Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Golden Dawn Saga: Episode 3: The Dark Secret Unmasked

by David Griffin

I am about to reveal to you a Dark Secret  ...

For years, incongruities in Nick Farrell's actions have made no sense at all. Farrell purports to be a Golden Dawn leader, yet actively tries to destroy the Golden Dawn. Contradictions surrounding Nick Farrell are well documented throughout the esoteric community.

Alexandrian Wiccan elder, Frater Barrabbas, analyzes, for example, how Farrell as "myth busting iconoclast" contradicts Farrell as "Golden Dawn leader." Barrabbas demonstrates how Farrell's arguments are but thinly disguised attacks on the Golden Dawn. These include Farrell's systematic profanation of secret Golden Dawn documents and teachings, Farrell's claim of a Golden Dawn Hoax, his portrayal of the Secret Chiefs as fantasy, his overwhelmingly negative attitude towards S.L. MacGregor Mathers and the Alpha Omega, etc.

Things have changed rapidly over the past couple of weeks.

Recent events have brought the paradox surrounding Nick Farrell into sharp focus. First came revelation of a Nick Farrell attack on the Golden Dawn in the introduction of his latest book, where he fear mongers up a myth of a modern "Golden Dawn Cult". When this attack on the Golden Dawn was exposed last week, Farrell desperately issued frenzied denails and diversions.

These quickly fell flat, however, when Farrell was caught for a second time in less than a week attacking the Golden Dawn tradition. This time Farrell published fear mongering "Golden Dawn Cult" rumors on his personal blog. Uttered through the mouth of "Anonymous Nick" trolls on his blog, Farrell, as blog moderator, personally published these "Golden Dawn Cult" rumors, making further denial or diversion virtually impossible.

Realizing his blunder, Farrell desperately tried to sanitize evidence from his blog. Farrell's cover-up effort came too late, however, as his true agenda had already been exposed to the whole world ...

A definitive pattern has emerged revealing Nick Farrell as a turncoat posing as Golden Dawn leader to more effectively destroy the Golden Dawn from within. In fact, Farrell's new book as a whole is in many ways a broadside against the entire Golden Dawn. Likewise are suggestions on Farrell's blog that "there is something deeply rotten in the egregrore of the Golden Dawn."

This is not the first time the Golden Dawn has been attacked with fear-mongering "Golden Dawn Cult" rumors. What is shocking this time around, is that the attacks come from someone claiming to be a Golden Dawn leader. In the past, such "Golden Dawn Cult" slurs have come only from outside, from fundamentalist Christian groups trying to destroy the Golden Dawn.

Similar attacks with this same "Golden Dawn Cult" slur have in recent years appeared sporadically on "anonymously" published blogs as well. The authorship of these blogs no longer remains much of a mystery though, since they each bear Nick Farrell's signature "Golden Dawn Cult" rumor, tied positively to Farrell this week through slip-ups in his books and on his personal blog.

Now that Nick Farrell has been caught red-handed fear-mongering against the Golden Dawn ...

Expect Farrell this week to unleash another army of "Anonymous Nick" Trolls again on his blog, calling me paranoid and a conspiracy nut for outing him and exposing his real game.

Expect Farrell to launch another one-man, Golden Dawn pseudo-flame War, to divert attention from these revelations.

Expect Nick Farrell to issue more mocking denials and diversions ....

But proof paints a very different picture - a picture a turncoat in our midst pretending to lead a Golden Dawn order, while bent on the destruction of the Golden Dawn tradition.

As evidence of the accuracy of these statements, I invite you to read the web page linked here, published by a fundamentalist Christian group called Uncommon Sense Ministries, whose overt purpose is to discredit and destroy the Golden Dawn.

Here you will find extremely damning evidence, exposing what Nick Farrell is really up to.

On the Fundamentalist Christian, anti-Golden Dawn attack page entitled, "The Dawn of a Golden Hoax," we find all of Nick Farrell's usual arguments attacking the Golden Dawn - From his Golden Dawn Hoax theory, to dispargement of the Secret Chiefs, to calling Mathers a liar, and much, much more.

I would recommend anyone about to read Nick Farrell's new book, King Over the Water, to read the "Uncommon Sense Ministries" website first. You will find all of Farrell's arguments here already, so you can save yourself $25. Even Farrell's description of the Horos scandal reads like he copied it directly from Uncommon Sense Ministries' attempt to destroy the Golden Dawn.

In fact, this anti-Golden Dawn attack page so closely mirrors Nick Farrell's arguments, The Dawn of a Golden Dawn Hoax reads as though written by Farrell himself!

So why are Nick Farrell's arguments identical to those of the of sworn enemies of the Golden Dawn? It does not matter whether Uncommon Sense Ministries is the source of Farrell's book, or instead Farrell himself wrote this anti-Golden Dawn attack website. In any case, only one inescapable conclusion remains - Nick Farrell is a turncoat out to destroy the Golden Dawn.

With this in mind, Farrell's fear-mongering "Golden Dawn Cult" rumors suddenly make sense:

Nick Farrell is a trojan horse, that has penetrated into the very heart of the Golden Dawn!

Nick Farrell: Sal Tessio of the Golden Dawn

Luckily, the betrayer has been discovered in time, and can now be delt with for who he really is in the Golden Dawn family.

And yet, other important questions still remain unanswered ...

Has Nick Farrell been acting on his own?

Or does a dark hand still lurk in the shadows, pulling strings?

Be sure not to miss the next exciting episode of ...

The Golden Dawn Saga


  1. So, are you implying that Nick Farrell is going to "sleep with the fishes?" Maybe a little hyperbolic there...

  2. @ Anonymous

    All I am saying is that now the Golden Dawn community can deal with Farrell. A turncoat can only wreak havoc until he has been identified.

    Everything that Farrell says from now on can henceforth be understood in light of the perfect correspondence between Farrell's attacks on the GD and those of the Fundamentalist Christians out to destroy the Golden Dawn as well. Their arguments are identical, almost word for word, as I have demonstrated above.

  3. If Nick's arguments or opinions carry no weight, why put so much attention on them? You must be aware of the Streisand Effect, which you are providing energy to daily. I would be surprised to find out that the sales of Nick's books have gone down after all this attention.

    I know you will say you feel obliged to 'defend', but why is there a need to defend against other people's opinions? Live and Let Live means you can allow other people to believe exactly the opposite of you and it need not have any effect whatsoever on your path.

    If some people don't believe in the Secret Chiefs, then so what? Even if they put forth arguments against the concept, so what? No can argue successfully against your direct experience, so why not put more attention on helping people achieve that experience rather than debate on a rational level? That has proven to be a never ending game of words.

    The Hermit does not need to knock the lantern out of the hands of others, he simply needs to shine brightly.

  4. OK, well it's better to make that clear, lest someone misunderstand you and think you were making up threats.

    Whether you believe it or not, people like me don't want to destroy your Order. We just don't want your Order to be hostile to everyone else, either. Some of us belong to and like other Golden Dawn orders; that doesn't mean we hate yours per se, nor that we want it to go away. I'm not an HOGD member, but I would fight for your right to act as you see fit, if it weren't for all this talk about thorns and what not that implies violence.

  5. That was Luca

  6. What is to be gained from destroying the GD? I'm not saying Farrell isn't a dink, but what real good can come of trying to destroy a tradition?

  7. @ Frater N

    Have you been on vacation of something? Where have you been in recent weeks? Farrell has been attacking the Golden Dawn tradition in general, the AO in particular, and me personally with particular hatred non-stop now for weeks?
    We are not about to stand back while a Golden Dawn turncoat wreaks havoc.
    We are all for live and let live.
    It is Farrell that will not let the Golden Dawn, the AO, or me personally live in peace.
    This does not mean that we are in a flame war with him. The only flame war is in Farrell's imagination and in his books and on his blog with an army of "Anonymous Nick" trolls flaming the entire Golden Dawn tradition.
    The good brothers of the AO have merely told this man that enough is enough and we will not take his abuse any longer. 20+ years of the same nonsense is more than enough.
    This is why for weeks we have been merely holding up a mirror and exposing his game, culminating with his exposure as the turncoat to the Golden Dawn tradition that he is now proven beyond any doubt to be.
    The time has come for Nick Farrell to end his insane war against the Golden Dawn tradition.

  8. @ Anonymous

    Our order is not at all hostile to any other. That is one of the lies that our attackers have been spreading to justify their aggression. We are not even hostile to Nick Farrell. We just want him to quit attacking the Golden Dawn.

    Regarding thorns, it was made very clear in the letter from VH Soror DIA that we see thorns as a necessary part of a rose bush. They protect the delicate flower.

    Our order bears no one at all any ill will.

    Those who attack us, however, do so at their peril, for we will not stand back and our order's reputation to be trashed by bullies any longer.

    We will not stoop to their level and flame them back.

    We will only expose their game.

