Sunday, March 25, 2012

In Defense of the Rose: GH Frater Sincerus Renatus

by guest blogger
GH Frater Sincerus Renatus (6=5)
Imperator for Scandinavia
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn®

Care et VH Fratres et Sorores,

I really found the words our V.H. Sor. D.I.A. to be so inspring and true, in particular concerning the Conunter Initiatic force. As our V.H: Fra. T.f.L. that these are very special times, both of promise and of peril because of the streanght of that counter initiatic force we see rampage at the moment.

But I also found all of your comments to be very inspiring and comforting, and equally inspired as the words of our V.H. Soror. We must stand firm as one in these perilous times. I send you my thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Another lie that Nick Farrell (the greatest mouth piece of the counter initiatic force at the moment) is trying his very best to spread throughout the community is that everyone of you were "ordered" by our Chief to write reviews on Amazon. Had he also read the head line of that letter that our Chief sent us he would have known that it was an APPEAL OF ASSISTANCE. Nobody was ordered to do anything; each and everyone of you did assist our Order by your own consent and after your own personal conscience. Had all of our membership answered this call Amazon would have been flooded by reviews. Now it wasn't because it was their choice not to step in.

But each and everyone of you that did heed the call, I thank you for your bravery putting your own ego and wordly considerations of "reputation" behind you. You all have my deepest respect for defending our Order's reputation as well as defending the egregore of our initiates, both inner and outer.

In Licht, Leben und Liebe,


  1. David Griffin didn't order ANYONE to give fraudulent Amazon reviews... he just asked them to! And it's clear that if you are "brave" and "put your own ego ... behind you" you will do what Griffin tells you to do!

    Thanks for clearing that up, SR.

    1. Nick Farrell will make up any stupid accusation to try and divert attention from the way he got caught libeling your order. Now he is claiming that he didn't even write his own book,but that David Griffin forged it.

      This guy is pathetic!

    2. No, I gave them my deepest respect for showing courage in expressing their honest opinions despite of the fact that they would be maligned by venomous blog trolls as you.

  2. SR clearing that up will not change anything. Farrell just sreams the same lies louder and louder like a school bully throwing a temper tantrum because he had his ear pulled by the teacher.

  3. Mr Farrell is a VERY disturbed and paranoid soul. He even went so far as to call me "David", and accusing our Chief to try to "enter his thought patterns" (quote from one of his commentary posts, by me). Well, I guess by now Farrell is wearing a hat made of tin foil in order to prevent the aliens to usurp hsi brain *LOL*