Thursday, December 29, 2011

Is Morgan Serious About Improving Communication in the GD Community?

In the comments section of Morgan Drake Eckstein's article to which my last post replied, Morgan recently published the following sniping comment from Nick Farrell. It is noteworthy that, despite Morgan's call for more direct communications in the Golden Dawn community, he has subsequently failed to publish my direct rebuttal to Farrell's comment on the same venue.

This seriously calls into question the credibility and sincerity of Morgan's call for direct, fraternal communication in the Golden Dawn community. Granted, it has only one day since I attempted to post a rebuttal, but it so far appears that my praise for Morgan may have been a bit premature. 

PLEASE NOTE: Publishing propaganda style "talking points" from Golden Dawn camp, while denying direct rebuttal from the other on the same venue, has been a major factor undermining legitimate debate and sincere fraternal dialogue in the Golden Dawn community for nearly two decades now.

Contrary to recent allegations made by Morgan, this is not pretending to be some sort of Internet Police. This is just being fed up with nearly two decades of "talking point" internet soap box sniping undermining legitimate discussion and fraternal harmony in the Golden Dawn community.

Below follow both the comment from Farrell Morgan published and my missing rebuttal:
"I dont think there is an abyss of thought within the European Golden Dawn and the rest of the world. I assume you mean Griffins lot?? If you said that there was a growing gulf between Griffin's order and he rest of the universe I would agree, but centering it on the EU is a bit unfair."
Here is my rebuttal:
Care Frater Nick, 
Have you still not grown tired repeating the silly talking points over and over like a broken record like your worn out meme of "Griffin vs. the rest of the universe"?
Has the time not long passed for such cheap rhetorical tactics better suited to the world of propaganda and merely derail real fraternal discourse and scholarly debate?

I for one certainly have better things to do than to go on refuting talking points you and Pat spout over and over "ad nauseum" for yet another decade!
The reality, whether we like it or not, is that traditionalist Golden Dawn orders like the HOGD/AO and the August Order of the Mystic Rose (just to mention two visible examples) will likely never agree on everything with reconstructionist Golden Dawn orders like your MOAA and Pat Zaewlski's OGD.
This, however, is no justification to continue the sort internet sniping contained in your above comment and that has plagued our commmunity for nearly two decades now. 
I invite you to abandon merely repeating propaganda "talking points" over and to instead engage in sincere fraternal dialogue and debate instead.
The Golden Dawn community has suffered more than enough already due to cheap rhetorical tactics like these. 
Let us instead agree to disagree like grown men about the many things that we actually do disagree about, yet nonetheless show the world the Golden Dawn community has outgrown the silliness that has plagued our community for nearly two decades now. 
Enough is enough already. 
David Griffin


  1. A long time ago, I posted a warning that it could take up to 48 hours before I see a comment---and occasionally Blogger decides comments are spam (and I miss them completely). It is one of the hazards of moderating comments...and given some of the comments that I have seen people try to post, I am going to continue moderating comments. I only check for pending comments once or twice a day. Sorry for any problems that this moderation causes.

  2. Care Frater Morgan,

    You must have noted that I qualified my above remarks with "Granted, it has only been one day since I attempted to post a rebuttal ..."

    In any case, I am glad that you appear serious about working to improve the fraternal tone of discussion and debate in our Golden Dawn community.

    Sadly, at this juncture I think that the only way to really improve things is to continue exposing to the light of consciousness over and over the actual rhetorical tactics that are undermining harmony in our community.

    We have already seen the effectiveness of this in the case of Robert Zink. Once his blame game was exposed to the light, the members of his order, once they understood what was really going on, started voting with their feet.

    Leaders in the Golden Dawn community who continue censorship combined with soapbox sniping with "talking points" - stubbornly refusing to engage in any real fraternal dialogue or legitimate discussion of ideas on their own merits...

    ... do so at their great peril!

    People in the Golden Dawn community fed up with "talking points," sniping, or whatever else you prefer to call flame war to be politically correct. Golden Dawn initiates are not stupid and by now just about everyone in the community understands what is really going on.

    GD leaders who insist on continuing to derail harmony in our community by promoting strife through censorship and soapbox sniping, ought to learn the lesson of Robert Zink. If they do not, they too may quickly find themselves leading an order where they are completely alone as sole member.