Saturday, March 12, 2011

The EOGD Civil War: Sideshow Bob Strikes Back!

During the heat of recent unrest in Egypt and across the middle East, the good people of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn decided to depose their own evil dictator, Sideshow Bob Zink (GH Frater PDR). Most of the Adepts of the EOGD's Second Order signed the recent expulsion letter "en masse."
Will Sideshow Bob Cling to Power?
The HOGD/AO, through its Imperator, David Griffin, granted immediate recognition to the new EOGD administration. Morgan Drake Eckstein and the Bast Temple declared neutrality, whereas Nick Farrell, Chief of the AA Golden Dawn, declared solidarity with Sideshow Bob's regime, claiming that the people of the EOGD had no right to expel their dictator.

Later in the week, Sideshow Bob published a communique referencing "ugly rumors" about his demise. This was met with a harsh response from EOGD freedom fighter, VH Soror FSO, exposing scandelous crimes allegedly committed by Sideshow Bob Zink, including misappropriation  and fraudulent use of credit card numbers of new EOGD members.
Sideshow Bob Leads the Counter-Offensive
Full scale civil war appears brewing within the EOGD, as forces loyal to Sideshow Bob appear to have retaken the Temple of Isis at the extreme West end of the order. Heavy casualties have been reported almost daily as the EOGD airs its dirty laundry across the Blogosphere. According to reports from EOGD freedom fighter, Frater Francesco, in an article entitled Rabid Revolutionaries vs. Entrenched Scumbag Gangsters, a plot was foiled this week to expel Sideshow Bob's heir, GH Gadaffi TDL.
As casualties mount and forces loyal to Sideshow Bob attempt to retake key temples of the EOGD, HOGD/AO Imperator, David Griffin, has urged the Golden Dawn community to impose a "no fly zone" over the EOGD - in support of the new administration of the EOGD freedom fighters.
In late breaking news, reports have surfaced of a possible ceasefire in the EOGD civil war. According to reports, the heir of Sideshow Bob, GH Gaddafi TDL, has negotiated a potential settlement agreement, wherein Sideshow Bob Zink will permanently leave the EOGD and will surrender control of all EOGD websites and blogs. In return, Sideshow Bob will forever receive all monies from new memberships in the EOGD, even once he is gone.
"Keep The Order - Just Give Me the MONEY!!!!"
In the opinion of this reporter, Muammar Gaddafi should learn a valuable lesson from Sideshow Bob and try to negotiate the same settlement arrangement with new administration in Libya, so that in exchange for surrendering power and leaving the country, Gaddafi will likewise be paid all future monies derived from Libya's vast oil wealth.
"Way to go, Sideshow Bob!"
Reported by 
David Griffin


  1. There's a copy of Robert Zink's latest appeal letter that he sent out to the mailing list he has left and a lively thread about it on alt.magick. Find it here:

    It also seems that Robert is using old credit card numbers from his website that his members used for payment of EOGD order dues to make unauthorized charges for other things he needs, like snacks, drinks, gas etc. One member (or ex-member) found about $400.00 in unauthorized charges from him on her card and filed a police report as well as reported the fraud to the credit card company. I wish more people that he defrauds out of their cash would do that. Just the fact that he obtained these credit card numbers off the internet and probably runs them through pay pal, or online in some other way, makes him guilty of wire fraud on top of just plain credit card fraud. This guy is really showing his criminal side.

  2. Hi Morgan,
    That is the rumor that is going around. We have seen a lot of drama over the past two weeks as the power struggle rages. I suspect that we shall see a lot more before this is all over.

  3. For the record, I wish our brothers and sisters in the EOGD well. You are clearly going through a very difficult time and I wish you all the best. I encourage you to stand your ground and not to give in to unreasonable economical demands from your expelled leader, Robert Zink. Although you may not yet realize it, you are not dependent on him for marketing. You have other alternatives that you have not even considered yet.
    - David Griffin

  4. Hey Guys/Gals,

    please do not down GH Frater TDL!
    He IS a good man!
    I have met him and Vh Fr. ICL
    and They are REALLY Just, Honest Holy, and
    really caring and GREAT MAGES!
    Please be good to our Fearless Leaders!

  5. Well thank you! The continued support is appreciated. Things are actually ironing out pretty well, communication has been firmly established and everyone is on the same page (except for Zink of course). I assure you that no Temple has been lost, and I double assure you that Robert will not be acquiring some life-long payment from us. In fact, things have been rather calm on the front since the Chiefs (including TDL) sat down and had a very nice conference call the other day, agreeing on quite a few topics including Zink's continued expulsion.

    I am sure that Robert will continue on with his rantings, and the forging of e-mails and blogs. Honestly, what else does he have to do now? (except maybe divert his energy into doing something useful with his life).

    Regardless, now that his hands are permanently out of the honey pot, the members of our Order are safe, and everyone is in agreement, I could care less about what is said on the internet or if he continues to blow smoke up his own behind.


  6. Care Frater SID,

    I assure you that no disrespect was meant to GH Frater TDL. I have met him only once, at dinner nearly two decades ago, but he seemed a man of great integrity and very dedicated to the Golden Dawn system. Moreover, I have heard a great deal of positive feedback about him from current and past EOGD members. I apologize if my lampooning analogy about the current parallel situations in both Libya and the EOGD unintentionally ruffled a feather or two. Such things are bound to happen with satire.

    The only thing about TDL that I, in fact, do find rather alarming (assuming it is true) is the hair brained scheme to hand over future membership monies to Sideshow Bob merely in exchange for surrendering his websites and blogs.

    Now thats a deal that any deposed dictator would be salivating over!

    GH Frater LeS
    Imperator Ordinis

  7. Care et VH Soror FSO,

    What does concern me is that Robert Zink remains in control of EOGD websites and blogs that at this juncture not only continue deceive the public - but also even continue to stir strife by attacking our order and its leaders. Clearly, something remains to be done about this.



    As you can see things are being taken care of slowly but surely :)

  9. Oh my God, could not stop laughing, whoever created this has a great sense a humor

  10. I didn't support Zink at all... quite the opposite... I told the rebels if they wanted to succeed as a spiritual organisation with the minimum mess they should change the name, set up their own thing and dump Zink's business model.
    It looks like they want to keep the regime without Gaddafi.... a bit like they did in Egypt.
    Of course no one ever listens to me...

    1. Hi Nick, please forgive my indiscretions and infidelities.

      sorry, and thanx.

  11. I agree with you on this one, Nick.

    The jury is still out on which way the EOGD will now go.

    Will the EOGD now become a traditional Golden Dawn order or will they only dump Sideshow Bob himself, yet keep all of the New Age bullshit he introduced to the order - like miracle mentoring, 24 Strand DNA activation, and Astral Initiation?

    At this juncture, it looks like - even without Bob - the Sideshow will continue and the EOGD will remain the New Age Golden Dawn order.

    - David Griffin

  12. If the EOGD sincerely desires to reform (and has cut out its Piscean cancer), I would not be surprised if a number of the adepts who have left over the years would be more than willing to step up and lend a hand.

    I know at least VH Frater SA would be willing to roll up his sleeves if the work was honest.

  13. Lately, there have been new postings on the EOGD's public forum regarding Robert Zink "tincting" his oils and other potions, such as "Tincture of Gold" with something called "Sprite". (Or is it spoot? I forget.) It doesn't stretch the imagination to know what that is. Blood and semen have both been used in various "low magic" talismans, rituals and potions for years-centuries in fact. In Robert's case, I know this to be true for his concoctions. TDL used to teach about the use of "sprite" in a "Portal" incense in his open classes. Once Robert told me how to make the infamous "Bowl of Desire" that was supposed to magically enslave any girl you put in it. One major part of it's use involved standing there and "charging" it each day. It seemed difficult to do, get a porn mag and aim carefully I guess. There didn't seem to be any
    alternate provision for "charging" it if a female wanted to use it. I guess it was a predatory device for male perverts with
    damned good aim. I also distinctly rememeber the "Mercury Invocation" (which is now performed at power week, by the way) that
    originated in the 90's at Corpus and involved drinking a "mercury elixer" as part of the ritual. TDL stated to me in a whisper,
    somewhat smugly I might add, that someone had "donated" to the mixture. The use of male glandular fluids or "sprite" has been part
    of the EOGD lore, especially in its inner order, for as long as I can remember being there (since the early 90's). Catagorically,
    I would not rule out the presence of "Robert juice" in any incense, oil, tincture or "elixer" that was sold or offered for
    consumption at any event or ritual that involved drinking something "mercurial". It was also a long standing joke to put large
    amounts of 200 proof "everclear" in the sacramental wine that the candidate and kerux had to drink at the 0=0 initiations. The cup
    of the kerux did not ever contain "sprite" to my knowledge, thankfully. But then again, who knows what happened when the 0=0 had any female candidates in the house. Let's face it, if Robert can sexually break down a 15 year old girl after the previous 17 year old he had
    reached age of majority (got too old for him I guess...), who knows what else this perv will do. I can only imagine how some of
    the EOGD Sorors who drank his tincture of gold must feel these days, after knowing about Bobs PERSONAL ingredient; they're livid I'll bet!

