Friday, March 30, 2012

Golden Dawn Witch Hunt Revealed: Golden Dawn Fundamentalists

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by guest blogger
VH Frater AA
Rosicrucian Order of AO

The hoard was out again today. Posting lies and attacking already offended AO Members for daring to stand up for themselves. This really is the tone of bullying set by baying fundamentalists the world over – they foam at the mouth in rabid denial whenever the light of objectivity is shone on their distortions.

It is not a purely Christian phenomenon (where the founder would be shocked at the antics of these self-professed followers) or indeed unique to any movement, but this is the tone we are hearing and the tactics we are witnessing. It does take a Fundie mindset to sustain this kind of attack, otherwise the shear cognitive dissonance when confronted with reality would blow fuses in their heads!

In each instance, the originators of the Tradition would hate what their progeny had become, and this is also true of Mathers. These are his children too – and look at how they are behaving! Worse, the Third Order is ancestor to Mathers, and they too must look on and shake their heads.

What drives Nick Farrell and Golden Dawn Fundamentalists in their hatred of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega? Why do the Farrells of this world seek to destroy that which has done them no harm?

Could it be their Reconstructionist agenda, wrapped up with subconscious inferiority? Clearly there must be a root to this insanity somewhere!

GH Frater L.e.S. has countered them with reason; he has countered them with humour; he has offered them inclusion; even invited them to the Conclave. The howling condemnation and hateful diatribes have been deafening. When you shine the Light on these deranged children, their screams are so shrill it hurts.

Some of the members of AO have been responding to Farrell’s apprentices of late, in blog posts and amazon comments and elsewhere, and the fake arguments are repeated over and over like broken records. It is a sad spectacle.

Farrell's slurs against the Golden Dawn tradition will not simply vanish if it is denied often enough. The Fundie-style AO bashing antics aimed at the whole edifice of the modern AO, from Mathers and the Third Order down through the current leaders and members of the International AO, even to the very bedrock of the Hermetic Tradition, cannot, and will not be ignored.

Jealous and fractious children they may be, but their mockeries will not profit them. Ours is a strong and vital Order depending from a long Tradition, with an even longer memory.

If there were any honour in the Farrell camp, then the self-evident offense that we have taken would be acknowledged, and an apology issued. The next printing of the book would include a few words to remove any possibility that we might be implicated by the slurs.

However, we are not dealing with reasonable people here. We are dealing with a Fundamentalist ideology with an ugly agenda. Already the slurs are spreading beyond the pages of the book – where Farrell at first DENIED that they were intended to damage AO before doing the same thing only days later days later on his blog.. The idiotic suggestion that members were ORDERED to act by the GH Imperator have not been retracted either.

There is currently no way to reason with Nick Farrell and the Golden Dawn Fundamentalists.

This is no longer about the Rosicrucian Order of AO alone. Farrell’s radioactive fall out is damaging not just the GD Egregore, but the entire Pagan community, which is already beginning to weigh in on the matter. Wiccan Elder, Frater Barrabbas, commented today on the Talking About Ritual Magic blog here.

What are we going to do to stop this? How do we cause this bully to quit? I ask this of the WHOLE community, not just AO… how can we resolve this together?

What if the principles recently posted by the aggressors were adopted by the entire community? Though Farrell has made a total mockery of the principles, they are in fact very sound.

Let’s protect our secrets together;

Let’s ensure that we are each allowed to conduct our Ceremonies in peace;

Let’s police abuses together, and shine a COLLECTIVE light on abusers.

The world is big enough for Traditionalist and Reconstructionist alike – on ALL paths. Lies and hatred should equally be condemned by us all. Perhaps we should formally sign up to these Principles.

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