Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Golden Dawn Saga - Episode II: The Egyptian Connection

by David Griffin
Copyright © 2012
When I first contacted the Golden Dawn through Cris Monnastre, I was oblivious to the consequences a simple postcard from Cairo would have for decades to come - not only for me personally, but for the history of the entire Golden Dawn as well.

I came to Cairo to consecrate my elemental wand inside the King's chamber of the Great Pyramid of Khufu. How I created the Wand of Power is a story for another day. Having added the names of power on the wand in purest gold, each in a different city, and having crowned the wand with tips of pure gold and silver under the light of a total Solar eclipse ...

The Wand of Power at last was ready for consecration. And what better place to consecrate such a wand than inside of the King's chamber of the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

The Wand of Power

But destiny, it turned out, had other plans…

I had been constructing the wand for over a year when I discovered the perfect pretext to consecrate the wand in Egypt. There would be a New Age event there in 1992, to begin preparation for the 2012 end of the Mayan calendar.

Thus, I prepared myself with 6 months of a strictly vegetarian diet, combined with a severe regimen of fasting.

Thus, upon my arrival in Egypt, I was extremely sensitive to the energies around the pyramids. I also found myself surrounded by an amazing New Age side show, with people expecting everything from the appearance of UFOs, to the arrival of the Count of St. Germain, or the appearance of the Virgin of Fatima.

Nonetheless, I took everything happening around me as having symbolical value, in consideration of the personal spiritual mission I was on. Thus, I was quite dismayed when my room-mate, provided by the New Age crew, used a pendulum to convince me I should not consecrate the wand inside of the King's chamber, since, despite all of my fasting and dietary regimen, I had not undergone half a year of chastity, which my wife would never have supported to begin with.

Although I considered this but New Age nonsense, I could nevertheless not overlook a symbolical event prohibiting me from carrying out the plan for which I had come to Egypt. Thus, as sad as it made me, I left my wand back at the hotel when we as a group visited the King's chamber the next day. It broke my heart to do so, but the signs were clear enough. What happened inside the pyramid was even more astonishing, however.

I had a powerful and life changing vision while inside the sarcophogus, which left no doubt the Golden Dawn was right path for me. Far more surprising, however, was what else happened inside that chamber. Emerging from the pyramid, I found my pendulum-wielding room-mate, writhing in pain. Inside the King's Chamber, he had broken his thumb, lost his pendulum, and the hand he used to wield it was now swollen up like a tamale.

While he was whisked off to the hospital, I returned to my hotel room flabbergasted by everything. Never again would I see spirituality and sexuality as in any way contrary or incompatible. The psychic pseudo-conflict between the two, caused by my childhood Christian upbringing, had been overcome forever.

The next day, it became clear why an invisible hand had prevented me from consecrating the Wand of Power inside the King's chamber. The following night, I was offered to climb to the top of the Great Pyramid...

And this time all of the signs were "go." 

Prior to our pilgrimage, we anointed one another's feet with rose oil, then began the long ascent up the pyramid. The stones are just small enough to ascend one level at a time, using both hands and feet. About two thirds the way up, I made the mistake to look down and was overwhelmed with vertigo. The rest of the journey, I kept my eyes fixed only on the next stone in front of me.

The true astonishment came once I arrived at the summit. There I discovered why I had been stopped from consecrating the Wand of Power inside the King's Chamber. Here, and nowhere else, at the apex of the Great Pyramid, was the only place on Earth worthy of the consecration of such a wand. 

I have never experienced such powerful energies anywhere else on Earth. Here, at the apex of the pyramid, and not in the King's chamber as everyone believes, lies the true focal point of the energies.

I walked well away from the others and performed the sacred Egyptian rite of consecration, which I guard as a personal secret until today.

This was my adventure consecrating the Wand of Power in Egypt, which began my meteoric career in the Golden Dawn. Such was the burning fire of my spiritual aspiration when I first sought initiation.

Today, two decades later, this fire still burns strongly within me. It is this nobility of purpose and purity of heart that has sustained me through two decades of nearly non-stop attacks on the Alpha et Omega, and has protected me from the Dark Secret that has infiltrated the heart of the Golden Dawn.

Don’t miss the startling revelations of The Dark Secret as The Golden Dawn Saga continues here on The Golden Dawn Blog.


  1. "and having crowned the wand with tips of pure gold and silver under the light of a total Solar eclipse"

    And you accuse me of Black Magic?

  2. @ R.O.

    I do not consider you a black magician. I do caution you, however, against the use of the Picatrix. I agree with you as well, that one must be extremely careful in the use of the energies of eclipses.

  3. Well, I did read this. I don't think this is "where my head is at." It sounds a bit like "hype" to me, and a nice story about people who can afford to take vacations to Egypt.

