Sunday, March 25, 2012

In Defence of the Rose: VH Soror V.S.R.

by guest blogger
VH Soror V.S.R. (5=6)
Rosicrucian Order of A.O.

Let it be noted among us, that we of the Adepts of the Ruby Rose and Golden Cross that over the years , there have been numerous attempts by envious naysayers that have tried their best to sever the Rose from it’s stem in our Order , and equally, many of we Fraters and Sorors , have risen to the occasion and borne swords in the defense of our Rose, and still will continue to do so. Attacks upon us are nothing new . Those that would seek to tarnish our sacred tradition with slander have always , always, just slithered away, back into their caves to lick their wounds from the thorns of the very same Rose they attacked ! It is foolish for those that try to topple us to even make an attempt as our Fraters and Sorors are genuine , our Tradition real and sacred.

We must defend our Rose , as our good VH Soror D.I.A. , points out in her beautiful and inspiring address , by the dictates of our Holy Guardian Angel. Of course, to offer ourselves upon that Cross is to offer our passions that they be transmuted for the good and that is not always an easy feat . This requires introspection , an open heart ,and a calm mind . Let the recent unfortunate events that have stirred our hearts and rallied us together, become also as a catalyst for us to really get in touch ever more with the Higher , and act according to that Will that we strive ever to align our thoughts, emotional and actions with. We should ever strive to harness our passions and let them be the dragon we ride upon not as an impulse, but a very powerful force, that under the guidance of our Holy Guardian Angel, is our ally in this effort of defense. Those that attack us, only have ignited an internal flame ,by which in it’s transformation , we grow ever more conscientious, and strong in the Great Work. They will not succeed in their efforts to destroy what we all have been working so hard to attain.

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