Friday, March 30, 2012

Reply To Internet Attacks on our Order

by guest blogger
VH Frater OO (5=6)
Rosicrucian Order of AO

Readers of the Golden Dawn Blog are aware that Nick Farrell has been caught attacking the Golden Dawn community with exactly the same arguments extreme Fundamentalist Christians  try to discredit and destroy the Golden Dawn with. You can see the Fundie attack website here. I quote from GH Frater LES recent blog.
"On the Fundamentalist Christian, anti-Golden Dawn attack page entitled, "The Dawn of a Golden Hoax," we find all of Nick Farrell's usual arguments attacking the Golden Dawn - From his Golden Dawn Hoax theory, to dispargement of the Secret Chiefs, to calling Mathers a liar, and much, much more.
I would recommend anyone about to read Nick Farrell's new book, King Over the Water, to read the "Uncommon Sense Ministries" website first. You will find all of Farrell's arguments here already, so you can save yourself $25. Even Farrell's description of the Horos scandal reads like he copied it directly from Uncommon Sense Ministries' attempt to destroy the Golden Dawn.
In fact, this anti-Golden Dawn attack page so closely mirrors Nick Farrell's arguments, The Dawn of a Golden Dawn Hoax reads as though written by Farrell himself!"
Unsurprisingly, Nick Farrell has so far not oferred any word of explanation for this shocking behavior. Instead (surprise, surprise) his buddies from the GD reconstructionist camp have jumped in with both feet flaming the members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega and our leaders on their blogs.

There is a misperception being created by the GD reconstructionist faction that this is a flame war.

There is no flame war.

There is only more of the same twisted game the Golden Dawn reconsturcitonist faction has been playing for 20+ years now. They play tag team in attacking the HOGD/AO and defaming our leaders, then when anyone in our order speaks out to defend our reputation against their constant bullying, they then accuse us of flaming THEM, etc. Here is what VH Frater AA wrote about this last week:
1) Farrell, Zalekwsi, Peregrin and their other reconstructionist, pseudo-academic buddies attack AO at every opportunity – publishing our rituals, promoting vile rumours, using information hacked from our private spaces, writing snide accusations in books behind a cover of not explicitly naming us, using spies… the list goes on…
2) When AO defends itself against this aggression – the same attackers then turn on us and accuse us of promoting flame wars, poisoning the GD Egregore, pretending there are attacks to unite our order, that our leaders are only paranoid, etc.

Let me be quite clear about this. The HOGD/AO is not flaming anyone and there is not a flame war going on. There is only an array of blogs belonging to Golden Dawn reconstuctionists spewing hatred all over the internet about our order and its leaders. This is not a flame war. It is a unilateral vomiting of hatred by Golden Dawn reconstructionists trying to discredit and destroy the HOGD/AO, its leaders, and all of our members.

Our order is showing great restraint. We are not flaming our attackers back at all. We are only defending the reputation of our order by exposing what our attackers are actually doing. We are not allowing them to falsely portray us as aggressors either.

It seems that this week the reconstructionsist Golden Dawn faction have all gone on a flame fest, publishing any nonsense they believe might hurt the members of the HOGD/AO

Deanna Bonds, for example, just published a string of blatent lies and misrepresentations that would take all day long to refute. Here are just a couple of hatred dripping gems from our sister:
"Throughout this whole time Griffin has tried to get the GD name solely to himself. "
Actually the opposite is true. It was the HOGD/AO that was sued in the US by another Golden Dawn style order that attempted to deprive our order of the right to call itself Golden Dawn. They failed.

The rest of Sister Bonds statements about our order and its leaders are equally false, misleading, and misrepresentative. They can all be summed up in the simple statement that she hates our GH Imperator. This is fine, but does she really need to drip hatred all across the internet about it?