  4. I honestly believe I am a "black magician," at least by the apparent standards of the Golden Dawn. It came as a surprise to me, as I consider myself to be fully functioning as an Image of the First Father, or at least a good 60-75% there, but the old prejudices die hard.

    "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things."

  5. I read with great interest your description of the consecration of your wand atop the great pyramid. I'm sure you have read about all the various theories of the pyramid being some kind of energy generator. One account I read said that the limestone casing collected static electricity from the air like a Faraday cage. The captured electricity then travelled upwards over the surface to the apex and was collected by the pyramidion, which was made of electrum (a blend of gold and silver). The pyramidium would glow 24 hours a day, thus giving off a light like the sun even in the middle of the night. Of course the pyramidion has been missing for millenia, but I find it interesting that your wand was plated with gold and silver, just like the electrum covering of the pyramidion, and would have behaved in the same way capturing the energy collected by the sides of the pyramid. I can only imagine what a powerful sensation it must have been. I must admit I am envious (in a good way) of your experience.

    Waiting with bated breath for the big reveal of The Dark Secret...

  6. This makes me want to go " Up on the Roof " !

  7. Personally I consider the Solar and Lunar eclipses to be quite different in nature. The Solar Eclipse is actually a full conjunction between the Sun and Moon, thus presenting a good alchemical opportunity. A Lunar eclipse, on the other hand, represents a full Opposition between the Sun and Moon, thus creating disadvantage alchemically.

    In Licht, Leben und Liebe,

  8. Solar eclipses are when the entire light of the Sun, and all it spiritually represents, are completely blocked out.

    Traditions spanning 2000 years of astrological records indicate it's a portent of evil, famine, war, destruction, and death of people in high places, kings, politicians, generals, and Outer Heads of GD Orders.

    (I made that last bit up, but still, dangerous stuff to tap into when you're in a position of leadership, imho.)

    I'm sure, SR, that they are all wrong, and your personal considerations of the alchemical symbolism are much more valuable.

  9. Oh, and just for kicks and giggles, here's a source cite:

    Those who intend to make images ought to make sure that they know the signs of long and short ascension; the fixed, mobile, and common
    signs; the diurnal and nocturnal signs; the fortunate and unfortunate planets; and when the Moon is safe from influences that interfere with her; and also which images are appropriate to the planets and to every
    sign. You should beware of trying to work magic to a good end when the Moon is applying to an eclipse, or under the rays of the Sun, that is, twelve degrees before or after.

    Picatrix, Bk I, ch 4.


  10. @ Rufus

    Clearly, the energies of a total solar eclipse are frightening to the profane. Even lesser initiates should stay strictly away from them, as even S.L. MacGregor Mathers himself warned. Advanced Hermetic Alchemy teaches, however, how to safely harness these extremely potent and therefore dangerous energies for positive spiritual purposes. Unfortunately, I can not reveal more about this as it remains "oath bound" information.

  11. @David, that's ok, I'm completely comfortable working with the forces of an eclipse based on open source materials that have been available since the Second Century AD.

    And are you sure it teaches how to harness them for positive spiritual purposes? Are you sure the technique you used really transmuted the forces from potent harbinger of evil to the positive spiritual purposes you intended? No bleed through, or long term "radiation poisoning" turning up?

  12. Oh, and you might want to check which sign the eclipse was in at the time for an indicator of which aspects of your life this might be affecting in undesired ways. Not that I doubt the efficacy of Advanced Hermetic Alchemy teachings in general, it's just that the alchemists haven't always had a real firm grasp on the unintended side effects of their Work, like the effect of breathing mercury fumes on the lungs.

  13. Well, I have nearly 12 minutes of totality under my belt from chasing solar eclipses around the world and I am still here.

    But then again, if you ask Farrell or Zalewski, I am sure they would say that this is exactly what is wrong with me.


  14. @ Rufus

    The grand square of the Aug. 1999 eclipse was tough to carry for several years.

  15. @David, I'm sure they would say that, among other things.

    Without discussing the details of the techniques used, can you discuss the intended results of chasing eclipses around the world? You've kept track of the minutes exposed, so I imagine it's something like the Portae Lucis rite where you attain something like the K&CHGA experience by absorbing the rays of specific influences until they accumulate to a critical point?

    I understand if it's something you can't, or shouldn't discuss publicly, there are things that don't belong on blog comment threads. And with all the stuff you've been through, I wouldn't be posting anything of my personal work in public anyway; no matter what you say or mean, shenanigans will ensue.

  16. Wow, so Marlon Brando is one of the Secret Chiefs! Who'da thunk it.

  17. Dunno Dave -you might have beamed up the bad Kirk durring one of those eclypses

  18. Most of the eclipse chasing was before I was contacted by the Third Order. Since it was my personal magick, I am free to comment on it. I intend yet to blog on this.

