Friday, August 27, 2010

A Hermetic Master Speaks Out II: On The Creation of the Solar Body of Light

I was pleased to see how Master R.C.'s recent statements sparked such a lively discussion. Questions have arisen, for example, from FS on his blog, as well as from posters apparently afraid to identify themselves in the comments section here as well. 

I must admit that I was amused by one such "anonymous" commenter's strange pronouncement that Master R.C.'s exposition has no actual root in the Hermetic tradition, since this anonymous commenter has failed to verify these notions in published Hermetic sources, as though the Hermetic tradition followed the rules of Wikipedia instead of the traditional rules of initiatic traditions throughout history. 

Let me assure our anonymous commenter that these notions are quite substantiated in the voluminous Hermetic literature that until today remains available ONLY TO INITIATES, as has been the case not for Centuries, but rather for Millennia. The notion that initiatic materials may only be considered to exist if they are readily available to the masses not only flies in the face of all true initiatic traditions throughout history, but actually reflects a modern form of madness created by the information superhighway and the age of the Internet.

Despite the rather hostile and provocative tone of certain anonymous commenters, I nonetheless forwarded everything to Master R.C. to see if he cared to reply. Happily, this sparked the following exposition, faithfully translated and presented by Lux ex Septentrionis, Frater R+AC.

- David Griffin

On the Creation of the Solar Body of Light
by Master R.C.

In response to my recent article, I  have been forwarded several letters and comments. I am pleased to observe the interest aroused by the present discussion. This is a positive development, as not enough has yet been written about Hermetic alchemy from an initiatic perspective. Clearly, certain points need to be set forth at this juncture, in accordance with what my own Alchemical Master taught and transmitted to me over the course of decades - in the same fashion as initiatic, alchemical knowledge has been transmitted from alchemical Master to Disciple for Millennia. 

My words here may displease certain readers, but I will not hold back the truth merely because others may find it distasteful. I ask you to set aside for a moment all of your preconceived ideas and to read these few lines in a state of serenity and peacefulness of soul, aspiring that the light of consciousness may illuminate our discourse.

Many people today delude themselves with the mistaken belief that all knowledge may be found either in books and publications or on the internet. In the case of Hermetic wisdom in general, and of Alchemy in particular, published works include only the most minimal part of the legitimate teachings. These are, I must once again repeat, transmitted only through true initiation or from an authentically realized Master - and not from a mere thinker - as true transmission is energetic, from Soul to Soul, and not verbal.

In regard to recent questions and comments about the Solar body:

Everything within creation - merely by virtue of being manifest - possesses a vehicle through which manifestation is possible. The existence of form and non-form is one single reality, which is the true nature of the universe and of creation. 

The transition from form to non-form is instantaneous and we are never conscious of the passage because, these are two sides of the same coin. Thus, even talking about the change from form to non-form is inaccurate and incorrect - as such a notion imposes conditions appropriate for duality, whereas  ultimately it is only unity that exists, which is instantaneously both existence and non-existence.

Consider a point in geometry. A point is indivisible and eternal yet non-existent at the same time. The same may be said about the true nature of the Mercury of the Philosophers.

Therefore, it is in reality not strictly correct to speak of the CREATION of the Solar Body because - since all is ONE - it already exists. Thus the real task is to bring to consciousness the ONE that is within us and that IS us. This is the true mission of Alchemy and ancient Hermetic sciences. 

In the orient, this same notion is implied in the statement that MAYA is reality and illusion at the same time, and that these are two sides of the same coin. In fact, it is also written in the East that MAYA is the same as MOKSA - absolute freedom - but this mere affirmation does not equal the realization of this truth or the attainment of absolute freedom! 

Such intellectual discourse does not even approach the living truth that all is ONE and that all is ipso facto real and unreal. The truth, the reality or unreality of things is created by our mind itself. This is the true meaning of the RAW MERCURY OF THE PHILOSOPHERS. This Mercury is "raw" in the sense that is is unprocessed. When processed by alchemical means, this Raw Mercury may be transmuted first into Silver, then into purest Gold.

I would like to stress that all that is said here about human beings can also be extended to materials of every nature and grade, and thus applies to physical transmutations as well. All of this - of course, observes the fundamental law of UNITY OF MATTER.

Thus we see that the mind, or the eternal capability of matter, has the power to render real or unreal every single thing - even itself. This - in high degree alchemy - is called SULFUR - the generative capacity of the mind - which uniquely and eternally exists.

When the mind, or Mercury, vibrates, creation IS - yet when it does not vibrate any longer...CREATION VANISHES. This is the power of the MERCURY OF THE PHILOSOPHERS - which can pigment all metals or states of matter.

Thus - when correctly understood - the creation of the Solar Body is the ability to cause your mind (or Mercury) to vibrate in such a way that, by creating waves of form, it generates a state of MATTER-SPIRIT-UNITY that is active in EVERY plane of creation itself. In other words, it is the capability of acting consciously on every gradation of the ONE that is EVERYTHING.

This is the Solar Body that indicates the LIGHT and wisdom of all things simultaneously that is eternal. Hence true Eternity and Immortality is the MIND’S CAPABILITY OF BEING AWARE OF ITSELF AND OF THE TRUE NATURE OF REALITY. 

Therefore, every being creates, by its own will, its slavery or freedom. There are those who understand it early and put themselves on the path of wakefulness. There are others, however, who need a lot of time to acknowledge the subtle aspect of creation, in addition to its aspect of form. 

Hence we can talk about TRUE IMMORTALITY only when it is CONSCIOUS and AWARE. Otherwise, despite the perpetual eternity of being, we cannot speak of true immortality, when consciousness, not being aware, sinks into the chasm of illusions that are real for us and envelope us by the great power of mind (or Mercury) itself.

