Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On the Pagan Mysteries of Hecate Triformis: An Important Clarification

Upon careful reflection, recalling nearly two decades of being defamed on the Net by anonymous trolls, prudence dictates I make a few essential points of clarification following my recent post about Hecate, before the trolls get the chance to misrepresent things yet once again.

These days a simple Google search on Hecate will turns up some pretty spectacular things. It seems Hecate has been defamed on the Net even more than I have! 

Judging from a plethroa of websites, Hecate seems to have been turned almost into a modern, female version of the Devil. In fact, it seems to have become quite fashionable to associate Hecate with just about any sort of evil imaginable. There are websites that associate Hecate with just about everything from Satan, to Lucifer, to Cain and even the Necromacon. Not to mention that many in the Neo-Pagan movement associate Hecate with the eldest of the triad, Mother, Maiden, Crone.

Despite the celebrity of so much infamy, the truth is that the Mysteries of Hecate today remain quite occulted, having been hidden away for many years. Of all the things you today find written on the Net and in books about Hecate, no one really knows the traditional Hecatian mysteries or even understands much at all about what they really even are.

A simple look on YouTube and will find Rites of Hecate celebrated on the FULL Moon ...

When Hecate is in truth the Goddess of the DARK Moon!

Whereas Diana is traditionally the Goddess of the Full Moon, Hecate is traditionally associated with the New or Dark Moon.

And Hecate Triformis has always been a triune Goddess, Lady of the Celestial, Terrestrial, AND Infernal realms.

And as Diana managed to survive the Christian times in her guise as the Virgin Mary, so Hecate also infiltrated Chirstianity in the cult of the Black Madonna. And like the Dianic tradition, the Hecatian tradition protected by the "del Bosco Sacro" clan is a tradition descending from Pagan nobility.

While the Dianic mysteries present The Great Rite as a marvelous spiritual path for married or committed couples, Hecate's mysteries of The Great Rite may be even better suited for certain individuals of alternative sexual preferences or presently not in relationship.

I am pleased to announce that, thanks to the generosity of Diana and Dianus del Bosco Sacro, that my wife Aegeria and I have become fully empowered to teach together both the Mysteries of Diana as well as Hecate in America, including both Full Moon and New Moon mysteries of The Great Rite - all under the guarantee, seal, sponsorship, and protection of our Italian Pagan family, del Bosco Sacro del Lago di Nemi (The Sacred Forest of the Lake of Nemi).

But if you are looking for black magic, Satanists, Luciferians, human sacrifice, or merely eating babies, then perhaps you should rather look somewhere else, as this is not what the true mysteries of Hecate are really all about - despite what you might have read on the Dark Side of the Net.


  1. Faces of the Moon Goddess, dark Moon or eclipse,= Black Madonna, Hecate Lilith these girls have been demonised and revered. How culture attaches Neptunium fashions to these deities in an attempt to capture providence.

  2. so how do i learn about my goddess Hecate, if almost everything i read is not true?? a friend just last nite informed me that she is the mother of Satan.....also, i thought Satan and Lucifer were one an tha same. im lost