Sunday, March 25, 2012

In Defence of the Rose: V.H. Frater T.f.L.

by guest blogger
V.H. Frater T.f.L. (5=6)
Rosicrucian Order of A.O.

Don't underestimate the force that is upon us at the moment. This counter-initiatic force most certainly has intent behind it which myself and other temple members have perceived harshly. I DO NOT advocate offensive magic as such profanes our current but I highly recommend each of us, as individuals of this larger community, to reinforce our defense, the protection of our temples and of our Order. The Chiefs have done a great job getting us where we are but we each must do our part.

On another note, I think recent blog posts made it obvious that someone inside our order is sharing information. I say to them "if you think you will gain anything from that, it is absolutely an illusion and you are being deceived yourself."

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