Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Real Truth About the Golden Dawn (An Open Letter to All Golden Dawn Members Everywhere)

For years now, Robert Zink, I, and other leaders of the Golden Dawn community have been attacked and defamed on anonymously published websites, blogs, usenet posts, etc.

False, libelous, and terrible accusations have been made: that one Golden Dawn order is a Mafia front, that another Golden Dawn order is a Nazi front, yet another Golden Dawn order is a dangerous cult, that the Chiefs of another order are a bunch of "expelled losers," etc.

Some of this terrible defamation has even been "archived" on the website of a member of one Golden Dawn order and "linked to" from the blogs or websites of others.

I think we can all agree that none of this is good for the reputation of the Golden Dawn as a whole and it harms the ENTIRE Golden Dawn community.

What Can We Do To Help the Golden Dawn?

Is the question we should be asking "Who is to blame" or is it rather "How can we work together to end this terrible tragedy?"

And are these horrific anonymous publications all that is harming the reputation of the Golden Dawn as a whole?

Have we not perhaps ALL made mistakes that have harmed the overall reputation of the Golden Dawn community?

And should we not seek to find ways we can work together to turn this around?

For example, does it not harm EVERYONE when one order's blog says another order's leader sees the Golden Dawn as a "cash cow"?

But does it not equally harm EVERYONE when another order's website falsely proclaims the "Shocking Truth" that the leader of another Golden Dawn order is a "dangerous megalomaniac ascribing to a hateful political philosophy similar to the Nazism of Adolph Hitler?"

How does all of this look to people considering joining ANY Golden Dawn order?

And what about when people come to the Yahoo Golden Dawn fora and read:

... how one Golden Dawn leader is called a "dangerous Highlander or a Prince of Darkness."

... or another Golden Dawn leader is called a "sexual predator."

If you were on the outside looking in on the Golden Dawn, what would YOU think about the Golden Dawn as a whole when you read these things?

Let's set aside the common problems we face for a moment and talk about the "Real Truth" about the Golden Dawn.

The Real Truth About the Golden Dawn

The Real Truth is that the Golden Dawn is a noble and astonishingly effective Western spiritual system with a HUGE amount to offer for spiritual growth.

The Real Truth is that EOGD members are to be commended as a large group of extremely dedicated people working very hard on their spiritual development.

And guess what?

The Real Truth is that HOGD/AO members are likewise to be commended as a large group of extremely dedicated people working very hard on their spiritual growth.

And the same, no doubt, can be said about members of all Golden Dawn orders and temples everywhere!

And what about people like Robert Zink, Pat Zalewski, Sam Webster, Joseph Max, other Golden Dawn leaders, and myself (David Griffin)?

The Real Truth is that ALL OF US, without exception, are people who have dedicated ourselves to helping others grow spiritually and improve their lives.

But sadly, the Real Truth is that members of all Golden Dawn orders everywhere have a serious common problem today as well.

Because all of the endless infighting, fear-based negative marketing, bickering, and name calling is hurting ALL of us - and giving ALL of us - the ENTIRE Golden Dawn community - a bad name.

Now should we merely go on asking 'Who is to blame' and pointing fingers at one another?

Or should we not instead begin to ask: "How can we find new ways to work 'together' to end what has become the bane of the ENTIRE Golden Dawn community?"

I'm not so naive to think we can solve our common problems overnight.

But I DO believe in the Golden Dawn!

I also believe in the underlying nobility of purpose of ALL Golden Dawn members from ALL Golden Dawn groups and factions everywhere.

I believe that, as Golden Dawn members, we can transform our lives in a positive way.

And together we can transform our Golden Dawn community!

Has the time not come for ALL of us - in ALL Golden Dawn orders, temples, and groups around the world - to roll up our sleeves and solve our common problems TOGETHER - in a spirit of true fraternity and brotherly love?

Isn't it time to end this senseless bickering, negative marketing, and infighting once and for all?

A very wise man once said: "Even the longest journey begins with a first step."

And so today on the Vernal Equinox - a sacred day for all Golden Dawn members everywhere - I reach out to all Brothers and Sisters of Golden Dawn groups everywhere and ask you to join me in this simple prayer:

May the Lord of the Universe look down with favor upon the Golden Dawn ...

And grant that our Bodies may be purified, our Souls nurtured, and our Spirits exalted ...

May the infighting, bickering, and negative marketing between the orders come to an end ...

And may this Vernal Equinox signal instead the beginning of a new era ...

Of true fraternity and brotherly love between ALL Brothers and Sisters of Golden Dawn orders, temples, and groups everywhere!

So mote it be.
Happy Equinox, Fratres et Sorores of the Golden Dawn - wherever you may be!

Sub Umbra Alarum Tuarum, Yeheshua
David Griffin
G.H. Frater Lux Ex Septentrionis
Imperator Ordinis, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Chief Adept, R.R. et A.C.
Archon Basileus, Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega

"Ex Deo Nascimur.
In Yeheshua Morimur.
Per Sanctum Spiritum Reviviscimus"

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  1. Greetings very honoured Fraters,

    This bickering must come to and end. I cannot honour and support the arguments that are made presently, but as a very initiated analyst I can understand why the fighting continues...

    The only way this will end is if there is an agreement by both sides to drop the particular ASSAULTING write-ups. I understand that they are reaction to the threat upon what you both endeavour to create so hard, and with so much commitment. But it is TEARING YOUR FRATERNAL SUBORDINATES APART! I weep for my Rosy Cross and what other people think of it.

    Come to an agreement to Market your orders DIFFERENTLY, and do so. Mr Griffin, you have a third order and reformed outer order. That is an accomplishment and it is something that you should market when someone wants to investigate your order. Mr Zink, you have an order which is accessible, it has a great website and resources, and you offer astral initiation. You should market this, as he will regardless Mr Griffin.

    Both of you should publish an agreed upon 3-4 liner on the homepage of your website that declares that there are other groups out there with beliefs different to yours. Publish it in the positive. i.e. "But consider the advantages of THIS order." Be satisfied if that phrase includes "this is the only order that does x y z".

    I will not rest until there is some peace.

    You have to understand that you are creating a mess in the most beautiful system in the world. I am part of spirit moving, yet I still move in your Golden Dawn. Make no mistake about the fact that I will press down on you.

    Need I remind you that the battle does not end here. There will be other Golden Dawns impeding on your order, other struggles, there will always be some asshole messing up Utopia (I'm referring to neither of you).

    Please my brothers, please,


    I would reveal my identity gladly if we could do this. I would pay your plane tickets to meet. I would do anything to end this war. I promise you, the evidence is undeniable, it wrecks both your reputations.