Thursday, March 15, 2012

International Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepti: Day VII - Death Valley and Adeptus Major

Most people think Golden Dawn magic ends with the Adeptus Minor grade. This is true for Golden Dawn orders, but the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega is different.

New Magick from the Secret Chiefs for the Adeptus Major grade picks up where published materials and other Golden Dawn orders leave off, taking the Adept to unparalleled spiritual heights. Here is what VH Frater DLM had to say, following his successful completion of the Alpha et Omega, Adeptus Major initiation this morning:
The initiatory experience of Adeptus Major took on a completely unexpected format, due to the fact that not a single bit of its main portion had ever been published. I received a vision of utmost power, which transformed me forever.
In the afternoon, the Adepti prepared for hot weather and headed off by caravan for Death Valley National Monument. Here are a couple of pics:

Devil's Golf Course in Death Valley

Artist's Palette along Artist's Drive
This weekend Golden Dawn initiates of any grade from any temple are welcome to celebrate the Equinox with your Alpha et Omega brothers and sisters at Isis-Hathor temple in Pahrump, Nevada. 

Don't miss the Golden Dawn gathering of 2012. 

We will leave the porch light on for you!


  1. I cannot even begin to describe the theurgical and alchemical impact, immediately transforming me, of my 7=4 initiation. Still, there was enough of Jorge Hevia, the lawyer, the man, left that my greatest pleasure was that one of my students was initiated into 6=5 and three others were initiated into 5=6. I have been honored to serve as tutor to each of these adepts from seven to ten years.

    Of course, the high point of our ten day conclave was he very hands on practical vault
    magic demonstrated to us by our Archon
    Basileus by special dispensation from the Third Order.

    G.H. Frater D.e.D.I., Praemonstrator Ordinis and 2nd Adept

  2. It was a pleasure to help you finish your Second Order process. It was a marvelous journey, despite how much mud certain people are trying to thorw on our order as always. The only bad news for you is that the Abyss is lurking in the distance already.