Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reply to Defamation from Nick Farrell

by guest blogger
VH Frater A.A. (5=6)
Rosicrucian Order of A.O.

Nick Farrell really does not want to accept that the AO has any independent thinking Adepti or members who are capable of taking the fight right back to him when he issues his lies, distortions, slurs, and vile innuendos.  Again and again he claims that the Rosicrucian Order of AO is an organisation full of blind followers, first of our Imperator, then of the Third Order itself!

For the record, and yes this is repetition but Farrell is being selectively deaf on this point: Nobody in the AO is blindly following ANYONE.  We do not blindly follow individuals in the Order, neither our Tutors nor our GH Imperator.  We do not blindly follow discarnate intelligences either.  As for the Third Order, we just witness the New Magic and the proof is there for us; we have eyes and can see it for ourselves. This is not only an insult against our entire membership; it is yet another diversion from the real issues we are addressing.  

Constantly redirecting attention with slurs against our GH Imperator and claiming that he is the only one driving our defence is a desperate tactic from a frightened man.  Farrell’s wallet will soon be getting threadbare now that the word is out, and this is forcing him to show his true colors.  He is getting the name he deserves:  “Farrell The Slur Writer.”

We are gathering here in force, and we are not going away Mr. Farrell.  Every slur, every snide reference in your pseudo-historical excuses for attacks on our Spiritual Lineage, every word will be scrutinized, and every nasty little dig will be given full response.  Not just on Amazon, but in every forum, we will be watching you.  

You will not profit from your campaign against the Alpha et Omega.  You slung the mud at us and it landed right in your face, on Amazon.  That was just for tasters…

This is not coming from the Third Order, nor from some discarnate source, nor yet via any “order” issued by our respected higher degree Adepti, it is coming from every independent and right thinking member of this Lineage who has finally said: ENOUGH!



  1. Yes, we are not doing things blindly on Amazon or anywhere else to point out what Nick has done against our order or it's members from the third order down to the neophyte of the outer order. We all took a hit from this man and I am glad that the truth came out. I am proud of the fact that many have come out and exposed the truth about Nick and posted it on public forums and on Amazon. Informing him we are not a cult following someone blindly into the pit. We will rise above anything those who wish to rewrite history and try to defame us or our Imperator or even the third order.

    Frater B. E.

  2. Fra. AA, you differentiate between the Third Order and discarnate sources in this post. Do you then believe that the Secret Chiefs are discarnate? I've noted that David hasn't mentioned anywhere whether the Secret Chiefs are incarnated or discarnate. If I remember right, Mathers met the Chiefs in the flesh in Paris, and I personally am of the opinion that the Chiefs David has met are also in the flesh.

  3. Dear RO,

    Read this old post: http://hermetic-golden-dawn.blogspot.com/2009/09/debate-about-golden-dawns-secret-chiefs.html

    I think David is quite clear there about the Secret Chiefs being humans.

    -Mildly Interested Third Party Not a member of any GD groups

  4. Very interesting, Anonymous Third Party Non-Member. Thanks.

  5. Of course they are not discarnate! They just refused to be revealed publicly and left Mathers to concoct a cover story - and finally, after asking myself this question for many years, I do grasp why... every era has its share of Farrells!

  6. I found this thread after googling, after reading all the rubbish on Amazon. I don't back Farrell or Griffin... but what I will say is you all look like a load of middle aged dungeons and dragons freaks. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. ALL of you. It is such a pity that magic has fallen to this.Pathetic. You should concentrate on doing real magic, for real reasons, quietly, not this abhorrent childish pap. Our magical ancestors must be spinning in their graves.

  7. Thank you, Josephine, for writing this. I have been trying to convince Nick Farrell and the other people attacking our order for years that their nonsense is harming the entire Golden Dawn tradition and not just our order. Your comment proves this. Hopefully, they will listen now. They sure haven't been willing to listen to reason before.