Tuesday, November 22, 2016

SMACKDOWN: Leslie McQuade Just OWNED Tarot Author Mary K. Greer!

by Rosicrucian Imperator David Griffin 
and Alexandrian HPS Leslie McQuade
As you are aware, America has been thrown into chaos following the election, with the left controlled fake media fear mongering non-stop. This has led even to riots. I get concerned therefore when people in authority positions who should know better, stir up unnecessary trouble. I was astonished when yesterday Leslie showed me the Facebook page of would-be Tarot expert, Mary K. Greer, where I read:

You know. I am getting really fed up with this kind of senseless fear mongering and demonization of mainstream Trump voters as Alt-Right (read "white nationalist" or "racist"). It is precisely this kind of thing that is inciting the riots in America since the election.
Tarot Author Mary K. Greer
I therefore went over and pointed out to Mary that calling the management of Breitbart news "anti-Semites" is not very bright since Breitbart's founder and present management are Orthodox Jews. For pointing this out - I was summarily blocked!

Bad idea. There are few things that get Leslie McQuade riled up more than this kind of nonsense. 

For those who may not know yet, Leslie McQuade is a trained anthropologist and has worked on digs for the Carnegie-Mellon Museum, for the Japanese government, and in Kazakhstan. Leslie an Alexandrian Wiccan High Priestess in a lineage descending almost directly from Janet Farrar through the Hibernian line. Leslie is also a Co-Freemason (33º Degree), a shamanic practitioner and presently serves as Cancelliaria of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (AΩ) and 2d Rosicrucian Adept of the Rosae Rubeae et Aurea Crucis (R.R. et A.C).
Leslie McQuade
Leslie then went to Mary's page and, seeing what transpired next, proceded to take Greer to school. Before Mary could resort to censorship AGAIN, Leslie had managed to first expose the hidden racism and anti-Semitism inherent in Greer's arguments - which, even given two opportunities, Mary declined to disavow.

One wonders if leftists looking for racists under rocks everywhere, should perhaps instead look in a mirror!

Here are all the gory details ...

Leslie McQuade

CENSORED!...But too late!
The "Alt-Left's" Mary K. Greer has uncloaked - as a RACIST.

Leslie McQuade OWNS Mary K. Greer!


Unsurprisingly, since the end of the debate, Mary Greer has allegedly attempted to cover up the evidence on Facebook. Luckily, Leslie had made screenshots, just in case of a cover-up attempt. The below comment was posted alerting us to the cover-up on the HOGD/AO Facebook group.

Once I read this, I checked Mary Greer's Facebook and -yep- the cover-up attempt is quite thorough. Of the entire above conversation ...

That is ALL. Followed by this comment from Greer she posted after blocking McQuade so she could not read it.

In other words, declining multiple occasions to disavow her anti-Semitic remarks, Mary K. Greer instead remains an entrenched racist piece of trash, smugly convinced that no one notices.
"Sorry, Mary, but the world DOES see you for who you TRULY are - you lying, manipulative, racist piece of crap." - Leslie McQuade 
AΩ High Priestess Leslie McQuade

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