Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012!!! International Golden Dawn - R.R. et A.C. Conclave of Rosicrucian Adepti

near Las Vegas, Nevada
Golden Dawn - R.R. et A.C. 
International Conclave of the Adepti
hosted by the
Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega
at the newly built
Isis-Hathor Temple
and Retreat Center
Isis- Hathor's Sacred Temple Owls
"Dusty and Dawn"
Qualified R.R. et A.C. Adepts from all Golden Dawn Temples and Orders (and selected Rosicrucian and Magical orders) are invited to gather with Second Order Adepts from the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega for an intensive week of initiation, advancement, and training in the advanced Second Order magical systems and techniques recently transmitted by the Secret Chiefs of the Third Order of the Golden Dawn. 

NOTE: This advanced, traditional Golden Dawn magical training picks up where the published Adeptus Minor material leaves off! R.R. et A.C. Adepts should never again be limited to traditional Second Order teachings that dead-end at the Adeptus Minor level published by Regardie.

R.R. et A.C.
International Rosicrucian Conclave
 2012: March 9-16
(Adept Level only)

Contact us HERE for additional details and registration.

Additionally, as a gesture of fraternal good will, all outer order initiates of all Golden Dawn temples and orders everywhere are invited to attend the A.O.'s open celebration of the Vernal Equinox at Isis-Hathor temple on Sunday, March 18, 2012.

Golden Dawn
Open Equinox Celebration
2012: Sunday, March 18
(Initiates of ALL Golden Dawn Temples and Orders)

NOTE: Even if you are not yet a Golden Dawn initatiate, you can still come. We will initiate new Golden Dawn members in the Neophyte grade as part of the Open Equinox Celebration. You will need to join the Golden Dawn first, however. 

HERE is where you can apply to join the Golden Dawn.

With these small gestures, the A.O. hopes to promote good will and fraternal harmony in the entire Golden Dawn community, and to contribute substantially to upgrading the level of training of Rosicrucian Adepts everywhere.

Don't miss this historical Golden Dawn event!

"In 2012, come celebrate the shift to a new age of sharing, peace and harmony in 
Golden Dawn history..."
Your Hosts,
David and Leslie Griffin

PS: In reply to this announcement about the 2012 Golden Dawn Conclave, one Golden Dawn blog published a photo of an enormous Asian mass marriage ritual. As a result, Isis-Hathor temple has been asked by one Golden Dawn couple if we could not incorporate a marriage ritual for them into the upcoming Equinox festivities. As it turns out, my wife Leslie and I are Pagan clergy and I am also a Gnostic bishop. We are both therefore fully empowered to perform legal marriages at Isis-Hathor. So the answer is YES, we would be honored to marry you! Here is a photo of a recent wedding Leslie and I performed for some Pagan friends of ours from Italy:
A Las Vegas Wedding, Isis-Hathor Style!


  1. Today's announcement of the 2012 Conclave of the Adepti near Las Vegas, Nevada has aroused so much interest in the esoteric community over the past 24 hours that the Golden Dawn Blog today broke all records for unique visits in a single day.

    Thank you all for your interest and the marvelous feedback.

    Just to answer one frequent question:

    There are numerous Golden Dawn initiates who want to attend at least the Euinox celebration, yet are on a limited budget.

    The good news is that here at Isis-Diana Temple and Retreat Center we have 2 1/2 acres of land, so those of you who prefer not to spend money on a hotel, there is plenty of space available for camping right here on the temple grounds.

    We will also be arranging communal meals for just a nominal sum only to cover our costs.

    So for those of you on a limited budget, you will merely have to get yourselves out here to the Temple and Retreat Center.

    We look forward to sharing this historical gathering with you!

    David and Leslie

  2. Queridos Fratres y Sorores:

    La información en español del Cónclave Internacional de Adeptos Rosacruces, la encuentran en el Blod de Frater L.A.M., en el siguiente enlace:

    Gracias al Frater David y a la Soror Leslie por recibirnos en su Templo.

    Espero que el evento sea todo un éxito, y sea muy positivo para toda la comunidad de la Golden Dawn.


    Frater L.A.M.

  3. Clearly there is a lot of excitement about this event. I plan to take a weekend vacation to Las Vegas and come for the Equinox ritual only.

  4. Iam so looking forward to this event!

  5. I feel good to do know that Im here.

  6. Beautifull couple ..and beautifull wife as well sir. I have also got a minister at one point of my journey authorising to bare assistance to marriage ceremony if in any case it was requiered (througt the pulc)
    May the light be your path
    Sonor kruptos

  7. There is a certain price to Magic!
    A lot of people are involved with magic (because they know it really works) have the impression that “white” or “black” magic works because they have acquired “special powers”. In the end of the day (the moment of death) all demonic actions or collaborations taken during someone’s life will be known to all (heavenly creations) and at that time the devil will show up TO GET PAID for his SERVICES during their lives. His SERVICES will be PAID with an EXCHANGE with these people’s eternal soul. This is what the devil is working for; these souls will be his precious trophies for ALL TIME to come.
    Constantinos James Wiliams

  8. Beloved brothers and sisters,

    The devil is known to be the “arxon” (governor) of this world and yet he does not represent a power or any kind of authority he only represents an option! The word devil derives from the Greek word –diavallo- which means –to distort- in the devils case he distorts the Truth. Din't he tell Adam and Eve that by eating the able they were to become Gods like God is?
    God did not deprive these fallen angels of their lives, however as the battalion was falling in excile they were deprived from a lot of their gifts. As they were exiled from heaven and in the withdrawal of Gods Grace (His gifts) their spiritual bodies went through a bodily TRANSFORMATION that became eternal. Mainly the bright creations that once reflected the glory of God angles) started to suddenly exist in a NEW WAY of BEING they became the outcast creatures of disgrace and darkness that we know today. This is because it was Gods will that their inner attitude toward God and humanity was to be known (reflected) on their outer bodies -for all to know- for all to visually see. Doesn’t a goat “bully” or “bush” with his horns other goats in order to dominate the entire herd?
    Their choice of attempting this blasphemous and distorted act of betrayal to attempt to put their throne above the throne of their Creator Cod resulted to the withdrawal of His Grace having as consequence their inner ugliness and ungratefulness to be now known for all to see.

    God is known to be a Person because He is known to talk to people like He spoke to Moses PERSON to Person. The devil (the fallen archangel) is also considered to be a person because he is also known to talk to people person to person.

    The Triad God, Father Son Holy Spirit (the ONE God) as Revealed to His Saints in Orthodoxy (ancient Church present today) is known to be everywhere present and AT ALL TIMES. The devil on the other hand being only a creation of God can ONLY BE PRESENT at ONE PLACE at a time.
    The pyramid will provide the devil the necessary -social political- structure needed (like in ancient Egypt and China) with men and women obedient to carry out his plan. In exchange for their "services" there is gold and prominent social positions offered. HIS PLAN is to set on the top of the Pyramid the one person (the ruler) that suits him the most.
    BY TAKING then CONTROL (possession) of the “chosen” one, He has “ruled” Egypt and China etr. The gold garments by which the dead mummies are dressed symbolize the means by which he rules the hearts and minds of men…GOLD. For those who have already practiced magic there is but one way out, they must Repent. To repent means: “to give up totally ones own will, and inherit in their life the will of God entirely”. So when John the Baptist was calling people to repent, he was actually calling them to entirely change their way of life.
    Baptism, Reconciliation with God
    (Galatians 3:27) “You were baptized into union with Christ, and now you are clothed, with the life of Christ himself” Baptism followed as delivered by the Apostles begotten by the Holy Spirit the day of Pentecost is our absolute “guarantee” that everything promised in the Holy Bible is delivered. Man is actually united with God (spiritually) and he is restored by Him to His likeness, (Holy) granting him this way the opportunity from here on earth to proceed through purity (clothed with the life of Christ) in a way of life that leads to Theosis known as Salvation or Eternal Life. The Church is not a man made organization, but a God-man Organism that is sustained to life and is directed by the Holy Spirit.

    Lucifer: “I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:

    Are we as a human race going to ever learn?

    The experience during contact with Divine Light (God) makes up the very base of Orthodox theology.
    Your friend and servant,
    Constantinos J.W

  9. lovely photo of fun loving people laughing and enjoying the world that God has made for us to live in. Wish I was there as a part of that fun loving group! :)


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