Marrying Mercury with Sulphur, creating the double nature, thus may be understood as joining the mind with its own power, thus becoming conscious of who we really are and of our true potentialities. This state we call the creation of the Solar Body and it is represented as a symbol with an OPEN EYE OVER A FOUR STEPPED PYRAMID, which indicates the four states of matter: solid, fluid, subtle, and radiant, which joined together and merged in the state of the mind, that is the QUINTESSENCE or FIFTH ELEMENT, become the Solar Body of Light, which is eternal and indestructible. 

The methods to reach this, which on metaphysical basis are in the strictest sense incorrectly called "the creation of the Solar Body of Light," have never been revealed openly - And even had they been, they would not have been understood by those who are unprepared, living their reality as they want it to be, rather than how it is in truth instead.

I hope I have been clear and that I answered all of your questions and inquiries. All that remains for me to add is that everything I have written and every mental procedure here described may be perfectly reproduced even in a laboratory through alchemy, archemy, or spagery - In other words, by making use of substances that appear - I repeat - that APPEAR - to be outside of us as living beings alone in this actual life on planet Earth.

With love and respect for all living beings, 


  1. Care et G.H. Frater L.e.S.,

    first I wanted to thank you for your very inspirational blog. You have the ability to talk about complex matters in simple words. Your entries always give me additional motivation and enthusiasm for the Great Work.
    Especially the letters of Master R.C. I found highly interesting, because their content for me is another proof of the fact that there is a real source of wisdom behind our Order.
    Therefore, I am brave now and take the opportunity to forward a small letter from myself to R.C. Maybe he has the time and will to answer it, maybe not.
    Fra. L.e.N.e.

    Dear Master R.C.,

    thank you for your last letter about the Mercury of the Philosophers and the Solar Body of Light. There was a lot of Light in it, and iam happy to see some bits of my own meditative discoveries reflected in your words of high wisdom.
    I think nature already provides us with many hints and truths. One only has to look closer, and to compare by analogy. When examining the sky I see, by analogy, the two sides of a coin you spoke of. At daytime we have the Sun, the “solar body of Light” and symbol of unity. At nighttime this unity is seemingly split up in myriads of stars (individual beings), but in truth all this is One, and happens in one Universe.
    There can be no distinction between the One Self and the individual mind. It’s only the gravity of our identities that make us believe that there is a distinction. God is Unity, and the Devil is legion.
    But speaking of the unity of the All, I wonder what your position is when considering the state our planet is in at the moment.
    Since I am a child, and even more today, I feel like reading John’s Revelation when watching the news on TV. Our planet is literally flooded by catastrophes, fear and crises. Maybe it was always like this, and only the power of mass media makes me believe that the quality of our time has become more rigid.
    And please don’t get me wrong. I am fed up with new age speculations and conspiracy theories that are discussed throughout the esoteric camps, and I was always very grateful that the Order of Alpha et Omega never engaged in speculations like this.
    But I wonder if there is a connection between the on-going revelations about the true nature of the Stone of the Wise and the present state of our planet and mankind. Maybe some individuals have to be pushed closer and faster to truth, in order to reach salvation for our planet?
    If everything is One, what does the One try to tell us right at the moment? Do you believe in cyclic changes or collective quantum leaps in consciousness, triggered by catastrophes?

    With all my best wishes,
    and fraternally in L.V.X.,
    Frater L.e.N.e.

  2. Here is the response from Master R.C., faithfully translated and presented by Frater Lux ex Septentrionis:

    Care Frater Le.N.e.,

    I read with much interest your letter and am pleased to answer your questions.

    We Sons and Daughters of Hermes affirm that we are at a world level now experiencing the Great Work in the Black. This leads to the general confusion of matter and of human thought. Similar to that at an individual level, this Work in the Black advances through the disintegration and the creation of a great mass that will become the Prima Materia that when worked in time and space, the GREAT ARTISAN will cause to emerge as the light of the second phase, the Work in the White or Albedo.

    The confusion you are observing the world is the same confusion generated in each Materia when it is submitted to the purifying fire of a continuous action of an operator. Everything is created with FIRE and everything destroyed with FIRE, and the true Prima Materia from which alone all others descend.

    The Earth in its development is close to a mental and spiritual quantum leap where it is called to further evolution that can gradually bring about a rebirth. I advise you to read the pages on the Universal Flood for a description of what is socially and alchemically occurring. Water that does not wet and the fire that does not burn are invading the earth and is performing their functions.

    Recall to observe that in the alchemical stages adapted from the individual, that humanity is but a larger individual. Here you shall discover the keys to world events and occurrences.

    Add the 12 alchemical operations and you shall observe the economical and historical progression, as well as scientific, wars and peace, progression and regression. Apply, for example, the term Calcination (or any other of the 12 alchemical operatioins) to events and you will witness how reality will manifest before in your eyes and the veil lifted. Duality is inherent in everything but as always, Universal & Unique Mercury vibrates anywhere and everywhere gives life.

    Recall that NIGHT for Hermetists corresponds to the single incarnation of human beings. Thus the cycles of the moon that match his or her birth, growth to maturity, and death on Earth. Whereas the DAY is the glory of truth and consciousness and eternal beatitude once you have correctly understood Nature and its manifestations.

    SILENCE your mind and put aside the thoughts and emotions and you will witness how the Book of Eternity opens and the LIGHT begins to dawn within you. But until you SILENCE yourself in the Work in the Black, a silence of mental death, nothing may enter you and you will only hear the clamor and chaos of the outer world, while the splendid and luminous truth of the inner world remains silent and closed you you.

    May you be blessed in the Solar practice,
    Frater R+C

  3. Dear R.C.,

    thanks for your prompt answer.
    I will follow your advices, with all my heart.

    Fraternally in L.V.X.,