Thursday, March 1, 2012

An Open Letter to Nick Farrell

by David Griffin

Nick Farrell just published yet another long flame attack (yawn) on the Alpha et Omega, rife with the customary "ad hominum" attacks on GH Frater S.R. and myself. (The article just above Farrell's: "Limited Number of Golden Dawn Tarot Meditation Sets Available.")

What is most telling about this latest rant is how Mr. Farrell opens by trying to hawk his latest Golden Dawn rehash book by setting our order up as straw men in a transparently desperate sales gimmick.

Here we have the truth of the matter.

Farrell is fanning flame war merely to peddle his books and tarot trinkets!

Well, to this I say:

"Aw come on, Nick. The Golden Dawn is not a bazaar. We at the Alpha et Omega could care less what you write or what trinkets you sell. 
When it comes to the Alpha et Omega, all you have anyway are long since discarded versions of A.O. rituals and documents, long ago either updated or supplemented with New Magic from the Secret Chiefs ... 
... so publish away to your heart's content. It is your karma, not mine.
How about giving the Golden Dawn community a break, though, and find some other way to peddle your trinkets than to subject an entire esoteric community to your tantrums and antics. 
I will not comment on your oft-repeated misrepresentations about the lineages of the Alpha Omega, as we have refuted such nonsense from you over and over already in many places. I will only mention that the reawakening of the Ahathoor temple is a completely unrelated matter, and that the Alpha Omega's statement about our Golden Dawn lineages has always remained constant, despite your absurd lies to the contrary.
I know you hoped that your "Secret A.O." Golden Dawn rehash books would be devestating to our order. I am sorry to disappoint you, Nick, the books and trinkets you sell are completely irrelevant to us. 
We revised all A.O. rituals long ago and you have no knowledge whatsoever of the content of our present rituals, so please quit acting like Oscar the Grouch nosing around in other people's garbage. 
In reality, we here at the Alpha et Omega are swimming in an ocean of new magic recently released by the Secret Chiefs of the Golden Dawn's Third Order, so we could care less about whatever old mustard stained A.O. cast offs you find in the trash. 
So please, Nick - stop trying to peddle your books, seminar CDs, and Tarot Meditation Sets by acting like a schoolyard bully throwing temper tantrums to get attention. 
I am not sure about in your MOAA, but we here at the Alpha et Omega, have more important things to do with our time, like practicing NEW MAGICK. 
Finally, it is clear you have not learned from the lesson of Robert Zink. You obviously think the Golden Dawn community is your own private playground and you can go on attacking the Alpha Omega all you like without consequences. 
But there is one factor you have not properly considered ...
What to you think the Secret Chiefs must think about your constant attacks on the Alpha et Omega at a time when they have just given the Golden Dawn the greatest gift of new magick since the founding of the order?
Whether you believe the Secret Chiefs are real or not does not matter one whit. The Secret Chiefs are physical. The Secret Chiefs have been working very hard of late to transmit all of the new magick right now to the Golden dawn community, while you are making a complete fool of yourself. 
So continue with your silly attacks on the Alpha Omega and the Secret Chiefs all you like. But just remember ... Whether you believe in them or not, and even though they are remaining silent on the sidelines ... 
The Secret Chiefs are observing everything ...

"The Only Thing Sacred to a Farengi is Profit."

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