The title of her article, for example, is:
"Has David 'flimflam' Griffin Gone Nuts?"
Now with GD reconsturctionist blogs across the internet bursting into flames attacking our order, its members, and its leaders like this, Morgan Drake Eckstein nonetheless has the nerve to write:
"So I do not believe that Griffin has gone insane... One of the quickest ways to bond a group together is to give them a common enemy... The only answer I have is the common enemy bond. These freshly minted Adept Minors have been given a common enemy to fight against. It is a minor form of brain washing. "
And then says that, with this the HOGD/AO is earning points on the cult scale."
First of all, we have Morgan Eckstein joining in the Nick Farrell chorus calling the Golden Dawn a cult. Wonderful. Who needs Fundamentalist Christians to attack the Golden Dawn when our own leaders in the Golden Dawn community are doing their dirty work for them!

What is more interesting though is Morgan's aburd suggestion. In truth, the entire membership of our order is fed-up with Morgan Eckstein, Peregrin Wildoak, Nick Farrell, Pat Zalewksi and the other GD reconstructionists playing tag team attacking our order, its leaders, our lineages, our teachings, our Secret Chiefs, etc. on their blogs and fora for 20+ years now.

Enough is enough already.

And now, to add insult to injury, the same GD reconstructionists even have the unmitigated nerve to claim that our order is not under attack at all, despite all of the poisonous, hate filled words dripping like puss from their blogs and fora.

No, if you believe Morgan Eckstein, all of our members are only imagining that their blogs and fora are dripping hate filled puss and Deanna Bonds blog is just filled with loving words about our order and its leaders!

Just as sick, Morgan and his pals are also claiming that our leaders are just paranoid and are imagining attacks where none exist, and now Morgan is even arguing that the whole thing is just a manipulation from our own leaders to unite our order against an outside enemy.

Hey, Morgan. Just how stupid do you think the esoteric community really is? Do you think your own initiates at Bast temple and BIORC are that stupid as well?

In truth, you and your GD reconstructionist buddies have been flooding the internet with crap about our order and its leaders for 20+ years now.

And at the same time you claim we are imagining things or making up all of the hate filled trash flooding the net from your blogs and fora.

Give us all a break, will you, and quit trying to insult the intelligence of the entire esoteric community.

Enough is enough, already. 

Just cut the crap and quit attacking the members of our order and our leaders.

Stop it now. 

And also quit trying to paint our order as agressor, merely so you can justify your hatred and your envy.

All of the hatred in the world is not going to change the fact that it is the AO the Secret Chiefs chose to transmit the higher mysteries. So just deal with it and quit making spectacles of yourselves.

Your game is completely transparent and it will not work any more.

Stop it. 

Stop it NOW.



  1. So say we all!!!

  2. I passed the link of this post onto the membership of Bast Temple.

  3. Care Frater Morgan,

    Let's hope our Brothers and Sisters at Bast Temple talk some sense back into you. I have known you to be a fair and level headed individual - in short - a brother. I am hurt and disappointed to witness you call your brothers and sisters in the HOGD/AO "cult" members. This is beyond insulting - and you know better.

    Shame on you for repeating Farrell's propaganda "talking points" and for accusing your HOGD/AO brothers and sisters of rallying around an imaginary attack - and in the same article attacking them with Fundie "cult" rumors. Shame on you!

    For the love of Goddess, Brother. End this insanity. It is destructive to the entire Golden Dawn tradition. Our trans-order GD family does not need you, Farrell, and Peregrin doing the work of the Fundamentalist Christians for them in their attempt to destroy the Golden Dawn.

    If you have no yet noticed, even the Pagan community has begun to weigh in on this as well (See Frater Barrabbas' "Talking About Ritual Magic" blog. The Pagan community, at least, apparently understands the danger of the self-destructive course you guys are dragging our Golden Dawn community down. Golden Dawn leaders have no business spreading "Fundie" propaganda attacking the GD tradition.

  4. Here is the link to Alexandrian Wiccan elder, Frater Barrabbas, article on the present Golden Dawn controversy: