mathers recension of our initiation rituals then wrote a defamatory, pseudo-historical attack novel posing as history (King Over the Water) trashing the reputation of our founder, S.L. McGregor Mathers.

In the same book, Farrell offended every member of the Alpha Omega by spreading false, fear mongering rumors of a non-existent "Alpha Omega religious and political cult." Farrell was later caught repeated attempting to distort Alpha Omega history, rewriting the AΩ article on Wikipedia with references citing only his attack schrift.

"Magus007" Unmasked: Another Nick Farrell Sock Puppet

Mr. Farrell's attacks on the A.O. continue even today, although the really nasty stuff Farrell now publishes on an anonymous attack blog, hiding behind his sock puppet, "Watcher."

The identity of the hidden puppeteer pulling the strings of "Watcher" is obvious to anyone who is familiar with Nick Farrell's writings. "Watcher's" writing style and talking points precisely match those of Farrell.

"Watcher" and Puppetmaster Nick Farrell

Perhaps Nick Farrell thinks that his sock puppet and anonymous blog are "cute" or is somehow harming only the Alpha Omega. He is sorely mistaken. Sock puppets and anonymous attack blogs have done more to harm the reputation of the Golden Dawn tradition than anything else.  "Watcher's" attack blog has even wheeled out the old false "Golden Dawn Nazis" slander again. This behavior is even more stupid than it is short sighted.

With real world political extremists in Greece already causing massive public confusion by calling themselves "Golden Dawn," these idiotic negative marketers, posing as so-called "spiritual" leaders, nonetheless continue to spread false rumors with sock puppets in anonymous blogs about Nazism in the Golden Dawn SPIRITUAL community!

Talk about self-destructive, suicidal behavior. But then again, one should not forget that Nick Farrell recently divorced himself and his order from the Golden Dawn tradition. In this light, Farrell's vicious sock puppetry makes perfect sense, if Farrell's true agenda is to completely destroy the Golden Dawn spiritual tradition.

In any case, fear mongering negative marketer "Golden Dawn leaders" have been using such sick, dirty "defamation as marketing" tricks for 20 years now. Just check alt.magick or the archives of half a dozen Yahoo fora and you will find vast reams of such idiocy.

One thing is certain. If the Golden Dawn spiritual tradition is to survive the damage of confusion caused by real life, Greek fascists today confusingly calling themselves "Golden Dawn," the Golden Dawn spiritual community can no longer afford short sighted, mean spirited, fear mongering marketing.

Such lunacy is directly responsible for anonymous blogs already easy to find on the Internet, falsely attacking all Golden Dawn spiritual tradition leaders (including me) as Nazis. I will not link to such trash, but a simple Google search for "Golden Dawn Nazi Truth" readily reveals just how harmful  anonymous blogs truly are to the Golden Dawn spiritual tradition as a whole.

Enough is enough already!

"Watcher": Nick Farrell's Attack Blog Sock Puppet

Saturday, March 8, 2014

UNMASKED: "Anonymous Nick" Farrell Sock Puppet Flip-Flops on Golden Dawn Lineage

by AΩ Imperator David Griffin

Nick Farrell recently wrote on his blog:
"A few blogs have appeared attempting to discredit ... my ... involvement with Whare Ra. ... When it comes down to it, these comments are usually written by those who do not have any real connection to the Golden Dawn and have lineage envy."
I am pleased to see Nick Farrell finally advocates the importance of Golden Dawn lineage, even from such a dubious source as the OTR after Whare Ra closed. Although he put his foot in his mouth, Farrell has in writing adopted a position similar to mine on the importance of lineage in the Golden Dawn.

In all fairness, I should mention though that Mr. Farrell quickly backpeddled and published a vacuous denial on blog anonymously published by Mr. Farrell's sock puppet, "Anonymous Nick."

"Anonymous Nick" and Puppeteer Farrell

Nonethess, despite Mr. Farrell's sock puppetry, flip-flopping, and vacuous denials, there is no doubt what the expression "lineage envy" means. Mr. Farrell can not erase what he wrote merely by sticking his hand up a puppet's garments.

"Anonymous Nick" went on to suggest that there no Hermetic, Rosicruican, or Golden Dawn lineages exist in the GD today because no one today can produce an unbroken paper trail of charters back to S.L. MacGregor Mathers. Sch an assertion demonstrates profound ignorance regarding the true nature of lineage in spiritual traditions. Such ignorance in turn arises from a conflation of the Golden Dawn with Freemasonry, where paper trails of charters are so desperately coveted by lodges. This is, however, a completely inappropriate yardstick for the Golden Dawn. "Anonymous Nick" does not even understand that the Golden Dawn is not a fringe Freemasonic rite! In reality, the Golden Dawn is one of the world's great spiritual initiatic traditions, not unlike Zen and Tibeten Buddhism in the East, where lineage is spiritual and therefore means something completely different than it does in Freemasonry.

The concept of lineage is found not only in Western esoteric orders, but also in the great spiritual traditions of the East, as well as in Christianity and Freemasonry in the West.

In Christianity, the doctrine of Apostolic Succession maintains that the Christian Church today is the spiritual successor to the original body of believers in Christ, composed of the Apostles. In pre-Protestant Reformation Churches, Apostolic Succession is claimed as having been passed through unbroken lines of bishops beginning with the original Apostles.

