Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SCAM ALERT: The Golden Dawn & Historical Revisionism

Pat Zalewksi today wrote:
Let us: "Try to form our own peer reviewed panel, as due to some tripe coming out recently that masquerades as Historical research, it is needed. We have qualified, people performing that function on this forum"
Clearly the Golden Dawn community's historical revisionists are still reeling from the academic rejection of any semblance of credibility surrounding Nick Farrell's historical revisionist attack books against S.L. MacGregor Mathers and the Alpha et Omega.

So the historical revisionists are are now setting about trying to create a better illusion of objectivity and academic credibility by setting up a kangaroo court board for so-called "peer review" consisting entirely of Farrell, Zalewksi and their historical revisionist buddies.

Well ...

Considering the lies that Pat Zalewksi spread for 5 years following the death of Desmond Bourke that Zalewksi had a letter from Bourke denying any involvement with the Golden Dawn ...

And considering how this nonsense from Zalewski was exposed as a bold faced lie once Zalewksi was forced to publish the completely unrelated letter ...

How can any reasonable person put any credibility at all into the so-called "peer review" kangaroo court Zalewksi is now trying to set up?

Let us remember that this gang of historical revisionists have for years ignored every factual challenge to their revisionist agenda from anyone outside their revisionist gang, and have just kept repeating their revisionist "talking points" instead like a broken record.

Don't these guys have anything better to do?

Like maybe teach magick to their students once in a while?


  1. For the love of god man... let it go

  2. I would love nothing more than to no longer need to refute historical revisionism. I sincerely hope that the revisionists will let it go soon so the Golden Dawn as a community can move on to more important things - like refocusing all of this energy wasted on pseudo-history instead on magic and spiritual development.

  3. Well if he keeps saying it long enough, maybe it comes true.

  4. No matter how much you know or have, how early you get up in the morning, or what numbers you write after your name, you can not control everything. And the harder you try the worse things will get.

  5. @ Anonymous

    Oh yes! You are absolute correct. Of course, however, you are merely repeating one of the "talking points" that our detractors keep attacking the Alpha et Omega with, propaganda style. Your silly allegation that the AO is "trying to control everything" goes far in identifying who you are, especially your use of the same talking point for so many years.

    Just in case there is someone here who has not heard this nonsense refuted already a million times before, the truth is that the Alpha et Omega does not want to "control" anyone. We merely want you guys to leave us alone and quit repeating the same propaganda "talking points" over and over like parrots.

  6. @ Anonymous

    PS - Just in case you really did not understand, Zalewki's idea of having peer review of works written on the history of the Golden Dawn is a VERY good idea. The problem is that the revisionists since years ignore all legitimate criticism of their arguments.

    They violate the standards of academia by refusing to engage with criticism. Instead they bounce their "talking points" off of one another propaganda style, attempting to create an illusion of peer review.

    All they really need to do is to engage with their critics at a factual level instead of ignoring the arguments while attacking critics in an "ad hominum" manner.