    But as Nick Farrell has now learned as Robert Zink learned before him, having one's dirty games exposed can have very grave consequences.

    It is time for people to start treating the noble Golden Dawn tradition with the respect it deserves, and to quit trying constantly to tear other orders and the whole Golden Dawn tradition down.

    The Golden Dawn is not Nick Farrell's to destroy. It belongs to all of us. And those of us who love the Golden Dawn have not only the right, but also the responsibility, to defend the reputation of our b eloved Golden Dawn tradition from the destructive antics of vulgar, fear mongering ruffians.

  9. @ Anonymous

    I have no idea what Farrell is trying to accomplish trying to destroy the GD. One thing is clear. He is trying to make money with it with his books.

    Poeple need to learn that there is nothing to be gained by attacking the GD, not even money. This is why I am proud of all of the Golden Dawn initiates who have took a stand against profiteering off of books attacking the Golden Dawn.

    They deserve a huge commendation.

  10. Reading the blog post and comparing it to the "Uncommon Sense Ministries" there are indeed very very marked parallels.

    How does this guy think he will gain from all this?

    We already have an indication that he only has a handful in his order, and that at least one of them has left over all this. (Of course he may or may not care about his order in comparison with his writing work).

  11. Care Fraters et Sorors:

    He who remains silent in front of an infamous act becomes his accomplice. That is why members of the Rosicrucian Order Alpha et Omega we have raised our voices to defend the Order. We do not hate anyone. Nor are we against other Golden Dawn orders. We respect the differences and for the unity of the Commonwealth of the Golden Dawn, and we have proof of this (eg the International Conclave Rosicrucian Adepts), but also demand respect for the Alpha et Omega and its members. This defense of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega and the Golden Dawn does not distract us from our Magic Work in the service of LVX.


    Frater L.A.M.


    Care Fratres et Sorores:

    El que calla frente a un acto infame se convierte en su complice. Es por eso que los miembros de la Orden Rosa-Cruz Alpha et Omega hemos levantado nuestras voces para defender a nuestra Orden. No odiamos a nadie. Ni tampoco estamos en contra de otras Ordenes Golden Dawn. Respetamos las diferencias y queremos por la unidad de la Comunidad de la Golden Dawn, y hemos dado prueba de ello (e.g. el Cónclave Internacional de Adeptos Rosacruces), pero también exigimos respeto para la Alpha et Omega y para sus miembros. Esta defensa de la Orden Rosacruz Alpha et Omega y de la Golden Dawn no nos hace distraernos de nuestro Trabajo Mágico al servicio de la LVX.


    Frater L.A.M.

  12. Trivial point, but bad Latin is almost as suspect as bad English in a phishing letter. Vocative case:
    Care Frater
    Cara Soror
    Cari Fratres
    Carae Sorores
    Cari Fratres et Sorores

  13. Insofar as the "what is to be gained" portion of tearing down an esoteric tradition, Perhaps there are those who would seek to derail "the great work"..

  14. Frater N.T.I.K.T.March 29, 2012 at 6:34 AM

    I see Fredo. "You broke my heart Fredo". I mean, "You broke my heart Farrell".

  15. One would think that Nick Farrell would have at least something to say for himself in the wake of the damning proof he is attacking the Golden Dawn tradition presented in this article.

    As expected, however, all he has done has been to publish yet another "ah hominem" attack on me, this time in the mouth of another newly registered "Anonymous Nick" sock pupptt named "Andrew."

    Even an entire Army of "Anonymous Nick" trolls and sock puppetts can't help Farrell this time.

    He has been caught red handed attacking the Golden Dawn with the same attack propaganda used on Fundamentallist Christian, anti-Golden Dawn web sites that look like they are even written by him.

    The time to back off with you completely transparent attacks is NOW, Mr. Farrell.

    The jig is up and the whole world sees through what you are doing.

  16. Fr. Griffin wrote, "The time has come for Nick Farrell to end his insane war against the Golden Dawn tradition."

    Why do you characterize someone who holds an opinion that differs from yours as engaging in a war?

  17. Hi Frater N,

    Well, let's see. Might it be because of the defamation that Farrell has spread about our order, its members, and its leaders for two decades now and as recently as this week on his personal blog and in the introduction to his book? Or could it be because of all of Farrell's allies launching a defamation campaign against the AO and its leaders all across the internet this week? Or maybe because he published our rituals? Or maybe because you find all of his arguments from his book attacking the AO on a Fundamentalist Christian website attacking the Golden Dawn? Take your pick. All are true.