Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Invocation of the Ancient Isiac Egregore: International Golden Dawn Conclave Grand Finale!

Looking over the Golden Dawn blogosphere today, Nick Farrell's blog is filled yet once again with anonymous trolls and (surprise, surprise) attacks on the lineages of the Alpha et Omega - as Pat Zalewki, Nick, and their anonymous troll buddies continue with their obsession attacking the A.O., as has been the case for nearly two decades already now.

These guys continue to go on nitpicking about one minor lineage of our order after the other, while continuing to ignore that the Golden Dawn is a SPIRITUAL TRADITION that depends on MAGICAL PRACTICES instead of Freemasonic style lineages to begin with. I have written extensively about the true, spiritual nature of Golden Dawn lineage hundreds of times already, since the nay sayers have not really said anything new in nearly 20 years. Here is one such article.

Meanwhile, over on Peregrin's blog, we are treated to yet another round of there is "no proof" that the Secret Chiefs exist.

Well, the "nay sayers" seem not to be living on planet Earth any longer.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the International Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepti ended today, with Adepts and Golden Dawn Initiates in attendance from Germany, Holland, Sweden, France, Italy, Ireland, England, and the USA.

Those in attendance received conclusive proof of the physical existance of the Secret Chiefs in the form of New Magick that was recently released by the Third Order of the A.O. To all in attendance proof positive and conclusive was furnished beyond the shadow of any doubt.

It is not our fault that the "nay sayers" chose to bury their heads in the sand and not show up. They were invited. It was their choice to remain instead in ignorance.

One thing is certain, however. The silly "no proof" mantra of the nay sayers no longer holds any water at all. Of course, the nay sayers will go on chanting it any way. What else, after all, can can they really do, since they have no new magick themselves to offer.

Meanwhile, yesterday Golden Dawn initiates from across the entire Golden Dawn community, set aside our differences and celebrated the Equinox together with their Alpha et Omega brothers and sisters here at the Isis-Hathor A.O. Mother Temple in Pahrump, Nevada.

While they were here, these visiting Golden Dawn brothers and sisters were treated to an invocation of the Isiac egregore, using an ancient ritual that was transmitted to Europe by the Priests of Isis during the Roman Empire, which has since been preserved intact by Adepts of the Hermetic tradition.

So, while nay sayers continue with their usual "sour grapes" ...

Brothers and sisters in record numbers from all across the Golden Dawn community are chosing peace, harmony, and fraternal brotherhood instead.


  1. Care et G.H. Frater L.e.S.,

    i feel blessed that i could partake in this great rite of Invocation at your beautiful temple.
    It was simply mindblowing.

    For all the "nay sayers" i am only sorry. They would have had the choice to partake also.
    THEN they would have the living proof that they all demand over and over. They would have felt the powerful streamings of magical energy released by that rite, pulsing through their bodies, and giving the ability to spontaneous gnosis about what Isis and Magic truly is about.

    Yours fraternally in L.V.X.,
    V.H. Frater L.e.N.e.

  2. The Conclave was in all points a joyous, life changing experience, and one of the high points of the Conclave was this incredibly beautiful and powerful Invocation. These words have been spoken for thousands of years to Invoke the Isiac Egregore, and everybody present was palpably transformed by this living Gnosis. Our eyes were wide with wonder!

    Fr. A.A.