Sunday, April 10, 2011


 by David Griffin

Sideshow Bob
It's no secret that Bob Zink hates me almost as much as he hates the HOGD/AO. There is one simple reason for this ... MONEY.
Sideshow Bob Scheming
For Bob Zink, the Golden Dawn has always been a money scheme, which is an why Bob was finally expelled by the Adepts of the EOGD. This is also why Bob's EOGD ended up with an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau.
Bob Zink wanted his EOGD to be the only Golden Dawn order that people could join over the internet, but the HOGD/AO threw a monkey wrench into this plan. This is why Bob hates the HOGD/AO so much that he has over and over attacked the entire Golden Dawn community just to try to scare people away from the HOGD/AO.

Bob Zink slipped up and got caught red handed attacking the Golden Dawn community on more than one occasion. Bob's greatest goof when he invented his silly "Golden Dawn Nazis" rumor on his personal blog on February 12, 2005.
Robert Zink Exposed Inventing the Golden Dawn-Nazi Rumor

"Even today there are some groups whom claim the Golden Dawn name and share affiliation with the Nazi party." - Robert Zink
The ensuing uproar led to massive resignations from the EOGD due to Bob being exposed attacking the Golden Dawn community creating such stupid rumors. One would have thought  Bob would have learned his lesson and stopped attacking the Golden Dawn community, right?
Sideshow Bob Plots His Next Move
Wrong! Instead Bob came up with a dastardly "brilliant" scheme to go on attacking the GD community without losing his order. First off, Bob took down the original Nazi rumor from his own blog so he could deny he was attacking the GD community.

Next Bob created a whole series of sock puppets on anonymous websites and blogs to attack the Golden Dawn. These have included socks named "Tommy," "Frater Incognito," "Mac" and a host of others.
Blog of Sideshow Bob's Latest Sock Puppet, "Mac"
It is only today, however, that I am able finally to show you the man behind the mask - and reveal to you Robert Zink's true, secret identity. 

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to introduce to you Sideshow Bob's evil twin and Robert Zink's alter-ego:
Anonymous Bob UNMASKED!

Come on, Spock. Admit it. Now that's funny!

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