Monday, March 26, 2012

In Defense of the Rose: VH Frater P.

by guest blogger
V.H. Frater P. (5=6)
Rosicrucian Order of A.O.

Before one year I had the chance to act as Hierophant during a Neophyte ceremony that was held in the Temple where I am officiating since 2003.

This event was very moving.

I was, of course, already well aware about what is going on during these ceremonies. Especially the office of Hegemon revealed deep insights about the true nature of the occult force that is generated, harnessed and distributed through the Hall by virtue of the Hierophant and his officers, and by the correct application of the egyptian ancient formula, correctly applied both in form and astral and energetical work.

Amongst many other memorable moments there was especially one moment in this particular ceremony that moved me to tears. It was the point of the oath where the candidate swears to “maintain a kindly and benevolent relation with all the Fratres and Sorores of the Order”.

The night after I wondered why especially this moment made me tremble so deeply before the eyes of God. I was instantly reminded of Mathers last Address and the Flying Roll about Hermetic Love. I had an instant gnosis about what all this means in real practice. I reflected deeply about the concept of a magical brotherhood, and that secrecy and the love for the fellow brethren create the substance that seals the hermetic vessel of the egregore of the Order.

Hermetic Love does not mean that you embrace every aspect of the lower personality of every other member. It just means that we should love each other for having the same goal: to become more than human.

It means acknowledging that despite there may be many differences in our mode of living and attitude in our mundane lives it is our Higher Nature that we all want to develop and this alone deserves the highest respect for all members who persevere on this path.

This respect, then, is able to transcend every petty prejudice. This respect is able to transcend language barriers and personal backgrounds, as we have wonderfully seen at the Conclave 2012. And this Love helps to create a most powerful hermetic circle in which all members can develop their natures to their fullest potential.

So I raise my sword and speak to all members of our Order: Maintain Hermetic Love! Be happy about and proud of everyone who is willing to take the burden of a life long magical training and initiation in order to manifest the Higher Self. We need a strong circle, because even more Power and Truth is willing to manifest therein.

But where there is Light, there is shadow also. And the more Light and Truth is to be revealed under the Rose, the wilder and more hateful will the qlippothic forces bark outside our circle of Brotherhood.

And exactly this is what is happening right now.

It comes as no surprise that ridiculous "brown shirt" slur is made by someone who is not german and therefore maybe lacks any kind of sensitivity. It also comes as no surprise that the contact with the genuine source behind our Order is doubted, and that we are accused of having no proper magical training or knowledge. And it comes as no surprise that every one of our members who tries to defend the Rose is accused of being just a propaganda puppet of a megalomaniac leader.

But I urge you to remind your initiation in this Order and that the Light is there, but “the Light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not”.

Let us remember that we are all made out of earth, and that it is only natural to feel envious or jealous or greedy at certain times. This is the consequence of the Fall.

But let feelings like envy and jealousy not take over when it comes to the relation to your Brothers and Sisters in the Great Work. Because then you would allow the unbalanced forces free entry into your Sphere and the Sphere of the Order.

Lets instead try to keep our bonds of brotherhood pure, because that will create strength in facing the hate that is, and always has, raised its vile heads against the Truth.

In hope for peace,
Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, Yeheshua
V.H. Frater P.

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  1. Very well put Frater.
    You find the words to higher our souls.
    Ye shall all try to not listen the voice of the black serpents who wisper in our dreams to tear our beloved bonds, to make us fight each other, to lower our faith in our path and at last to pull us down to the world of darkness, loneliness and fear.
    Fear is failure.