  19. For those of you who missed the fireworks, Nick Farrell got caught today defaming the Alpha et Omega and lost his veil of denial. He attacked me on his blog over it, but got pressed to give straight answers to why he is spreading evil and false rumors in his latest book about the AO. Once he had no more excuses, Farrell slapped on moderation and deleted all comments. What a slime job. He will not get away with this. This is the biggest breakthrough in the Golden Dawn flame war since Zink got caught spreading bs Nazi rumors on his blog!

  20. I've been silently observing the various Golden Dawn blogs for a while now, and at times I feel that the path of the solitary practitioner might be the way to go. The constant negativity flying between the various Orders is immature and completely unnecessary. The Orders are not meant to be run as competitive businesses in the same industry. Golden Dawn Orders exist to serve the Light, to raise the vibrations of humanity, and to better our lives and the lives of those around us. It is disheartening to me as an Outer Order member to have to write something like this to "Adepts."

    Complaining about the blog posts of others when 80% of your posts are discrediting and criticizing other Orders and Chiefs is also confounding. Write what thou wilt but swallow the retaliation - don't cry about it. Implying or threatening legal action among Orders is appalling, especially when the defamation travels in both directions. Having to write a blog post beginning with "Without Prejudice" to protect oneself from allegations of libel and defamation is a bastardization of the law and a completely unjustified limitation on a human being's right to freedom of expression - at least here in the blogsphere ;) These are Golden Dawn blogs! Who do you think is reading our comments aside from us? Golden Dawn practitioners (and occultists in general) should be open-minded enough to see the catalyst behind certain types of posting. If they aren't they should quit now and go back to Church..."meat for men" and all that.

    I don't understand how any of the posts on either side of this "Flame War" can be seen as justified, necessary or warranted. I cannot see why any of you would even take them seriously unless your profile pictures are actually of your grandparents and you are all 6 years old. Lastly, I cannot comprehend this type of behaviour amongst Fraters and Sorors of the same Order. We are the same you know...don't you? Please grow up and act like the Adepts and teachers you claim to be.

    p.s. I only wrote Fraters and Sorors to be politically correct. This nonsense is limited to the Fraters because the Sorors have better things to do.

  21. @ Anonymous
    I agree with you that the Flame War nonsense is harming the entire Golden Dawn. What, however, do you expect the iniates of the Alpha Omega to do? Quit calling ourselves Golden Dawn when we are sued to try to force us to no longer even use the name of our order? Stand back and watch in silence while Nick Farrell calls thousands of Golden Dawn brother and sister Adepts in the Alpha et Omega members of a "political or religious personality cult."? Should we just take this evil crap in silence while Farrell destroys the reputation of a great order?
    This is evil shit and requires a firm response. I agree that the crap needs to end, but please quit crying foul because the initiates of the AO finally have had enough of the constant attacks after 20 years of this bullshit from sick rumor mongerers like Farrell and Zink.
    My voice is only one of thousands. I have not said even one word before until today. But this time Farrell went too far in the intro to his book and he needs to stop the bullshit immediately.

  22. I am a member of Nick Farrell's Magical Order of Aurora Aurorae and was initiated in Rome. It is not even really an order, but just a handful of people by the way. I have been watching Nick Farrell's behavior attacking other Golden Dawn orders in his books and now using anonymous trolls on his blog.

    I for one have had enough. I quit. I have had enough of this.

    Now there is only a handful minus 1 people left.

  23. The first rule of politics is:

    "When your opponant is setting himself on fire ...

    Let him!"

  24. Nick Farrell's Flying Golden Dawn Circus has gotten even better today.

    Since Nick was caught red handed defaming all of the brothers and sisters of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega in the introduction of his latest book, Nick apparently has decided to transform his blog into a playground for anonymous trolls attacking the members of our order.

    Let us not condemn Nick Farrell. Let us forgive him and pity him instead. He has set out on the same self-destructive path that ultimately destroyed Robert Zink.

    Let us have mercy on our fallen brother.

  25. We should not condemn Nick Farrell. We should pity him. He is like the dirty poor kid at school no one wants to play with - looking across the field at all of the cool kids with their shiny new bikes and hating them.

    The analogy is quite apt since the release of the advanced Second Order magick from the Secret Chiefs to the Adepti of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega.

    Farrell is looking across the field with longing eyes like a forlorn fifth grader, dying with envy because he can't play with the cool kids.

    And because, sadly, Nick has nothing of value to offer MOAA members you can't find in a cheap Llewellyn book.

  26. It was the failure to answer a really simple, rational, non-emotive question that got to me...

    It was approached a few times, but just never got there.


  27. That is an interesting story - I would have thought that the reek of urine would have put you off lying in the sarcophagus - it stunk in 1990 when I visited the same place.

    I presume you bribed the guards to climb the pyramid? I declined when asked, and instead spent my money riding a horse out into the desert at a pace too fast for my liking :)