Sunday, March 25, 2012

In Defense of the Rose: Frater VL

by Guest Blogger
Frater V.L.
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

Great article and I stand by my Fratres et Sorores.

People are mislead by thinking we are defending our chief David Griffin. He is capable enough to do it himself. He doesn't need us as personal defenders. We are defending our Order and our beloved Tradition; we are defending our names and our holy work; we are defending an ageless Tradition from the pretenders; the false brothers; the nay sayers.

The rose has its thorns, and they are intended to defend the precious treasure at the top of the stem. Each of us can be a petal of the rose, and each of us can be a hard thorn.

Nick Farrell doesn't even has respect for his own students. When he attacks our Order, he attacks the whole Golden Dawn tradition, spitting on the face of many honest magicians

Now I must ask:

Who is Nick Farrell to come to spit on the sanctity of  our work? He will surely receive what he deserves, if he does not turn away from his self-destructive course.

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