Saturday, March 24, 2012

In Defense of the Rose: An Open Letter to Members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Rosicrucian Order of A.O.

by guest blogger
VH Soror D.I.A. (5=6),
Rosicrucian Order of A.O.

Carete Sorores et Fratres,

Acording to anonymous trolls on Nick Farrell's blog today, there are some among our members in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the outer order of the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega who think we should not be strong and proactive in the defense of our august Order. A very few among us think that to rise up and to let our voices be heard in defense of the Rose of the A.O. is beneath our dignity or makes us look bad as an order.

One among us even betrayed thier sacred oath of secrecy and sent a copy of our rallying letter to Nick Farrell who provoked this entire incident by defaming all of the Fratres and Sorores of our August Order with vile and untrue rumors in the introduction to his latest book.

Lend me your ears, Brothers and Sisters, and I will sing you a song of Valor, of Bravery and of Chivalry in defense of the Mysteries of the sweet and gentle Rose of the A.O.

Why is it that we, as Adepts of the Golden and Rosy Cross venerate the Rose as we do?

Why is this particular flower, and no other, so symbolical of our spiritual aspiration, of our magick, and of our alchemy as Aspirants, Initiates, and Adepts of the Rosy Cross?

To be sure, the color of the Rose is astounding. Its brilliant red is a fitting symbol for our life's blood coursing through our veins. Its delicate scent, its sweet perfume is like the rarified air in the temples of our order. The roots of the Rose, buried in soft, moist, dark soil, draw sustenance from the ancient Mysteries which, thanks to the Secret Chiefs of our Third Order, remain likewise hidden in fertile darkness, faithfully preserved by Ancient Masters of the Rosy Cross.

But what of the thorns?

Have we forgotten why the Rose has thorns? It is for self-defense. Every living thing has the ability to protect itself, from the lowliest insect to the largest of predators. Why then should our Order leave itself defenseless? Do not think for an instant that we act against our higher spiritual interest when we rise up with true Chivalry in defense of the Rose of our order.

Did not Christ fight long and hard against those who would profane his egregore? I quote, "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth, but a sword... Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever looses his life for my sake will find it." [Matthew 10:34-39]

What do you think this means? Can you not see that Christ was telling us to have faith in our convictions? Christ himself, like Osiris before him, and as Christian Rosenkreutz, the symbolical founder of our order, has charged us to stand strong against those who would ridicule and debase us.

The Counter-initiatic force is strong, but it is not stronger than our individual wills, oh Sisters and Brothers of the Rosy Cross, when joined together in defense of freedom of thought and spiritual practice.

Our spiritual practice is our home. It is our roots. It is where we go to draw nourishment, sustenance, and security. Why would we allow anyone to tear them out of the nurturing and protecting darkness to be scrutinized by the unwashed, uninitiated, untrustworthy masses? They do so not to learn, but only for vain pleasure, like children joyfully tearing the wings off butterflies to watch them spin like tops!

You must understand that this is no joke. Your Eternal Soul hangs in the balance. Will you spend yet another incarnation on this earth, trying to extract yourself from the Wheel of Samsara? Or will you take your Soul to new heights, new vistas beheld only from the pinnacle of Initiatic Transmission?

And frankly, when it comes to the defense of these sweet Mysteries, have you not fully considered just how precious a truth the mysteries of our our order really are? Why should any one of us, therefore, shirk our responsibility in defense of our Rose of immortality.

I am not asking for you to listen to this call from me, but for each and every one of you to listen to the voice of your own heart and to hold council with your Holy Guardian Angel. Ask your Angel for guidance. Listen closely and carefully. You know the difference between your own thoughts and wishful thinking and the compelling voice of your own Guardian Angel.

Be honest with yourself. If you are strong enough, bold enough, and have persistence, you can prevail in The Great Work and in your quest to become more than human.

I ask only that you think about this seriously. The work you do, from the newest Neophyte to even the Secret Chiefs, changes the world in which we live in very concrete, tangible, and three-dimensional ways. Protecting our Order from purposeful intents to weaken your resolve by the Counter-initiatic force is exactly the tough test you must pass if you are to see your work through to the end, and achieve the creation of the Philosopher's Stone.

No one ever said this road would be with out struggle. If you want an easy, smooth road, then choose another. But those who are strong in character and purpose, like Christ Himself, will take up their Cross, whatever burden that cross may be, and gratefully don the crown of thorns to walk the rocky road, uphill, amid the jeers and cat-calls of the uninitiated.

What has happened of late in our Golden Dawn community is but a sign. There are those on both sides who are fighting for what they think is right and true. What we are witnessing is only the surface of things. In reality, this is a battle between the Initiated and the Counter-initiatic force. If you choose to turn away, do not be surprised if you suddenly find yourself uprooted; your once fragrant rose wilted and dying, while your thorns, put there by God Himself to protect you in times of need, remain unused.

What Rose would allow this? How can you aspire to become more than human without the necessary sacrifice even to protect our Rose from defamation by the Counter-initiatic force?


  1. He sends a Cross, but he also sends the Strength to bear it. - tolstoy

  2. A rose has thorns for a reason, if we must
    defend, then like a thorn, we defend.

  3. The sorry history of Farrell's actions against A+O makes for an interesting read when it is told as a piece. It is in this full context that the sniping in his latest book makes sense. He thought that he could damage A+O by hiding his attack behind the guise of "a historian" and assumed that the wider community would not grasp the significance... after all, surely only A+O has had cause to keep tabs on his vendetta, and he gambled that the wider community would not grasp why we were reacting so strongly.

    In this way he hoped that our protestations could be rubbished and scorn heaped upon us for voicing any objections at all. In short, he fell for his own act and over reached... his arrogance tripped him up. He had no idea just how many of us had sat and watched and left our Imperator to fight these battles over the years...

    Now many of us have started to step up and claim our share. The mail that was sent out from the Imperator to the membership was ASKED for by the membership... at the Conclave we said "What can WE do? You have done this alone for so long... how can WE carry part of this burden?"

    Farrell has awoken a sleeping Dragon - and we will be watching. Our Rose has MANY thorns...

  4. An horse does not bother about the flies around him. Nick is just a big fly who want to become an horse. Keep your calm and continue the Great Work.

  5. Queridos Fratres y Sorores recordemos que "Al árbol que da frutos es al que le tiran pierdas"-Proverbio Árabe-

    La Orden Rosa-Cruz Alpha et Omega y su Orden externa, la Orden Hermética de la Golden Dawn dan muy buenos frutos...

  6. I have found interest in the H.O.G.D. for about two years and I finally decided to join. Im just 0=0 Neophyte. I did a lot of research before joining and wanted to make sure that I joined the original! Yes every Rose has its Thorn, and that is for a very good reason. Protection! People that write books and are selling them for profit on subject that doesnt belong to them, due to copyright, and they just change stuff. You have to watch out for that because it can be very misleading. He should be punished for this defamation of the H.O.G.D. and I am sure this will happen, such as Karma always does! I did research to make sure I was joining the right order, I agree that secrecy is very important and abide by that rule to the fullest extent!

  7. Adam was barred from partaking of the Tree of Life to give him time to prepare and become worthy of it. The higher initiatic teachings must not be profaned and made available to those who are not yet ready. This helps to protect power from being misused. I praise the leaders of the true Golden Dawn Tradition for their valiant defense of the importance of the initiatic grade system.