  14. The EOGD's public forum. Is that for members only? Is that the one that Zink controls, or is the forum for the newly organized? If it is public, please post a link.

  15. It is a Robert Zinkbot owned "public" forum. The same one that has always been. Nothing's changed in that regard.

    Subject: Fw: [GDMS] Equinox LVX

    they had bob sit as imperator. shame on them.

    ----- Forwarded Message ----
    From: dan
    Sent: Sat, March 19, 2011 2:24:10 AM
    Subject: [GDMS] Equinox LVX

    Greetings in Light

    I would like to first and foremost give a heart felt thanks to the Officers of the Temple of Isis who have devotedly and faithfully stuck their hearts out through these trying times. We made it. It has not been easy but I believe that you have gained a great treasure from Light that can only be realized at the end when you lay down your lamen upon the double cubical altar and give back to the Lord of the Universe what he has given to you. A stigmata is placed upon your soul that will never leave you even until your death. You were chosen among the many who refused to fight and I am eternally grateful.
    With the coming of the new Equinox it is our finest hour that the truth may arise from the darkness of winter. You have my personal invitation to join in this joyous moment. It is a time when the new officers of the Temple of Isis are installed and light triumphs over shadow. When the torch of the higher luminaries is handed down from the heart of God and time everlasting.
    G.H. Frater T.D.L. has given his life to increase the magic of Light within the walls of Isis. His courage and conviction have proven time and again that Love, Truth, and Knowledge will stand even in the midst of night. His teachings and understanding of the Greater mysteries of Light are beyond anyone that I have ever met.
    In an effort to maintain Peace within our Loving Order, T.D.L. has refused to stand apart from our Founder and most senior member G.H. Frater P.D.R. in hopes that all may see what the heart of our Order is made up of. We all stand together in the true light of God, as one family in the temple that we have put our Blood, Sweat, and Tears into. We do not accept any statement that would cause fear and divide those who seek wisdom of the spirit. We refuse to make up new rules to satisfy junior members that hunger for undeserved power and control. P.D.R. has our personal invitation to attend Equinox if he so chooses.
    I am saddened to note that there are certain individuals at Isis who are instilling fear into the minds and hearts of our local members as though there is some sort of attacks on the innocents, when in fact it is an act of peace, love and reconciliation. Even up until this day they are trying to sway members from coming to Isis and attending the Equinox ceremony. This is darkness and meant to blind to the truth, this is not light and has never been part of our paradigm. The light is for all and not just for the privileged. The temple of Isis is a place of Light, Life, and Love and ALL ARE WELCOME!
    In the light of recent events in Japan I invite all members to join together hand in hand to unite to send aid through the light of the full moon to those who are crying out for Mercy. This is your temple, your home, your safe haven where you will not be judged nor stand accused nor reviled for what you believe and who you are. If anyone says otherwise, are they spreading the light? Come to Equinox and show support for The Temple of Isis, T.D.L. and the officers and invoke the Light of God.
    I call upon the Holiest Light of the Spirit, martyrs, saints, ascended masters, 3rd Order, and the most blessed Mother of God to aide your servants in this most critical hour so this house may be called a house of prayer for all.

    I bid you PAX
    From the Throne of the Hierophant
    V.H. Frater D.N., Grand Temple of Isis Mighty Mother

  16. A Poem for Robert Zink:

    Ya know, Robert has put up such a good fight to maintain control of his people and worked sooo hard to keep the games going, he deserves some credit for all that effort, don't you think?
    In that light, I dedicated this little poem to him, feel free to post it everywhere (especially where other graffiti is present) as it is officially public domain. The meter may be a little off but I am an amateur:

    Robert Zink,Robert Zink.
    Don't go out with Robert Zink,
    'Cause he'll wank his willie
    And sproot in your drink!

    Though it's hard to believe,
    It's certainly true...
    There's spunk in his oils
    And his tinctures too!

    If you buy and imbibe them,
    The result will be tragic!
    'Cause they're shot through and through
    With his Personal Magic!!!