In its formal aspect, lineage may amount to little more than a formal means of mutual recognition, as in the case of Freemasonry, which exclusively uses paper trails of charters and systems of mutual recognition between Grand lodges to establish what Freemasonry calls ‘regularity.’

George Washington
Of course, in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and in the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega, we do alsso have our charters, which we are very proud of, yet unlike Mr. Farrell's sock puppet, we understand that there is much more to spiritual lineage than pieces of paper. The Golden Dawn is not unique in in this regard, either.

In Western esotericism, numerous orders use lineage as a means of ensuring a direct transmission of spiritual principles and energies. Lineage, like trademarks, is also a basic form of protection for the public, that what members find is actually what they associate with the name or the spiritual tradition. Who wants to join a Martinist order, only to find Hindu teachings instead, or to join the Golden Dawn looking for tradtional initiation and to learn Hermetic and Rosicrucian magic and alchemy, only to find Mystical practices, New Age teachings, or "Astral" initiation instead?

Louis-Claude de St. Martin
Martinist orders, for examples all claim lineage deriving from Louis-Claude de St. Martin. L'Ordre Martiniste (the Martinist Order) came about in 1884 when Gerard Encausse (Papus) met August Chaboseau. They discovered that they had both apparently received Martinist initiation through two different chains of succession which linked back to Saint-Martin and his original disciples. Papus claimed to have come into the possession of the original papers of de Pasqually and to have been given authority in the Rite of Saint-Martin by his friend Henri Viscount Delaage. However, Encausse realized that there was a "missing link" in his own chain of succession: he and Chaboseau therefore "swapped initiations" in order to consolidate their lineages.

Let us recall again that the Golden Dawn is first and foremost a spiritual tradition. Therefore, charters and such, are not all that matter. In all of the great spiritual traditions, both East and West, lineage carries with it a spiritual transmission or realization, as in the case of Dharma transmission in Zen Buddhism.

Zen Buddhism, for example, maintains records of their historical teachers who, according to the traditional history of that school, have passed the Dharma from generation to generation in an unbroken line since the time of the Buddha. Dharma transmission is the formal confirmation by a master of Zen or Chan Buddhism of a student's awakening. This one-to-one transmission is said to trace back over 2,500 years to Gautama Buddha when he gave dharma transmission to his disciple Mahakasyapa, who is regarded as the first patriarch of Zen in India.

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche
Shambhala Buddhist Lineage
I have often heard people in the Golden Dawn community say that: "Lineage does not matter. What matters is to do the work." This is certainly half true. "To do the work," however, one must have the necessary spiritual practices, as is the case with the Buddhist lineages.

The various lineages of the Alpha Omega carry with them a vast corpus of knowledge and spiritual practices from the Hermetic and Rosicrucian traditions. These include advanced magical and Hermetic Internal Alchemical systems that the Alpha Omega already shares with a number of traditional Golden Dawn orders.

What those like Mr. Farrell's "anonymous" sock ppuppet, completely fail to understand is that, as one of the great spiritual traditions of the world, the ultimate aim of the Golden Dawn is to help individuals "to become more than human,” which means spiritual development through energetic evolution.
"Anonymous Nick" ignorantly defines Golden Dawn lineage as mere paper trails like in Freemasonry. If Mr. Farrell and his sock puppet had access to the Golden Dawn's advanced Hermetic and Rosicrucian spiritual techniques and realizations beyond the elementary material published by Regardie, they would not so lightly dismiss a spiritual lineage as important as the Golden Dawn."
 - AΩ Imperator David Griffin

The Spiritual Mission of the 
Alpha Omega

The Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega is not just a merely "Golden Dawn" order. Whereas most GD orders, including Mr. Farrell's, offer their students little or nothing more than the well known spiritual techniques published long ago by Israel Regardie, the Alpha Omega offers a great deal of additional, traditional, supplemental and corrective material - including highly effective techniques for spiritual realization and energetic evolution - so far available nowhere else in the Golden Dawn.

These living spiritual slineages are certainly not just paper charters. "Anonymous Nick" still fails to understand that the true mission of the Golden Dawn is to facilitate the spiritual development and energetic evolution of human kind - by providing the spiritual technology necessary to "become more than human."

In the Alpha Omega, we make advanced magical and alchemical spiritual technology of the Golden Dawn, deriving from our numerous Hermetic, and Rosicrucian lineages available in a variety of contexts. As the HOGD, we provide traditional initiation and training in the Golden Dawn materials published by Israel Regardie, together with supplementeal and corrective spiritual exercises. As the Alpha Omega, we teach Ritual Magick, Alchemy, and a vast array of spiritual techniques that go far beyond the published Regardie material most merely Golden Dawn orders rely almost exclusively on. In addition to our unique curriculum, the Alpha Omega is further distinguished as the only Golden Dawn order utilizing the latest 21st Century methods developed over the past decade by on-line universities.

The Alpha Omega holds that human life on Earth is but the caterpillar stage of a higher, energetic form of life that human beings are evolving towards. Similar to the "rainbow body" of the Tibetan Dzogchen lineage, the spiritual practices of the Golden Dawn, Hermetic, and Rosicrucian lineages involve the cultivation of a Solar Body of Light.

For the Golden Dawn Adept, the goal of the true completion of the Opus Magnum is the projection of consciousness into a fully mature Solar Body at the moment of death. This culmination of the Opus Magnum bestows conscious immortality on the SOLAR PLANE - at the speed of light in the universe inside of starlight.


AΩ Imperator David Griffin

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