Saturday, March 10, 2012

International Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepti: Day I

Isis-Hathor Temple

Last night Golden Dawn Adepts from around the world arrived here at Isis-Hathor temple in the countryside outside Las Vegas, Nevada. There is a marvelous mood here playing about against the backdrop of fraternal chatter in seven different languages! 

Despite our differences, both of nation and of Golden Dawn order, we gather together at the table of brotherhood as one Rosicrucian college. We break bread together, celebrate ritual together, take in the sights of nearby Las Vegas and Death Valley together, and hike together in the beautiful nature surrounding Isis-Hathor Temple.

View of Mt. Charleston from Isis-Hathor Temple
The official opening of the temple is delayed several hours, due to a mix-up on mitering the boards for the permanent roof of the Vault of the Adepts. Everyone, whether wealthy industrialist or bookstore employee, is rolling up their sleeves and working together to see that everything comes off perfectly and is promptly corrected.

This is a marvelous thing to witness and makes me proud to be an Adept of the Golden Dawn!

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