  17. Here's a post on Robert Zink's official GDMS forum from one of 5 adepts who decided to hang with him. Somebody probably should talk to her. Her brains are like "scambled eggs". Check out the madness still going on:

    ----- Forwarded Message ----
    From: hsororp
    Sent: Fri, March 25, 2011 1:28:13 AM
    Subject: [GDMS] Your Mother Isis calls you to contact her...

    Ave fraters and sorors,

    My first email was a personal attempt to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! The Order must continue and we as MAGICIAN must do what we are called to do in this Order, the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn in the Grand Temple of Isis, Might Mother.
    You were called to be here and to serve the Light you your words and your actions.
    I have pondered that it would be easier for me to just leave all this behind or go to the new Order now lead by Ptah because its easier and there are more adepts to help with th governing and administration of the Order. It was easier for me to remain angry and hate Robert Zink/PDR and leave the Order all together or go to Ptah because its so much easier and simpler than actually truly forgiving another human being for his wrong doings.

    here I am trying to be a magician , a worker of Light, to love and practice what love is first and foremost - TRUE FORGIVENESS. Dont that mean I will forget and allow Robert Zink to potential hurt anyone again.

    HELL NO!!! I was taught that I am my brothers and sisters keepers and its my responsibility to give them the opportunity to EARN MY TRUST AGAIN and PDR knows that and he has expressed to me that he will.

    I will be watching him like a mother Eagle over her little birds and will be the first to say something if I see its not right and all the remaining adepts are commmitted to doing the same for PDR.

    When PDR came a few days before Equinox, he asked to see me and talk to me in person on all the things I have said in my angry email where I had written that I hated him and would never talk to him again. Did I mean it - HELL YEAH at the time because I was so angry I was blinded by flames. I would have never wanted to forgive him or look him in the eyes again if it was not for a few important people in my life. My buddhist priest, taoist priest, catholic priest, and my own parents - I went to all of them and talked to them abut what is happening in my heart - WHY I HAVE SO MUCH HATRED AND ANGER AND DID NOT KNOW HOW TO FORGIVE.
    All came back with one common theme, Why am I hurting myself and why am I condemning another human being for their mistake - is it not the responsibility of the Lord of the Universe to judge all souls at the end of their life and their karma will be given by the Higher? And why am I not praying to ask The Holy Mother to intercede for this man called Robert so he can change and allow him to bear his True Fruits that he Robert is part of the Light's Divine Plan.
    I will not lie to you and say ..oh..all is great over here in sunny CA. Some members have left due to personal conflicts with PDR while others who had conflicts with him took the opportunity while he was done here to CONFRONT HIM and are working on rebuilding the trust and integrity. Others have talked to PDR over the phone.
    I do not condemn or judge any members who wishes not to talk to him or see him - but hitting will continue to keep making you a victim instead of facing and confronting the person who hurt you and TAKE YOUR OWN POWER BACK - THAT IS THE WAY OF THE MAGICIAN.
    It will take me some time to forget what some of the isis adepts has done but for now I pray them peace and happiness at their new home and that the Lord of the Universe to heal their hearts and Ptah the father will show them the way.

    Much Love

    VH Soror P

    PS: a quick not - the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn DOES NOT MANAGE OR RUN THE EOGD_OFFICIALFORUM.

    It is only the GDMS Forum that the Order recognizes at the forum for its members.
    If you need to talk to me or email me

    USA/CANADA - 323 -999-1341

  18. Unfortunately, I won't believe that anything has changed within the EOGD until those who have chosen to stand up against the tyrant also admit to the wrongs they have committed. Having personally been a target of the sham of light workers out of what used to be my beloved Temple of Isis Mighty Mother, I can assure you there are no innocents. Robert Zink was only the head of the snake. Purify the stream or all will continue to remain corrupted. Forgiveness will not remove the stench of pustulence that seeps from the walls of your temples, but I offer it anyway.

    Do I sound harsh? Forgive me if I offend you. I reflect to you out of love and a hope that you can salvage what was once a beautiful current of light bringing hope to a world crying blood tears. Funny how the satire here represents the true crises in the world. While people squabble about things like domain names and entitlements, many Rosicrucians are working to support a global revolution against tyranny, oppression, exploitation, and genocide.

    As adepts, our vow comes down to one thing: to heal, and that freely. Sad as it is, I feel more of a fraternal bond with Anonymous than I do with most who have taken the same vow I have. The corruption is not just within the EOGD, it's within the entire GD community. Pettiness and bitterness are the rule of the day. A crying shame, if you ask me, that Rosicrucians have been left in the dust in regards to our own manifesto.